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Let's see those Summer temps /g/!

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I have 5 fans in my room, I can survive this

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Could be worse

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AC master race

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It's 6 degrees outside and 8 inside.

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I'm going to probably put the new 120gb Kingston ssd in this laptop, buy an enclosure for existing drive and maybe use my spare 64gb micro sd card If I need more space.

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Meh, need to build a new pc, but no money spare money to build a pc. :/

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Both processors are under full load
tempmon -a -l
BACKSIDE: 34.875 C
CPU A AD7417 AD1: 39.7229 C
CPU A AD7417 AMB: 32.5 C
CPU B AD7417 AD1: 41.5019 C
CPU B AD7417 AMB: 31.5 C
MLB MAX6690 AMB: 38.125 C
U3 HEATSINK: 41.25 C

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>not having A/C

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Not all of it ;‑)

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why would summer affect my temp?
It's always 75 degrees in my house.

Do you fucking neckbeards not have AC?

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Current temps right now. A few days ago it went as low as 28 C, I live in Florida.

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Why so many fucking drives?

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Most of them are from old laptops that stoped working but the hard drives we all perfectly functioning so I took them. (the only internal drives are the 120gb ssd and a 1tb WD black) I might make one of the externals an internal drive as the mount I bought for my ssd can hold two 2.5" drives.

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No use in having so many of those drives, plus Laptop drives are usually slower. Maybe do that and put one external inside the case.

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only fans are the hsf and the psu

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forgot the pic, trips confirmed

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800 mhz ram

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its managed automatically

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theres more?

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kill me

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Is there an alternative for Linux that makes these pretty reports?

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Where do you live?

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How are my temps so close to yours then?

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ill take "Air Conditioning" for $200 alex...

what are with these temps guys? Just keep the place at a steady 68F and you shouldn't have a problem.

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>6TB spread over 6 fucking drives

for what pvrpose

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>implying a 20C helps the fermi
muh steam library
muh 4k movies
muh file hoarding

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Do you not use your PC for anything but entertainment anon? I have a 24TB NAS filled.

My temps don't really fluctuate much, couple degrees lower in the winter.

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How do you file hoard so much? I mean it's good because you don't know when your internet can be down.
What cooler are you using for CPU?

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>live in the tropics
>temperature is almost literally the same

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Same for you. >>55279122 How do you guys store so much? I have a 1TB, and 4TB internal drives, and a backup 1TB drive of my 4TB shit.
That is like so much more than I fucking need.

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It's mainly movies from before I invested in Netflix.

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I'm very high.

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I'm in the red zone.
HDD Total Size: 19003.8GB (88.8% used)

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Shieeet, these are the torrented shows and movies that I have.

Of what?

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Of what?

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Rendering projects at 2160p/60fps eats space like a fiend anon. Then I need to archive stock footage and segments for clients.

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Off what*
Oh I see. What sort of work do you do?

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I recently downclocked my GPU because it gets really hot when its 28° in here. I will reapply winter OC afterwards.

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Microsoft is part of NSA's mass surveillance program "PRISM":

Microsoft informs the NSA about bugs before fixing them:

Microsoft openly offeres cloud data to support PRISM:

Microsoft has backdoored its disk encryption:

Windows snoops on the users' files, text input, voice input,
location, contacts, calendar records and web browsing history,
even after related settings are turned off:

Micrcrosoft automatically downloads Windows 10 on PCs running
Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 (between 3.5GB and 6GB), even if
users have not opted-in:

Windows 10 scans for illegal/pirated software:

Microsoft proudly presents surveillance statistics:

> Over 82 billion photos viewed.
> Gamers spent over 4 billion hours playing PC games.
> 44.5 billion minutes/month spent in Microsoft Edge.
> Over 2.5 billion questions asked of Cortana since launch.
> Windows 10 now active on over 200 million devices.

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I didn't know that
thanks anon!

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I know that, this is the reason why I don't "upgrade" to NSA shitware 10.

Give me Linux or any free OS that runs Mass Effect Andromeda will full performance on 4K and I'll do the switch.

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>he thinks MS cares about his meager existence

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Warm as fuck outside, even hotter inside the apartment.

Pc placed next to my bed under the table, so poor conditions.

Fans at lowest possible speed, gpu fan turned off.

I want to place a probe in my body to measure the body temperature.

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I don't even mind the pasta. My last speccy was in January, I moved to Debian then.

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Around 48 C on my motherboard. I guess my pentium 4 doesnt want to show its temperatures.

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It's 75 or so in my apartment.

The 4690k is on a custom waterloop at 4.7ghz.

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Only reason GPU is that high is it's on the default fan curve and too lazy to bother.

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Looks like you spent all of your money on 7TB worth of fucking hard drives.

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Are you me?

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>thread is practically all Windows users

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Most of those drives were free so no.

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>defending yourself even though not attacked

thanks AMD

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>cuck gets triggered by an old AMD machine

does this trigger you too?

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Sure there is.
>drive speed
The only drive that needs to be sooper fast is the OS drive

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Your HDDs are toast bro.

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Throw out like all of those HDDs except the 4 TB and the SSD.

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no idea how is it even at 93c when the entire fucking thing is cold

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>temps haven't risen above 66°C
>running mprime
Feels good mane.

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>temps haven't risen above 66°C
>running mprime
Feels good mane.

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Do you faggots not have air conditioning lol

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Nothing unusual except cpu is at 4.5 ghz and there's 8 gigs of gpu mem.

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Just a note:
The 1070 is a G1 Gaming model with the fans at 0% which is why it idles at about 43. Fans don't kick in until it's over 45 I think. I might fix this later since I'd rather a cool GPU than a quiet GPU though.

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Why the fuck it's 45+ celsius on idle? Is my rig broken? Case is brand new and processors + motherboard stay really cool.

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check it out

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cpu at 4.5GHz

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Why do Intel cpus run so hot? I'm right above my garage and it's 91f outside.

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>botnet 10


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Trips of truth. Winbabbies have no idea about technology in general so they circlepost their lame and boring specs every fucking day, just to feel a bit "nerdy". kek

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I like how your monitor and your gpu are both 1080! ;)

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but considering my ultrabook has iris 540, these temps are insane. However i did add thermal grizzly products and undervolted the shit out of it.

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could be worse

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shitty temps, low power mode, stock cooler

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Doesn't being right above a garage make it colder?

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79 F room temperature.
54c cpu and 63c gpu in Overwatch on Ultra graphics (not epic). Feels comfy.

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I'm on a stock cooler, btw

may your temps be low friendos

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could be worse

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Where the hell do you live?

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Pretty common for builders to fuck up the insulation over the garage. Colder in the winter I guess.

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I don't don't eat so I can afford to run the AC.

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My post literally explained exactly why mine is 43 at idle. Depending on your model of GPU it could just be shit or if yours is also a G1 Gaming model it could do the same thing and shut the fans off.

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Is this temperature bad for a laptop?

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