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Who /5GHz/ here?

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What kind of cooling are you using? Rocking 4.5GHz with a old ass noctua.

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Mine won't stably go past 4.7. Fucking silicon lottery.

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4.386GHz 4670k @1.3v.
Not sure I want to push it any farther, since it already makes the space around my desk uncomfortably warm under load.

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Can my i5 6600k go to 5.0? Have an h90 corsair liquid cooler and 850w power supply. Also want to push my 1070 a bit more.

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for what purpose?

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H110 with two turd brown Noctua 140mm fans. CPU is delidded, Liquid Pro under the IHS and on top of it.

That's all what it is. Had a 4770k which wasn't stable past 4.2 GHz before this.

Why not?

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How much of an improvement did you get from delidding?

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10-15c lower max temps while using the Liquid Pro.

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Entirely dependent on the unit. Some might go to 5 GHz. 1070 OC is easy and effective assuming you have a decent non-reference cooler on it.

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Is it actually stable? Any WHEA events in the Event Viewer? Stress tested for a few hours?

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Just saw it rise to 1.344v after the screenshot. 2500k @ 4.5Ghz with Hyper 212+.

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You absolute mad men.
I haven't even tried OC'ing my 8350, the thought of it is very spooky with my current cooler

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Congratulations, your computer can probably play 15 hentais at once. What an accomplishment.

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>tfw winning silicon lottery
>got a g3258 to 5.3ghz
>look at temp on first successful boot
>force shutoff
>try and boot again
>wont post

kill me now pls, i toasted a god tier overclocker

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Best I could do. It really doesn't want to be stable 4.5 even with 1.3+ volts.

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Whats the temp at?

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>and on top of it.

Isn't that shit permanent?

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It probably wasn't a god tier overclocker. I bet you roasted it with high voltage.

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Never mind, not stable after all. Back to 4.3, attempting 4.4/4.5 on 2 and 1 cores respectively.

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No more relevant threads in the catalog atm and my IP range is b& from making threads so. QUESTION!
I currently have a LGA 1155 mobo on it's last legs, an original nzxt phantom full tower, and a corsair h60.

I have a few options:
1. Buy a used 2500k ($100) and 8gb ddr3(40). Accept that I may have to spend $50 on a new mobo down the road.
2. Buy a i5 6400/z170/fast ddr4 and OC the chip. Totally willing to delid it if needed.
3. Just get the 6600k and delid it.

Any money past choice one comes out of storage and GPU budget. Basically taking me down from a good rx 480 to a 470. Playing @1080

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Could have pushed it more but my cooler is not that good and this thing already tramples everything I throw at it.

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best cpu reporting in with my 24/7 overclock

could go higher with some more voltage but I use this thing for work so stability is kind of important

replacing it later in the year and then it's getting clocked to the moon just to see what it can take

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I've been having trouble with my 3930k temps. Need more rad area.

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i'm only using a corsair h100i or some shit

gets a bit noisy with a serious load on it but it's going ok for now

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I've got a custom loop configured just about as poorly as possible. At least it's basically silent even under load.

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With the pictured settings and prime95 going, it hits a max of 77 C. H115i cooler.

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I also got a pretty meh 4670k, only stable at 4.4 with 1.285v

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Yeah i got 5GHz wifi

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I got

uh 4.4ghz

on an athlon

Can I stay?

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better pump and more coolant volume are in your favour at least, i'm surviving by having noisy yet somewhat powerful fans (and by keeping bed and computers in separate rooms)

i'll be going custom loop for my next two builds, planning out a dual cpu workstation and an itx 6700k thing for gayming

these AIO units take half the fun out of building

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Doesn't look too bad senpai. I've definitely seen much worse.

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I why that it wont fit in the case on top, so why not just put the rad on top of the case, and have the hoses go through it.

And do the same with the pump/res out the back

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The top doesn't have enough clearance for the motherboard's VRM heatsink. I've been toying with the idea of mounting it out the back. I've even got mounting brackets for it, but for now I just want to keep it within the case. If I run out of places to add hard drives, I'll probably move it out back with a really thick rad.

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>you dont need a 5ghz gpu.

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You will never understand it cause it happens so fast and it feel so good it's like walking in glass.

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I bet you could make toast on it.

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nerp barely goes above 55c

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Before some upgrades and paying my own power bill, now runs @ 4ghz

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Nope but it's tricky to remove.

Me too anon, me too.

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How the fuck did you get those temps? I thought Haswell runs hotter than Ivy.
>I7 3770k @ 4.5Ghz, 0.08V offset
>55C IDLE, 75C full load

I managed to OC it to 4.7Ghz, which is how far you can push a good 3770k while having decent temps, but running my CPU with over 85C under full load just doesnt feel good.

Anyone with the same CPU that can share his stats?

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Nevermind, didnt read the thread
Nicely done, Anon. I love this kind of shit.

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M8, did you not use offset for overclocking?
My CPU stays at 1.6Ghz while IDLE, not impacting my power bill unless I put on some serious load.

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Thats a weird question, m8
Can you even OC that think?

Also what do you want this system for? If its gaymen, then non of these choices are acceptable

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It's 35 - 38°C in my room and outside, I will burn my pc and apartment if I overclock it.

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Poorfag here, had a Q9650 C2Q running at 4.8 for a while. Motherboard ate itself after 9 years of valiant service. Bought a replacement board. It doesn't allow overclocking.

Kinda hating life right now.

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could i have damaged my cpu/mobo by overclocking?

i got bored one night and took my fx-8350 up to 5.5GHz with a massive overvoltage (obviously it didn't work).

even after resetting the bios settings to bring it back to 4GHz, it's still incredibly unstable. crashes out after a few minutes of prime95.

did i dun goof?

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Too hot. Too loud. I stick with this.

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What are your max temps?

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could i fix it? i'm waiting until zen before I buy something new.

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can't get over 4.2GHz with my i5-4670K for some reason (air cooling)

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>for some reason
Just luck of the draw with the CPU unit you have, problems with power delivery or perhaps your inability to dial the correct settings. Most likely it's just a bad unit as 4.2 GHz is low for that CPU.

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Another 3930k user reporting in. So nice looking that im not alone.

On the go atm so I cant post screenshots, but I have it clocked at 4.5 ghz 60 degrees under full load with push pull poo in loo fans with H115i.

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1.380v close enough. doesn't go any further.

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are people really able to feel the heat from their cpu from where they're sitting??

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4.6Ghz 6700k on ~1.32V, runs pretty cool on a 212x.

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I tested my 3570k at 5ghz for a couple weeks, it was fine but 49 at idle, since I have a 212 and I'm too lazy to replace thermal paste I'm just using 4.2 now

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Hot as shit usually because this place sucks and I haven't cleaned the computer. But about 44C at the moment.

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Obviously not but when your CPU alone puts out 100W heat it gets pretty hot.

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4670k @4.6

Noctua dh14.

I just use the auto oc feature in the as rock bios and chose 4.6. No idea what the volt is, but it's 100% stable.

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I'm still using a 1st gen i5. I haven't really had a reason to upgrade.

Used to be stable 4ghz for years but its so old that I'd need to crank the vcore up otherwise it periodically crashes.

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Top-mounted radiator under a desk with panels that keep hot air in, in a corner of the room that's already too far from the AC and isn't well-ventilated.

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I have a 140w TDP 5820k. When OC'd it goes up ~220w TDP.

If I leave my machine ruining at 100% load for an hour+ (unless my door is open and a fan is on to circulate air) my room will warm up ~10c over the rest of the house.

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It's pretty stable if I give a tad bit more voltage, pic related. I can boot it up with 5.1 GHz and even to 5.2 GHz with scary amounts of voltage but 5.2 GHz is unstable at desktop use and 5.1 GHz can't run benches without massive increase in temps due to the voltage required. I run this at 4.9 GHz normally to have it completely stable.

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Muh 4770k does 4.4ghz at 1.19v cache is at 1.110v 4ghz.

4 sticks of 4gb ram at stock timings (2400mhz)

Stable as fuck. Only thing letting me down now is hdd load times. still waiting for fast cheap 2tb storage...

Temps do go up a lot above 1.27v and no stability above 4.7ghz, so I decided to go the minimum voltage route whilst not sacrificing too much processing power.

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Also Temps never go much above 60c even after hours of use on a hot summers day.

I'm thinking my next GPU may be water cooled as the amount of heat that runs through the cpu cooler from it must raise the temps a few degrees under load at least.

Should be able to push it back up to the stability limit then and get another couple of years use out of it when if ever new stuff comes out that makes it chug.

Get the feeling we'll be here with the same fucking processors hanging in there for another fucking decade.

It really is daft how stagnated the CPU market has become for daily home use power.

If only GPU's were like that.....

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