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This is a homescreen thread for these old things called computers.

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grats on that kawaii daki

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Do your parents think your a pedophile op?

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feels good

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The people that can't live without desktop threads are the same people that got them banned from this board

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Here is a desktop for you dude

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The only thing worse than desktop threads are homescreen ones

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I honestly don't see why desktop threads get banned but homescreen, battlestation and watch threads are still allowed.

It makes me literally angry.

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Here is the attention you need to survive dude

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Thanks dude. I appreciate it.

I was about to kill myself until you made that post.

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MLP got a global rule containing it to one board but LPS didn't, even though they were both little girl cartoons with /co/ generals and fans that leaked outside of them. Why? Because bronies were, are, and always will be cancer.

Furries and lolicons are confined to /b/ and /trash/ but monmusu bros roam free, even when they like literal horse vagina and fur covered women with dog faces. Why? Because furfags and lolicons are entitled shits that don't know when to shut up. Cancer.

The people mean more to a community than the topic. You and your friends were kicked out, not the idea of a desktop thread. They're only verboten because you faggots might come back if we have them.

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What is that?

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MLP with chihuahuas

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I want to kick chihuahuas

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So tl;dr version of it is desktop threads were banned because intense loli stuff and too much anime than desktops?

Speaking of which,/wg/ seems to have been created for nearly this purpose,kek.

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An uprising is in the works you best believe
We did not post that much loli.

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/wg/ is for wallpapers that don't involve anime in any way.

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They were banned because they were full of faggots.

They're all on /w/ now.


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>(You)'s are precious resources
top lel

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That is no laughing matter

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>That is no laughing matter
It's actually hilarious.

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r8 and h8

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If I saved all my (You)'s I could be rich, but sadly I underestimated their value.

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>If I saved all my (You)'s I could be rich, but sadly I underestimated their value.
>I could be rich
Not sure if you're pretending to be retarded,but this is funny as fuck regardless of what you think.

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