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No speccy thread, so I made 1. Post your specs! Good or Not. I'll start

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hi :^)

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christ and i thought my PC was awful how do you even use that thing OP

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M8, you have the same thing. Just a Quad and a better OS

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Hey you're that weaboo people hate, I've seen you around. Nice specs though.

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Fells bad man :(. (Except for the storage space)

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Didn't mean to quote

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My laptop.

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Is this Windows 10 General?

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>Using windows 10 on /g/
I think you guys have the wrong board.

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Yeah Guys Its all about Windows XP and below. You Windows 10 users are all alike.

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What is this? Speccy ancient PC edition?

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>Using windows 10

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Fire extinguisher not included.

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I made one last night titled old pc thread. Someone had Win2000. Older is just better.

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>thinking he is somehow immune to the botnet simply because he doesn't use windows 10

just embrace it mate, security through obscurity, the ones being targeted now are you guys still trying to avoid it.

I'm safely hidden in the mess of data that is the general population.

Stay cucked.

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It's apparently Speccy shit OS edition

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ITT salty faggots that missed the free win10 offer

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W10 in terms of performance is far beyond W7 or W8.

If you think think W10 is shit but W7 is somehow amazing, you're part of the problem. I can get behind someone who simply dislikes windows in favor of GNU/Linux. But I can't stand windows faggots trying to pretend W7 is still relevant.

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It's not free when you're required to have windows 7 already installed.

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What metric are we using to gauge performance, here? Your wording is so vague...

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My 2012 build is still going strong

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Doesnt end till the 29th.

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Most metrics, it either performs identically to W7, or improves slightly. Especially in regards to boot times and general responsiveness with an SSD in the desktop environment. (IE, general use)

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It's not free when something that you have to pay for is a requirement.

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My 2014 build
I'm going to sell the GPUs when the Pascal Titan comes out in August

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Not the best specs.

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My W7 copy was cracked. My W10 upgrade worked perfectly and my W10 copy is activated and genuine.

Didn't pay for shit.

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I rather use [email protected] on 1.17 vcore. At 4.0, vcore needs to be bumbed to 1.25 already. 4.4 clocks and higher, the performance actually decreases, some latency is introduced. Same happened with Thuban chips on high clocks.
With LLC ('high' setting on Asus Sabertooth R2.0), there is no spiky peaks in power consumption, it stays at 88W.

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You are one massive faggot pajeet

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That's like having someone put a flaming bag of shit on your doorstep. Just because it's free doesn't mean you want it. Besides, the free offer's going on for another frew weeks.

Performing a bit better isn't worth the shittiness though. I'd take Windows ME over Windows 10.

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At wall i mean, prime with either small fft or large inplace fft torture test.

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>He actually trusted a crack made by russians or chinese

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Your title font looks like shit

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Power consumption isn't really an issue for me under that particular setup - it was all about raw performance within the budget I had. The cpu overclocking has helped quite a bit for my uses and its not like my cpu is under 100% load for hours on end so for me the extra performance is worth it.

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>it either performs identically or improves slightly

>W10 in terms of performance is FAR BEYOND W7 or W8.

Emphasis mine, on the latter.

I agree, that in a desktop environment with a SSD, W10 does have slightly faster boot times and handles some things better than Windows 7.


There are a great many things I prefer about Windows 7. The User Interface, for one, is more comfortable and I have no interest in animated tiles or any of the other features Windows 10 offers.

And I would wager a 'riced' W7 is probably just as fast as W10 without having to put up with the 'botnet' shit.

Honestly, I've tried Windows 10 and I like it fairly decently. I didn't exactly have any choice in the matter as my school netbook was left on to transfer some files from my desktop and I got up to take a piss and came back to see W10's installation screen, but... it's okay, after all of that. It was actually a forced upgrade that ran worse than W7 on my shitty little Netbook, but it was OKAY.

I still wouldn't go out of my way to use W10. There's just no reason to for what I need it for.

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Yup, I even changed motherboard and CPU without having to reinstall.
Just swapped the SSD over to the new motherboard and it booted up instantly.

~5 years now of running an OS i haven't paid for. The past almost 12 months being on W10 (I upgraded on Day 1)

Since installing W10 i've gotten a new SSD and done an whole fresh install using a W10 ISO from M$ and my CD key given when I upgraded. It installed fine and activated fine.

So yea... pretty happy so far.

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Its Areo fucking it up.

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No problem with power consumption either, but rather the head production. I always aim to best compromise between clock, voltage and current draw/heat production.

But, your VRM temps cant be at healthy levels with that high clock/vcore? That board has hardly good enough VRM configuration for stock FX-8350.

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when will the windows 10 maymay die

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Can we got back to specs?

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no, there's /v/ for that

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when will the "im safe using older windows versions" maymay die?

If you think W10 was the first botnet OS you're fooling yourself, it's just more obtrusive than before.

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Probably when the free offer expires...

And i really hope there is some kind of a catch for the pirate users from 7 and 8. I hope they get rammed in the ass by M$.

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/v/ rarely if ever talks about specs though, at least not on any level outside of who has the most expensive GPU(s)

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No shit, and why are you okay with that?

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Nice gaming rig.

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Because I do nothing but watch anime, encode anime, play some games, watch movies, and internet.

Im not trying to make a breakthrough in some obscure field of study, i'm not trying to fuck kids, i'm not trading secrets to foreign governments, etc etc.

So what if microsoft knows the type of girls I jerk off to and the anime I watch?

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Everyone always says they have nothing to hide till the government goes after something they like.

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Your face when i bought FX5200 with 256MB vram, knowing how it compared to Geforce 4.
At least it worked perfectly with novidya blob on linux (still on a router box, but only the kernel nouveau driver; obviously not using x server on such system).

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>But, your VRM temps cant be at healthy levels with that high clock/vcore?

I've taken steps to keep the board cool when under normal loads. Under stress testing like IBT well, unsurprisingly things get toasty. Hell IBT using AVX2 is thermally destructive for haswell chips.

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Meh, I'm waiting for the day that robots become cheap enough to replace armed security/military members.

At that point its trivial to round up the poor, uneducated, misfits, and outcasts of society.

I have no real concern about the government spying on me as there isn't anything I or anyone else can particularly do about it.

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>has a 980 ti and games at 1080p
>still not content
r u retarded?

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check out the dank overclock on my nonK

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>I've got nothing to hide xDDD
You're what's wrong with the world.

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yes i will upgrade
no i don't know what i'll get

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It can't even get 60 FPS when running The Division at max settings

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>The Division
you poor bastard. Your problem is shit console ports not your GPU.

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I got this particular card for free in late 2003. played games with it until 2006, when I finally bought a real GPU. you could play san andreas on it if you chose the 16-bit color mode.

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>tfw my 2500k @4.5hz scores 120GFlops

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For the purposes of IBT the score is irrelevant - its just a part of linpack designed for maximum stress.

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Your ITH87** chip (the linux in-kernel driver for that chip is 9/10 times correct, unlike the winny counterpart) doesnt report temps correctly, there is no way that VRM or southbridge is at 25 celsius. Both the cpu temp given by ITH87* and the k10 temp report are well over max safe temps. In other words, both the cpu and vrm mosfets are literally melting.

You get maximum stress with prime's in-place large fft test (temps will rise slowly, but steadily after two hours, all the way up to 24h).

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>you could play san andreas on it if you chose the 16-bit color mode.
San Andreas, [email protected], 24-bit colours ('32' on Windows), draw distance and details at max, but the draw shadows disabled, no framerate limiter, always over 100fps. Its not THAT bad of a card. Both Vice City and San Andreas improved performance over GTA3 considerably, they run pretty much on any toaster.

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Using AMD's own overdrive software i've checked I am below thermal throttle point (as that doesn't read the absolute value either, just margin to thermal throttle).

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>277 seconds stability test.
Fucking joke. At least two and half hours of prime's small fft or large in-place fft test is needed to quarantee some stability (if you want to be really sure, you need 48 hours).

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>running test once to screen cap for /g/
>all the testing that was done

Its been run for 24 hours before.

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Yes, but the thermal throttle point is not the recommended longtime max. Its 65 celsius on k10 temp report and generally two degrees higher on mobo's own cpu probe (the one used on all Asus boards, its 68).

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dont mind gpu temps since i have a game running in the background

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Well, that is relevant information when reporting overclocks, so why not do in the first place.
With short test like that, you also can't give realistic longtime temperature readings. In other words, you're giving useless information.

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I used to play GTA3 on a GeForce2 MX400 without issues, but I had to turn the trails off from the graphics settings, otherwise it was unplayable. never tried running SA/VC on that card though.

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forgot pic

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and a GPU and more storage

>> No.55558959


Well thats the point isn't it - only IBT makes the cpu and mobo reach those temperatures. Under the normal loads I use the cpu is best part of 20c cooler.

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>32 bit OS
>8gb RAM
Wtf is going on? It's mathematically impossible.

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Well, if stress it maxes at 72c under the high test in IBT @4.5ghz 1.34v

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>>>55557836 (OP)
>>32 bit OS
>>8gb RAM
>Wtf is going on? It's mathematically impossible.
And he has aero and it says windows xp. Fucking crazy!

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GTA3 doesnt tax gpu that much, but cpu. VC and SA perform much better on this part, i mean at least one or one and half times better. I would not be surprised if it runs like crap on cpu's with Sandy Bridge level IPC still.

San Andreas has those detailed shadows, which are gpu taxing (or were at the time of release) effect.

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Ever heard of PAE - available even on shitty Redmond OS, but paywalled away in x86 Xp? (well, it works, but with restrictions).

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Now just think for a second why did you buy this overpowered PC.
Do you even utilize 10% of it's performance?

Of course gayming doesn't count.

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Heavily Customized XP, dont sue.

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thats the most autistic thing i have heard today.

install windows 10 or linux or something nigga. that ancient shit aint worth anything today. programs litteraly refuse to install now because its no longer supported.

and don't give me any of that 'best windows' shit, windows xp was mediocre at best even when it was new, now get out

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congrats you are now fast

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Fuck Off, I bet while you were typing your paragraph of bullsht you were stroking your neck beard. WinXP was the 7 of today. XP can still be used. Its a speccy thread, go back to tomshardware and complain how much you dispise XP.

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PAE is still essentially a shitty hack for a very serious issue.

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Does this also trigger you?

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Not at home but my Lappy speccy is as I remember on idle

>i7 @ 87c
>Nvidia 555m @ 87c
>motherboard @ 87c
>Both SATA 2 HDD's @ 65c

>did I mention all of this was at idle?

>compressed air dusted all vents and currently using a air cooling pad. The PC crashed once and BSOD on me all in one week. Clean installed win10 twice as well.

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windows xp was popular because microsoft always have had this monopoly, if people had a choise with more options than a 2000 dollar email reader, broken FOSS and windows, they microsoft would not have their 90% market share.

XP was crap out of the box, and wasn't decent quality until SP3, and even then security and performance was a mess, today its just plain stupid to actively use it, when you have the option to upgrade, even if it means linux.

heres mine btw

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I haven't computer in couple years now so I don't know how out of date my shit is.

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Upvoted :^)

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XP does more stuff than linux and I enjoy the OS. I had Windows 10 but it died on its own somehow. Linux is on it now. This is a different PC. I plan to "Try" windows 8.1 with KMSpico. Also a your judging XP on a mac? D:

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>XP does more stuff than linux
Not really. Also it's GNU/Linux.

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So close to that quad. Also WHAT?

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no xp does not do what linux does, especially not now. its over mah dude, xp is kill, move on.

heres my desktop, so yes i can judge xp

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4K TV on the way

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>windows 10

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Nice cooling, are you using my lovely TEC modules?

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Nothing special.

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Ordered GTX 1080 for Autocad to eliminate stuttering.

Delivery not yet arrived.

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>Chink runes
>Western digital
What're you, casual?
Wheres the eastern digital?

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How did you get Aero on XP?

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come at me, faggots.

>> No.55560955

Custom themes, bro.

>> No.55560972

What kinda shit do you do with that setup?

>> No.55560986

What custom theme?

>> No.55560992

Trying to set off Linus I see

>> No.55561001

Video and image editing mostly.

Also video games.

>> No.55561019

>not getting X99 and 5820k or 6800k for video editing

>> No.55561068

If I didn't spend more time in Photoshop than Vegas I probably would've gotten a better CPU.

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Program called Border Skin 0.2.1

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D-Did i get memmed?

Previous system was Athlon 64 3200+, 2GB RAM DDR and some HDDs between 40 and 200GB IDE

>> No.55561955

>gaming headset

>> No.55562000

It was a present from my parents, I didn't bought it

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No idea why speccy is showing only half the vram on my gtx 1070 and ram @1066 instead of 2400.

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JewForce experience version

>> No.55562223

Speccy is actually really old, outdated shit and doesn't play well with newer GPUs, DDR 4, etc.

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muh lappy

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Just under 3 year old prebuilt, first "High" end PC, basically 17 year old me got scammed. Waiting for my new parts

How much would you have paid for this 3 years ago, if you had to? Then I'll tell you how much I got taken for :(

Battlefield 4 medium @1080p 20-30fps

>> No.55562621

No more than $700, probably less depending on case and PSU.

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Yeah I spent £750 on it (I think that's about $1100). Came with some stock gigabyte peripharels so that's something :/ Case is a case, nothing special, some angles and LEDs

But I know my shit now and building a new PC, just bought a GTX 1080

>> No.55562794

Ouch. Brexit kinda shit on the GBP, hope you got a good deal.

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r8 & h8, m8.

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>17 year old me got scammed
>stating your age on an 18+ board
even 12 year olds have better sense than blogging this shit
I wouldn't have paid for this 600 dollar shit 3 years ago, assemble your own > any fucking pre-built

>> No.55563865

>35 year old virgin being bitter because someone is younger than him
/g/ in a nutshell

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still stronk

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