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spec thread, post your rig.
blog post below.
I started a thread like this some time ago, my cpu temperature was above 100 Celsius when idle. You recommended to open my pc and look around, so I cleaned my pc (the cpu cooler was completely covered in dust) and APPLIED THERMAL PASTE, since the guy who built my pc forgot to apply it. been using this pc for about 4 years with no thermal paste.
surprised my house didn't burn down.

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Here's the "before"

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Upgraded to this a week or so ago. Before that I've been using hand-me-down toasters because I'm a useless NEET.

It's amazing to click something and not have to wait 2-20 seconds for a response.

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>probably the worst out of everybody

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just use speccy if you're going to get into a speccy thread fucking retard

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if you care to notice....... i did

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cpu doesnt go over 56 on full load.

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Meh, no money to build right now.

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Stuck with this prebuilt for a while, no money to build right now.

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My Laptop.

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>all those USB drives
PCI to 4 sata port adapters are $10 each.

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Just waiting for my 1080 to arrive now

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Qosmio X70-A

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eww off brand laptop

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It's a Toshiba...

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Toshiba dumbass

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>toshiba isn't offbrand

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>one of the oldest and largest tech conglomerates in the world
>off brand
keep trying.

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What's a good reliably cheap 120gb ssd? I'm going to put it in a lenovo prebuilt to speed to up (I would of added more ram, but its integrated into the mb).

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Time to upgrade, this old bessy needs to be put to pasture.

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R8 mine a month before my mobo died

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forgot pic

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upgrade suggestions?

I know I'm gonna get two more 4GB ram sicks and a ~200G SD, but I'm undecided on whether I should splurge on a replacement card or just get a second GTX 760 and Crossfire them.

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dont get two 760s, SLI only works in games with SLI profiles, and further it still wont be as good as a single higher end GPU. Buy an RX480 or wait for the GTX 1060.

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didn't work pal, try again

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>Update to windows 10 slow ring
>Removes speccy, again.

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>Windows 10

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waiting for kaby lake and 1080ti/titan at the end of the year for upgrading

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how do you have a gpu as a motherboard?

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Sit at the desktop and run wireshark, post results.
I assume you took anti-spy steps since you're on Enterprise.

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>FX970 chipset
come on anon, dont be so summer.

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Well I guess that officially puts me in the market for a new card. I'll probably get either one of these 960s:

or one of these 970s:

Leaning towards the 970 windforce since I've had good experiences with Gigabyte products. Can probably offset the cost too by selling off my 760 windforce.

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the RX 480 is supposed to be $230 USD and should be faster than a GTX 970 while using less power.

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What do you nerds think I should upgrade next?

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get a GTX 1070 and you're set for another few years.

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RAM isn't right, it's 3200MHz but I dunno what the timing is set to.

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I know it's old, but serves my purposes mostly. I want to replace it, but have to do with this for awhile longer.

Was having problems with overheating (CPU was going to 90C under load), just installed a new heatsink and case fans today and seems to be better.

However, I am having problems with the system shutting down sometimes, like if I try to watch a video. Also problems powering it up. It will turn on for 2 seconds, off, then on again for 2 seconds, then stay off.

Any anons have any ideas? I'm getting frustrated and have no money to really throw at it. Power supply? I have 600w.

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your RAM is running in 2133MHz, the RAM itself might be 3200MHz, but your motherboard is 100% not running it at that frequency.

You need to go into the BIOS and enable your RAMs XMP profile. You may also need to adjust your CPU SA voltage if the XMP profile doesn't automatically do so.

pic related, my 3200MHz RAM.

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I think my RAM got fucked up in my BIOS, will check in a bit. Should be 1066.

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Okay, look:
>advocating getting a launch version of anything, period
>my fucking face when
If I WAS going to get a RX 400 or GTX 1000 card, I'd wait several months after launch so they can fix any inevitable design flaws. Unfortunately I don't have that kind of patience, so I'm going with the 970 windforce which I can get used for $240 (used isn't a big deal to me since the card I'm using now was used as well).

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What cooler?

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I knew it wasn't running at full, tried to max it out before but I was getting random crashes when it was active. Will try your way, thanks.

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This is under a 1080p Valley load after about 10 min.
you lost the silicon lottery it seems

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For the 3770K, somehow. It runs at 1.25V now, I lost my old OC setting and was too lazy for stress testing. But it won't go higher unless I raise the voltage up to 1.4V.

For the Ti, I won, it makes 1306 MHz ingame @1.2 V. But you can feel the heat whenever it runs, I want a 1070 soon, the 780Ti can't handle 4K.

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Pls no make fun of

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Yo lenovo g50-45?

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damn 1300 is great for a ti, I had a 780 classi that was a 66% asic quality, and would only do 1188 on air at 1.21v, and couldn't realy take any more voltage due to heat on air, but on water i could get it past 1300 when i upped the voltage past 1.25v, but the heat would go through the roof. that card scaled extremely well with voltage.
my 980 ti is a meh overclocker, has trouble at 1504 on water in some things.
my 3770k is delided btw so that helped

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I was lucky with this one. Its a Gigabyte OC card which does 1200 MHz on the stock BIOS. But the original cooler can't handle the heat, so I got this Hydro thing for 30 € which keeps it below 62°.

The Titan X I had was a shit OC, 1450 @1.21, I didn't want to go higher. 68 ASIC. I hope to get a good 1070, but don't care too much, as I want to buy a 1080Ti next year and put it under a custom loop.

Delidding is not worth it, I would rather change to a 5820/6800K. But it would be a waste of money now. I save up for the Ti and the custom loop instead. Maybe I get a used 5820K bundle later.

The Ti for some reason doesn't like memory OC, anything past 1800 MHz will cause crashes and flicker in (some) games. So I left it on default, the core clock works in every game, even BF4 which is known to have issues with high OC.

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What monitor should I get for a GTX 1080.

Nothing 4K, it can't play games at 4K smoothly on high settings.

1440p 144Hz? I saw that the 144Hz IPS panels got bad quality control. I don't mind TN since I sit in front of my screen at all times.

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i did it because it was free and it worked, it dropped my temps by 9 degrees, and i can push up to 4.9 on this chip.
Im thinking of upgrading to 2011 soon, i might just go 6800k and hope i get a decent overclocker.
then im just going to wait for the pig pascal as well so we might actually have a good 4k card

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But you always have the risk of destroying your chip.

I'm not sure to wait for the next platform after 2011. I might give Zen a chance, but I think it will be shit.

Its best to buy used, especially for CPUs, you know the OC / ASIC before (Depends where you buy) and get amazing prices when a new gen comes out. For 4K, I don't care too much about the CPU, my 3770K runs with 2133 DDR3, the basic speed of DDR4. Even a 1080Ti will be the bottleneck for 4K.

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Anyone know how much r7 370s are going for second hand?. I got a r7 370 2gb to hold me over till RMA from my 6950 1gb, they just sent back a r7 370 4gb. Thinking about selling both and grabbing a 480.

Guessing maybe i could get about 110$ for both maybe?

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just get a solid 1440p 60hz IPS screen
don't fall for the 144hz meme

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>don't fall for the 144hz meme
it is not a meme, it is supposed to be for pro gamers

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>"pro" gamers

Yea. so a meme. I had a buddy get a 144hz 1080p panel and he became an autistic fuck about frames per second it wasn't even funny. Try and play a game with him, and he was always "hold up a sec, gotta play with the settings a bit. I'm only getting 110fps."

He'd then play with various AA to make sure he has no fps drop below 144 EVER. I watched him play and at the time when 144hz 1080p was new, he was pushing it with a gtx 680 SLI setup. All his games looked like garbage because "muh 144hz" so he had to lower textures down to low.

I second this >>55217722. The $700 spent on a "gaming 144hz 1440p panel" could get you a great 60hz 1440p that isn't TN based.

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Not him but I'm curious too
Op respond you fucker

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>pro gamers
professional memes

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Your pitiful monitor
Christ that resolution

>> No.55218277

Let me just say it's low on my priority list and leave it at that.

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Then why bother upgrading the gpu
Anything modern is overkill for that resolution

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Nope, not on my PC right now but

Core 2 Quad Q6600
2GB DDR3-1333
HP bullshit proprietary mobo
AMD Radeon HD 5750 1GB VRAM
500GB Toshiba laptop HDD 5400RPM

Before you all attack, I got this for $100 and it was a significant upgrade from my laptop.

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cpu is an i7 6820 but speccy says 6100 for some reason

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>Between in-house testing, and a 3rd party hardware lab taking a look at the title, we really tried to find that minimum spot where the game was perfectly playable without the performance taking enough of a dive to be an issue. In reality, the game will start on anything that supports DirectX 11, but on the early DX11 cards they’re just too old to be able to push what we’re doing. The one gig of video memory limitation is honestly aiming a bit low as well. The game at it’s lowest settings can stay within this, but you’re looking at a pretty poor visual quality. Turning the graphics up past the lowest point, you’re going to start seeing a large amount of stuttering and hitching as the game has to swap between video memory and system memory. A 2 or 3 gig card helps, but the 4 gig of the recommended specs is highly recommended. If you’re picking up a new card for the game, try to aim for at least 4 gig of video ram.

Also, I'll probably pick one up around christmas

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ADATA. They have pretty good SSDs.

>> No.55218385

don't get another 760. SLI scaling is terrible. You're always better off with a faster card. Depending on your budget is what you can get of course. /g/ keeps spouting about the RX480 which is supposed to be a monster if you're willing to wait.

Otherwise look at the gtx 960, or r9 380X.

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ayyy fx bro

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Is 39 to 40 degrees on idle normal, for a 3770? Using an aftermarket noctua. Under load, it peaks at 70.

Room temperature is kinda high (almost) 30 degrees, this is Greece we're talking about.

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I just built this today lads, it's my first build. rate pls

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seems kinda high with a aftermarket heatsink. Have you cleaned out your PC recently?.

>> No.55218970


1.32 Vcore eh

seems a bit high

>> No.55219087

30 degree temp room temperature is fucking hot. Having a peak of 70C in a climate like that is good. Which noctua?

>> No.55219892

Its the NH-L12, dual fan config.

Room temp is high here in the summer and it shows.

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If you're getting random crashes then i'd def check the CPU S/A voltage as I doubt your motherboard increased it. The CPU S/A voltage is for the memory controller, it needs a bit more voltage to handle higher frequency memory (like 3200MHz)..

I had to do the same thing on my MSI board to get 3200MHz working, I used 1.174v or around there I believe.

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HEVC test results:

mpv = 9/10
MPlayer = 7/10
VLC Media Player = hahahaohwow/10

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For reasons that I fail to understand, my GPU is always very hot. Maybe I should clean my rig sometime soon.

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chinese bawtnetto

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Thinking about buying 1070 i think its time for me to upgrade the gpu

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660 bro

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970 is a piece of shit. I got a 780Ti over it, and even with the shit drivers its still better.

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how you enjoying the monitor? I'm pretty sure it uses the same panel as my Asus monitors (25" 2560x1440p 60HZ IPS).

People online were saying it was too small to read text, but i've had mine for a few months now and it's been just fine for me.

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Can anyone explain the CPU speed?

>> No.55223035

What's to explain? It's the core multiplier times your FSB clock. 9.5*266MHz=2527MHz (or 2.5GHz)

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Guess again.

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It's a core 2 duo laptop. It's not supposed to run faster than 2,4GHz

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>> No.55223133

when using 1 core it can change the multiplier to 9.5 when using 2 cores it uses 9.0 multiplier.

266MHz * 9 = 2394MHz or roughly 2.4GHz

It's basically a primitive turbo clock.

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What's the difference between standard Enterprise and Enterprise N? Just some codecs?

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Might have to upgrade my mobo and cpu since 1155 is a bit old and Intel 910 needs pcie 2.0 x8 but the second lane on my current mobo runs at 2.0 x4 so I actually had to put my 390x into 2.0 x4 slot and 910 to 3.0 x16 slot. Not really noticing much performance loss in 1080p though.

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getting by

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Hey wanna be my sugar daddy and give me your 970 for free???

I'm really cute!

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post noodz

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can you post firestrike hd full scores? i want to compare my setup which is identical almost.

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All those people with 980's and 1080's and still shitting around with a shitty 60hz monitor... I feel sorry for you guys.

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This is a Toshiba Satellite P750 laptop. In the past few days, the processor was hitting up to 90 degrees C even when not under heavy load.

I took it apart, cleaned the fan and removed what was left of the thermal paste. Currently using toothpaste instead. Pretty good so far!

>> No.55229857

Just install GTX1080 and you got way more power.

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r8 and h8

>> No.55230541

What games you play?

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Every day until new computer

>> No.55231258

nothing seriously, hence lack of GPU. integrated graphics have been mostly fine for me

>> No.55231381

He possibly plays "Hunger for a 1070".
Give him at least another GB of RAM and install Linux. I guess thats a Singlecore Atom.

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