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Please may I have a photo of the 4Chan server? Thanks

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Its in the cloud

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Nice toes

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Really? 4Chan doesn't have a dedicated server

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Hey there's a legal disclaimer here! wow... cutting edge

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Most people don't know, but by connecting to 4chan, you automatically become part of the hosting system. That is why so many people serve the same images to each and every discussion.

That is also the reason why Hiroshima bought the place, he wants to get more free webspace

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I have pictures in my moot folder from when they were fucking around with the servers, posting.
Not sure if I have the troll mac mini server pics.
>implying troll
Are there more than this? How about the new servers?
Come on hiro, post that shit.

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last one
I don't think I like posting with a tripcode.

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>e part of the hosting system. That
That's what I wondered, but, I came to assume it was purely as anyone on this Chan would be immediately hacked and gutted by "Mr Anon. Plc"

(though, if it was a closed system and all I was talking to was an Ai called Agnes I'd probably find that more believable actually)

Being schizophrenic it's difficult to keep a check of reality on this thing, I sort of trusted the Mr Anon.'s good will though...

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That's really special

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Great cable management

Thanks for the pics though

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I miss him so much ;_;
Come back Mootles

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drawquest, that was so cute

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>Please may I have a photo of the 4Chan server? Thanks

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qt toes ^^

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Man that is one botched boob job. Look at the spacing between breasts, they're practically hanging off her armpits.

This is why you need to see a credible plastic surgeon. What shame.

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>This is why you need to see a credible plastic surgeon.
None is better.
Those are natural, btw. She's actually a singer. The spacing is due to bra.

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>His managing of his DrawQuest failure

I can say without a doubt, that I respect him a bit more for that.

He tried his damnest from the sound of it, and made as much lemonade from lemons as he could.

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hello newfag

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I've been around since 04, I never really followed moots happenings. I remember some mention of DrawQuest in passing on a thread like fucking 5+ years ago.

TLDR; Get off my dick nigga, I don't have time to stalk Chris.

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he fucked up 4chan to get investors to fund canv.as and then the piece of shit failed anyway.

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That's some bond villain maneuvering there.


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we got ourselves a moot loving fanboy holy shit

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Thanks beb

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Hiroshima has been nothing but trouble And you know it.

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Nigga, he fucking wrist-bent investors into funding his faggotry, and got away scotfree.

And ended up working for one of America's premier tech giants, hell the -the worlds- tech giants.

Can you do better? I can't. I'm not gonna start wearing fucking moot T-Shirts, but the nigga is sly.

He's like Le Chiffre, if he hadn't fucking failed SPECTRE's investors and got assasinated.

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>This stinky turd is stinkier than this other stinky turd

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lel u maddd uuuuh

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look at that fucking motherboard flex. fuck.

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Man, why just Chocola and Vanilla? Why not give every node it's own personality.

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>moot folder
moot is technology
post your moot folder

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>virgin detected

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Man, people getting all wind up being called newfag is actually more being a real newfag, no matter how long you have been around.

>hurr I have been here since summer 2004!

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It's powered by freebsd.

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Is it now in Japan? Or China

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