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We should force chink moot to change 4chan servers to GNU/Linux. It is something unbearable that this site runs on Mac OS.

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This is the 4chan server.

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I know pic unrelated

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Submit your proposal, post reply.

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>It is something unbearable that this site runs on Mac OS
He was lying about that, you know.
If I'm not mistaken, it runs on FreeBSD.

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He actually got trips the madman

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>Macs == OS X
But that's wrong. 4chan runs on Macs, but they're Macs that run FreeBSD.

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> GNU/Linux

Open and FreeBSD are better.

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NothingWorks/BSD is inferior

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FreeBSD is better for servers.

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You're not going to win any arguments with shitty memes, kid.

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Stay in denial pleb LMAO

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Wow you sure showed me

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I did. Keep crying.

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LFS is really just documentation for how to make your own GNU distribution. GNU for desktop and laptops, then FreeBSD for servers and making specialized OS's like PS4's OS and Mac OS

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If by some chance you actually aren't breaking that rule, please quit acting like you are.

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Butthurt much? You can hide comments if truth offends you.

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Would it matter? 4chan is pretty stable lads.

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I'm not, you're just typing like you're some middleschool piece of shit
>lolxD ur so wrong lmao i skooled u
If you want to be treated like an adult, act like one.

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You can't even force a girl to look at you without laughing who is standing right in front of you.

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>being this new
Mods can manufacture their own gets

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Aww I see you are mad. Don't worry I am a bit surprised you are able to use a browser with that piece of shit "OS" of yours.

When did they add support for "browsers"?

>> No.55247581

You're not worth my time. Consider this a win if you want, I don't give a damn. Go rice your Ubuntu install you little shitstain.

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Dude calm down

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Ran out of arguments? Don't have to defend your piece of shit OS with butthurt ad hominem like the rest of the computer illiterate manchild winkids in this board.

Fuck off

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I agree, anything that doesn't have Linux in it is automatically trash. Why bother making duplicate work when everyone could just improve the open standard to suit their needs? It's already great and could only get better that way. There are no limitations in it either, it suits everyone everywhere by design.

Even Windows 10 could be replaced with it as the Chinese have proven with Red Star Linux. I believe it can handle just as much spying when that's the main criteria for the system. This just proves that Linux really bends to everyone's needs.

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I'm not even remotely upset

I've got plenty. Like I said, you're just not worth the time. It's like playing chess with a pigeon, no matter what I do you're just going to kick the piece off the board and mindlessly shit on everything.

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>he still searches for BSD threads in the catalog to post that

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You are fucking furious dude

Everyone can see it

>> No.55247812

Anon, insulting people ≠ furious. I'm actually in a great mood right now.

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Someone has to have that wojack image where he's smiling on the outside but crying on the inside

Represents this guy perfectly

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It really doesn't, you fucking dumbass.

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It's hilarious just how much the majority of the board knows about "tech" when they actually fall for the "runs on OSX" meme

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Why are BSD cucks so insecure?

>> No.55247944

>>Open and FreeBSD are better.
come back when you have market share

server admins aren't that desperate for hipster cred

>> No.55247970

They are not.

>> No.55247975

I'm neither insecure nor a cuck. Just a BSD user.

By the way, do you get banned for spamming that shitty meme or do your posts just get deleted? I've always been curious.

>> No.55247983

Seems like they are. Read the thread. This one in particular was really easy to trigger >>55247975

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it's a hipster OS with a few niche applications and market share of no value

also, the nature of the BSD license (see cuck license) makes them insecure

BSD is a cancer that has no place in a world with free software

It's worse than a proprietary license

It's only good for throwaway code for academia

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>lol xD he disagrees so he's triggered
You haven't triggered me in the slightest. It's just 2am and I've nothing better to do

>> No.55248010

And yet you are here. Seek mental help

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Did you not read the part where I have nothing better to do? of course here I am you goddamned moron.

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>this thread

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How about stop crying and go to bed like mommy told you to.
I guess so.

>> No.55248039

Go eat a dick you fucking twat.

>> No.55248056

Toppest of keks. Let me try.

>Cuck license
Pls no

>> No.55248068

epik meme

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Prove me wrong

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I don't have to prove a shitposter wrong.

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I know I am right :^)

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Did the BSD license touch your nonos when you were little? Why do you feel such an undying need to shit on everything attached to it? I mean seriously go wank off to the GPL with the rest of /g/ in practically any other thread. It won't hurt you at all that someone's discussing something you don't like.

By the way, you're wrong.

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>using the smiley with a carat nose

>> No.55248255

>N-No you are wrong
Hahaha see? You just don't have any arguments apart from being a hipster.

Good for you. Bye.

>> No.55248273

Like I said earlier, you're not worth the time. I could type out a novel worth of arguments and you'd just reply with something along the lines of "lol cuck license"

>> No.55248295

Read up, faggot
>inb4 wikipedia

>> No.55248300

Answer the question.

Do you get banned or not? How many times does it happen per week?

>> No.55248306

What time are you talking about? I thought you have nothing better to do? Stop pretending and go to bed like a good boy.

>> No.55248315

Hate to break it to you but mods would not care if someone else disagrees to be a worthless hipster

>> No.55248316

that's totally not a biased site at all

>> No.55248325

I just find it hilarious that you act like someone is trying to force you to use BSD.

What's even funnier is this thread had nothing to do with BSD.

>> No.55248340

I don't have anything better to do yet you're still not worth the time
>lol he disagrees so he's underage
That's not how that works you pissant.

Anon I've seen threads where half the posts vanish because they were nothing but your shitposts. They may not directly care, but they care enough to take care of the reports. Now answer the question. When your shitposts get deleted, do you get banned or not?

>> No.55248343

> this thread had nothing to do with BSD.
> someone is trying to force you to use BSD.
Cannot agree >>55247439

>> No.55248350

>someone saying something is better than something else = forcing it on you

>> No.55248351

Like I said before, mods don't care about low quality/misleading reports. Does this make you want to cry?

>> No.55248355

>Anon I've seen threads where half the posts vanish because they were nothing but your shitposts.
Haha, so you've seen those too? What a fucking joke he is. Watch out, next he'll just start posting a picture of the Reddit mascot and tell you that you're from there.

>someone makes a claim
>that must mean he's trying to force me to use an OS
Remind me of why we shouldn't compare you to barneyfag?

>> No.55248360

Because I don't really give a shit about burgerland

>> No.55248366

You're right they don't. Reporting you isn't a misleading report though, it's reporting a shitposter. And more often than not they clean up your bullshit

>> No.55248385

Are you complaining about moderators?

>> No.55248393

Oh god, it really is you.

What is it with brits and autism? All the worst shitposters on this site that I've seen are brits.

>> No.55248397

So you report someone if they make you mad? You might fit in better on Reddit

>> No.55248411

If it makes you feel worse, I am from Australia :^)

>> No.55248413

How the fuck did you get that from my post?

No, I report specifically you for repeatedly spamming the cuck license meme. When there's a thread with 200 posts and 17 posters and 90% of the posts contain something along the lines of "lol cuck license" it's time to start posting. Ever since then I report practically every post you make because they seem to respond better to a pile of reports.

>> No.55248421

Quality thread

>> No.55248433

So that's even worse then, aren't Australians working at this hour?

Aren't you the one who kept insisting a poster was a NEET few weeks ago?

>> No.55248438

*it's time to start reporting

>> No.55248452

I'm from Finland :DDD

>> No.55248457

lol nice try

anyway if the original british claim is true, they're also supposed to be working soon, and that's funny because you keep posting in these threads for hours

>> No.55248470

see >>55248411

lmao these two cucks are actually fun

>> No.55248478

you're the one who said like a day ago that you didn't know what hotpockets were because you were british but ok

or maybe it's just your friend who's much more cancerous than you because he posts unfunny image macros

>> No.55248500

Woah, hold up.

>There are more people who likes to trigger these two

>> No.55248516

>There are more people who pretend to not be pathetic NEETs with nothing better to do

>> No.55248518

>people who likes

>> No.55248530

How much NEETbux do you get per month?

>> No.55248533

isn't it time for aussies to work?

>> No.55248543

Time to call Adolf and Angella
It's time to support Berney :^^)

>> No.55248544

I'm not autistic and have a job, like a normal, functional human being. You should try it sometime. I mean, I know you can't do anything about the autism part, but you could still try the job part.

>> No.55248553

Oh, I see you are the macfaggot of the two kek

>> No.55248559

Who? Barney? I knew you liked him.

>> No.55248566

Absolutely nothing wrong with using a Mac.

>> No.55248580

I know, it's 2016 and being a homosexual is not a joke. Please shill mac instead of your VM OS

>> No.55248587

>literally resorts to "your brand is shit mine is better"
how much more underage can you get

>> No.55248598

>lolxD macs r gay
epik meme
That's a FreeBSD meme, I've never used FreeBSD. Not like I'd expect the anti-BSD shitstain to know there's more than one BSD variant.

>> No.55248603

No because you yourself don't use it as your main OS. Stop being delusional

>> No.55248609

>Not like I'd expect the anti-BSD shitstain to know there's more than one BSD variant.
he does, he just hasn't pulled out the good old "you need MACs or your OS sucks! freebsd is more secure lol!"

>> No.55248622

Reminder that being this gay is perfectly okay these days

>> No.55248628

4chan runs on FreeBSD

>> No.55248636

Reminder that your shitty memes are getting old and that no tech choice makes you gay.

>> No.55248641

Don't pretend you don't know what Mandatory Access Controls are.

>> No.55248643

You two actually behave like a nice gay couple.

>> No.55248655

I see you've completely run out of arguments (not like you really had one in the first place)

>> No.55248658

I just find it funny that you were denying that you were shitposting earlier in this thread.

>> No.55248675




Literally get a room.

My argument is that there is no real reason to run a VM OS in 2016

>> No.55248688

>two guys disagree with you

>> No.55248689

>My argument is that there is no real reason to run a VM OS in 2016
I've never even used the OS you're memeing about. Try again.

>> No.55248699

oh and you know what's really funny? you used to say that no one cared about BSD yet as soon as MS started running some VMs you stopped bringing that up


>> No.55248708

You really are, macfag. It's not like I am the only on in /g/ that calls you a faggot

Because of
>C U C K License

>> No.55248720

>You really are, macfag. It's not like I am the only on in /g/ that calls you a faggot
i don't even run macs lol
>Because of
>C U C K License
doesn't even make sense as a reply, try again

>> No.55248733 [DELETED] 

Oh, sorry. You two are so gay that you exchange responds so seamlessly and I got confused.

Not familiar to reddit

>> No.55248741

there he goes again

you're still not making sense

>> No.55248759

>I don't know how cloudflare works

>> No.55248762

Reddit is supposed to have poster IDs so people don't get confused by others

>> No.55248767

So when are you going to start making even remotely relevant points again? Because your last 10 posts or so have been nothing but ad hominem and nonsense.

Oh who am I kidding, you never made a remotely relevant post to begin with.

>> No.55248768

so you're saying you're the redditor then?

because you know more about it than me

you know what i think you are? someone who's trying too hard to fit in

>> No.55248786


You seem to be in denial. Are you even trying?

Again, tell me a good reason why I should run BSD?

>> No.55248800

in denial over what exactly? you making sense? yeah, i deny that
>tell me a good reason why I should run BSD?
never said you should, and no matter what i'll tell you, you'll just go back to "cuck license tho xD"

it's preference for me

>> No.55248801

This is the main reason I prefer it

>> No.55248808

Daily reminder that this pisses off the shitposter because he can't claim no one cares about BSD anymore.

>> No.55248843

You deny that you make any sense. Anyway, you did indereclty acknowledge that there's no reason to run BSD

>the primary reason an externally-maintained package
There, the number of package is quite low and easy to maintain. Nothing wrong with that but I cannot see this as an alternative to Linux or Windows. I want BSD to improve but it's just not there yet

>> No.55248879

>You deny that you make any sense.
what the literal fuck am i reading

let's look at what happened the last few replies, shall we?
>you're a fag
>you're pissed because MS cares about BSD, why did you stop saying no one cared about BSD?

>> No.55248885

There's no reason to run specifically any Unix(-like) OS, it's all preference. They're all great. I never said Linux sucked, it honestly doesn't. I've got a few systems that run Linux too. I just prefer BSD the same way I'm guessing you prefer Linux. Why you feel the need to shit on everything that's not your favorite is beyond me.

>> No.55248892

at this point i don't even think you're shitposting on purpose, i think you're legitimately mentally ill in some way, especially since you managed to keep it up for so long

get some help

>> No.55248916

Yeah read the previous replies
>Epik meme
>I am not going to say why I disagree that it's a cuck license
>It's 2 am and I need to go to bed
>I have nothing to do so I am here
>I run Mac but shill BSD even though I just don't use it for serious work
>lol u NEET
>lol u Berney

>> No.55248932

Can we start by explaining what the fuck a "cuck license" actually is? When kids use this term, what do they actually mean by it?

>> No.55248939

>I am not going to say why I disagree that it's a cuck license
you want to know why that is? because there's no use arguing with you at all

you're the god damn retard who posted a screenshot from the fucking FSF site to counter the BSD supporters

you know what the FSF is, right? the guys who WROTE the fucking GPL?

cuck has meant absolutely nothing since 2015

>> No.55248945

see >>55248193

>> No.55248947

>Epik meme
>I am not going to say why I disagree that it's a cuck license
>It's 2 am and I need to go to bed
>I have nothing to do so I am here
You expect me to take a shitposter seriously? I knew who you were, there was no point putting any effort into the argument.
>>I run Mac but shill BSD
I use both OS X and OpenBSD, and shill neither, you fucking dipshit.

>> No.55248969

>You expect me to take a shitposter seriously?
>I just don't use BSD but I'll keep pretending it's remotely usable
Denial: the post

>> No.55248981

So are "cuck" and "denial" your favorite words? I think that's hilarious because you don't even know what they mean.

>> No.55248990

that says absolutely nothing besides "the advertising clause is bad and was removed eventually"

>> No.55248999

I use it daily you fucking mong. It's not like you absolutely have to use one and only one operating system. Actually the only reason I use OS X at all is a single program that's unavailable on OpenBSD. Otherwise I'd be running it on both my desktop and laptop.

>> No.55249014

Two things I see here that I'm not sure I like.

The first being that this sounds like it was written by the FSF. Let me know if I'm wrong about that, but it certainly reads like something they'd write.

Second, this entire write-up seems to only be focused on an "advertising problem" (whatever the fuck that means, they don't seem to bother explaining it beyond "people didn't copy some words right") that doesn't seem to be an issue anymore.

What about this has anything to do with a "cuck license"? Explain like I'm five.

>> No.55249015

Can you stay out if I am replying to one person instead of being a total faggot?

>> No.55249030

>too many people are replying to me on an imageboard meant for discussion
are you in denial btw ;^)

>> No.55249049

There is a good reason why serious open source softwares are not released under BSD license if that gives you an ideo

>> No.55249062

>too many

>> No.55249064

wow, so you're telling me NO ONE uses openssh?

>> No.55249074

No, it doesn't give me an "ideo" and it certainly doesn't answer my question as to what a "cuck license" is, outside of being a term that weird ass kids like to parrot.

>> No.55249075

you must be an ESL, i don't think you understood my post at all

>> No.55249093

Do you seriously want to compare the list of BSD and GPL softwares?
Because the permissive license is not taken seriously

>> No.55249103

Isn't taken seriously by whom? And what is a "cuck license" exactly?

>> No.55249113

-Software devs
-too permissive

Next question?

>> No.55249115

Yes, my next questions would be the exact same ones I asked in >>55249103. Could you actually answer those this time?

>> No.55249119

>Do you seriously want to compare the list of BSD and GPL softwares?
That was never the point. Your point was that no "serious open source softwares" were released under BSD-style licenses. I gave you an example that's used by almost every UNIX-style operating system today.

There's more. Tmux is ISC licensed, it's more used than GNU Screen.

>> No.55249132

Wow you lost your reading comprehension, haven't you?

see >>55249113

>> No.55249144

Okay, so this "cuck license" shit is just something weird kids say that doesn't really mean anything. That's mostly what I figured. Thanks.

>> No.55249147

sudo is also ISC licensed

>> No.55249153

>freetard literally arguing for less freedom
more proof that GPL shills who willingly invade threads are cognitively dissonant
yeah, that's a good point

both tmux and sudo also have some OpenBSD developers on them, don't they?

>> No.55249163

tmux is in the OpenBSD project as part of the system, sudo's more like an OpenBSD dev's side project iirc

>> No.55249208

What part of "too permissive" do you fail to understand?

>> No.55249226

What part of "why should I care about whether or not a license is 'too permissive', what makes it 'too permissive' to begin with, and what is a 'cuck license' anyway" do you fail to understand?

>> No.55249238

The simple fact that the cuck licenses imply that they are too permissive

>> No.55249246

The fucking what? Reread what you wrote, and at least admit it doesn't make sense.

>> No.55249259

Go take your autism somewhere else fucking idiot

>> No.55249261

I didn't know that all you needed to get a meltdown from him was to try to get him to explain what his memes are.

>> No.55249266

Yeah, that's what I thought. No one can actually explain or defend any of this dumb shit they keep parroting.

>> No.55249273

Lmao, are you STILL trying?

>> No.55249278

Are you?

>> No.55249287

I am not the one who keeps asking the same question btw

>> No.55249295

I am not the one who keeps spouting the same shit btw

>> No.55249307

But it's true tho

>> No.55249314

That you're still trying and spouting the same shit for years? Yeah, that's true.

>> No.55249327

Aww, hate to say this but the truths that you can't handle are not called memes

>> No.55249338

Yeah, not even denying that you're a pathetic waste of space that's been doing this for way too long.

>> No.55249368

Haha, whatever makes you feel a little bit less insecure. Meanwhile I'll be using a real OS that just works

>> No.55249384

It just makes me laugh that you think you can walk away from this thinking you're superior when in reality you really do spend all day getting triggered by any mention of BSD like the little barneyfag wannabe that you are.

>> No.55249390 [DELETED] 

Cant wait for Berney to win :^^)

Trump = Stumped :DD

>> No.55249400

wow, you never cease to impress me with how retarded you can get

keep denying that you're autistic though

>> No.55249410

lol, why do you get so afraid whenever I bring up Berney being the winner?

>> No.55249422

i don't even know what you're trying to do

remind me of how the US election is related to this

it's also funny that you claim these were good posts and that mods don't delete them because of that

>> No.55249427

Are you complaining about moderation again?

>> No.55249441

stop trying to change the subject so hard

stop trying to deny the fact that you really are autistic

>> No.55249456

lol ok, are you gonna be able to have a good sleep now? XDD

>> No.55249472

>all people who disagree with me are the same guy or live in the same time zone
>STILL trying to change the subject
hit a nerve, didn't I

>> No.55249519

Missed by a mile
I'd appreciate if you try to hit the bed instead, my dear autistic neckbear :D

>> No.55249536

>gets called out on autism
>g-go to bed haha!
never change

>> No.55249549

Oh? Isn't it supposed to be "2 am" right now? XDD what happened?

>> No.55249555

nope, 6 am

try again autismo

>> No.55249556
File: 2.11 MB, 1224x1632, 4chan (._. ).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's old

>> No.55249587

Sure :D

>> No.55249650

Whatever, I think it's great that you make a fool of yourself every time and I don't even have to think of proper arguments anymore. Literally happens on its own.

>> No.55249667

Don't give up so easily, my autist friend.

>> No.55249676

See? You're doing it even now.

What does that even mean?

>> No.55249678

It never ceases to amaze me that setup would actually be done in a public server environment.

>> No.55249692

What did you mean in the first place?

>> No.55249746


Am spooked nao

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