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Is SSD + HDD worth the hassle or should I just get a 1TB SSD?

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What hassle?

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I mean, plugging in a second drive might be hard for some people.

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You should keep your OS, browser, programs and games on an SSD and additionally use normal HDDs if you need lots of storage.

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Is it really that easy? I thought you had to go into your bios and fiddle around

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You don't need to do anything in modern computers, just plug it in and you are done.

It's just a question of money, 1TB SSD is much more expensive than a 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD. If that's too inconvenient for you go for 1TB SSD, but it shouldn't matter on the technology side. Make backups to a separate drive regardless.

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I'm guessing you watched that retarded linus video.

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2 SSHD:s in raid 0

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Not even once

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Okay then, how much capacity should I get for the SSD if it's going to be a hybrid of drives then? 120 and 256 seems too small for video editing

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I would say 500GB is at a good price point

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>for video editing

Is it just me or is that retarded?

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Neither of those would be too small for video editing. Video editing software doesn't take up that much space, and the videos can be stored on the HDD (Or temporarily on the SSD when you're working with them, and then moved to the HDD once you're done)

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120 is way too small when I'm dealing with footage that is 10gb in size and then the exported file is at least 5gb.

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M.2 + external storage my man

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just get the ssd if you have too much money

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Is getting an SSD part of your plan?

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> Raid 0

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msata ssd + sata hdd master race

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Why the fuck would that be retarded

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Quad mSATA RAID 0 PCIe card masterrace
>but only 2 TB
I wish 1TB mSATA weren't so god-damn cost inefficient. Also, drivers be buggy as fuck.

Where are the quad NVMe M.2 PCIe RAID cards? My mobo had seven x16 slots for a reason, you know.

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I just set up 2 850 EVO 500GB in RAID 0
Restoring my PC onto the RAID 0 right now

I hope everything just works...

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m8, you won't see much of a speed difference in RAID 0 with SSDs. They only show up in canned benchmarks like ATTO and Crystal Diskmark, but you won't experience any more than 600MB/s read in actual usage. It's the SATA controllers holding them back.

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Does it run hot? kinda interested in doing the same.

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smells like summer in here

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you do know you are already limited at the bandwidth with just one ssd?

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I can't tell. The SMART reading from the mSATA seems like they're running as cool as the 850 PROs on the back of my motherboard, but I have no idea how hot the controller on the card is.
Word of warning, if you have 32/64-bit Windows 7 (or earlier) or 32-bit Linux, the card won't work properly without having to download a few additional drivers for the RAID controller. And even then, you'll see your RAID array disconnect during heavy use. I'm guessing the tiny heatsink over the RAID controller isn't doing its job properly.

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Buy a used lsi pulled from a server off ebay. You can get used Lsi cards for about 150-200 off eBay than go for 600+ new. AFter that connect 4 wd blacks too it and get faster speeds + more storage than SSD.

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Also, if you are going to put the mSATA in RAID0, then make sure no more than three are part of the array. Having all four of my 850 EVOs in RAID0 just causes them to drop off the face of the earth after writing some files on them

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That dropping off the face of the earth is because #1 that's a shitty raid card. #2 There is a special feature the raid cards needs to have in order to not clog up during writing with SSDs. I can't remember the name but I'm sure you can find it with google.

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No hassle at all

>Buy HDD + any reasonable capacity SSD
>Partition off a handful of GB on the SSD for /boot
>Set up caching on the rest of the SSD with the entire HDD as backing storage using bcache or dm-cache
>LUKS-encrypt the block device you just created
>Set up LVM on the LUKS container and create volumes for / and /home
>Compile Gentoo from source and install as prescribed

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>There is a special feature the raid cards needs to have in order to not clog up during writing with SSDs
I know what you're talking about, but that's for Windows 7 and older. Windows 8.1 and 10 don't need those extra drivers.

And yes, it's a shitty RAID card. I regret not putting them in a JBOD or non-array from the start.

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(not op)
I want to add an ssd to cache my 2 WD reds in raid1.
It runs mainly VMs, do you think it'd work(as in, be useful)?

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Os: 10gb
Video Software: 5-10gb
Video: 15gb


You're fine.

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That's precisely the point of it. Though if you want to keep the data on the drives, well, I don't know much about that.

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Why not just go all SSD? I replaced my 1TB HDD with a 500GB SSD and have been infinitely happier since.

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>All that bullshit
>No hassle

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Yes. I highly doubt you have 1TB of content that'd benefit from such a large SSD. Sure you can just store everything on it but that's quite a waste.

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I'm scheming a PC build right now.

Thinking of going with a 2TB SeaGate 7200 rpm HDD and a 850 EVO 250GB

Seems like a good budget version of both a HDD and an SSD

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I use SSD for OS, basic programs and games, and an external drive to store documents and porn.

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Building a PC and I'm seriously considering just buying a hueg SSD and outright skipping a hard drive.

Something like an Sandisk SDSSDHII-960G-G25.

I'm using PCpartpicker to look at the most space/$ SSDs and this one is the only one of the first few with any decent rating.

What do you think, 960GB SSD for 200 or so bucks, worth it?

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Hijacking this thread

Is an 850 pro worth the $100 more it costs than an 850 EVO?

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If you have the money go for it

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>960GB SSD for 200 or so bucks, worth it
Nope. In about a year, 1TB SSDs will be worth the same as a 500GB SSD now. You'll be kicking yourself for buying too early.

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If you need it now, obviously it's worth it. In a year they will be cheaper of course, but that's no reason to wait when you need the thing. When that point comes be happy about prices coming down and get more storage if you need/want it.

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Worth it if you want it. Don't listen to >55253819, there's no such thing as buying a year too early.

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The hassle of trying to figure out what goes on the SSD and what goes on the HDD.

Just get a large SSD, its so much more comfy.

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You should not spend over $200 on a 1TB sandisk ultra-2.

Ideally, $170 is the price to pay.

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I'm using a 120gb sandisk ssd for most use programs and games, a 1 tb internal drive of documents/ everything besides porn and an external drove for porn.

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