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>You have trackers dedicated to college courses that contain material from courses that would cost thousands
>You have trackers devoted to the highest standard of video encoding which are doing a better job than MoC or Criterion
>You have trackers devoted to arthouse which have amassed a bigger archive of great and obscure art than museums with budgets in the tens of millions
>And all you have to do it is convert your passion for those niches into energy that you use to climb the ranks of the pleb trackers to reach the very top of the pyramid
>Are you passionate enough about film to put in a couple months of establishing a rep amongst the community in order to be able to get accsess stuff you would never, ever be able to get otherwise?
>Then welcome to /ptg/ and enjoy your stay

Old thread: >>55073625

New to /ptg/? Have an inquiry? Consult the wiki or the PDF before asking redundant questions
If you have a question check Google and if you can't find an adequate answer, ask here.

What.CD interview info: https://www.whatinterviewprep.com/ and the wiki

Various tracker IRCs and sites open for signup:

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.
Remember the following:
>staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before
>staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers
>does anyone even read the OP anymore?
>sneaky bastards will try to convince you into believing that cheating can be evaded, it can't and you will be banned with those bastards laughing at you
>people may report emails and other personal info posted here to staff to get you banned
>most of the invite offers here are people trolling you with false hope - begging for invites is a waste of time and you should just interview at What.cd

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>Are you passionate enough about film to put in a couple months of establishing a rep amongst the community in order to be able to get accsess stuff you would never, ever be able to get otherwise?
You're a moron.

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>not knowing it's a copypasta
w e w

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What do you do if your country is banned on what.cd?

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move to 1st world country

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If only I could...

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you're pretty much fucked

maybe spend 6 year developing a relationship with a /ptg/er and then ask for an invite

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All freeleech torrent on what have been changed to neutral leech, does this mean that new fl picks are coming?

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I want to join oppatime. anybody have seen them recruiting?

i guess they opened signups only once a year back.

and does users there have invites?


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BTN snatches still not working...

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>wasting hours to join a sekrit club of autists

I'll pass.

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There's no good reason to assume that picks are coming at any given time. It's best to assume they're not coming and then be pleasantly surprised when they do come. I suspect we won't get any more picks until October's birthday celebrations.

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"The torrent contained one or more files with too long a name:"
What do I do?
I didn't change any file names, I just converted them to V0.
What the fuck?
Do I chop the folder name down? How did the other guy get his to upload?
I don't understand.

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You already got banned once, stupid ukrainian frogposter. Fuck off beggar.

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I wrote that and all of it is true
Why am I a moron?

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Not a virus.png . exe

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So if I have something thats marked trumpable because of filenames or folder names is it fine to edit tags too before uploading?

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if you want to get anal raped yeah

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What's the new IRC? I can't connect to comfyp.tg

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it's sketchywebsite.net

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Also what if I reencode it with a newer version of FLAC?

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what are the top 5 best reviewed seedboxes? does any entity even try to join to send copyright notices on any content?

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Im currently using seedbox.io, which is extremly cheap. Support is really fast and i never noticed any downtimes. However, you won't get the full speed, if you are using a shared box.

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>tfw Winter is alive and well

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looks good, thanks!

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yo what disk space do you recommend? i want to do all of the things

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If you need cheap and justwerks then evoseedbox.com have been great for me. Make sure to use the 50% coupon when signing up then when you renew your subscription use the 10% coupon from thereon. Some might say it's curry but it literally doesn't fucking matter, they've been good for me.

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Just get the smallest one first. Make sure whatever you sign up to you get autodl-irssi as that's where you'll get most benefit from. You should be looking go use a seedbox just to take advantage of the awesome up speeds, for long-term seeding that you expect to get little or no upload from you should be using a home computer/server.

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Get a premium box then. You will get a free VPN and proxy service hosted from seedbox.io with it. But at first, go with the cheapest to try it out.

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will do. how long will it take for me to climb this ladder?

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Climb what ladder? The private tracker one? Minimum is 6 month. Just go with PTP, TSH and WCD.

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thats what i'm looking for yeah, thanks bro

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>>You have trackers dedicated to college courses that contain material from courses that would cost thousands
Wot tracker

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libgen & scihub tbqhwyfam

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This is /g/. Nobody ever backs up their shitty opinions with reason or evidence. And, I'd argue, most people who do that shit are just fishing for (You)'s with the shotgun approach, shitting simplistic and low-effort crap wherever they can in order to maximize their chances of getting their (You)-fuelled dopamine hits.

I'm also the person you were replying to when you wrote that up. Surprised to see that I'd be the prompt for something that'd get plastered onto the next /ptg/'s OP.

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Never been intersted in private trackers desu. But after reading OP a little more interested.

So I have a question for you /ptg/, what would you say is the greatest thing you have acquired through private trackers?

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Whenever I see '/ptg/', it always reminds me of /Panties (and) Thtocking (with) Garterbelt/.

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>a reasonable amount of time
>a month
seriously they're fucking retarded and lazy faggots, if the recruiter can't keep up assign someone else

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Except if 312cuck hears of you. He is literally aids.

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/PTG/ not as active as it used to be is it?

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We moved on to the /comfy_pt2/ IRC. These threads serve as a distraction to /mark/ idiots

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>He's not on PTP

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There is no one thing. My vast media collection and continued expansion of said collection is incredible though.

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>he's not on HDbits.org

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He is not on IDE

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>implying i can't get in

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>implying he already is on IDE

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>implying he cares about your speculation on his membership in IDE

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>implying that IDE does not reupload HDB encodes and will be the most elite tracker soon.

wew lad

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>implying IDE encodes aren't also on HDbits.org

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>implying i have no reaction gifs
>impying i have no arguements
True, TRUE, TRUE!!!!

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Please senpai, teach me how to react.

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much like trolling, its a art :^)

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Where do you get your reactions from?

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Is there something to make the process of uploading 50 torrents to what easier?

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I want to join oppatime. anybody have seen them recruiting?

i guess they opened signups only once a year back.

and does users there have invites?


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>tfw IPT covers all my needs
>tfw don't have to waste time to get into muh 1337 trackers

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>mfw you're lying to yourself to feel better

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and that's how I lead a happy life :^)

>> No.55093173

you can do better!

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>seedbox downloads my upload
>it stops at 10%

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you gonna get banned

>> No.55093277

lol what happened?

>> No.55093293

same question but for PTP?

>> No.55093316

keep cucking

>> No.55093318

yes, middle click on "upload" 50 times :^)

>> No.55093376

>using the snowman with a smiley nose

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lads, pls I already know what I'm going to upload I just need to make the torrent files and upload them to what but it's going to take quite a lot. is there a script or something?

>> No.55093566

DON or FoRM encode?

I'm gonna download a classic but you guys say DON encoder uses handbrake

>> No.55093612

>he does not know it's a meme

>> No.55093632

I always use qMakeTorrent to create the .torrent files, move the files to the default download folder for deluge and put the .torrents in the watch folder. That saves a lot of time. After that, just upload them one by one.

>> No.55093674

u didn't answer my question senpai

>> No.55093695

They're both good, doesn't really matter.

>> No.55093708 [DELETED] 

thx for the idea m8

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>All freeleech torrent on what have been changed to neutral leech, does this mean that new fl picks are coming?


There's no good reason to assume that picks are coming at any given time.


>> No.55093761

ignore the handbrake meme, DON produce the best results from any group. period.

>> No.55094209

DON is a meme. The FoRM encode will be effectively identical

>> No.55094357

>HDbits internal

>> No.55094575

Any suggestions for new BTN user? Couldn't find new user guide and stuff.. Basically looking for fast way to PU

>> No.55094620

>tfw on hdb but not on ptp

>> No.55094626

just check what you need and do that..it's really easy to trascend classes on btn

>> No.55094637

>tfw same
pretty good feel

>> No.55094668

Soon-to-be HDB member here. Is it easy to maintain a ratio?

>> No.55094698

kinda..if you always go for internals and keep seeding..since internals are almost always freeleech

>> No.55094725

it's not WCD hard but harder than most trackers, especially if you have bad home connection speed and you rely on a seedbox.

>> No.55094765

yeah..pretty funny how seedbox users don't get freeleech :^)

>> No.55094789

Memes aside, will MTV ever look decent? Is gazelle that shitty? Or are we getting rused?

>> No.55094803

It's a curry tracker, what'd you expect?

>> No.55094819

stop bothering with MTV and get BTN. I can't express this enough, I wouldn't trust a tracker that is owned by romanian considering their history with PTs

>> No.55094838


>> No.55094867

Can't users just get it from home then upload it too seedbox? Or what?

>> No.55094868

The ability to get any movie at the best quality without spending minutes looking for it on public trackers. And even if you found it on public trackers, it was mostly 8GB 1080p movies.

>> No.55094879

well then..you know what to do..
yeah but theres also an upload cutoff after a certain initial ratio :^)

>> No.55094910

Enlighten me anon

>> No.55094934

After using AHD, ptp feels shit coz of only 2 choices. I want to decide what I need. Tsk tsk.. Well ptp has done it's job which was to get BTN but clearly BTN also has this kinda rule ah mann..

>> No.55094953

There is a reason romania is blanket banned on dozen trackers.

>> No.55094967


>> No.55094970

are you mentally challenged?

>> No.55094986

MTV is fine for new stuff. Everyone who says mtv is garbage are garbage. There should always be more than 1 trackers which are decent for particular stuff. MTV has potential to be decent now that totv went down.

>> No.55094993

what rule? that you have to seed something for a minimum time? LEL..what a pain in the ass huh..

>> No.55094995

haha i think he is

>> No.55095015


>> No.55095022

2 choices for 720p and 1080p.

>> No.55095035

Can you even read? 2 choices for a format. . 720p or 1080p

>> No.55095039

It's just the problem that LazX is a total nutjob. Anytime someone, like, compares MTV to any other tracker, and especially BTN, he rages. There's no talking to that guy if you don't agree with everything he says. Such a waste, the tracker has a lot of potential otherwise.

>> No.55095041

I want to get Photoshop and Illustrator, what's the best torrent to grab? WCD?

I actually pay for Adobe CC now and I'm so sick of its bullshit updates and bloat I would rather have a cracked copy.

>> No.55095051

Does hdb also have this crap rule? Only 2 encodes can stay for 720p or 1080p?

>> No.55095058

Yeah, if you're /setforlife/ just grab it on WCD.

>> No.55095065

when there's an internal

>> No.55095068

Thanks. Yeah I have over a terabyte of buffer on there, no fucking clue what to do with it.

>> No.55095075

Even I would be angry if you'll compare a tracker litrally run by 1 guy currently and does OK job for new stuff with BTN.

>> No.55095083

best tracker for cum eating instructions?

>> No.55095095

I have one AB invite to spare

>> No.55095104

ur mum :^)

>> No.55095105

Your mum.

>> No.55095122

give it to me

>> No.55095132

give it to me

>> No.55095146

You just join recently? Grab freeleech when it comes out. I don't bother anymore but when I first started that's how I got a comfortable buffer.

>> No.55095162

Not pornbay that's for sure

>> No.55095163

seriously guys help me out, it's so hard to go through with it. looking for a massive collection of cum eating instructions and I bet there are great torrents for it. going to sift through them and find the best ones.

not into the bdsm ones, i more like the encouraging ones.

>> No.55095174
File: 24 KB, 971x443, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55095185

>that artist name

>> No.55095186

>it's hard for him to eat cum
>but he desperately wants to
why my nigga

>> No.55095190

Nah, I've been there for maybe a year. I have about 3GB of total transfer, getting ratio there is hell especially with 100KB up.
wcd is too big for its own good, I only want to build ratio there to grab rare stuff

>> No.55095201

>posting your announce url on /ptg/
good bye what account :^)
also max character lenght is 180

>> No.55095214

>why my nigga
when i actually orgasm i don't want to anymore. the desire goes away. it's weird. for a while aim was the problem, but figured out using a funnel really helps.

so just looking for torrents that have some good CEI.

>> No.55095218

>also max character lenght is 180
How did the other torrent get uploaded, senpai?

>> No.55095228

again: why the FUCK would you want to eat cum..just watch some cum eating porn
sorry english es not my frist lnguage :^)

>> No.55095238


Oh shit man, you ever consider a seedbox? I just use home connection now but used to use a seedbox.

>> No.55095241

>new to wcd
>refreshing freeleech page every 2 seconds
>im so fucking anxious

i know they ban autodl for FL but do they enforce it?

>> No.55095261

>but do they enforce it?
kek..at what.cd you can be sure that they enforce it..most autistic staff ever

>> No.55095268

i donno, it's a common fetish, on /b/ there are roll threads every day.

you could script it, but just make sure to add a serious delay. if you get it right away they'll figure it out. i'm sure they'll watch for it too since that rule was just added.

>> No.55095275

Find a sex ed book on What, MAM or bib you faggot

>> No.55095281

but WCD isn't PTP

>> No.55095289

i don't want a sex ed book, i want cum eating instructions. they are a type of video where a qt helps you eat your own jizz.

>> No.55095301

I recommend Feral.

>> No.55095302

on par :^)

>> No.55095309

Does anyone know if using DTA is against the rules? Is that considered autodling the torrents?

>> No.55095320

Yeah, but I'm supposed to get a massive internet upgrade soon so I kinda don't wanna rent one.

>> No.55095321

obviously Feral staff

>> No.55095359
File: 28 KB, 300x400, 1431852221162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hiding filenames but not the announce

>> No.55095381

what account gone in 3..2..1

>> No.55095393

I let TARS know, he's going to take care of that account

>> No.55095399

Should have said: mention its existence. For example, h
e won't acknowledge that BTN's existence and recruiting policy has effects on the potential userbase of MTV.

>> No.55095423

HDbits is a meme tracker

>> No.55095435

>letting TARS know that you lurk /ptg/

>> No.55095436

Someone invite me to a green tracker ,i am new into this :(

>> No.55095449

so what can you find in private trackers that, youtube, coursera, MIT OCW, harvard, open yale, edx, and finally public trackers won't have?

>> No.55095450

okay big guy :^)

>> No.55095452


check your email, just sent a BB (reddit tracker) invite

>> No.55095453

Only thing is that in order to script it you'll have to scrape the site in some way and they'll notice that.

>> No.55095466

>implying TARS doesn't have an anonymous tip line

>> No.55095475

TRy to figure it out for yourself, stop being retarded

>> No.55095481

>look ma i posted it again!

>> No.55095494
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someone invite me ........

>> No.55095499

Can't you just pull the links from the source and download them in intervals, but make it spaced apart like a human would do it? For example like 5 seconds inbetween first and second, then 7 seconds inbetween the next, then 3 seconds, then 1 minute, then 3 seconds, etc etc?

>> No.55095530


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Look at every other letter, specifically look for captial letters
nobody answered my question, kek

>> No.55095542

I guess not many people browse the site 24/7. Or do you mean the downloading of the torrents once the freeleech hits? I wouldn't worry about that, I guess most people just use the collector at the collage page.

>> No.55095553

Why you have problem with that? And I know people in REAL life who use MTV and won't even try btn. There potential users that will litrally use the site and seed stuff have no relation to BTN's recruitment policy. If someone wants BTN they will get it and not even touch MTV. They can't really pull BTN users they can only target new ones unless BTN shuts down. Sorry for my dumb english.

>> No.55095568

You could delay it from starting for a half hour or so.

>> No.55095579

>sent :^)

>> No.55095586

No, I mean the scraping of the site to see whether the freeleech is there. You have to refresh the site quite often in order to have downloads to delay.

>> No.55095595

Any way to automate stuff for BTN on windows deluge client. Not RSS though. should be light on ram.

>> No.55095612

bitching on IRC works, who knew

>> No.55095617

Sasuga, anon.
To answer your question, if there's a large amount of artists, their name can be shortened, otherwise the title can shortened with a ... at the end. The total length of the file name including the directory should be shorter than 180 characters. Make sure to note changes in the description.

>> No.55095620

Ah, yeah, good point.

The news feed is RSS, so you could have the script watch the RSS feed and then when there is a new news post, then go to the site and check for new freeleech.

New news posts aren't always about freeleech, but, whenever there is freeleech there is a news post.

>> No.55095650

Just use DTA you dumb niggers

>> No.55095660

And they recruit from PU forums. If btn is willing to go pu on wcd. Then mtv will be deader than dead. But still romanian people will keep it alive and banned countries on wcd.

>> No.55095705

First file is in the original torrent, next is in the one I'm trying to upload:
Volume 8/Disc 8of9/12 - Duo for Violin & Viola in B Flat Major, K424 - III. Tema con variazioni (Andante grazioso - Allegretto - Allegro).flac
Volume 8/Disc 8of9/12 - Duo for Violin & Viola in B Flat Major, K424 - III. Tema con variazioni (Andante grazioso - Allegretto - Allegro).mp3

I think it counts my folder name in the length for some reason.. ?

>> No.55095706

you'll get caught using that, they specifically mentioned it

>> No.55095716

Ofcourse, there will always be people who prefer one site over the other. But take a look at the suggestions forum, whenever someone says 'site X has this cool feature and I'd like to see it on MTV' the entire staff jumps on it to say NONONONO WE AREN'T THAT SITE DON'T TRY TO MAKE US LIKE THEM.
They, and LazX in particular, the others probably say it because they're his puppets, have this idea that they want to design it from scratch, and they read every suggestion as if it's a coup on MTV to make it like another site, whereas I'd say most viable features/systems exist somewhere already and it's an efficient way to make the idea come across.

Didn't think of the news RSS, smart move. But I just wouldn't recommend abusing the rules on WCD, they're there for a reason. If you're really desperate for buffer just set up push notifications and then go download manually.

>> No.55095754

Yeah I don't plan on abusing the rules, I just like learning how to break them. Weird thing with me.

>> No.55095818

I must say I also enjoyed talking about it, before I realized it's this rule breaking discussing which destroyed /ptg/.

>> No.55095934

Anybody else get a reply from Winter?

>> No.55095943

>lets find a way to undermine the rules without explicitly breaking them
>this is ok
both of you kys

>> No.55095957

>>55095934 see >>55095612

>> No.55095961

Anyone good at maths here? How big must my seedsize be on HDB to get 1440 points per day, assuming I already get capped on the old age bonus beint at 14p/hour?

>> No.55095979

Didn't see. I didn't bitch on irc though.

>> No.55095990

someone did a few threads ago
who knows, maybe it's just a coincidence

>> No.55095995

>caring about bonus points

fucking how did you plebs ever make it out of what

>> No.55096029

>winter denied some poor soul on AB his invite
lmaooo. Was he actually researching people before he sent out invites?

>> No.55096037


>> No.55096054

Just set it up to only hit the DL links and you're fine.
They said if starts hitting every link on a page then it's a problem.

>> No.55096103
File: 4 KB, 750x57, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's not the only person I know of who was denied either.

>> No.55096137

rekt, tfw I actually got in >>55096103
Codec: x264
Resolution: 720x480 ~> 853x480
Bit rate: 2 553 Kbps

Codec: x264
Resolution: 680x454 ~> 807x454

What does this even mean?
The first one is better actually resolution? Does it make a difference?
Are they both upscale? I don't even. I didn't see it in the wiki.

>> No.55096138
File: 46 KB, 1000x1000, 1456844690512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


HDB's bonus points system is complete shit. There's not much of an incentive for long-term seeding (the bonus is capped at 70 months total - you can easily game the system by seeding tiny torrents). If you set aside a few gigs of space to archive them then you can get the maximum bonus immediately after joining.

Assuming you are archiving 1 TB of files and getting ALL the other bonuses (old torrents, poorly seeded torrents, 2 factor authentication), and seeding 24h, around-the-clock, it takes almost a month to be able to buy only 50GB with bonus points. You need to be seeding between 5 and 6 TB to finally get those 50 gigs weekly. The only decent way of earning upload is being a useless seedbox pump-and-dumper for a month.

Meanwhile on PTP for seeding 1TB you can buy a few hundred gigs of upload per month, depending on your seedtime, plus you are incentivized to seed as long as possible since you earn more and more.

>> No.55096163

rip, English
I need to start deleting the entire sentence ;-;

>> No.55096234

I thought on HDB you do gain more bonus over time?

I do find HDB to be pretty hard to get buffer on though, that's for sure.

>> No.55096244

You don't burn through 10GB+ every time you download something off of What

>> No.55096283

Given how hard, relative to other trackers, it is to get into HDB I'm not sure I see the problem.

Since you brought up PTP, and I'll include AHD for this example, the amount of cross-seeding available from outside sources you have to be in before you get into HDB it's not that hard to build that large seeding base.

I'm not saying this is a good thing, or that this is how it should be done but it's not really a problem honestly.

>> No.55096330

I just grab shit I can't find on other trackers on HDBits. They need to have a better bp system but since the people who make the rules all have old accounts they don't realize how things are starting out there.

>> No.55096456

u gotta /pyramid/ like the old days senpai. best way to farm buffer is to snatch popular tv shows GoT, PoI, etc

>> No.55096479

Wow, that's pretty steep. I'm not on HDB yet, but I'll prepare myself for some heavy cross-seeding.

>> No.55096525

Anyone know as to where I can download the digital copies of The Spectator, the british tabloid?

>> No.55096639


You could probably grab it on MaM.

>> No.55096688

Is it true that there was actually a CP tracker on ptg?
I read that in IRC a while ago..

>> No.55096693

TARS release the leech nowwwwwww

>> No.55096903

h4h isn't real

>> No.55096919

It's a meme you dip

>> No.55096988

I have two questions,
I'll post something pretty great after I get a few good answers:
What torrent clients have Web-UIs?
What are the /exact/ page titles for them?

>> No.55097117
File: 22 KB, 160x160, rantemoji.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hope ya niggaz hoppin on dat new yg album bruh

>> No.55097127

We aren't going to help you try to brute force random (sometimes) not even anon's deluge / ruTorrent / Transmission servers. :^)

>> No.55097181

Hi friends. My upload speed is crap, but my friend said he would shoot me an invite to a few private trackers.
Is it worth using private trackers with terrible upload speed?
If not i'm happy to continue using public trackers with my vpn.

>> No.55097200

Depends the tracker, some trackers have bonus point systems, others you can directly send upload. I'd grab a seedbox if upload speed is really an issue.

>> No.55097224


If he has crappy upload speed, what are the chances he can afford a seedbox?

>> No.55097246

Ok, I think the sites were what.cd and ptp.
I'm already paying for my vpn, so i'll look into seedboxes.

>> No.55097250

Not that anon, but I have a decent job but third world internet thanks to the Cucknited States of America.

>> No.55097266

Take a look at Feralhosting and Whatbox, whose two are pretty decent.

>inb4 shill

>> No.55097277

Is there a tracker for Japanese movies?

>> No.55097284

Thank you

>> No.55097313


>> No.55097353

Already tried that, I'm unable to receive a confirmation email for some reason

>> No.55097396

What is this college tracker mentioned in the OP?

>> No.55097446

>KG begging for $3k to survive
Is this the end?

>> No.55097518

What is the most troll torrent I could ever add to someone's client?

>> No.55097586

You have to be 18 to use this site

>> No.55097598

make me

>> No.55097618
File: 136 KB, 1002x769, homerhutzpalm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55097653

they already got 3k in 2 days

>> No.55097656

>tfw I can't figure out how to get gud at jpopsuki bonus points

>> No.55097778


What did he mean by this?

>> No.55097815

It means taking a shot glass, ejaculating into it as much as you can, then leaving it on top of your PC.

>> No.55097850


>> No.55097880

whats ur user name I will send u some

>> No.55097882

When i want to send a recruiter a reminder do i send a new pm or do it in the same conversation?

>> No.55097901

There's japanese movies on Animebytes. You'll probably find plenty on PTP or any other movie tracker really.

>> No.55097954

AB only has japanese movies based off anime or manga.

>> No.55097968
File: 58 KB, 812x887, 129607578088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55098001

How many genre tags are too many?

>> No.55098043

What's the path to getting in Animebytes? (country ban on what.cd irc invite)

>> No.55098072

Vpn->wcd interview

>> No.55098126

you can just use tor for WCD retard.

>> No.55098173

Do you even know how IRC works? Or the internet for that matter?

>> No.55098186

>leaving your computer on 24/7 or paying for a seedbox just so you can download obscure content that you dont actually want or download encodes that offer placebo tier improvements over easily obtainable alternatives

>> No.55098200

Yes retard I have been using IRCs for months.

>> No.55098206

Yes change your ip to a country that isnt banned

Do you even internet bro?

>> No.55098243

You can easily find VPN and Tor exit node lists on the internet, I don't think they are retarded enough to ban a country yet allow the same country's residents to join using known vpn/tor IPs, that makes the whole point of banning a country useless, get it?
And if they are that stupid, then their site isn't worth shit.

>> No.55098273

fa.m, stop lying, the indian needs to buy a VPN and then connect and wait for his interview easy as, your just being a racist.

>> No.55098274
File: 17 KB, 265x265, photo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>paying to pirate

>> No.55098303

I'm not from india

>> No.55098327
File: 49 KB, 524x700, comfy-cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Third world country here
I don't have a seedbox or seed over 24/7
I'm in btn, ptp, wcd set for life on everyone. It's worth the little effort m8 like i just downloaded these
Ryuichi Sakamoto Trio: World Tour 1996 - Complete Version
Taxidermia 2006
Both of those in highest quality possible
I've discovered so many books using bib collections all in retail quality, And got an overdrive library even, something a third worlder can only dream of

Goodbye /ptg/ you've been good to me

>> No.55098330

where you from family

>> No.55098335

Good thing private trackers are free!

>> No.55098340

Join their IRC server and hangout in the open rooms, make friends with a staffer or a high ranking member. At the moment that's your best bet.

>> No.55098381

There is only a irc invite ban tho, some retard from here probably flamed them on irc, can still get in via invites

I dislike what.cd and the rest of their elitist tracker collection, I'm just asking if there is another legitimate (not whoring on irc) path to get into animebytes

>> No.55098402


where are you going anon?

>> No.55098434

Not seeding, faggot

>> No.55098444

If this was months ago before the /marked/ meme i would've invited you
Fuck off cockroach

>> No.55098450

I meant Animebytes IRC, they have open rooms. If you like anime, and you can show it, you will probably get invited.

>> No.55098473

Seeding is free too unless you live in third world country with capped bandwidth

>> No.55098500

Didn't ask you for an invite
And it's good that you hate and fear the Turks, you should.

Fuck, I don't even like anime, trying to get in to download a stupid japanese movie for a relative

>> No.55098507


what movie is it that you're looking for?

>> No.55098509

Oh, so you don't pay for internet or electricity? How's mommy's basement?

>> No.55098524


Nice secure ruTorrent's there.

>> No.55098541

order torrents from smallest size to largest, snatch a good amount of them and seed. there is also tons of freeleech

>> No.55098548

It's called Kurosaki-kun no iinari ni nante naranai
Would really appreciate it if you could upload it to mega or something

>> No.55098556

It's not on there.

>> No.55098568

Really? I thought they had manga based movies
Thanks anyway for checking

>> No.55098572

what's the worst seedbox company after swizards? feral?

>> No.55098603

They do it's just not on there yet. There's a 720p HDTV rip on avistaz. Maybe somebody can get it for you.

>> No.55098611

Feral is the worst by far. The worst meme to come out of /ptg/. NEVER get feral, you be cucked

>> No.55098622

So do you but instead of leeching the movie/tv, stop the torrent and watch i seed
See the difference?

>> No.55098654

>And it's good that you hate and fear the Turks, you should.
yeah right

>> No.55098695

You would shake to your bones if you ever saw me irl, or any other turkish man, you maggot.
Maybe someday you will grow up and stop trying to feel good about your worthless self by hating on other races :^)

That'd be awesome

>> No.55098728

Yeah you leave the computer on to reach your ratio to stay in muh seekret club, thus wasting electricity.

You lost.

>> No.55098763

I live in my parents basement nigga, free electricity.

>> No.55098799

But i don't anon
It's a hit and run if i don't seed for weeks, i don't have to keep it on
As for ratio my most used tracker is ratioless

>> No.55098902

i found the /marked/ ab flair acc

>> No.55098913

who is it

>> No.55098995
File: 8 KB, 629x82, hmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which do I get bois?

>> No.55099026

Get the first if you can sacrifice the drive space

>> No.55099099


>> No.55099112

why would you do this. it isnt even close to october

>> No.55099121

that's not true

>> No.55099374

>wasting the time it took to type this out....

>> No.55099414

Well, it wouldn't be hard. Just writing out the line "FREELEECH ON WHAT!!!!", copying it, then pasting it with an alternating less than sign.


>> No.55099433


>calling meme arrow "less than sign"

>> No.55099596

who are you quoting?

>> No.55099667


The person I quoted. He referred to a meme arrow as a less than sign :^)

>> No.55099757

Do any of you on AB know if onepunchman (BD) release is up yet?

>> No.55099768

It is not. Raws are going up on nyaa though.

>> No.55099779

Yeah that's what I noticed, thanks familand

>> No.55099804 [DELETED] 
File: 116 KB, 481x344, 1453941176475.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the best paid VPN?

>> No.55099824

How to get their invitation?

>> No.55099842

Anybody here on Elebits?

>> No.55099853

Wait for interviews to open and apply

>> No.55099891

did you read the last announcement? I don't think there will be open applications ever again.

>> No.55099900

That's a really pretentious title for a thread, considering this place is really useless and it's nothing more than circlejerking. Not really technology, but what is on neo/g/ anyway.

Sincerely, some member from WCD, PTP and BTN.

>> No.55100000

They are holding back because of the high app count.

Yeah, but you didn't have to come in here and post that, bringing it back to the front of /g/.
(Unless you saged it.)

>> No.55100022

Should I delete all of the old WCD FLs now that FL is over?

>> No.55100055

>Sincerely I have a really big e-peen xD
OK kid

>> No.55100098

Is BTN even worth trying to get into if I'm already a member of BMTV?

>> No.55100136


>> No.55100174
File: 55 KB, 217x190, 1464718254255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice quits

>> No.55100374


>> No.55100445

depends what kind of content do you watch -- if you just want to download the latest GoT, then no. If you well seeded older TV series then yes.

>> No.55100455

How can I do to get notified of FL on WC?, missed the last one

>> No.55100467


>> No.55100517

1080p HDTV or 720p WEB-DL? Which one is superior?

>> No.55100527

RSS the announcements

>> No.55100568


What if I want to say, watch BBC documentaries from the 70's?

>> No.55100578

Does anyone know where the group NovaRip uploads first? Is it on IRC?

>> No.55100610

720 webdl if you don't like network logos and stuff like that
Though, Dimension does fairly good 1080p HDTV encodes.

>> No.55100655

Meh, I don't care about logos. I just want the highest picture quality possible.

>> No.55100666

well then probably the 1080p hdtv. Check the bitrate and encode settings though. Some Webdls can be bitstarved.

>> No.55101003

the winter denied me for something called ptg and I look it up and Its some 4chan shit

>> No.55101017

Will read the suggestions.

>> No.55101496



>> No.55101510

Top lel
It is hard as fuck to seed because no one downloads and has only scene shit. BTN has more content and is ratioless.

>> No.55101706


You guys spend all this time with these meme trackers just to download stuff encoded with meme deprecated codecs.

I don't get it.

>> No.55101724

What should one have before messaging the recruiter for emp from pornbay, like a min number of uploads etc?

>> No.55101754

What is the best general purpose tracker?

>> No.55101782


>> No.55101889

>using the smiley with a less than sign turned sideways nose

>> No.55101941

>highest picture quality possible
>huge TV channel logo covering the picture.

/ptg/ everyone

>> No.55101960

KAT ;^)

>> No.55101966

Your brain blocks it out after a while. It gets desensitized to it. Just like how a constant, quiet noise is eventually ignored by your brain, the logo is ignored by your brain after a while too.

>> No.55101987

/ptg/'s brain, everyone

>> No.55102016

>waah my brain doesn't function properly and can't become desensitized to small, constant noise in my senses
>waaah this means my brain is the only one functioning properly and everyone ELSE is the problem

>> No.55102101
File: 82 KB, 1366x478, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm confident that deluge is the worst torrent client ever.
Why would anyone put up with all of the stupid shit deluge does?
Pic related, all I did was start deluge.
Anyone who actually recommends deluge should be shot.

>> No.55102112

>say anything

>> No.55102199

no u

>> No.55102205

IPT, don't listen to the neets here
They don't know the world works by money

>> No.55102215


>> No.55102264

>windows 10
why anon why?

>> No.55102276

It's windows 8 but still. I understand.
Why does everyone think it's windows 10?

>> No.55102298

>It's windows 8 but still. I understand.
>Why does everyone think it's windows 10?
because it's not windows 7

>> No.55102306

>implying windows 7 is masterace
not using a based mac

>> No.55102309

Because everyone on /g/ uses a deprecated OS.

>> No.55102313

>implying windows 7 isn't master race
macs suck

>> No.55102330
File: 181 KB, 392x305, Mac Truck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55102337

I don't. I'm using the Sierra beta.

>> No.55102389

Deluge also shits itself when it has too many file handlers open (happened to me at around 700 torrents, mostly music)

All my torrents were constantly jumping between "error" and "seeding"

>> No.55102438

new thread when

>> No.55102464

I hope never.
Are you a developer?

>> No.55102467

make one faggot

>> No.55102480

No, grabbed it off What.
I like it so far

>> No.55102492

Why are you using beta software? Do you like wholes in your security?

>> No.55102505

As locked down as this beta is, even compared to other Apple releases, I'd be shocked if anyone managed to fuck their shit up.

>> No.55102542

0days are a thing senpai.

>> No.55102599

Can't install anything not Apple or "known developer" approved familia

>> No.55102609

Any crone can pick it up and stick it on their Mac. That same crone could be a pen tester.

>> No.55102652

Well how else are you supposed to find vulnerabilities?

>> No.55102735

Yeah, but you don't want to be the one getting exploited senpai.

>> No.55102817

I'm not running it as my main right now. Just using it to see what's new.

>> No.55103227


>> No.55103344


>> No.55103855

anybody knows any oppaiti.me recruiting?


>> No.55103873


>> No.55104104

Everywhere PU and IRC

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