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post your scores

this is at my 24/7 oc of 4.6ghz

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4.6 is pussy shit. Pushing 4.9 on the same chip on air.

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post your temps under prime95

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Cpu is at 4.4ghz

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About what I expected. Probably could have gotten a slightly better result by turning a few programs off, but I'm too lazy

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that is pretty bad results...but laptop processors are always neutered...

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It's good enough for me. As long as I can play games without making them ugly I'm happy. Beats trying to lug around a desktop too.

It does make me long for the day that I have $4000 and literally nothing to spend it on but a new computer.

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stock 4770k ill do a test on my servers stock 4670k, posting pic soon

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Stock 6700k here. I can get to 4.7ghz on stock voltage. Just lazy and haven't bothered really.

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Is this under clocked? 811 is really low for a stock 6700k.

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same guy here, there is one thing that weirds me out with my 4770k or motherboard, i dont know. everytime Turbocore or the CPU itself is over its stock speed by 0.0001mhz it always fucks my computer. regular mouse freezes, keyboard hangs up. you name it. but it doesnt freeze the computer itself, JUST keyboard and mouse. so i cant overclock, it just fucks me in my ass when i touch the multiplier

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Is this good? I think it took 20 minutes to run the benchmark.

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that's the shittiest score i've seen from a non AMD cpu, even my intel HD can do better with the OpenGL test

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Can you overclock it at all? That's a pretty low core speed

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I don't think I should. it got to 89 C running the benchmark.

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Case dusted?
Thermal paste fresh?
Decent cooler?
Airflow good?

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what clock speed & temp

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how is that 4.8 ?
my 4770k stock 3.5 has 715 cb or something

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Stock cock.

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HT disabled

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Inched my score up with minor OC. Modern Xeons are shit for overclocking. Dat E5-2600 v3 series tho...

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still higher than an i5

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5820k @ 4.4GHz.

This is my 24/7 OC, I can get it stable at 4.6-4.7GHz but it would only increase the score by a little.

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[email protected]

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Here is a Cinebench R11.5 run at 4.7GHz

so close to 15.

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still going strong after 6 years

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how does it fare in real life (modern multi-core) applications?

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Running at 3.3ghz, and the single core turbo is fucked all to hell because my board a shit.

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I dont do any video rendering or cpu intensive tasks, but together with a 290x a have never run in serious problems (60+ fps everywhere), altough I think it will be time soon to upgrade

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My CPU's getting old...

no longer stable at 4.6ghz OC, gave up benching it/toying in the BIOS.

day/day stuff is no problem though so thats a positive, though I have no idea when ill have the $ to build a new rid it could be worse.

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>320 cb

You posted the graph for the OpenGL score, you'd be nowhere near the top on the CPU graph.

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yea my bad, graphs pointless though the numbers above are correct

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>That OpenGL Score

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Sure but if you showed the CPU graph it'd be a lot more obvious that CPU is slower than intel laptop CPUs.

Just pretty misleading unless you actually know what the cb number means and just looking at your screen shot alone would not give you much info. Obviously if you know cinebench R15 you know its a shit score, but someone else wouldnt know.

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redid it, totally don't wanna mislead anyone on 4chan

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How the fuck do you get more fps than

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its just a overclocked 7870myst(essentially a 7930)

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forgot to do the opgl score

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>forgot pic

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