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Stupid Question Thread

Don't know how to install gentoo? Ask here, don't be an idiot and make your own thread

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What are some good websites to learn programming?

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I like programming-motherfucker.com.It has some really good reads.

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Lightweight software for practical webcam applications, such as taking photos, recording video? I can't find anything on the installgentoo wiki for webcam software.

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I want to root and install cyanogenmod on a galaxy Y duos, but I can't get access to its microsd card from a computer, how can I root it and then do the rest?

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Do cover letters actually matter when applying to tech (specifically programming) jobs?

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Why does my mouse cursor look retarded?

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update your graphics drivers and hope for the best

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How do you manage your photos in organization? I just imported a thousand images from my phone and am clueless on where to start.

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Because MPC-CH already does all that.
Go to file->open device.
Or press ctrl+v.
To capture image press alt+i

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If the graphics driver doesn't work, try going into mouse & touchpad settings>additional mouse options>pointers and click Browse... and select one of the arrows.

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thanks, this is awesome. cool name by the way.

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Its Alexander in english.
thanks tho

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Used to be an old AMD driver issue for me.
Back when I had my 4870x2, and when I first got my 7970.
Pretty much this.
Update them Drivers.

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Hey /g/ i have a very unique problem. Windows 10 just freezes and i have to restart my computer to use it again.

I think the problem is my mobo in some way, like I don't have the configuration quite right (UEFI), I've already tested or replaced every other piece of hardware. Check disk comes up clean, Temps, voltages should be good.

I have the latest BIOS version and have all my drivers up to date. I have even RMA'ed my mobo and yet I still have this issue. I've searched around with others for my problem and there are no solutions.

I was able to stave of the problem by changing the amount of memory the onboard graphics but that has stopped working

It could be the processor, but I did run the intel diagnostic and it turned out fine.

Also by luck I do have a compatible processor that I found in the trash at work. No idea if it could just make my system worse though.

Another idea I had is that it could be related to the temperature. Last year i RMA'ed my board around this time because it was happening a bunch. It has only happened a lot during the summer and fine during the other months.

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Most times they will ask for what they want, or you should ask before you interview or send your resume in the first place. I think a thank you note post interview may be the most important.

Code academy

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Could defective internet cables (the ones outside) affect my connection intermittently to some sites meanwhile some others works?

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Only one of the displayport ports on my graphics card works. Before I send it back, I just want to make sure that it's broken and not some stupid feature like the first displayport port is the only one turned on by default and the others only work when connecting multiple displays.

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Is there a way to backup stuff directly to FTP server using CLI?

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No, if the cables work for some sites they would work for all the sites.

Test it with another cable. It think it is fairly common for them to wear out. It happened to me with a gigabyte card. Also check the reviews to see if other people have had the problem. If you have 2 display ports can't you just use the other one? check the Driver suite about the connections.

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I tried it with another monitor using a different cable and got the same problem. I've had this card for a few days so I think I just got a defective unit.

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I can't view my Keyboard applet on the panel in Linux mint 17, despite it being active, there is no icon to click. (pic related)

Searching online I believe people have ran into the same problem but I still don't quite understand it. Was wondering if you guys could clue me in on this stupid issue.



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So could it be a DNS problem? I'm sorry I don't really know to much of this stuff but DNS service it's something that my ISP manages right?

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how do I get laid?

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I don't plan on overclocking my machine ever.

Is there a problem if I install a Corsair Hydro Series H100i for aesthetics, rather than having a stock cooler?

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I'm having trouble setting up iMessage on an old iPhone 4s. Ios is updated to most recent version and everything is verified. I'm using the phone as an iPod touch, but I have wifi. For whatever reason imessage is stuck on "waiting for activation"

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shotwell is great

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No, not at all. You can probably get away with a smaller/cheaper water cooler like the Corsair H60.

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Something is off with your icloud account

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But I should add it depends on your processor. Skylake is pretty darned efficient and temperatures won't be a problem on most coolers. If you have an AMD processor or an older Intel one, I'd get the H110i over the H60.

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Yeah man just send it back. Companies will just send you a new card without caring if it actually defective or not.

Yea it could. A DNS is like a phonebook of websites, but your browser might tell you that.
Try using a vpn or a proxy.

Leave and don't comback

I would recommend it, easier to clean and you don't have to ever really about temps

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That was my assumption, but here's the thing. the phone was my friends. he now has the 6 and uses it just fine, I'm on his account to use his iTunes and the like. Everything else iCloud and appleid works but imesaage

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You should always send a cover letter unless the job application specifically instructs you not to.

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If I was to buy a GeForce GTX 1080 Gigabyte G1 Gaming 8GB Edition (is this the best gpu today?), would it be okay for it to work with a cheaper motherboard, say an Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Socket LGA1151?

Or would it be better to get a motherboard that is a bit more bang, like a Asus Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1 Socket LGA1151?

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Can I crossfire rx 480 with r9 390?

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>is this the best gpu today?
it is today. In a few month it will not since AMD will release the vega line.
And if you look at the price, the performances, the temps, I'm not sure this GPU is worth. But that's a point of view thus. buy whatever you want.

>say an Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Socket LGA1151?
yes it will

Talk to girls, don't be an asshole and maybe you'll find a nice girl.

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I don't think the motherboard would have an impact on performance as long as it supports all the parts that don't bottleneck your GPU.

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how do I get rc.config to run root commands?

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Need font recommendations for linux and my browser (chromium), serif, sans-serif fonts and monospaced. I'll use them for the browser and the system including the terminal.

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How to use ASCII in a password? The Internet company came and updated the firmware of my modem. The old WiFi password was like "this is my password" and when I try to set it up again it won't accept it, but it will accept "thisismypassword". The error says that I gotta use "between 8 and 64 ASCII characters or 64 hexadecimal digits", so I figured that there should be a way to represent the spaces as ASCII characters, something like "this[Alt+32]is[Alt+32]my[Alt+32]password", But what is the correct syntax?

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I was going to install my scythe heatsink today but a few screws and bolts seem to have disappeared in storage.

Can you guys please take a look at these and tell me if replacements are available for purchase somewhere.

I'd rather not buy a whole new heatsink just because a few screws are missing.

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I am completely new to networking / webdev and wish to learn. I am thinking about renting a server and making a shitty blog as a first project.

Once I rent, do I have to make a contract with another company to have a domain name?

What are the steps between me uploading the files to the server and me accessing my blog via a web browser?

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you just have to buy a domain name (and rent a server if you don't want to host it yourself).
If you rent a server you'll be able to put your files using FTP and they should provide a client (probably web based) if you have a database.
It isn't confusing, don't worry too much. It's easy.

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do somebody have the image with wrong dicks on server?

was running a VN, saw this and it reminded of that image, but I can't find anywhere

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Is one of those raspberry pi's my cheapest/best option for a decent quality media player/emulator machine to hook up to my tv?

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How do I change the logo color that screenfetch spits out?

I know how to change the terminal background color and text color using Profiles, but I can't remember how to change the color used for the logo ASCII.

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For sex:

Go to college town.

Find house party.

Go in.

Ask if you can party (they always always say yes)

If there are lots of black people find another party because the police WILL be showing up.

Find and talk to drunk girls. You should be able to tell within 10 minutes or so if they are down, if not then move on to the next girl. Don't be too obvious because you will catch flak from alpha-chads

Get laid.

Tip: don't get drunk, but drink (+2 Charisma and Whiskey Dick perk)

Tip 2: wrap it up because you are NOT the first guy they have been with

I have attempted this 3 times and gotten laid each time. The sex feels okay but those hookups lead to uncomfortable situations. You are better off talking to girls and being yourself and eventually finding someone who can tolerate you and will let you play with her tits all night as you have deep conversations. Thats the best feel, man. Good luck to you.

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Thanks. Id host it myself but I can't : I'm in a dorm and I get my internet via a wired connection in my room.

So first step is renting a server and upload my files there using FTP.
Then I go to a domain name company and ask to link the IP address provided by the server company to some domain name of my choice.

Did I miss something?

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Why would one ever install Gentoo faggotry?

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Usually the companies that sells the domain name also rent servers.
Check what OVH have to offer.

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(cont from last thread)
We don't have much concrete info on the rx 480 yet, and the leaks are all over the place. My gut assumption is that the rx 480 would be ok for 1440p 60fps *right now*, but you might have to turn down some settings in some games to achieve that and it won't be as future proof as the 1070.

As far as Zen goes, if it performs at least as well as a Skylake i5 then you'll be good. But again, we'll have to wait to get any concrete information on its performance.

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Good case that supports 200mm fans?

>> No.55147216

the 700M limit refers to the CD-ROM standard, 80min of CD-DA audio is actually 827MiB, CD-ROM has a lower limit due to the requirement of additional ECC to protect the data, however, even with that you can store more than 80 minutes of high quality audio in 700M of space with modern codecs

>> No.55147269

oh, worth noting you can forgo the additional ECC in cd-rom mode to store more data on a CD, such a disc won't be able to handle as much damage as a normal cd-rom disc though

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>>55146925 It you want better distro, hardware supprort (usb slave/gpio/shields), manuals and community go for original raspberry.
If you want cheaper and more powerful thing to run generic server/media software - look for orangepi on aliexpress and run http://www.armbian.com/ on it.

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What's the advantage of making a Library in PHP? I wrote an extremely important class site wide, and to use it I include the file and the initialize the class. Did I make a mistake doing it wrong? Is it worth the effort to turn it into some sort of Library?

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I'm going to buy a chromebook for 200$ or less. Is there any difference between brands/models at this price point?

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Other than choosing the correct type of RAM (DDR2 or DDR3 for example) voltage and speed, what else do I need to know to determine whether or not my motherboard supports a specific RAM stick?

More specifically, I have this motherboard:


And I'm looking into this for RAM


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anyone know a good language or framework to quickly implement a P&P-style "item shop" system into a simple graphical interface?
Say, I'd like to purchase a 500 credit "sword"; a click of the button corresponding to this entity purchases 1 sword, deducting 500 credits from my balance.
Removing the sword will not refund any value. In this way, it's like an inventory.
My experience with coding is four years of scattered knowledge with LUA. I have never written a standalone program.
if something like this exists already then tell me, I've looked everywhere. would spare me some work.

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Guys!, Tinywall fucks with my home network even when it's -apparently- properly configured. Is there another decent open source firewall you guys recommend?

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>>55147498 Pfsence

>> No.55147549

something very similar to this.

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So guys last year I got a gtx 960 very cheap by my countries prices and it's about time I put it to use

help me make a build

>> No.55147729

the motherboard and ram you linked are compatible.

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Sounds like a temperature problem to me. Don't keep your tower in a enclosed space, Do cable management if you haven't already. And make sure your airflow is nice
> Front and bottom intake
> Back and top exhausts

Lastly get a can of air and clean out all you fans if you haven't already

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Thanks bruv

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Is the Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I wireless adapter any good? Seems to coming out of stock.

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thank you

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Can someone explain the Intel sockets to me?
I'm getting bored and feel like building another PC soon, For financial reasons I have always ran AMD CPU's. I want to try an Intel build this time but they have like 15 different sockets on the market right now.

Which would you go with for an enthusiast build?

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Temps are always like this. Fans are set up correctly and it gets cleaned.

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I got a laptop with intel hd 3000 and radeon 6770 hd. When I open overwatch settings it says intel at the top. When I open speccy radeon is like 90 degree or some shit. Which one is being used? Also I noticed when I right click the desktop the drivers wont show like they used to, never really noticed they were removed. Where can I find radeon 6770 drivers?

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How fucked would this be? Is it worth it to bump the case up to the R5?

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I fucking dusted my GPU and now my display and USB don't work.

When I unplug the GPU the USB ports work, is it broken?

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I have a LGA 1150 Intel Z87 motherboard that needs a cpu

What's the best "bang for your buck cpu" I can get to replace my fx-8350?

Are there any cheap xeons that work? I remember the old 771 to 775 pin mod

Thank you for your time.

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Hello, fellas. It's been some years since I've used Wangblows, been switching distros non stop recently. The ones I liked the most were Debian and OpenSUSE. But since my computer is pretty shit, I'd like something extremely minimal, but I still want to get shit done.
So I have two stupid questions:
I never wandered into the netinst world, is there a good guide for a minimal bloat installation for, let's say, Debian? I don't want anything grand in this shit, just have a system that won't crash and maybe one or another game with WINE. I'd rather have a DE, but if there is a good enough guide, I could tinker with WMs and shit.

I'm thinking of installing a W10 partition as well. I don't think I'll use it as much as I'm expecting, but well, I don't have shit to do in this weekend. I format some computers for neighbors and just use some shit Windows activator like KMSpico, is it recommended? Which way is the less bloated way for having my fresh W10 install? Also, can I have some "no botnet" guides for W10?

It kind of became more than two questions, but whatever. Many thanks in advance.

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I5 4460

>> No.55148790

>(the ones outside)

So the problem isn't inside your home, you've tried replacing your modem/router and internal wiring?

Contact your ISP, tell them you're getting no connectivity to certain sites.

>> No.55148826

Also, just saw some people talking about BunsenLabs. What's the difference? Is it worth it?

>> No.55148832

Would daisy chaining monitors with displayport work if the first connection wasn't displayport? Ex: [computer] - HDMI or DVI cable -> [monitor 1] - displayport 1.2 cable -> [monitor 2]

>> No.55148894

Bump pls
This can't be that difficult of a question

>> No.55148905

Yeah they changed the modem/router today and the problem persist. It's really weird for example: if i'm using speedtest and the internet cuts, I still can test my speed but if I choose a different server it says "timed out". It's like only established connections works but not new connections. Another example if I'm watching a youtube video it will keep loading but if a try to open another tab it will not work.

>> No.55148913

Oh and the only way to solve this it's to restart the modem.

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1080 to 4k upscaling, how is it achieved?

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libreoffice/excel question. if i have a row of 1 million urls, and I wanted to remove certain tlds that I don't care about (lets say every .cn), how would I purge these from the list?

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My psu is a CX 750, will it be enough to handle my rig or should I go higher?
What upgrades should I plan for in the next few years?

>> No.55148989

edge detection and sharpening/vectorizing

>> No.55149009

750 watts would be enough for a second GPU
I wouldn't recommend getting a second GPU though because 970 SLI is shit

>> No.55149035

I'm getting this message when I start MOC

The valid values of 'Layout1' have changed; please read the comments for this option in the supplied config.example file and update your own configuration file accordingly.

In the config file Layout1 = "directory:0,0,50%,100% playlist:50%,0,50%,100% "

Google has been no help and I'm not sure what this error means, any suggestions would be appreciated.

>> No.55149191

Should I just water cool this build?
Any other suggestions?

>inb4 32gb ram
This build is for Maya work and vidya

>> No.55149192

Is there anything I can do with an extra GPU?

I have a 980 right now, but I have a 960 and a 550 ti laying around.

I have a 750 watt bronze psu

>> No.55149194

There is little benifit in real world applications for sli. No one optimizes for sli setups,no game dev is even considering it. Out side of the snow flake picked benchmarks, it provides nothing

>> No.55149216

You could if you want

>WD Green
>Founders edition
>Falling for the blu-ray meme

>> No.55149246

Founder's Edition is just a placeholder, I'm buying an FTW
I need the drive for rips
I don't know why I chose the green

Are the benefits worth an extra 70 dollars for a water cooler? I've never built one with it.

>> No.55149257

Why can't you get access to the phone via computer?

>> No.55149268

Closed loop coolers give good performance if you get a 240mm or 280mm
120mm coolers are a waste of time

>> No.55149272

I don't know, it gets me nothing. The phone doesn't show the "connect USB" android thing that allows me to transfer files, and Win 7 64 is not recognizing the y duos. Also I can transfer with other samsung phone, so I'm not sure

>> No.55149280


You used to be able to hook up the extra one for physx processing, but I don't know if that's even needed now.

Sell them

>> No.55149282

It adapts to the user.

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Thanks anon.
I'm probably just going to stick it out with the air cooler.

>> No.55149329

I don't know about mint, but you have different keyboard-layouts installed eg englisch and french? I you only have one, it might not show the icon as there is no use for it.
One statement in first link considers this; in kde, icon only shows up if more than one layout is installed, too.

>> No.55149347

I installed Ibus Japanese-anthy

>> No.55149398

why is systemd bad /g/?

>> No.55149431

Did you try liJe this?
unlock phone first. Try different usb-ports. Try different usb-cabels, best would be original one. Maybe try on ather computers.
About accessing the card without computer, i have no idea.

>> No.55149521

just got an idea: you can put external minisdcard in your phone? If this is the case, put rom on that card. for the recovery you still need a computer, thiugh...

>> No.55149527

If I've got a middle portion of a video file (Say, bytes from 10MB - 20MB, and I've got the video header (from 0-100KB), is there a way to get the middle portion to play?

>> No.55149534

Plugging into another USB slot of the PC worked

>> No.55149540

Cool. Enjoy!

>> No.55149554

Dunno where else to ask but is there a guide on how to set 4chan's filter? I've never used it before and I don't get how to work it.

>> No.55149556

My MBP has a 128Gb 5400rpm drive in it. It's 7 years old and I'm nervous about drive failure. I have a space SSD. Is it a good idea to clone the current drive to the SSD, and then physically swap out the SSD into the current spot? To me it seems the logical thing to do, but I make dumb decisions so checking.

>> No.55149568

>I have a space SSD
a spare SSD, I mean

>> No.55149578

get 4chanx
it will help you

>> No.55149595


Which one?

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Does OSMC only run on Pis or can I put it on an ODroid?

>> No.55149608

Your sys is up to date? The links are very old, 3y+
Does not solve tge problem, but why not switch layouts with shortcut?

>> No.55149616


>> No.55149624

>switch layouts with shortcut
how do you mean? Pretty sure my sys is up to date (I just install mint last week

>> No.55149653

Weird, it looks like I'm not out of the woods just yet. I can now click on the button in the phone to allow the USB transfer, but the comp still won't recognize the device and I can't see shit, I'll try Samsung Kies, maybe that can help.

>> No.55149663

Why is partioning such a big deal on Linux but not on windows?

>> No.55149681

It isn't

>> No.55149688

how much caffeine can i take until my heart stops or some shit? i have to code for at least another 5 hours and i'm tired as hell.

i got 4 more large red bulls in the fridge. sadly no amphetamines

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>> No.55149732

planning on upgrading from a GTX 620 to something not-dogshit
i don't need anything super high end, but i would like something midrange-ish or better
what do

>> No.55149736

look up the cpu you want on pcpartpicker. it will automatically show you compatible motherboards.

>> No.55149739


>> No.55149747

gtx 1070

>> No.55149748

100-200 mg/kg

>> No.55149775

Menu > Keyboard Preferences > Layouts > Options > Key(s) to change layouts.
Set eg alt+spaceto switch.
hope this helps.

>> No.55149801

just go for a walk and drink some water

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thank you

time for more energy drinks

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Windows just does it without telling you.

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I'm not sure when I get here Key(s) is not an option?

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i'll do that, thank you.

>5.3 cans
cool site.

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I want to use input from a shell script as input for a python script. Here's an example:

The Shell script
echo "Enter a file:\c"
read fname
python file.python

Python script
import os
#fname in this script is input from shell script

for fname in os.listdir('.'):
if fname.endswith('.jpg'):
#do shit

How would I go about doing this? I don't need to use bash at all, I just thought it would be fun but I got stuck here.

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If you removed nicotine & caffeine from your system, you wouldn't need to waste your time & money.

>> No.55149927

Choose one of the options under"switching to another layout". If you check "alt-caps lock", you can switch the keyboard-layout by pressing the alt- and the caps-lock-keys on your keyboard simultanously

>> No.55149935

I have to run a command as root every time before opening a program. How can i create an alias that runs the command, exits root and then runs the program?

>> No.55149945
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I'm picking programming back up after quite a few years, and I'm using an IDE that has autocomplete features. I'm absolutely positive this is a stupid question, but what the hell is the point of auto-completing things like " and ) if I have to type through them anyway? There doesn't seem to be a keypress that skips past them. On top of that, sometimes it will fuck up and add an extra " or something. It actually seems like it's making my work harder instead of easier.

>> No.55149952

alright I got the Icon but Ibus isn:t quite working how I expected for japanese I was expecting to write romanji and have it assume the hiragana) for example

>> No.55149960

When you get used to it, it helps your workflow. At least mine anyways

>> No.55149979

Do yourself a favor and reverse image search this.

>> No.55150007

Just to add on a little, I was considering putting the stdin of the shell file into a text file for the python script to read, but I feel like there has to be a much faster and easier solution than this.

>> No.55150012

i dont get it?

>> No.55150035

Thanks for the input; I can see why it's useful for more complex programs when it does things like fill in variables and such. I just don't see the point specifically for quotes and parenthesis when it makes me type them anyway. All it seems to do is mess up my typing rhythm as I try to make myself get used to typing something that is already there.

Is it just for when you already have a lot of code written out and are mostly moving around the whole document and adding things? As a person doing some basic programming tutorials and just typing lines, it currently feels like it doesn't help in any way.

>> No.55150074

What are some good cheap 2.1 speakers I can get for my laptop?

I'd prefer them to be below $150, because at that point, I'd just get another Klipsch Promedia 2.1 system

They don't need to be crazy loud.

>> No.55150106

How do I convert a video to a webm?
I want to make a webm of link related, with sound.
I have an iPhone and a ps3

>> No.55150113

Just found this:
Maybe search more yourself, i have no clue about the different japanese writings.

>> No.55150134

fug, I am tired as hell but you have definitely helped me make progress. I'll search more

>> No.55150142

The piss tumblr?

or her nudes in general?

>> No.55150201

Do you mean you're on an Iphone? If you don't have a computer, I guess you can use an online file converter.
here's one.

>> No.55150254
File: 6 KB, 473x216, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do I disable this? I want to see no pop-up notification when downloads finish.

Searching only turns up very old results for the about:config setting browser.download.manager.showAlertOnComplete, which didn't exist in my installation. Creating it and setting it to false had no effect. Running FF 45ESR

>> No.55150279

learn bash/shell programming

>> No.55150287
File: 57 KB, 474x623, SSDLife.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did I fuck up my SSD installation? It doesn't look the same as other's SS.

>> No.55150291

How to know/check which network cards my mobo supports?

>> No.55150344

Would it be a good idea to stuff the inside of my tower with t-shirts to pad the CPU cooler and GPU for shipping?

>> No.55150357
File: 22 KB, 460x287, sadcomputer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ive never built a computer and I dont know where to even begin

>> No.55150385


>> No.55150395
File: 22 KB, 225x225, IMG_0451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its easier than lego my man


>> No.55150411


>> No.55150467

Okay okay so im aware that you cant sli two graffix cards of different gpus but can i still use two different graffix cards on my machine? Will a 670 and a 1070 work together?

>> No.55150468

pcpartpicker, if you're dumb.
rtfm, if you're not.

>> No.55150482

don't use clothes, because of static. use newspapers or something.

>> No.55150626

Remove the GPU and cooler and pack them separately.

>> No.55150674
File: 39 KB, 986x674, verizonassfucksyouoveranyway.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What exactly am I missing here? Is there a reason why changing to the same plan is cheaper. Am I being fucked over without knowing if I switch?

>> No.55150685

I get this sometimes when playing HTML5 video on Firefox 47. It goes away after a while but it's still pretty annoying. Apparently it's the whole page flashing inside the video for some fucking reason. The flashing is more frequent and faster, but it doesn't really show accurately because GIF. What would be the cause of this? Had to upload the GIF somewhere else because it came out too big.


>> No.55150698


>> No.55150778

the catch is that it renews your contract for another 12/24 months. read the fine print.

if you plan on staying with that carrier anyway, go for it.

new contracts are always cheaper, same with internet.

>> No.55150792

also, what the fuck is up with those prices? here in germany i pay like 13€ for unlimited texts/calls + 4GB of 4g traffic. am i reading this wrong?

>> No.55150806
File: 25 KB, 679x109, 1466309469688.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what am i doing wrong

>> No.55150815

you're missing a file. install openssl? the program you're trying to compile seems to rely on it.

>> No.55150837
File: 85 KB, 1024x768, Runescape.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buying a new monitor, 1440p or 144hz? Mainly use it for editing and games

>> No.55150856
File: 26 KB, 203x226, both.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55150871

In America and Canada (at least) phone plans and internet tend to cost an arm and a leg for no good reason. That's just how it is here, in my experience.

>> No.55150929

in eastern yuropoor i pay 4 euros for 100min/10000sms + 1 gb of mobile internet. git gud.

>> No.55150969 [DELETED] 
File: 2.05 MB, 2048x1536, poop.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am having an issue where my system is using the Colemnak keyboard layout, but when I press the Windows key to perform any shortcut, it switches back to the qwerty layout.
An example is Win + R, which opens the Run dialog. After the shortcut, the input box for the Run dialog is utilizing the qwerty layout.

Anyone have any ideas as to what I should look into in order to change this behavior? The registry is a likely place, but it is large.

I made a short video of the issue.
In it I press Win + P ( the R key on the qwerty layout ) and then Win + R according to the Colemak layout. The On-Screen Keyboard displays the issue I am facing.

Thanks for any help.

>> No.55150995

What VPN does /g/ recommend for ease of use?

>> No.55151178

>I pay less money for less service
Uh, okay then.

>> No.55151207

Upgrading to Win10, but would like to keep my Win8 for dual boot. Do I just clone my partition of Win8 and use the free upgrade on the newly cloned partition or am I fucked?

Just made a thread on this, but there isn't any activity on it. Thought I would try on here.

>> No.55151264

install gentoo

>> No.55151275

Why would you want to use an outdated version of Windows when you could be using the greatest operating system ever made, Windows 10.

>> No.55151303

how do i compile chromium with inox patchset on OS X? like so i could symlink chromium.app or something

please help you fucks

>> No.55151351

Shot in the dark here but I'm having a shit load of trouble with my router. It won't let any devices except for cell phones connect to it via wifi unless they're right next to it. Theres a ps3 connected via ethernet but that's it. I suspected that the 2.4hgz radio was malfunctioning but only one of three cellphones in the house can see the 5ghz band but all 3 of them are connected with little trouble from all over the house. To make matters worse the router also refuses to let my phone access it's settings. I type it's home IP but it refuses to load. Just yesterday my PC was connected and I accessed the login page of the router only to be disconnected shortly after. What the fuck is happening?

Also the router is a TC8715D Technicolor from time Warner.
Please help. This shit is driving me mad.

>> No.55151369

Google for diferent sli hack

>> No.55151390

so when i got to my new apartment the cox contractor was late and gave me free cable(basic package basically analog channels) so now that cox is going all digital im afraid im losing all my free cable, how do i get past this digital jewery?

>> No.55151594

This is an AMD bug that happens usually when you have 2 monitors

There's no fix, the only fix is to drag it off and on the screen (or between 2 monitors) and sometimes it goes back to normal, or similar to a cursor but with weird lines.

Only 'fix' is to restart afaik

>> No.55151661

what parts do I need for a poorfag gaymin pc for under $400
Just wanna play fallout 3 and maybe some newer games on medium settings

>> No.55151669


>> No.55151823

You don't, because it's worthless.

>> No.55151843

I could give you an invite to a private torrent tracker for television.
Oh, never mind.

>> No.55151846

Is avast a reliable VPN/Anti virus. So far it's been pretty annoying and it's been telling me to keep upgrading.

>> No.55151869

Silent mode.

>> No.55151898

Be aware Fallout 3 crashes frequently on anything but Windows XP. You can change some configs to make it crash less. But it will still happen. If that's too frustrating, you can just play New Vegas. If you like those games, also try the Bioshock series.

>> No.55151913


Silent mode to keep it from asking me to keep upgrading? Are any of the upgrades worth it?

>> No.55151923

What are best resources for learning java. Just finished the stanford intro course on YouTube

>> No.55151954

A computer science course.

>> No.55151967
File: 109 KB, 690x690, Pharah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey /sqt/,
I'm trying to get my PS3 Eye camera working on Windows for a project and I need to fuck with the exposure settings as the auto-exposure is killing me.

I know there's the CL Eye driver but I ain't paying for that cancer, and I know you can pirate it but the pirated version doesn't have camera settings.

Does anyone know any alternate drivers?

>> No.55151980

If you enjoy Bioshock, also watch Batman: The Animated Series :-)

>> No.55151983

>old DVD RW drive
>win10 detects it fine
>can't eject, ejecting through windows makes the drive create sounds like it's trying to open but it can't, in the end win10 says "An error occurred while ejecting Drive G"
>physical eject button does the same
Help /g/ulag, I just want to play Overwatch right now, I don't want to wait for it to finish downloading.

>> No.55152006

Did you try sticking a paperclip in the force eject hole? You bought a PC game on disc? That's just weird. You won't be able to play from it anyway, because it will need to download so much additional content.

>> No.55152040

why are mid range products marked up like 70% in england

should I just go for high spec stuff instead

>> No.55152045
File: 26 KB, 724x298, hell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Did you try sticking a paperclip in the force eject hole?
I did, nothing happens ;_;
>You bought a PC game on disc?
If I can get a physical copy I always go for it, it's nice to have a rack full of video games.
Anyway I am already downloading it as we speak since it comes with an activation key in the first place. I just thought installing from the disc will make download less content.
Pic related, it's going to take a while.

>> No.55152061

Press harder

>> No.55152089

Did you try pushing harder? It's a completely physical mechanism that takes a bit of force. It even works when unplugged.

>> No.55152108

Shit! It opened for a split second but I was pressing on it so hard my hand blocked it and it closed again.
Thanks! Will keep trying.

>> No.55152146

Got it! Thanks /g/ulag, it's also working fine now too. Can open/close using the button now.

>> No.55152155

>current year
>using isp gimped routers
>using isp gimped modems
I'd tell you to install ddwrt on that piece of shit but it is probably incompatible.

>> No.55152183

Unless you need >3 3.5" hard drives it's fine.

>> No.55152184

My computer is acting slow and when I try to play videos the audio/video comes out distorted. What do? Also earlier on in the day my computer did an automatic update without me asking. I've done a malware scan with malware antibites and nothing came up.

>> No.55152193

What do you mean by distorted?

>> No.55152228

My city puts out a newsletter that I can't read because the bad typography is so distracting. It's like it was printed directly from a WYSIWYG application. Should I contact them about this?

>> No.55152251

Will that get past the need for the new expensive mini digital box

>> No.55152257
File: 269 KB, 1500x797, 0edit - Neotokyo GSDF - neotokyo_music_page.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not installing Gentoo, but Slack 14. I am trying to install Slackware on a 500gb HDD with Windows 7. I am wanting to overwrite everything and have only Slackware on the system. I'm booting from a USB optical drive with the Slack ISO. It's on a Thinkpad x140e, it is a UEFI firmware laptop. In the boot setup you can boot from UEFI, Legacy BIOS, or both. When I select UEFI it has options to boot from UEFI or Both based off of load progression, then there is an option for CSM which I disabled since Slack 14.1 supports UEFI and I shouldn't need Legacy support since an MBR should never be needed (I think?).

Boot options are listed as such:

UEFI only:
- UEFI only
- CSM disabled

When I load the Slack install disk at thr bottom of the screen says "Welcome to GRUB!" ...and that's it. One time I typed e based off an online instructions for being stuck on this screen. I think it's a misaligned GRUB boot screen to load huge.s

Anyway once it is booted to the keyboard screen, hitting enter, then logging in as root, I get to the partitioning phase. This is where I am stuck. Since my firmware is UEFI I figured my partitioning type would be GPT. So using gdisk or cgdisk asks me the file path. /dev/ ... sda, sda1, ada, ada1, hda, hda1 all bring nothing. When I fdisk -l nothing happens, when I cfdisk -l it says it can't be opened and FATAL ERROR.

What am I doing wrong? I assumed the Slack install would detect my HDD, then allow me to partition the entire drive for Slack and a swap.

>> No.55152264

If you're watching television in 2016, without even timeshifting it, you're a faktodd.

>> No.55152274

Protip: Install Ubuntu and then start using your computer to do things. Stop making it an end when it should be a means.

>> No.55152304

The audio is all messed up the the videos glitchy. I went ahead and did a system rest, hopefully my anti virus is not uninstalled.

>> No.55152354

What video player are you using?

>> No.55152366


But I want to use Slackware. Fixing this problem will help me understand by doing. The easiest route always the best. I am wanting to learn Linux, and getting a working installation of Slackware I've read is a great hands on way of learning it.

>> No.55152374
File: 46 KB, 500x394, ergotech_freedom_arm_hd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doesn anybody have an ergotech arm? are those a good buy? I want one for my 27inch monitor and one for a 22inch.

>> No.55152400

Used some at an office. I guess they were alright.

>> No.55152430

even with diagnostics boot my work computer has a 25-30 seconds of black screen before the welcome screen (win 7 pro). How can I troubleshoot this ? Can't install linux, it's my work pc

>> No.55152435

will older x99 motherboards support broadwell-e CPUs?

>> No.55152535

You know how when you plug your iphone into iTunes and you can just like sleect the songs to put onto your phone, i'm looking for something like that, i tried Media GO , but that is for sony phones only.

I'm currently using a Nexus 5x

>> No.55152554


>> No.55152566

Need a guide for windows 7 install on qemu/kvm

Ubuntu 16.04
I'm using virt manager and when I launch it, the windows installer sticks to "starrting windows" until it crashes and says "no bootable device"
I have the ISO in my downloads folder

>> No.55152611

I have a Corsair 400r. I noticed it's not recommended after a certain point on logical increments. Is there a compelling reason for that? I'd like to save 100 bucks if I can, but not at the cost of poor cooling, or whatever reason it's not rated as highly is.

>> No.55152645
File: 72 KB, 1198x409, se7en.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is weird - why is the download speed in the shape of uniform spikes?
I'm on WiFi if it makes any difference

>> No.55152670

The parts are all just suggestions, case doubly so because much of the functionality of a case is very subjective.
There's no requirement saying you need to have a $200 case with a $2000 build

>> No.55152698

Of course, never buy something just because someone on the internet told you to and all that. I guess what I was asking is what makes (for the sake of example) the NZXT 630 superior to the 400r/500r.

>> No.55152725

Compare them for yourself
Its not like falcon goes over each case with a fine tooth comb, its just a case to fit a price bracket.

>> No.55152766 [DELETED] 

Maybe the server intermittently gives you priority?

>> No.55153060
File: 1.42 MB, 3096x4128, PSX_20160615_183436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So my screen is turning off after some inactivity, screen saver is turned off, in power managment turn off display is disabled, sleep is disabled, everything seems ok, yet it happens. To turn it back i just have to press key on keyboard so it's not overheating or anything. Any ideas?

>> No.55153099


>> No.55153458

does the monitor have some power saving setting itself?

>> No.55153461

About to dive into PC building for the first time.

Can someone give me a list of PC parts/components in the order of least updated to most?

I assume that things like the tower case, fans, and power supplies rarely become obsolete and generally last quite a while.
And on the opposite end of the spectrum, I imagine things like graphics cards are updated more frequently.

I would like to know which specific parts are more likely to change often, in order of least to most likely.

>> No.55153487

it's entirely based on your needs.
if you play games then you'd update the GPU more often than someone who doesn't.
if someone is a data hoarder they'd update/add more HDDs than someone else would do.

>> No.55153495

Is FreeBSD the path to true enlightenment?

I mean it has less red hat cancer, better documentation and supports Xorg and all the other shit you can run on linux, if it is such a no brainer then why dont more people do it? I'm running Devuan right now, was considering installing gentoo but I mean shit why not?

>> No.55153547
File: 16 KB, 423x490, allrightallrightallrightallright.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whats cooler than cool?

>> No.55153557


>> No.55153559


I have it, bought it a couple of months back.

Range and speed is excellent, the idea of an antenna that's not attached directly to the back of the PC is something I really like. Allows a lot more freedom vis a vis chassis placement.

It's also essentially just Intel hardware so drivers are 10/10.

>> No.55153568

it does, but it's disabled

>> No.55153577

LiveUSB with Linux.

>> No.55153609

Cant download Apps via Google Play on Wifi. But only for 1 device.

Testing and Troubleshooting
>Cleared Play Store Cache and Data - Yes
>Cleared Play Services Cache and Data - Yes
>Removed Account and Added Account Again - Yes
>Tried another Google Account on the Play Store - Yes
>Factory Reset Phone - Yes
>Factory Reset Home Router - Yes
>Correct Time and Date - Yes
>Correct Time and Date on Router - Yes
>Start Download from Web browser Play Store on PC
>Tested on both band networks, and tried with each one disabled
>Used both Google DNS ( and ISP DNS
>Disabled any adblocking services I had (PiHole)

>Play Store works on Mobile Network
>Play Store and Sync works on other WIFIs (Both Home WIFIs and Mobile Hotspots)
>Play Store and Sync works on Home WIFI (Problem WIFI) when connected to PIA VPN
>Play Store and Sync works for 3 other Android Devices on the Same WIFI network
>Play Store Search function works
>Also note: It appears the downloads DO in fact download, but it sits on Downloading for a long time. And it doesnst change to show download Speed or Progress, however I haven't seen this as I havent stared at the phone for the entire time watching

Home Network
>VDSL @50mbps
>Download speed is around 4 Megabytes to 5 Megabytes per second.
>Using both 5ghz and 2.4ghz on Router (Set to appropriate region)

>> No.55153618


>> No.55153632

Now, heres the story. We have Wifi on our Home router, like most routers, and this Wifi worked with all my Android devices (including the problem device) for the last few months.

A few weeks ago the Galaxy stopped being able to Update or Download apps from the Play Store. (Not entirely correct, it seems to still download some apps, however this takes upwards of 10-15 minutes just for a small (10-20mb app)

Following the usual troubleshooting, I have tried everything listed above.

3 other Android devices work without issue. I have factory reset my router again today. And yet it still doesnt work.

Normally I'd assume a router issue, but its strange that all other android devices can download without issue.

However assuming a phone issue, a Factory Reset should correct that too.

So, are there any DNS/ARP files that aren't changed? Or am I looking in the wrong place? Any help would really be appreciated.

>> No.55153644

Where would I place the &autoplay=1 in this embed html code?
<embed width="440" height="420" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="http://v9.tinypic.com/player.swf?file=2zi4xp1&s=9"><br><font size="1"><a href="http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=2zi4xp1&s=9">Original Video</a> - More videos at <a href="http://tinypic.com">TinyPic</a></font>

>> No.55153650
File: 301 KB, 709x1000, johnny-cash-ring-of-fire-metal-postcard-mini-sign-na-9884-p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do SSD's produce little to no heat? It's time for the brutal side of Summer to show it's ugly face and could sure use every bit of non spinning things helping me.

>> No.55153760

Are surge protectors actually usefull?

>> No.55153761

So I just finished building my first computer and after i got everything working (installed OS got drivers etc.) I turned it off to go to sleep. In the morning to just doesn't turn on, I have tried shorting the power switch pins but there is just no sign that it is getting any power. I tried the paperclip test on the psu and the fan didn't spin but it was just wondering if anybody new if it could be anything else.

>> No.55153768

Can I install Vista on a brand new HP laptop?

My mother in law wants 'vista because I know where everything is'.

Are there incompatibilities?

>> No.55153782

Oh yes
Have saved my ass multiple times

>> No.55153793

Not nearly as useful as UPS.

>> No.55153798

after s=9, like s=9&autoplay=1

if the player actually supports that parameter.

>> No.55153809

If she demands things be done incorrectly, let her pay someone else to do things incorrectly. There are no major differences between the interfaces of Vista, 7, and 10.

>> No.55153822

Extended support for Windows Vista ends less than a year from now. It's not worth anyone's time to install it. Does she plan to forever use an unsupported operating system on which applications will be increasingly incompatible?

>> No.55153829

Just realised it's 8.1 that's on there.

She's just going to shitpost and facebook with it. I might even put 10 on there because it's UI is more like 7/Vista than 8.1.

Also I'm not doing it for 'free'. I get to walk away with her old fully working laptop.

>> No.55153841
File: 14 KB, 172x182, 1460243588283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Planning on buying a new monitor, but I'm pretty ignorant as to general quality.
Dell U2414H, Dell U2515H, Asus VX248H, and Asus VX24AH are the four I'm looking at at the moment, I was wondering which are the best value for money and will last me a long while.

>> No.55153853
File: 15 KB, 495x94, spec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking for the bottle neck on loading 4chan images. Anything over 2Mb takes an age to load.
I have 100+ Mb download, its an old machine but runs the web, youtube fine. Large images are its weakness

>> No.55153860

if you're using https everywhere turn off the ssl observatory.
otherwise 4chan is just slow, you can't do anything against that.

>> No.55153897


That was it ! How does https slow it down so much ?

>> No.55153907

the observatory sends every request to do to them to check the certificate.
every. single. time.
so for a lot of requests it slows down a lot.

https is encrypted, so your CPU needs to decrypt everything on the fly which can be slow on weak cpus.

>> No.55154013

Can't they have made it cache known good certs? It's like a toddler coded it.

>> No.55154041
File: 32 KB, 447x456, 1466083894899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i've been learning Python using the latest version


he says here I shouldn't be using python 3. Did I fuck up?

>> No.55154062

My monitor stopped supporting 1080p. When I set resolution to 1080p it just says that my resolution is not supported and I should change it to 1080p. What should I do?

>> No.55154068

You shouldn't use his tutorials to learn anything. Python2 is slowly being replaced in most distros.




>> No.55154095

Probably. But it's turned off by default anyway, I foolishly had it turned on without knowing what it does.

>> No.55154108

What's your monitor, GPU and connection cable?

>> No.55154111

can i connect an internal hard drive to my tv and watch movies that are in there y/n

>> No.55154123

if the TV supports the filesystem and video container/codec, sure.
look up the manual what it supports, some struggle on anything that isn't fat32

>> No.55154129

A question about harddrive

Long ago, I created 2 partitions on the same harddrive one is c: and the other one is d: (no surprises). I installed my os (w8.1) to c drive. Today i checked the performance of my disk before i started defragmantation and I saw that c's performance is 18mb/s but d's 2mb/s.
Is this normal? Should the os partition be faster and the other one slower?

another following question is why is it takes more time to move a file from c to d but it does not take much time to move a file in the same partition? isn't it same harddrive? shouldnt it be same (at least close?)

>> No.55154130

I have a shitty old 802.11g router that barely gets me internet downstairs. What price range am I looking at for a new one that'll be sufficient for streaming games wirelessly over a Steam Link while someone else is streaming a Blu-ray rip? Are there any that I should avoid? I won't be in the market for a couple of months, but I want time to read up on reviews and shit.

>> No.55154139

o i see thank you friend

>> No.55154148

thank you, friend. I only came across him because I was looking for a good first project to start on.

>> No.55154162

Are there any GPU accelerated brute-force things for .7z files? I forgot a password, but I always use shitty passwords for stuff like this, so it shouldn't take more than a month or two to crack if I run it at night, and I can find a relatively reasonably quick brute forcers that can save its current progress.

>> No.55154176 [DELETED] 

I want to start using Snapchat.

Is it safe to run this app on Android 4.1.2 version? I've already experienced several browser hijacking moments within the past year while using firefox on the mobile, and I'm worried that I'll make it easier somehow with apps like snapchat and kik.
Could a kind anon explain to a stupid anon like me if there are any risks involved with this?

>> No.55154224

Lately I've been working with Python and I notice the syntax of Python 2.7.10 and Python 3.4.3 is slightly different. Should I just stick with Python 3 for now because it's more recent? My operating system came with both Python 2 & 3 so I don't know. Doesn't matter?

>> No.55154229

>I want to start using Snapchat.
>I've already experienced several browser hijacking moments
I think even the blue boards have an age requirement.

>> No.55154238

Go with 3.x

>> No.55154268


>> No.55154371 [DELETED] 

I know, it's stupid. I can't afford a new phone, and thought that one quick way to get to the point where I'm able to is to sell my snapchat.

This version of android is really screwed, bloated, and built-in apps are unreliable. I really need a new phone.

>> No.55154478


Check out /csg/ on /g/ . You can get very decent Chinese phone for cheap now

>> No.55154529

Philips 22IV,GTX 980, DVI, tried with dvi and dvi-hdmi. Monitor works only with low res, like 720p. When I connected my Wii u to it, 1080i worked but 1080p did not. Also, I used to connect my PC to an old HD ready TV via HDMI, it stopped working with my PC as well.

>> No.55154598

Are you sure you have the Philips 221V? It only accepts VGA.

I would try plugging the DVI cable into the other DVI port on your GPU if there is one available.
If that does not help, try reinstalling your Nvidia drivers and making sure you have the checkbox saying "Clean install" or something similar checked during advanced install method.

>> No.55154640

Where should I buy a gaming computer desk?

Or should I just buy a receptionist desk?

>> No.55154657

Go for the best price/performance.
Performance being quality, usability (setting it up, moving it around, adjusting, etc.), looks.
Those are all subjective, so have fun!

>> No.55154677

I want to into HAM radio and shit. I tried out HamSphere3 as it was free and I didn't need any extra hardware. But, it was scary as fuck and I didn't know what to do. Some middle-aged man said my callsign and I didn't know what to do, so I quietly closed the program. It was akward. Can someone help me learn the terminology and the basics? Or does anyone have any good books on SDR and on HAM radio?

>> No.55154680
File: 1.57 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20160619_154125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here it is.
Already did that.
The strange thing is, that it doesn't work with neither Wii U nor PS3, when they output 1080p.
This behavior started after I tried connecting my TV to 980 via HDMI and monitor via VGA cable with DVI adapter. This worked, but when I tried to change resolution on monitor above 1368x760 it stopped showing anything. So, then I connected monitor via VGA cable, and after 10minutes this resolution problem arose.

>> No.55154687

Any video player I use the audio and video is slow and staticy as fuck, what do? Also is it normal for computers to do restart updates without letting you know?

>> No.55154688

Freecodecamp.com is nice, imo

>> No.55154689

so I wanted to buy a new graphics card this year, actually about 2 months ago
everyone was telling me to wait for the new gen polaris whatever

how much longer do I have to wait?

I just want to play muh vidya games at fullhd 60fps with maxed out settings, and it should last for about ~3years at least if that's possible, like my current card that I'm using for 3 or 4 years now

my current graphics card is "PowerColor Radeon HD 7950 PCS+" and it works fine but with some new games I have to go to low/medium settings instead of high/ultra to get steady 60fps

I don't really want to spend more than 300€ on this, so when do these new cards come out and what card do I get, I don't even know what I'm actually waiting for, lol

>> No.55154713

Thenewboston on youtube

>> No.55154717

>gaming desk

>> No.55154731

Already tried which part? The different plug, or the clean driver install?

So the monitor does indeed only come with a VGA input? And you say you used to be able to have 1920x1080 on this screen, but ever since you tried also hooking up the TV the monitor doesn't accept the 1920x1080 output anymore?

>> No.55154739


>is this the best gpu today?

Kinda. If you want real power you can set up a server rig with a Nvid tesla or an amd fire pro.

You know...if you want 6 4k displays.

>> No.55154749

>gaming computer desk
This meme is gong way to far someone will take it seriously one day.

>> No.55154753

Under 1W idle, ~5W peak, vs ~7W idle 15W peak for a hard drive. Not much difference really.

>> No.55154774

What kind of computer do you have?
Is there a bar with your applications at the buttom, with, on the bottom left, a circle or square with 4 smaller squares or 4 smaller wavy squares?
Or is there a bar at the very top of the screen that is always visible?

As for media players, you can look at the MPV thread in this same board. It can run smoothly on all kinds of computers. But you can also try VLC mediaplayer.
Both of these work on any computer, but the latter is much easier to setup.

>> No.55154784

Well, unless you use a PCIe SSD. Those things heat up so much they throttle themselves.

>> No.55154788

Sounds like the monitor's fucked. I had a similar problem happen with my TV, it started glitching at 1080p, but was fine dropping to 1080i, then glitched there too, dropped to 720p, eventually that failed too.

>> No.55154800

It does look a pretty old monitor.
On the plus side, a new IPS or VA screen doesn't cost the world anymore.

>> No.55154805


I don't know what you're setup is, but I would set up a xampp server so you have a localhost to practice on. That way you're not paying for server space when you don't need it.

It will Basicly give you a full on web dev stack.

Also read the world wide web consortium, its a decent resource.

As for the domain name, you buy it from a provider like go daddy

As for transfering files, most of that is done through what's called an FTP client. Search up filezilla, its a rather popular one

>> No.55154812


on top of the static audio/video my computer is running slow as fuckkkk

>> No.55154820

What phone has camera as good as S7 or S6 but a factor cheaper

>> No.55154826 [DELETED] 

Hey /g/, could I put a low profile card into a normal sized case?

I have a MSI gtx 750ti in low profile, I notice the little bracket thingy on the end which holds the port is much skinnier and smaller than a usual one.

Would the bracket just flop around, and I could open the side panel of the case and insert the display cables from there? Or could I just tape the bracket to the end of the case?

>> No.55154844


Possibly. A number of chromebooks run on ARM processers, which are normally used in phones. That makes them kinda anemic.

Look for one running an intel i3 or celron, there will be a noticeable difference in speed.

Generally intel based chromebooks run 300 to 500

>> No.55154847

If you have a bar at the top with a little black logo on the top-left, then click on it and then click System Info. It should say something about the model of your computer, as well as the year it's built.

If there's a bar at the bottom, then right-click the bottom on the left side of the bar and click System in the menu that just popped up. A screen opens up and in the very middle there's a line with
Type over what that line says here and we can see if it's supposed to be slow as fuckkkk or not.

>> No.55154854

What would you guys say is the best antivirus/vpn provider?

>> No.55154874
File: 30 KB, 618x298, piano-keyboard-1427715038-hero-wide-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm looking for a bloat-free piano app

Got any leads?

>> No.55154875
File: 249 KB, 1920x1080, aesthic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bumping my question..

>> No.55154886

An android app btw

>> No.55154899
File: 2.19 MB, 1920x1080, KonoSuba - 02.mkv_snapshot_18.47_[2016.03.29_21.41.09].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please, I know that I shouldn't bump this question. But, please.

>> No.55154920

What does unencrypted HDMI mean?

>> No.55154928

The viruses could get into your unencrypted video connection and could download your screen.

>> No.55154936

Windows Defender is usually "good enough". The benchmarks usually are sourced by competing AV vendors and make them excel in being overly aggressive. You'll likely get a lot of false positives using those.

Generally the OS provides good methods to stay with clean software for the users that do need an antivirus. Mac has its app store. Windows has its app store as well as a pretty good default AV, and Ubuntu's default repositories all have the source code open.

When you're moving a file from within the same partition, it doesn't actually move the bits and bytes around. There's a sort of register which contains information about file locations. It alters this registry instead of writing the bits all over again.

This does not happen when moving a file from partition to partition, because it's the partition, or rather the file system with which the partition is formatted, that holds this information.

The speed of copying files over sounds strange. If you have a USB key lying around, try copying a file of around 100MB over from both partitions, and see what the speed is at the last second or two of copying?

>> No.55154944

Serious answer please

>> No.55154957

It means you're a criminal. Law abiding citizens use only encrypted HDMI with HDCP-compatible equipment.

>> No.55154966

It means that software can deny transmission of content over that particular cable.
If it's open source, you can simply remove the check of course. If it's closed source, it can mean that a DVD does not want to be played.
A solution, if that happens, could be to get a little device in-between your tv/monitor and computer, or to pirate your media.

>> No.55155039

Both of those.
It has VGA and Dvi, neither work with 1080p.

>> No.55155068
File: 17 KB, 524x529, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm assuming this doesn't work either?
While having "Enable resolutions not exposed by the display" checked?

>> No.55155081

thanks, I will try.

>> No.55155113

When I'm archiving my files should I compress them with something like 7zip?

Also which software has the best compression rates?

>inb4 pied piper

>> No.55155136

What's that program?

>> No.55155156
File: 42 KB, 960x711, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nvidia Control Panel

>> No.55155185

if you want them to be compressed, yes. use lzma2.
unless you are running low on space, why waste time with it.

most modern compression algorithms get you pretty similar results.

>> No.55155210

Oh, OK. I used it, but not to create a custom resolution.
If that doesn't work I'll probably take it to a repairman, maybe he'll fix it.

>> No.55155232

See what he charges first.
If it's 50 bucks, there's no guaranteed fix, it's still an old screen with a history of breaking down due to age, and all you've gotten is a bit better resolution.

>> No.55155341


thanks m8

>> No.55155602

Is Musk perfume really made from deer balls?

>> No.55155633

When I create an image of a HDD with dd, can I add files to that created image if I mount it?

>> No.55155701

What's the best budget SSD I can buy? Anything cheaper than EVO 850

Looking at 480GB.

>> No.55155757

how do i make a script?

>> No.55155765

a script for what

>> No.55155779

crucial bx200

>> No.55155796

You write it

>> No.55155864

which is the best language to start learning hacking for a n00b?

>> No.55155870


>> No.55155871


>> No.55155916

Will raspberry be good way to start fiddling around with homemade server? Will it handle a basic, simple website, small app, monitoring cam and possibly a code repository?

>> No.55155941
File: 46 KB, 600x632, ed7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55156045


Is it any good? What about the Sandisk Ultra II?

>> No.55156053

I want to wipe a few hard drives, but aren't able to connect them to my pc to do it manually (also one is obnoxiously slow so it'd take at least a day to do a secure erase, likewise using a usb adapter).

What manual methods of hdd erasure would be effective, relatively inexpensive and not make a gigantic mess (i.e. no thermite)?

>> No.55156058

Should I have a backup bf? Working in IT, having only one of something feels weird to me.

>> No.55156079

but it costs the same as the 850 evo

>> No.55156089

You can disassemble them and remove the platters. And then put them in a bag and break them if you want? The whole thing shatters into fine shrapnel if bent far enough. And keep the magnets. They're useful/fun.

>> No.55156102

Termite doesn't do shit.
Data can be recovered if you have the gear

>> No.55156116

The EVO costs 155, the SanDisk costs 119.

I have like 125 dollars that I got recently, I wanna use it to spend it on an SSD.

>> No.55156206

Can I take the platters out and elecyrolyze them or something?

>> No.55156290

I cleaned the old thermal paste of my laptop heatsink.
However I afterwards realised that I don't have any new thermal paste left so I used a piece of plastic to grab some fresh thermal paste from one of my old graphics cards that I recently changed it and spread it on the laptops' cpu. I managed to cover the whole die with a decent amount of paste and it appears to be fine for now.

Should I be worried that it will overheat?

>> No.55156359

After MS announced that they are finally bringing their IP for win 10, im going to upgrade my win 7 ultimate pirated to win 10
I have these questions
1) will i have to install my executables again like dark souls 3(pirated), steam, steam games, after burner and other softwares. Since they become obsolete in other windows
2) will my C drive(windows drive) get formatted and all my save files and other shit will be gone
3) will i have to install every other driver again like network, gpu, mobo
4) will upgraded win 10 be stable compared to fresh format install
5) [optional] can i change my store region to russia or any other country where games are cheaper

>> No.55156427

Is there a recommended VPN + client that will keep me safe from getting in trouble? I've been looking at PIA with qbittorrent, will that be enough to stay safe?

>> No.55156571

everything stays the same.
you can only use russian stores with a russian credit card. games will only have russian as language, no english.

>> No.55156592

theoretically after the upgrade you should be able to use the pc like you always did. however only sometimes it works this way. your windows upgrade may fail completely , it may be unstable or it could be fine. Hard to tell. Just be careful when updating after installing windows 10. We allowed a pc to update after a clean installation (we kept the old files in the windows.old folder) and after the update it was completely formated. That is also quite rare to happen.

>> No.55156803

If 125 dollars is all you have, you should probably not spend it like this. Best to pay off your loans or invest it.

>> No.55156959

is 60c idle / 75c under load (cinebench) temperature on a laptop ok? room temperature is about 30c.

>> No.55156982

forgot to mention. it's a 15 inch laptop with an ivy bridge i3 with a 7650m gpu.

>> No.55157095
File: 189 KB, 1308x500, Screenshot 2016-06-19 17.03.47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whats the deal with DACs? I was playing games with my headphones the other day and notice that even when system volume was on max it wasnt that loud, quite annoying!

Been looking at external usb soundcards, desktop dacs and thought about an internal sound card but I read that external is better

>> No.55157123

Yeah sure that's fine! Try running Cinebench again while checking if your GPU throttles by running something like GPU-z and checking the sensors tab.
Temperatures don't really matter too much, as long as you can sustain your workload.

>> No.55157164

Estou rezando pra essa merda ser um janitor ou um mod. Seria delicioso vê-lo perder tudo o que conquistou.

Se você quiser virar uma vadia:

>> No.55157207

What kind of headphones do you have?
Most headphones are designed to be able to be driven by most consumer media players. Which means phones, on-board motherboard audio and laptops.
If you know your headphones you know if you really need as big an amplifier as that FiiO.

Try having a budget in mind, figuring out what headphones you're using, and then cheaking head-fi (google it) and maybe /hpg/.

>> No.55157237

DAC is a dac it doest change if its 20$ or 50000$ does the same thing.
What you need is amp to increase volume.

>> No.55157425

Learn Python the Hard Way blows, and Python 3 is the official version of choice now. Check out the sidebar on the Python subreddit (let the shitposting begin) for some newer tutorial resources.

>> No.55157508



most DACs amplify volume as well from what I have seen from shopping around

>> No.55157533

The IEMs or the ATH-MH50?
Both don't need an amp, really.

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