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If /g/ loves AMD so much, why are so many of you using nvidia and Intel?

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Because there's a variety of people on /g/ with different tastes and preferences.

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Never buying AMD again.

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>dumb mikuposter

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not me.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Family 10h Processor.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Tonga PRO [Radeon R9 285] (rev f1)

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but anon, I do enjoy my amd products, what are you talking about?

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Linux drivers aren't there yet.

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suck my ass dumbfuck makiposter

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I'm not using Intel because I would rather stick with my old as shit socket 939 CPU then get fucked up the ass by Intel so I can get a shiny new Skylake one, making you wrong.

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I own AMD, Intel and Nvidia products. Nobody cares. Also, post more Maki.

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>Le Reddit/Facebook frog


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>buying 7 year old rebranded technology

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I'm an opportunist. They're all jews. If I could steal from them I would. Sales are the closest option.

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>being a closet jew

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Maki belongs on g.

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Because AMD CPUs are (still) a piece of shit
Because AMD's linux drivers are (still) a joke

I'm really hoping for Zen and Linux 4.7 / Mesa 12.1 to shake things up, though. I'm planning on upgrading my system when both are out and stable.

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They just released their shrunk down r9 390 baka

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Am using AMD

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Kill yourself, I use windows, post pepe and maki and you can suck my big cock fag.

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Will they release their “flagship” by then? I'm looking for something around the €500 price point. Even their current card in that range (the R9 Fury) would be a massive upgrade from my current card (almost 2x performance), but driver compatibility has me worried and buying last-gen tech is always weird.

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>7 years old
Get back to >>>/v/

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amd can only run 2 (useful) OS while intel can run three

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Can't do anything productive on AMD, the maiboards melt Under load

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Enjoy your poor video game experience

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I also still have a powercolor 3850 in a legacy pc that my dad uses now, still going strong, ayyymd never failed me (4 cards).

Novidea however, 2 dead cards out of 3, just a few weeks outside of warranty.

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I am using Amd, I don't buy the goyware. Intel/Nvidia is cocks.

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>dumb mikuposter

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>HD 3850
>assuming he is a gamer

Back to your containment board >>>/v/

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AMD is for fags, use nvidia if you want to play your games properly.

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Gaming is the reason why people buy graphics card kid

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If you don't play games you have no reason to buy AMD

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I buy mine primarily for video rendering

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These threads are more shallow than pc vs console

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Big deal, gaming is more important nvidia has been promoting vidya.

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yeah, and AMD cards are like 3x more efficient at texture-bound video rendering tasks than nvidia

which is why I'm so annoyed by the fact that only nvidia manages to write decent linux drivers

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But it's Maki, and maki isn't shallow. She's talented and caring

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dumb makiposter

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AMD was a mistake
>6950 caught on fire years ago
Never again.

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cute, she kind of reminds me of soramaru tbqh, I think it's the eyes

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You're dumb

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>prefer AMD as a company
>using Intel and Nvidia because they can't make a decent high end product
Too bad Zen is going up against fucking Skylake-X. I have high hopes for Vega though.

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dumb dogposter!

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>Video card is 8 years old
>Have it so I can run windows 10
>Have it so I'm not using VGA
>I don't even remember what the on-board is anymore
It works fine for desk-work and web browsing

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integrated AMD 760G chipset
for onboard video HD 3850 is much better than that

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>AMD vs Nvdia
fucking grow up kids
always the same shit with u gaymers
ps4 vs xbone etc
muh superiority

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Who the fuck actually has an allegiance to a brand?

Buy whatever processor or graphics card is fastest at the price point you are willing to pay. Or, if they're a tossup, flip a coin.

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So pretty much nvidia Intel

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3.5/4 made me reply

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Because my 7950 killed itself

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>your gpu hates you so much for being a poorfag it commits Sudoku

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4chan is an anime website.

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/g/ - technology and anime

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fuck off you weeaboo faggots

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>hates anime
>browses 4chan

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i have both i have a 8350 with a 390x and a 3570k with a 750ti

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how can you be productive If you are here shit posting?

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Can you not productively shitpost?

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it takes a skilled shit posting neckbeard to so

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Wouldn't it be smarter to switch the GPUs?

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yes but 3570k was obtained way after the 8350 and i just threw a backup system together with some spare parts i had and i dont care enough to put the 3570k in my main pc

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I want to fuck that AMD girl.

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>posts facebook dog meme
>is mad about pepe posters and anime tomato

kill yoself, nigga.

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Because they don't burn your house down

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Why would you love a housefire?

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lmao... wat

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Because it's hard to find decent used amd equipment
Intel shit goes for peanuts and there's whole bins of it.

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Mostly because the mods enjoy watching normalfags get triggered by drawings.

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Because /g/ hates on what's popular

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shut up and post more of that lewd slut you closet gay furry

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Reminder that maki gets you banned

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I'm using an intel CPU because AMD CPUs are shit. I've been wanting to upgrade for a while but I'll wait until Zen comes out. If it's as good as AMD have been promising I'm getting a Zen CPU next.

I also have an R9 390 GPU.

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No. You fuck off to reddit, you normie cunt.

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using amd is like using shit lol

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Reminder than if a mod doesn't like your post you get banned.

That's the reality, board rules and global rules are irrelevant.

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Amd has not competed in the CPU market since the phenom 2
The i5s have zero competition

No one buys high end amd gpus because they succ 300+ watts and need water cooling

Hopefully rx series offers cooler designs

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It's shit.

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its not even out yet and the leaks are all shit oven exhausts

why either brand uses this type of cooling i'll never know

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It's cheap?

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global rule 3 is the catchall when they just want you banned, I wouldn't take it with too much worth.

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I love that they keep prices cheap. That doesn't mean I should use only it. 99% is poorfag enough that they can keep amd alive which in turn keeps prices for competitors low. You're being retarded by shilling nvidia and intel when they are overpricing everything.

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oh anon...

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That 8350 best be clocked balls to the wall.

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my chip is kinda crap. can't get much higher than 4.5 without stupid high voltage. my 6300 clocked better than this one. nobody bins fx chips anymore so i'm just waiting until zen

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>nobody bins fx chips anymore so i'm just waiting until zen

At this point there is no need to - pretty much every batch after the 'e' chips released has been the same. The process is extremely mature and all AMD does is tweak clockspeeds for the various skus, nearly every chip that rolls off the production line is good for 4.7-5.0ghz if you can cool it.

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I've seen this on Facebook too!

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Until AMD releases a better preforming CPU then intel is providing for decent money.

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Yeah sure.

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i bought the 8350 at the beginning of 2013, so i got one of the early batches of vishera chips. i could buy a new 8370 and clock it easily, but what's the point? it's the nearly july 2016. it's either wait for zen or hit up silicon lottery for a 4.7 skylake.

sometimes technology doesn't move fast enough

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>but what's the point?

Well yeah, there is no point. I was merely stating that for quite a while now AMD has been producing chips that all clock to similar levels give or take the 8300 (which is the worst binnings of the range).

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>doesn't know

Speccy cannot into AMD's temperature sensor at idle. Once you put the chip under load the reading becomes accurate.

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More like AMD cannot into temperature sensors. I've seen SpeedFan reading negative temperature on AMD CPUs.
And I've also seen idiots claiming it's real temperature.

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I have FX-6300 and a GTX 960

Wish AMD would support linux better

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ah, gotcha

hwmonitor reads my wifes laptop as 102C. hwinfo64 pegs it around 40C. their temp sensors have been known to be crap for a long time

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triggering whaitu piggu jannys gets you banned

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it's a vocal minority?

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