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i'm getting so nervous that my poo is LITERALLY TURNING INTO DIARRHEA!

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>Titan was $1000
what's your point?

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no pls amd is best brand this is fake

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>none of the hyped up HBM2 that P100 has
>paper launching this hard
>pretending this isn't panic response to AMD releasing a fairly priced low-mid range GPU lineup and gobbling market share by actually having product available for purchase at and after launch
Okay Kim, go back to worst Korea, you're drunk.

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>not understanding that AMD are moving from making power cards and are instead making cheap cards.

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Yes, without a doubt amd is dead. Just look at all those people cancelling their 480 orders to buy a titan instead.

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I'm not sure how a $1200 card is supposed to help Nvidia recapture the mid/entry level market which they have already completely and utterly lost to AMD this generation, but ok.

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>completely and utterly lost to AMD
1060 literally btfos 480

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i want to buy a video card but i don't want to give my money to Poojima.

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Nobody bought the RX480 because everybody is waiting for the GTX 1060. And it doesn't matter if they sold a lot of 480s, the profit margins are so fucking thin they'll need to sell 50 to 100 RX480s to get the same profit as a single Titan X sold.

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G D D R 5 X

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Looks like a whole heap of MAD AMD FAGS UP IN HURRRRRRR.


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Here's your indirect (you)

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It's moderately better than the 480 and moderately more expensive, depending on the market. But AMD has actually been selling cards at a good pace, whereas Nvidia has been dribbling them out slowly because they've been having supply issues. So in sales, AMD is far ahead already.

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>So in sales, AMD is far ahead already.
[citation needed]

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install gentoo

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This, Nvidia might have the godly cards, but most people buy sub $300 cards, and the 1060 is borderline as is having just ~15% over a 480 for $50-$100 more. Even if you swear by green I hear of people still rocking 7xx/9xx cards and being content on this board. Until games scale up in demand, Nvidia will be in a drought temporarily for anything past a 60 or 70.

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I. Expect like my coworkers, most running 9x0 series GPUs will keep them till either DX12 mandates change due to games being done in DX12 and not DX11 anymore (still at least a year off methinks) or the next series releases in a year or two (supposedly?)
In short.

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I really doubt if AMD can ever think of matching Nvidia in the high end market.

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Better get to the street, quick!

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>yfw bought a used aftermarket 980ti for 350 euro

Hurray for new generation cards

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>25% faster than 1080
>100% more price
I have been using Nvidia but I could never buy those high end ones. Maybe I should move on to AMD next time.

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also paper launch

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Will it finally do 4k 60fps?

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b-but I don't play games!!! I don't need more performance than 480!!!

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>Anything slower than the new Titan X is not meant for gaming
>Consoles are actually not meant for gaming

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>being poor

woooooow i hate amd

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Worse price to performance and poor Vulkan support, it's okay but to say it "btfo" the 480 is a huge stretch.

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keep it in one thread, Rajesh

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Guys, PLEASE buy AMD. It's not going to be good for anyone if AMD goes bankrupt and Nvidia has a monopoly over the market. You'll end up paying more for less improvement if they get free rein to milk you dry.

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The radeon Pro duo is still a faster dual slot card

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Nice try madshill.

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What do we call it? Titan X2?

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>no HBM2

Into the trash it goes.

Seriously though, couldn't they have waited til the end of the year or something so they could ship it with HBM2 and have it be significantly more future-proof? If I were to spend a grand on a GPU I'd expect a lot of long-term value from it.

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I call it POOINDALOO 2.0 X

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I'm an amd fan but shit, are they going to do anything or what?

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They'll start by not rushing products to paper launches that lead to loss of majority market share

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Nvidia released/is releasing 4 cards this year. Amd released one. You can't gain market shares by doing nothing.

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Why is op claiming the titan will kill amd then?

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Who here poo in da loo?

Poo is technology.

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lol k

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they're the same price?

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no, no they aren't

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>RX 480 is hotter, uses more power and is slower than a GTX 1060
>RX 480 is only 10$ cheaper than GTX 1060
Fuck off, AMD lost the mid-range market. Their only hope is DX12/Vulkan but those won't catch on until nVidia won't have GPUs that fully support parallel a-sync.

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GTX 1060 is €10 more expensive than the RX 280.

4% more expensive for 10-25% more performance in current games and 30% lower power consumption.

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maybe you should stop being a cuck and leave the EU, Nvidiot

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It's the same in the USA. Maybe you should stop being a neet poorfag and leave your mother's basement.

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Only in the worst of gaymeworks games like project cars
see >>55698931

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Don't talk about america because you know nothing of it yuropoor.

RX 480 is $200-230 here while the 1060 is $290

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>nvidia releases benchmarks for the 1060
"You can't trust those. Never trust benchmarks from the producer."
>sapphire releases benchmarks for RX 480 shit +
"Trust this. Trust this blindly."

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When sapphire willingly admits the card is less powerful in a game (GTA5) i will trust it way more than the bs "benchmarks" that come directly from nvidia and amd

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Yeah, totally.

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I do my business on the toilet. What brand should receive all of my money in return for their product?

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why this high influx of Pajeets ? i miss old /g/

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>out of stock
>out of stock
>out of stock

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Xiaomi. You'll surely get a Gearbest coupon soon from Jen Huang Li.

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You can't make this shit up, every year Nvidia increases the price of their video cards. 2 years from now the new Titans will cost $1500 at launch.

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Every GPU announcement/benchmarks:
>The other company is practically dead.
>I don't understand what a market is so I'll assume that everyone will buy the expensive card that has higher performance.
>Oh yeah well your an Indian shit lover.
>Well your fucking gay.
Like does anybody give a shit about the fanboys on this thread. They're impossible to take seriously because their opinion is completely bias.

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Cause the RX 480 is totally in stock

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>lying on the internet

The 1060 ranges from €240-300 (good luck finding any in stock and not marked up)
The 480 ranges from €200-250 (again good luck finding instock but these are less marked up)

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Depends where in the EU we are talking about. In some countries the RX480 goes anywhere from 310 to 330 for reference cooler while the GTX 1060 goes from 350 to 400 euros for aftermarket. Eurocucks paying rapefugees tax as always.

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When will 1080's start coming back in stock again?

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>Comparing percentage with currency

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All those lines are long already

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Naw fampai that is how capitalism works.

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wut? the 1060 is $10 more expensive than a 480 and has been available for MSRP since it launched. it's also 10% faster out of the box than a max OCed 480

AMD literally has no competition to the 1060, 1070, 1080 or titan x.

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You seriously need to go back to /v/

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>pro duo is 1500$

Literally okay when amd does it.

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20% extra tax

We've seen this with the 1070 and 1080. Now its Titan's time.

Point is, there is nothing to be happy about. Its a loss for consumer. With no competition, they will jew up their prices.

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finally a GPU thats worth upgrading

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excuse me m8, the new Titan does not have GeForce in its name. It's the NVIDIA Titan X.

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Launch date August 2nd

Gamescom 17-21 presentation by Nvidia

meanwhile AMD not one single VEGA gpu out

wew lad

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Nvidia GTX Titan X : The Ultimate

official name

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Just in time for AMD's Pro Duo event

Is Nvidia's job just to be AMD's shitwrecker? The way they btfo the rx480 was too much

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>btfo the rx480 was too much
wew lad fuck off

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The gtx 1060 is objectively better than the 480 in every way possible

stay mad Rajeet

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If they unveil dual RX480 as the RX490, AMD is done.

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I just bought tri-SLI 1080s pls kill me

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>mfw 480 have to lower gpu lifespan to be faster than 1060

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Is it over for AMDbros?

Is it really the final nail in the coffin for the Rebellion ? Team Red is done?

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I want to fuck Sakuya.

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are you a massive faggot?

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>being this buttblasted because Nvidia won


with 3584 cuda cores you can literally throw anything at this baby

4K will be amazing while AMD looking for sweet spot between 480p - 1080p in literally q3 2016

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Nobody that has a brain is going to buy that. Only people who shit money will.

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>Nobody that has a brain is going to buy that. Only people who shit money will.

but you need a brain to have a lot of money, Anon.

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>when nvidia fanboys only exist because American mothers pay for their basement's electricity bills

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I hope it gets explosive and so you can shit your pants so hard you'd smell like gay turds.

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pretty sure AMD is finished by now

no VEGA in sight anywhere
can't compete for shit and gpu's have tons of issues

in billions of debt and stock goes down

not sure what can help AMDrones at this point

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So $249 is 10 more than $199?

>> No.55702498

GPU is not technology.

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Amd is pushing dx12 because they know they are going to stop existing

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>but you need a brain to have a lot of money, Anon.

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a lot of money =/= couple hundred thousand

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>i-it was m-meant to b-be s-shit a-anyway!

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Fuck off with that meme tier garbage. Grtting 4gb of vram is crippling yourself for dx12 and vulkan.

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in Slovakia GTX1060 is cheaper than RX480.

its 268€ I think. RX480 is more.

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Look how beautiful that shit is, and even on a stock cooler it wont overheat and kill your mobo. Cant believe AMDtards think that cheesegrater gpu with a shitty fan is acceptable.

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>people fell for AMD's shady marketing


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Amd IS releasing 3 as well. And potentially 4 in q4

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Wtf is that shit. No speed holes in 2016??

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Communism will destroy nvidia afterwards though

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>Amd IS releasing 3 as well
You mean the 470 and 460? I have no doubt those cards are going to be DOA. AMD is just letting Nvidia take over because they won't have a card that can deliver current gen performance until NEXT gen.

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>3% faster overall for just 100 bucks more!
>worse DX12 and Vulkan performance still

>> No.55703259

>100 bucks
>1060 is 250
>480 is 239

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470 is gonna be a hit
Very small decrease from the 480 and 50$ less
Was gonna build a budget build with it for my gf
Also I forgot the pro duo came out this year
It isn't a new gpu but you said card
So it's a guaranteed 4, maybe 5+ depending on Vega line and release date
They might bring it out earlier given their recent market success and wanting to compete with nvidia flagship at a reasonable price

>> No.55703301

It is a custom PCB tho, heve one more phase, more caps per phase and 2 more grounds to stability. I hope you don't believe that moving eletrons around a board makes it degrade, only heath and umidity does that. So keep your computer clean.

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AMD up 14% TODAY, 4 cents to the $6 mark.
Went from $1.95 to $5.96 in 7 months.

AMD is dead, lol sure.

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I think that too. It will run all these games that streamers plays on twitch + hardware acceleration for streaming dont take a hit on performance. It will be the best value for a low budget PC. The 460 will sell like water in countries like India, China and South America.

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They said that AMD will be back to profit in 2017, they are pretty up to it.

>> No.55703403

If AMD does not pull another Bulldozer, they will be perfectly fine.

>> No.55703410

>Very small decrease from the 480
You have literally no proof of this.

>> No.55703446

Lol Google it
Specs have been released a while ago
Even seen a benchmark on AotS with it
I guess a test card

>> No.55703467

5 tflops vs 4.5 tflops

>> No.55703484

Q1-16---Revenue: $832M----Operating loss:$(68)M
Q2-16---Revenue: $1,027M ----Operating loss:$(8)M

Q2 Revenue of $1,027M does not factor in total RX480 sales.


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What the fuck do you need 10gb of vram for? I'm still using 2gb and have had no problems.

>> No.55703531

>2gb and have had no problems

>> No.55703543

>nVidia finally releases Titan X
>Huang: This is not enough to buy another mansion. Is there anything else we can milk with?
>Engy: W-well, sir, we have this plan B.
>Huang: Hmm, sure why not. Release that without HBM2
>nVidia then releases 1080ti GDDR5X
>3 months later

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>tfw I told everybody AMD is coming up with a new GPU arch and has completely monopolized console market
>tfw I told everybody AMD is a good investment @ <$2 a share
>tfw it's gone up by over 200% since then
>tfw I only just started in steady job and didn't have any money to invest

And now everything is expensive as fuck. I don't know if I want to pay $6 for AMD.

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>Implying that you could ever afford this

>> No.55704736

No. Mostly just WoW and a couple of newer games like Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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>Being this bad with money

>> No.55706183

>Implying /g/ isn't full of filthy rich comp sci/engineering graduates who are too socially inept/beta to have kids, a girlfriend or wife, a nice ride or vacations that aren't nerd conventions

Having one hobby is a lot less expensive than being a normie.

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>Dubious Nvidia benches leak
>AMDrones: Let's wait until we get reliable data from reputable sources

In contrast:
>Dubious Nvidia benches leak
>N/v/idiots: Let's wait until we get reliable data from reputable sources

In short it's just two bunches of idiots who are just as stupid and don't even realize how stupid they are despite calling each other out on the exact same type of stupidity they themselves take part in all the time.

>> No.55706385

*Dubious AMD benches leak


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if i have to read viral marketing shitpoting all day i'd rather it be this gpu trash than pol general threads

>> No.55706555

Rather? Because both of the options you present sound about as unappealing as the candidates in this year's election.

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