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Max temps after 1hour prime95

Kind of impressed that it didn't break 65C on a stock haswell i5 cooler. Didn't think the copper slug would make that much of a difference. I took out my Geminii S524 because I'm tired of the way it mounts when I'm swapping cpus cause I get a wild hair. Looks like I can just stick with the stock i5 cooler no issues.

4.2ghz is stable at 1.29v but I imagine I'd break 70C.

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i5 and i7 absolutely devastate that stock cooler.

4790K @ 4.9Ghz with 1866 kit & 1.388v. Shows 1.168 due to it not being pinned/benched.

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Yeah I assume dual core and much lower tdp gives me a lot of headroom.

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4690k at 4.4 GHz 1.250 vcore reporting in.
Supposed to be running 4.5 GHz, but my FSB is wonky for some reason and runs 3 MHz slower than it's set to in my UEFI. I tried raising it a little (to 103 MHz) to make up for it, but that introduced some instability.
Not sure if I dare raising voltage further with my current cooler.

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