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Just installed my Fury X
will Amada chan marry me now?

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No, she is just going to laugh at your little dick and steal the last 5$ in your checking account.

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Do you have a AMD CPU?

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Amada is a cute crossdressing boy!

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I have a Phenom II in my old build if that counts

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It must be in the build with the Fury X or Amada-chan will never notice you, Anon-senpai.

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FX-9590 and CF R9 390x or bust

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I have a Fury. She'll accept me, r-right?

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I get close.

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How can you say you love her when you won't even buy her full line of components?
Do you like your waifus dismembered and Frankenstein'd?

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that depends.
do you like your pump dryrotting for getting so hot?

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AMD's Radeon memory is rebranded PATRIOT, which is pretty ok, but who makes their SSDs?
I had some PATRIOT Viper III 2400mhz DDR3 that was only CL10 a couple years ago. They were super far ahead of the curve. Of course that isn't a big deal any more, but back then it was.

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The R7 SSD was OCZ and the R3 is Galt

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Intel and nvidia just can't compete

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Ocz ssd's are Toshiba anyway

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*new OCZ are Toshiba

Toshiba has really been stepping their game up too. Its not something that draws headlines but Samsung and Toshiba are utterly dominating the entirely NAND market right now. With current and coming gen NVMe drives we're headed for pretty incredible times.

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I never said it was a bad thing. Toshiba hdd's can go rot in hell for all I care, but their ssd's are pretty solid. Hell I'm running an 480gb ocz trion right and I'm very satisfied with it.
The point is ocz is nowadays only a front name owned by toshiba, and even less the coming restructuring.

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AMD has an impressive lineup but I have not touched their shit due to the heating problem. I had their Radeon HD4600 that I got as a gift, that fucker would reach 90C before I could boot Windows. Eventually I removed it and went with onboard graphics in the summer.

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She looks so cheap. Couldn't they hire a more talented artist?

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It was the best an AMD GPU could render.

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You're wrong!

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It's like a single store in Akihabara and they spend all of their budget running a twitter account with cute drawings every day

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Her fang is compulsing me to buy AMD products

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Rocking a 6300 with a 270, AMD RAM and AMD SSD.

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I pity you because of how radeons like strong single core. I have a colleague with the same cpu gpu combo as you, I have 270 myself, and he had the framerates drop to 30s when I was never dropping below 90 in the same scenario.
Tested with the same settings and same game replay.

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Are fangs a valid fetish? Just asking for a friend...

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A friend of mine also has one of those and when he smiles it looks really hot desu senpai. Legit fetish.

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AMDroids are weeaboo cucks who like fake girls and nvidia master race are successful, have better game support and love real women.

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AMD Mobo when?

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6300 and 270x here
Every modern "demanding" games (gta, bfs, farcrys, etc.) work 60+ at med-hi settings 1080p
Literally never had bad drops or anything
I'll probably stic with this for few more yrs

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Why does AMD-chan wears Nvidia's colors?

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>No, she is just going to laugh at your little dick

Even better. I hope she'll let me watch Tyrone show her what a real man is like.

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Fangs in anime mean they got crooked teeth in real life, it's a beauty thing in Japan.

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it works for shooters but not strategy or certain mobas. He was always complaining why X works so well while Y drops like there's no tomorrow. People tend to think that if something is an FPS from current year, then it's the most demanding game ever.

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No, there are actually fangs.

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I get it now

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Tbqh you got me thinking about upgrading to rx470 but i'm worried 6300 won't be able to keep up
I don't wanna replace my mobo yet so i'd probably have to go with fx 8-something chips

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An overclocked 6300 is still fine for most games. There's a handful where you'd get a bottleneck, but even in those you'd see an improvement over what you currently have.

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wait for gpu x cpu tests and see if they fixed hardware scheduler and cpu load.
you won't get any noticeable performance boost between these 2 in games, keep your 6300 for now.

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So old oced 6300 could be enough for polaris 470?
(Though i never plan on anything more than 1080p "gaming")

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it's enough for most nvidia cards that don't have this huge single core overhead, so yeah, there is a fair chance it will be ok.
And even if not, it should be enough to wait till zen. Upgrading 6300 to 83xx now is waste of money.

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if i draw amada-chan on my graphics card will it void my warranty?

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At 60fps, yeah you wouldn't really see any significant issues other than on very cpu intensive games, and very high fps where the cpu can't keep the gpu fed with draw calls.

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Is it known what socket will zen be
I'm currently with m5a97 r2 mobo so i'm interested will i have to change it
Tbqh my pc cost me about 650€ and the average monthly salary in my country is like 650-700€
That's why i'm being a jew about this

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Brand new unified socket am4 (am4+ down the road) this has been known for somewhere around a year. Zen will be using ddr4 controllers as well. You will need an all new system for zen. However, zen is supposed to be more of a system on chip design, which requires less controllers on the mobo. So that'll drive the cost of motherboards down a lot.

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am4 so you would have to replace motherboard
it's SoC so no southbridge most of the time, too.

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I think you meant Pajeet.

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I might be using the APUs in a SFF build I'm planning depending on the benchmarks, apparently that clip of DOOM was running on one

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Personally I would wait till the actual zen apus come out. The top end ones will likely be using Polaris 10 gpus on them. But the latest update of carizzo seems promising.

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That was back when intel did all kinds of shady shit because amd was objectively better.

>tfw this was actually a selling point for most amd enthusiasts.
"thermal throttling? Not on my chip! "

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That ram looks rad as fuck but it's not available in my cunt and international shipping + taxes isn't worth it.

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>AMD Thermal Paste
Imagine the fires

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Amada is unofficial, there is no single artist for her

Best Amada right here though

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I was thinking the same thing.

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That is indeed best Amada

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Thinking of upgrading to a 8370e from my 6300 since they only cost 87 bucks. At least until Zen releases.

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>AMD is for schoolgirl fags
>Nvidia is for monstergirl fags
pick one, /g/

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>when you put the heatsink back on the first time the fan isn't even running yet the game still stops lagging.....fake video
>Learn about how a heatsink works please. Before you attempt more comments.
This guy is right no, why does he have no downvotes and the other fag has lots? Surely copper doesnt have that high thermal conductivity to instantly lower temps that much. Im guessing the video playing on background was recorded beforehand, just wondering if im missing something.

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Its a cool mass being put directly on top of something very hot. The heat, now that there was a place for it to go, would move to the heatsink thus lowering the temperature of the CPU enough to end the throttling.

I would guarantee though that if it had continued running without a fan even though the heatsink was on, it would have overheated and resumed thermal throttling. Netburst, even early netburst, ran very hot compared to P3.

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Just FYI, I have an AMD R7 SSD.
Please, I don't care how much you love AMD, for the love of God, don't buy one. Holy shit, just buy a Samsung or A-Data SSD. Nothing is worth putting up with the amount of times I've had to reinstall my OS.

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are AMD SSDs worth buying? their price/gb isn't too bad

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They're rebranded OCZ drives.

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Nvidia is for furries.

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Just FYI, I have an AMD R7 SSD.
Has been working just fine since I got it months ago.

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