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post the worst program you ever used

You cant stop me. my thread isn't breaking the rules deal with it

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I've used plenty of shitty programs

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LabView. Whoever made that should be burned alive, along with all the source code so no one could replicate it.

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And this is coming from someone who's used IE.

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Internet Explorer

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>he lets utorrent mine bitcoins on his computer
>he does it for free

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>this is coming from someone who's used IE.
This is coming from one of the people who do not know about better browsers


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just use bittorrent you retard

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MS office

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No, sorry I don't like malware in my system.

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See you when you turn 18.

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>Using Internet Explorer
>Browsing tech board

When was the first time you learnt Opera exists, /g/?

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We're racking up the underage b&'s, aren't we?

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>qBitTorrent consistently scores higher than BitTorrent on every website review
>except for google
Enjoy your botnet I guess lmao

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Oh, did I hurt your feelings? It's okay to be a computer illiterate.

You just don't have to be so defensive about this.

Just for your information: Other browsers exist and they are objectively better

Feeling insecure about own age?

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I personally use DDL
but I'll keep that in mind

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While 0.01% of private tracker members use it because it can't connect for shit.

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calm down dude, it's 4chan, land of the troll ... just go with the flow

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I don't know. Some time I feel like winchildren are destroying the board

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This should be bannable.

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Am I in /v/ now?

Also, sorry if my posts make you cry. Mods aren't gonna ban me because I hit your spot, winbabby

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Holy shit, limewire

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>Muh gaymen resolution
Time to go back to your babbycare board >>>/v/, junior. No goodboy points for the green-themed razer gaming laptop you got.

And try not to change the topic. IE is used by the people who don't know much about computers

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>being this underage

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>being underage
>calling other people underage in order to hide it

Don't be like that kiddo.

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Hahahaha too weak.

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>>55261321 meant >>55261306

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>so underage

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Stop bullying, you know he admitted his defeat

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>samefagging underage

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>This is how kids react when they feel cornered

I am enjoying this

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oh God this. Think about how much more advanced of a species we'd be if physicists and engineers didn't have to waste time with this pile of crap

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You're terrified, huh?
>"How did the hacker find out my age?"

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Claws mail

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Your age? Well everyone ITT knows it's below 14 but don't worry, I'm not going to molest you over the internet :^)

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Can someone actually explain what is wrong with qBittorrent? Used to use Bittorrent but switched because of bot net and learned I liked qBittorrent more.

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Without question, pic related.

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Plebs can't use and configure QB. Plebs that run Internet Explorer and get really butthurt

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>automatically assumes higher resolution means video games

>wasting screen space

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Still hurts? I'll tell you more, there is no reason to use gaymen monitors

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Nothing. Nothing at all. Everybody uses it.

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>underage AND poor
>doesn't know 768 has been shit since the mid 90's when we could do 1280x960 and 1600x1200.

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It's called growing up and not being insecure about own age, junior. I like how you try to change the topic though, Internet Explorer user

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Who is this semen demon

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didn't really use it, but turned it off as soon as it was evident how bad it was.

Banzai Buddy.



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Limbo PC Emulator
>crashes when you hit the menu button while running a vm

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gnome 3

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windows 10

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You could strap a lot of explosives to that big sob.

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>msn Australia
>Shitpost capital of the world

Ok there bud

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its a tie between
and foobar2000

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>paid ms troll mad that people use linux, don't use windows media player, and don't need windows for some bloated pile of shit image editor that's only really needed for dying print media

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Core FTP

I had to use this shit in networking class, it was pretty much FileZilla only proprietary and a lot worse.

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Manjaro linux
Fucked up after every updates

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Internet Explorer

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Amazon prime music
DRM like fuck, and it's nearly impossible to find anything.

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Windows 10

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HP Service Manager
Whatever Citrix BS they use in IBM Bangalore

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Xilinx ISE/Vivado
Their command line applications are alright, I don't see why they don't just stop making the other crap so it is easier to just use a makefile

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That program is simple as fuck and works great.
You must be retarded.

I knew a guy who was overwhelmed with this too.
He never was the smartest.

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What's wrong with foobar

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Autodesk Maya 2012 because of file corruption issues
2013-2016 were fine though

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It's not even worth trying to think of. All the ones that were shit were uninstalled within a second of finding out it was unfixable shit, and they are all long defunct and forgotten now.

But if I had to say a software that I'm currently using is shit but only being used because there are no better alternatives, I'd have to say Firefox. Maybe qbittorent but I've been meaning to switch to deluge anyway

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Buggy as fuck

If you use it and don't encounter any issues then no reason to switch but I don't think any qb user has had a bug free experience

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> smplayer
> rtorrent
> geeqie
> mupdf

top shitty linux apps are

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I tried itunes about a decade ago.
The close button never even covered the top right corner so you just end up clicking the desktop or program behind it. Who thought that was a good idea?

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Limewire, combined with my technological illiteracy at the time I bricked so many computers

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What distro?

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>Bulk Rename Utility
Eventually just used Renamer and Powershell

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same guy?

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>it's bad because it has too many options

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It's bad because the interface is fucking garbage and it kept crashing on me after a certain amount of files

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>post the worst program you ever used

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>trying to download small files from huge torrent
>"You are running out of disk space on Local Disk (C:); Click here to see if you can free space on this drive."

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>Downloading torrent files on C:\\

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>this reading comprehension

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So your inability to properly manage your storage space is the programs fault?
Pre-allocation faggot
Learn what the fuck you're talking about before talking shit

>> No.55267453

I know its pre-allocation and I know full size pre-allocation for files I did not chose to download is fucking retarded.

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In no particular order:

>gnome3 and ubuntu
WTF? Those systems are so hostile. It's as if every part of the UI was designed to be the biggest annoyance possible. All kinds of important stuff doesn't exist or is hidden

I am only using it for stuff like managing my holidays and pay at work, so its only coming from a user, but holy shit, how can you fuck up an UI so bad?

Some really expensive, really germany specific software for bid management for construction projects. Horrible UI (self made ribbons + windows that are all classic UI, but are in fact no real windows (don't know how to call that. They don't react to stuff like alt+tab and dont show up in the menu bar, so good bye to using the keyboard). Unstable and totally uncomprehensible

>Every single little single purpose program that every fucking company seems to have that reinvents the wheel in the most shitty way, is inferior to all the FOSS programs for that task in every single way with no consisntency in the UI and that has been written by some rural "developer" that married the bosses daughter
Fuck this shit.

>Excel spreadsheets that are essentially their own applications
Seriously, what is it about Excel that makes everybody abuse the shit out of it? No, its not a database, and it's not meant to be the core app of the whole fucking company/project

>KDE/Plasma 5
Such a shame. Well designed, works perfectly fine out of the box, and has millions of options. Does not get in the way, and does not assume you are a retard, like gnome and unity do.
But its a fucking unstable trainwreck piece of shit.

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So its still a YOU problem, and not a problem within the client.

"didnt chose to download"
You clearly do not understand how torrenting works.
It isnt pick and choose, it is in blocks.
If your "tiny file" is packed in with a "big file",tough shit.

Again, learn what you're talking about before you spout shit

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>This damage control

Computer illiterates = Internet Explorer users

You literally can't make this shit up

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lotus notes 6.5 and older.

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The (bookstore) inventory software from MBS Systems. The college bookstore I worked for switched to their software and just about everything was shit. First off, the transfer of our old system's database outright failed. It was so bad that we wound up doing it by hand; we printed out all the book and sales information, then manually entered them into the new database. To expedite things, I think we skipped any book we hadn't stocked in maybe a year, and everyone had to come in on a Sunday. We never worked on Sunday before, not even for our fiscal year end inventory.

While it did use the graphic display (our old one used the text screen.) it wasn't a GUI interface. Rather I think it was really outputting to the text screen then converting that over to the graphic screen, substituting for some characters so it would show nice boxes framing sections of the display. Within the software I think the mouse was useless, no buttons to click, and you couldn't even highlight and copy the text. One day there was some sort of permissions error and the graphical overlay failed, dropping the software it into a text mode. It was actually more usable as a result since I could highlight & copy text off of the screen.

Some of the text fields were obnoxiously short, like the item title. Our textbook department had to come up with some convoluted codes to convey what the item was. ie. If it was bundle, if it contained supplemental items, etc. And I think the sales data it stored for books was lacking in some ways too, but I guess I've blocked out some of those things.

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What is the target demographic of the leftmost girl(?)?

>> No.55267743

I came in to say SAP. Worst part is that since it is always breaking and needing security patches it would be cheaper to hire the people to push the papers than to use it.

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Tinder is a strong competitor

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>try to find replacement for TheRenamer
>everyone recommends Filebot
>go to download and run installer
>this program requires java ru

Into the trash it went.

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Grindr is okay, I've met a few guys on there. Don't think I'll use it much for now on though

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I guess they were trying to give her a tomboy look. Which is cool, it actually sets her apart from the rest of the girls.

She hasn't always looked like that. Pic related.

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This shit. I know it can get me laid but it's so bad that sometimes it's unusable.
>Makes my phone overheat
>You have to type in your facebook login/password every time you open the app without internet connection
>Sometimes you can't get on profiles or swipe
>Sometimes just profiles don't load and you are stuck with "no other profiles in your area"

Is it so hard to make a good functioning dating app?

>> No.55268680

>shitting on rtorrent and mupdf
What's wrong with you?

>> No.55269039

This is 2016, it is not normal for browser to freeze or crash.

>> No.55269111

Utorrent let me download a small file on a big pack without taking more space on HD.

>> No.55269120

>This is 2016
>it is not normal for [a program] to freeze or crash
you realise that programs nowadays are more bloated than ever and poorly written due to inexperienced parjeets, right? gone are the days of optimised code, unfortunately..

>> No.55269378

It's literal 0/10 software

>> No.55269430

SAP Login for time card. Absolute garbage.

>> No.55269452

Sage 100 ERP

>> No.55269483

Probably mvp-hc or whatever that video program was that /g/ shilled for around a year ago and shilled against vlc

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It is pretty bad.

>> No.55269846


There's hardly any women on this app at all. One time I did hook up with a girl and she had a dick.

Shit was so weird, I was only able to blow three loads in her.

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Hands down the worst mainstream program owned by a large corporation

>> No.55270423

Things a little slow in the Adobe mailroom today?

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>> No.55270583


>Internet Explorer 6 and older versions
It was ok until I was introduced to Opera 7 and features like tabbed browsing. Opera kept getting more advanced while IE just stagnated for years. I also never thought that 10 years after quitting using it I'd end up in a job that would require me to support IE6's shitty behaviour.

>Window manager on OS X Snow Leopard
I had to use it for a week once. I was very shocked since all the mac users were telling how nice OS X is but in truth simple things like maximising and resizing windows were missing or burdensome to use without 3rd party tools. I hope they have fixed this in newer versions.

>Microsoft FrontPage
WYSIWYG HTML editor seemed like a good idea but it just produced garbage and it was easier to write it by hand. I guess others agreed since it got discontinued quite quickly.

You'd think we could expect tear free video and garbage free window resizes in 2016. Xorg.conf tweaking and multi monitor support were hell over the years but luckily these have been mostly fixed. Can't wait for Wayland to take over.

>Nero burning ROM
It was such a compact and nice to use burner software until they started adding all the useless bloat. Kinda like uTorrent has evolved.

I've used a lot more shitty and buggy programs over the years but these have been the most memorable. Writing this has made me appreciate how high quality software we have these days and how easy using computers has become.

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>> No.55270907

It's you who don't know how torrents work, sir.

You only have to download blocks that contain pieces of the files you want. Torrents avoid chopping files up into more blocks than are necessary BY DESIGN FOR THIS EXACT PURPOSE. Any remotely decent torrent client can do this without allocating the entire torrent.

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i meant the kernel itself

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shitty icon for a shitty program

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Anything made by freetards. But especially this shit.

>> No.55271552

Probably an Nvidia driver of some sort
Or KDE5 like >>55267466 suggested

>> No.55271603

Electronic Workbench (EWB)
If frameworks/libraries count as well, netbeans platform.

>> No.55271628

Your browser was made by freetards

>> No.55271672


Adobe Flash

>> No.55271901

Windows Update

>> No.55272013

windows 10
windows vista
windows 8
lync/ms communicator/skype business
any ms office past 2007
vs 2015 on win 10 (werks fine on win 7)
any version of IE including edge

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Don't feed the trolls.

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File: 1.39 MB, 200x150, 1367565619467.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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skype on linux

>> No.55272310

Fucking this

>> No.55272351

Pretty much everything.

>> No.55272394

Probably my company's proprietary programs developed in-house. They were so awful that I found it easier to remake them myself than to use those cryptic pieces of shit.

>> No.55272483

It is actually.

>> No.55272534

UML modelling software in general are garbage but this one is the fucking worst

>> No.55272717

>lync/ms communicator/skype business
holy hell is that stuff terrible

>> No.55272986

this and fucking origin

>> No.55272996

Micropajeet Windows.

>> No.55273105

Simens Step 7. Even the newest version is stupid as shit. Deleted a line in a DB? No undo. Gtaph si so fucking bugy that it crashes on random. And there are like 150 of these kind of bugs.
A perfect representation when EEs make a PC program.

>> No.55273121

He looks like the men Gengoroh Tagame draws.

>> No.55273138

>post the worst program you ever used


>> No.55273475

>All this hate on gimp
how so?

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I don't think anything else beats this hands down.

>> No.55273567

Gimp isn't particularly user-friendly. It takes a while to learn how to use it and even then it's not particularly intuitive. It only seems so awful when compared with Photoshop.

>> No.55273665

Oh shit.
I thought playing a music file was a fixed problem.
I thought we were past audio streaming causing a kernel panic.

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Beat this.

Pro tip - you can't

>> No.55274286

The code composer studio version based on eclipse. Also xilinx ise

>> No.55274561

I feel your pain, SAP is a complete pajeet shit show.

>> No.55274651

his fists look the same way that little kids try to draw hands

>> No.55274663

Motherfucking Quartus.

>> No.55274699

works better than reddit, what more do you want?

>> No.55274795

Alice 3D program
My course included that. Passing it was a nightmare. I don't know what it was made for but I had to make a short movie clip with it, what should take me 5 minutes in Blender took me half an hour in Alice

>> No.55274797


You two are giving me flashbacks to my phone center job I just left.
We were an inbound call center for a major retailer - people would call to place orders, complain about orders, etc.

We ran HP thinclients using Citrix.
The phones interfaced with Cisco Agent Desktop.
The main sales software ran in SuperDOS... except one department that ran Siebel.
We used to run Lync but were """upgraded""" to Skype for Business.
We ran IE 8, and weren't allowed to use a different browser.

A standard workload would be Agent Desktop, 2-3 SuperDOS instances, IE 8 with 4-6 tabs open, Siebel, and Lync. All running through Citrix on a 5+ year old HP thinclient with 1GB of RAM.

>> No.55274816

Photoshop isn't user friendly either, it's just popular enough that people are willing to learn it

>> No.55274840
File: 41 KB, 600x419, 11 Q-RealTek.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.55274859

>the UI is so bad that they now let you enter codes in a special field so that you can jump to your desired function
You literally can't make this shit up

>> No.55274896

At least you didn't use SAP

>> No.55275073

Jesus Christ, LabVIEW fucking sucks. I was on the school robotics team in high school and through a series of events, LabVIEW was chosen as the primary language because *one* try hard faggot sort of knew it. The rest of us (all C++/Java experience) were basically told to fuck off; our implementation was infinitely more reliable but people insisted on letting one fucker with LabVIEW cuck them.

They switched over to Java (with vision processing in C++) the year after I left because of how much of an abortion LabVIEW is. The only thing I can imagine as even "OK" about LabVIEW is that it's inherently parallel. Other than that, it is painful to use in any other regard.

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>145 responses
>nobody mentioned vim
Everybody is high and happy on koolaid I see.

>> No.55275349

>tfw i actually learned GIMP because my dad signed me up for the computer "essentials" class (ms office and other really basic shit, the first week was on how to use a mouse) instead of the computer programming class (they had the same fucking class code for some reason) and it was too late to switch when i found out.

>> No.55275401


>> No.55275406

GIMP, or possibly Blender. I can't decide which is worse.

>> No.55275558

I have absolutely no idea how anyone can use iTunes.

>> No.55275590

Iphones lock-in, and probably also the "Apple can sell boxed shit and it will be a bestseller" effect.

>> No.55275598

gnunet probably

>> No.55275678

Never had issues with it. The 'stalled' meme comes from people with 5mbps internet connections who download torrents with no seeders.

>> No.55275736

This guy needs a bigger head

>> No.55275890


We used SAP inside of Siebel. I didn't have to do much with it, but it liked to break a lot.

>> No.55275940

Why would a normie class like that teach GIMP?

>> No.55276058

No idea, it also taught audacity.j

>> No.55276103


This is the worst kind of poster

>> No.55276133

Why are Microsoft shills always so obvious?

>> No.55276169

The nigga said he used IE once and youre calling him computer illiterate

Everybody has used IE at least once
It's unavoidable

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Forget the name but was for analysing zeta potential and particle size.
After running a test you could save the file but you couldn't determine where it was saved or what it was called so instead you just ended up having a single giant folder of files which has everything test saved into it. These files are pointless anyway as you can't open them to get any form of data. The entire process to be able to extract a usable data file was so convoluted it was easier to just write everything done and type it into Orglab yourself later.

>> No.55276239

It's not bad as an emergency text editor when stuxnet removes nano

>> No.55276256

I found PS and GIMP both pretty user-friendly when I was a normaltard.

>> No.55276259

Then why did he qualify his statement by saying he used IE? If everyone has used IE, what's the point of saying "this is coming from someone who's used IE"?

>> No.55276277

for clarity of what hes comparing it to
no need to get your autism in a bunch over it

>> No.55276404

has used != uses
If you're from a native anglo country... jesus

>> No.55278304

xilinx ISE

you don't know true terror until you've used xilinx

>> No.55278872

Gimp is so bad, I upgraded from a copy of Micrografx Picture Publisher from 1996, messed with Gimp for a few months, then went back to PP4 or six or whatever. Now I have decade-old copy of PP10, still better than gimp.

>> No.55278984


literally the worst dicom related piece of shit in the health industry

>> No.55279000


>> No.55279390

Practically all EE-related software is trash, but ModelSim takes the cake
>full screen installer
>UI looks like it uses Win 3.11 APIs
>resizing takes an hour
Thank god for GtkWave

>> No.55280037

Frostwire, used it years ago.

ended up fucking my pc with adware and turns off during bios loading.

>> No.55280164

LTSpice is heavenly.

>> No.55280199



>> No.55280211

iTunes, before it got shittier than it is now.

>> No.55280254

I used to have massive issues with iTunes 2-4 years ago. It runs good enough now that I can at least add music to my iPhone.
MediaMonkey also works okay for this, I realized.
I know what you mean with foobar. I've downloaded it a hand full of times, with hope of actually using and enjoying it, but every time I uninstall it, realizing how shit it's UI is, no matter what components you install. It being a light process is the only positive. Now I only use MusicBee.
Gimp is shit too. It can get the job done, only after hours of pain and frustration.

>> No.55280257

botnet, nothing ever works on *nix distros

Bloated, slow, hideous, obstructive.

It functions, unlike the other things on this list, but holy shit what a terrible UI: having everything be its own separate window as the default,

Honestly it's complete shit these days.

Nice mention. Haven't used any UML tools lately but ArgoUML was terrible and crashed every twenty minutes, regardless of whether I was using windows or *nix.

>> No.55280322

It just werks.

>> No.55280332
File: 2 KB, 126x96, 1339488141976s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do techsupport for dell and we use something called Delta, which runs on a siebel framework via citrix. If I'm explaining it right.

This piece of shit software is a fucking monster. To give you a general impression the thing is designed like one of those coding languages that are convoluted on purpose because it's funny.

It's designed in a way that you have to click things in a certain order, and if you don't you'll get pop up windows that don't work, are slower than just typing shit in manually, and generally are hard to use. If you don't follow the right order, you'll get stuck in a sort of loop where it asks you to do action B before doing action A, and if you try to do action B first, it tells you that it can't because action A hasn't been done yet.

There are text fields that are in different screens. These are always editable, but only in certain screens can you actually change them.

The thing is slow as fuck. Every click takes anywhere from 1-10 seconds to load a new page, or dropdown menu, and multiple times a day the thing will just sit there loading something you clicked on and nothing will happen no matter how long you wait. People who made the software, or dell I don't know claim that this is due to network issues. But recently I've found that if you resize the window out of maximized mode, the program will suddenly stop working again. You just have to keep working from a smaller window. Sometimes even then it still crashes, and you need to make the window even smaller. Sometimes making us work with windows that are 1/10th the size of a 19Inch screen. What's even worse is that because the program is so badly designed you have to sometimes scroll down, to find a horizontal scrollbar that lets you scroll sideways, because a dropdown menu was more on the right and you could only click on the little button to open it.

Seriously, why THE FUCK does window size have any bearing on whether a program experiences "network issues"?

>> No.55280340

I did. I only switched to Deluge because of Shana Project's downloads sorter plugin.

>> No.55280353
File: 8 KB, 170x170, unnamed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related, golden concept, fucking horrendous execution

>> No.55280363


>> No.55280376

this. the problem is you cant escape it since everyone already uses skype. ive been trying to get all my skype friends to use discord though

>> No.55280377

I think you mean app

>> No.55280427

This. I know someone who works for NI. It is as bad on the inside as it is on the outside

>> No.55280565

Catalyst control center for linux while using legacy hardware.

That said, any randr gui front-end.

vi (just fucking use nano)


and fuck gimp too.

>> No.55280610

steam used to be really shitty
it's better now but i still don't like it

>> No.55280648

>vi (just fucking use nano)
heh, nice meme.
If you want to effectively write/edit scripts in a terminal, there's no way around vi

>> No.55280660

Yeah it's really bad. Plays everything at lower CPU load and with the same or better quality as vlc. I hate it too.

>> No.55280672
File: 1.50 MB, 800x600, 1462059326729.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55280681


>> No.55282465

YouTube on Android

>> No.55283429


>> No.55283462


>> No.55283501
File: 27 KB, 630x450, buggygarbage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic very related

>> No.55283562


>> No.55283574

Don't forget about Multisim. It's so realistic you don't even have axes in oscilloscopes. Op amp supply voltages aren't taken into account though. It's like I'm playing a modern video game.

>> No.55283611

What? The kind that beat you into submission? Dumn nigger.

>> No.55283620

So I guess you use IE?

>> No.55283832


If you have ever had to use this pile of hot garbage, I'm sure you've wondered if you chose the right career.

>> No.55283840

Nvidia control panel

>> No.55283868

I'd like to add anything that is marketed/used as
Those generally have the worst UI's and the most insane and complicated workflows, with piles upon piles of arcane legacy and proprietary ways of doing certain tasks piled upon each other.

e.g. Lotus Notes 6. don't know if they still use it, but in 2012, my work then was using it, as where a lot of our big clients (i.e. world renown car manufacturer, or very well known softdrink brand…).
How the hell did anyone still use that in this time?
Our IT even had to do some hacky workarounds, to even get it to run on W7.

>> No.55284495

Speaking of torrents, how is Transmission?

>> No.55284620
File: 13 KB, 800x188, eclipse-800x188.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

as good as you can get imo. It does the job and never fucks up

picrelated is the worst piece of shit I've ever used

>> No.55284647
File: 30 KB, 600x350, realplayer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, remember me?

>> No.55284659

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

>> No.55284661

My dad still uses that to watch porn from what I can tell.

>> No.55284664

I'd like to know the advantages it has over qbitorrent

>> No.55284683

It's not so bad, however if it would just disappear one day... well, I wouldn't complain.

>> No.55284709

>uses STALLEDtorrent
>thinks he's seeing all the seeds

>> No.55285088
File: 69 KB, 489x182, Hammer_splash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's powerful but so fucking old

>> No.55285914
File: 72 KB, 474x504, 1340913523568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used to work for best buy and I can say without a doubt that their program Sterling Order Management Service (OMS) is the worst software ever made by a human.

>> No.55286074

so what's another video chat program which actually works?

if you say Hangouts you automatically lose

>> No.55286087

Jitsi Meet

>> No.55286104

bleh not really.

>> No.55286118



>> No.55286144

Do modern level editors even use brushes?

>> No.55286177

The obvious answer is McAfee, in fact that's the only answer. Every other answer is tech wizardry and a godsend compared to McAfee
>implying you didn't have to uninstall it from your parent's computer at one point in your life

>> No.55286194

Omeggle. Chaturbate.

>> No.55286225


What a goddamn piece of shit.

>> No.55286248

Love, how there's still no way to sort search results by date/views etc..

>> No.55286253

>Oh, you want to write a text document? Here, let us install a handler for all text file types on your computer and a billion shell extensions you'll never use!

>> No.55286278

It doesn't cater to retards who need fullscreen 3x3 album cover view because they're too stupid to organize their files in an actual file browser.

>> No.55286285

Definitely CenturyLink's billing software.

>> No.55286298

So what's the better alternative?
>inb4 wps, libreoffice, openoffice they are complete and utter shit

>> No.55286314

>wps, libreoffice, openoffice they are complete and utter shit
What, you expect me to disagree? They indeed are complete shit.

>> No.55286415

Oh my god. Everyone fucking used it because >muh corporate feel
But even fucking NetBeans was comfier to use.

>> No.55286422

>using eclipse when intellij idea exists

>> No.55286459

I don't remember, was it free from the beginning?

>> No.55286587

I think so?

>> No.55286603

There is a whole site dedicated to hating Lotus Notes. Fuck, not even IBM knew what some of the error messages meant.

>> No.55286610

Well, for some reason, there were only two camps here - Eclipse and Netbeans.
Though now I wouldn't click on them even if my mouse was wireless.

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