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android plebs will finally be able to use a decent messenger app

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another botnet
no thanks

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>E2E encryption by default
>using botnet incorrectly to begin with

Good one, pal.

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Does this mean I can finally use my computer to send texts without disgusting trash like airdroid or pushbullet?

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If it's closed source the encryption means nothing. I bet you think whatsapp is secure too.

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>E2E encryption where they hold the keys to mitm
>not a botnet
Good one, pal.

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The illuminati will not only announce their existancr but the existance of aliens next tuesday

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>It's encrypted guys! Nevermind the fact that Apple has your private keys!
Spotted the friendly merchant.

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>becoming an apple cĂșck while being outside of their platform

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>pretending anything you do on a computer is secure
>perpetuating the myth of privacy in 2016

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Why would anyone want shit tier spaghetti code trash by applel skiddie poo in loos that barely even works?


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>decent messenger app

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You mean telegram? We have it too

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Why do you need an app to do something that phones have done since before "apps" even existed?

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>Features like....emoji, stickers...mini games

More bloated than that guy from that Monty Python film

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>he still uses SMS/MMS

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Tell me when you have access to a fucking file browser

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>INB4 well we dont need one heuggg

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Is this the end of the green bubble meme?

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Surely it can't be worse than whatsapp

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This actually is badass for me because my job requires me to use iMessage so I am stuck with an iPhone, would love to get a note 5 or nexus 6p or something

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iFag here. if this is true I'm immediately bailing on iPhone. Not having iMessage is the ONLY reason I am not using Android.

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I wonder how those lol green bubble bitches feel about it

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I'm not going to lie, I'll be really happy if this is the case. I want to use iMessage but don't want to buy an iPhone right now.

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I bet applel will et rid of green bubbles anyways if we somehow get a the media to compare it to that jew detector plugin people got butthurt about.

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But iOS doesnt use file browsers, everything is done using apps.

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They just encrypted it and then forgot the keys, fellahs!!!!

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Years ago when I jailbroke my device

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Considering that Apple refused to decrypt their phones managed to get the federal government to back off, I certainly trust them over Google. Especially considering that Google literally reads and scans you're messages to send you ads and sell your ad profile. Their new messaging app even has that as a key feature: it reads and analyzes messages between you and your friends on their servers to see what you're most likely to send next.

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>he uses his pocket pc for texting
kill yourself op, this is not a smartphone anymore

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He's a qt

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Genuinely retarded post

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I'll take it. Google's had plenty of time to develop a competitor

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That was a PR stunt you idiot.

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Cool I guess but it will undoubtedly run like shit compared to on iOS just like every other fucking app.

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Apple has decrypted phones for the FBI before

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sms cost money and internet is unlimited
ifile, before android even existed

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lel wut
PR stunt?

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I bet money these whores will think getting a blue text from an Android user harassment and s form of rape.

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They haven't.

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If android users can have blue bubbles I'm going to be seriously pissed off

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If you say so. Meanwhile Google has literally said they read all your emails to send you ads and that their new messaging app will also read and analyze all the messages you send and to who you send them to.

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Not him but Apple is known to have worked with the NSA as of 2013. They also have decrypted phones for law enforcement in the past, meaning their claim that such decryption tools don't exist is a bald faced lie.

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Sorry >>55001320.

>>55001363 was for >>55001310 and >>55001338

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Need a source on phones being decrypted

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>The company admitted in an October 2015 court filing in an unrelated case in the Eastern District of New York that it previously unlocked passcode-protected iPhones running on iOS 7 and older versions of the Apple operating system. That changed with iOS 8, when Apple began turning on passcode encryption by default, after the Edward Snowden revelations about the NSA made international consumers concerned about how much of their data was being turned over to U.S. intelligence agencies.

not anymore faggot

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>Actually believing it because Apple said so

>> No.55001410

>Post proof
>Oh , not anymore !!

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Where's the proof?

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com on maat

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But that is exactly what this FBI case was about. They made the statement that they will no longer unlock any phones.


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Read the info in the pic posted here fags >>55001363

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2 rupees have been deposited in your shit wiping hands Rajeesh.

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So there's literally zero reason to buy an iPhone now?

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Besides a better SoC and battery life? No.

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Don't forget better OS and higher quality devices

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>battery life

2 poos have been deposited in your loo Pajeet.

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>high quality

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Lifelong iFag, iMessage is shit. its always felt heavy and sluggish. WhatsApp really is the best.

The ONLY good thing about it is that it doesn't compress sent media and slightly better privacy in terms of people seeing your activity, no statuses no avatar things.

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>bend metal device

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>>get 2 rupees from applel

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I used my Android phone as a foot bridge and it broke, what the fuck Google?!

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>its always felt heavy and sluggish

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>its always felt heavy and sluggish
What the fuck does that even mean?

>> No.55001892

>always felt heavy and sluggish
is the pic attached to illustrate what heavy sluggishness looks like?

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why the hell people use that app? is inferior in every way possible

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do people send SMS messages any more?

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if they actually release iMessage for Android and it works just like the iOS version... then thats it for all other messaging apps, google might as well not even release Allo, It doesnt matter if there are "better" products out there, iMessage is good enough and everyone will use it. It's a smart move by Apple if they actually do it.

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- everyone with an iPhone has iMessage
- iMessage was prevalent before other SMS competitors were any good (whatsapp had been around for a bit i think, but it was absolutely garbage)
- continuity between OS X and iOS is genuinely nice and "just works". i used MightyText on android and it's a kludgy solution inspired by (but falling short of) iMessages.

i appreciate that other apps/networks are better now, but you need to not be a blind, frothing zealot about shit. if you can't sit down and enumerate a few reasons to explain why iMessage took hold then you're too delusional to take, let alone give, anything worthwhile in this conversation.

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>look we made shittier Viber
There are so much messenger apps on fucking Android it's not even viable platform for Apple to complete in.

Quality even of shittiest app, like Viber is 10 times better than messenger.

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you seem to think that the important thing in a chat protocol is the features. to an extent that's true - they need to not be too limited - but anyone who has done social network analysis could tell you that the network of users is the most important criterion. if you're the only person in your network using protocol_A, the probability of your friends migrating is generally close enough to 0 as to be a rounding error away.

iMessage captures everyone with an iDevice. iPhones are generally popular, and the groups of people for whom they're popular are these fairly strongly self-reinforcing groups - that is, the groups of people that use iPhones use iPhones overwhelmingly.

i just know that some fucking faggot is going to come in and make a retarded, autistic, or otherwise pedantic nitpicky point about something i've said, so just go ahead and get it off your chest, autists.

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It's literally most obscure messenger out there.

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The thing I love most about iMessage is that the desktop client isn't a shitty powerbloat web wrapper afterthought (telegram, whatsapp, signal) or worse that bullshit where the desktop client is tethered to your phone and is useless if your phone is off (whatsapp, signal). Desktops are a first-class citizen in the iMessage ecosystem and that's awesome, because fuck pulling out my phone when I'm using my laptop or desktop.

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thanks for leaping in like that. anyone else?

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>whatsapp had been around for a bit i think, but it was absolutely garbage
It's still shit.

>> No.55002734

>most important thing is user base
>iMessager has no user base
>You trawling, you trawling!!

Good job, just fantastic fucking job!

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I would say the chances are low that they will release a windows desktop client. They will probably keep that exclusive to OS X. But, its possible you never know. For example, they put iWork on the web for Windows access. However, they did not release full windows desktop programs.

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i said earlier that everyone with an iPhone or other iDevice (even a mac) is part of iMessage. given that this means a comparison between all iPhones ever sold (since they're all on iOS and therefore all coming pre-loaded with iMessage), this makes the network effect very strong.

this is why i'm not repeating myself. because if i just jumped in to help people with disabilities affecting reading comprehension as soon as they hit something they didn't understand, i'd waste all day pointing them back to the first several posts and asking them to kindly actually read the whole fucking post before having an autistic greentexting tantrum

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who fucking cares that everyone on different platform is part of it, it's moving to platform where people are indifferent to it.
They literally have no leg to stand on, they are not fucking popular.
your argument is retarded at best.

>> No.55002807

That's fine with me, no device I've owned in the 20 years I've been computing had windows as a primary operating system, and only a fraction of that time (maybe a year or two) have I had a dual boot setup with a windows partition. My primary OS has always been some form of Mac OS aside from a year-long stint where everything went to shit and I had like $100 to my name and I ran Linux on an old laptop.

I think a Linux port is totally possible though given how Swift + Foundation now support Linux.

>> No.55002826

Way to into higher order thinking anon

>> No.55002851

>who fucking cares that everyone on different platform is part of it
now you need to go back a post or two where i pointed out that literally anyone who's studied digitally mediated social networks (e.g. messaging systems, social networking sites, etc...) could tell you that the network effects are by far the most important criterion.

seriously, either read the posts or shut the fuck up.

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you can put your anecdotal bullshit up your ass.

>> No.55002884

I still remember back when Apple ported iTunes to Windows, causing the iPod to explode in popularity and creating a "halo effect" that pulled people into trying Macs and later on iPhones and iPads.

Porting iMessage to Android has a very real possibility of being Apple's next big halo effect. If nothing else I'll bet anybody that it'll significantly reduce the number of Android users with sour attitudes towards Apple.

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This isnt true. They already removed from the website. Fuck off androidpleb. no blue bubble for you

>> No.55002911

Not really because this would only affect the USA where apple is already popular. The rest of the world is already on whatsapp and in the USA iMessage is one of the reasons many people stay on iOS.

>> No.55002956

Well, given that I live in the US, that's really the only market I care about.

That said, Japan has very high iOS usage rates too. Android didn't take root as well there as it has elsewhere.

>> No.55002961

it's not "anecdotal" just because you're ignorant of the research. here are some pretty introductory slides on computational social network analysis:
then http://snap.stanford.edu/class/cs224w-2014/slides/07-cascading.pdf and http://snap.stanford.edu/class/cs224w-2014/slides/08-cascades.pdf

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I look forward to it because I own a Mac but have zero interest in the iPhone and would like to have iMessage continuity between my devices.

>> No.55002980

>Let me link him a 404 page and fucking presentation, no real peer reviewed papers.
Sure showed me, how it's not anecdotal.

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File: 608 KB, 1236x1674, Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 8.12.46 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't realize it was locked. I can upload them somewhere. give me a minute and please stop being a faggot about it.

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>It's all nothing but presentation
Wow, it's fucking nothing.


>> No.55003101

I don't understand. Are you asking for academic papers? You've demonstrated you're completely unfamiliar with this topic. Do you think people are writing conference and journal papers at a superficial enough level that you wouldn't be completely lost?

I'm not going to waste my time digging up the papers behind these slides. If you read a slide and you want to know more about it, ask specifically and I'll go hunt papers on that topic down.

Or, if you want to be a real adult who doesn't get everything fed to him by spoon mimicking an airplane, you can go search google scholar.

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The fuck is wrong with whatsapp? Also are they just expecting everyone using whatsapp to start using another messenger app when literally every single person that owns a smartphone installs whatsapp as the first app?

>> No.55003129

Its better than Telegram, Kik, Whatsapp, and all the other random "secure" messaging services out there. Certainly better than Skype for text messages.

Though of course the NEET freetards on /g/ will always find something to complain about. Not like you losers have anyone to talk to anyway. More than half of you faggots have a Moto G you leave in airplane mode all day long since you don't even have service.

>> No.55003140

>literally every single person that owns a smartphone installs whatsapp as the first app?
is there a source on that? or are you going on your sample of yourself and your parents' phones, which you set up for them?

>> No.55003144

>I don't understand.
I see that, all I said was "fuck off with your anecdotal bullshit"

and what you decided to do? Give me some anecdotal bullshit.

basically, you are where you started, at being complete fucking shithead.

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I'm on sample of my entire fucking country, if you have a smartphone but you don't have whatsapp on it then you are fucking retard

>> No.55003161

I'm pretty sure a fair proportion of people install Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or some other app first as well.

I'm sure many people install Whatsapp first (although why "first" matters is beyond me - messaging apps aren't a mutually exclusive choice), but since you've decided to make your stand on that point, I'll humor you on this.

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>calling other shit "botnet"
>while using a google-developed mobile OS with preloaded google malware

>> No.55003179

I'm saying first because they basically don't understand how they would communicate with other people without whatsapp

>> No.55003183

Haha epic burn bro

so you have some national level data that you can point to? You forgot to link it.

>> No.55003196

ofcourse not, but we can deduce that Whatsapp is more popular than iMessage.

Whatsapp has 1 billion users if we believe Wiki on this one
there are 550 Million iPhone users.

>> No.55003198

Those are literally the lecture notes for (what looks like) a graduate level course at Stanford.

Are you seriously still fighting him on this? Just disappear, faggot. That's the appeal of 4chan. You can just stop existing when someone outs you for the humongous faggot that you are.

>> No.55003211

>Oh let me use fallacy of authority to shut you down

Job well done.

>> No.55003226

Meant for

>> No.55003229

What *do you think* is the argument here? Did anyone here say that iMessage was bigger, or was it just that iMessage is popular?

Is it sufficient to say that 700m iPhones have been sold (or let's say 550m if it'll be an easier sell with you), and for us to agree that half a billion people is enough to call something popular?

>> No.55003250

iMessage is the only reason I'll be switching back to iPhone. Everyone I know is on it. If true I can stick with my sweet LG V10.

>> No.55003260

I'm not him, I'm just pointing out that university lecture notes are pretty strong corroborating evidence, especially from a good university, and especially from a rigorous course.

>> No.55003262

argument here is that words "literally every single person that owns a smartphone" in nomenclature don't actually mean "literally every single person that owns a smartphone"

I know, it's weird but such is life.

>> No.55003270

Fuck, this hurts to watch. I hope that poor kid came out alright. This is why you bolt your shit to the walls if you have kids or any kind of critter around.

>> No.55003279

or they can be complete bullshit from a bad course.

Who knows, authority is not a good argument, ever.

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so what are you asking for? academic papers? do you want to just point to something so we can move on?

or are you going to come out and tell me that there's nothing factual that would sway your opinion based on... honestly, i think i forgot to ask. what IS informing your opinion on this?

>> No.55003313

Academic paper is the only paper I ever accept and that paper has some criteria too, there are such things as bad academic papers.

>> No.55003315

I hope this is true. I want to be a normie but also enjoy muh custom rom.

>> No.55003332

Well yeah I don't have proof of shit but if they're going to try to move everyone with whatsapp to the new thing then they need to offer some good shit

It already happened with myspace to facebook but I don't know what can they do to improve so drastically on whatsapp

>> No.55003338

how would you assess whether it's bullshit or not? would it matter that the instructor's research impact is high? probably not, because you might counter that the professor just stamped his name on the slides (although he *did* make and deliver these lectures, but i don't see how going down that rabbit hole would be worthwhile).

would it help if other sites online recommended that class and vouched for its quality? i'm assuming not, because that'd be bandwagon fallacy. but if you're open to that, let me know.

there has to be some evidence that, if it existed, would convince you that you might be wrong. this isn't an ideology or a religion. you're not obligated to believe in it regardless of what logic and evidence says - in fact, you should be open to being wrong. but you don't seem to be, so i'm asking "point blank" what it would take for you to reconsider your frankly religious opinion here.

>> No.55003351

Jesus Christ... They need to make it mandatory for all high school students to take an introduction to Logic course.

>> No.55003366

>how would you assess whether it's bullshit or not?
By being in the course, do you have any other fucking idea how to access quality of something without testing it?

>you that you might be wrong
I might be wrong is assuming that the original replier has only anecdotal evidence? yea, if he shows the evidence, you fuck nugget.

>> No.55003401

you've been too vague about what "bad academic papers" are. i'm willing to ignore that you can't possibly understand papers written about this topic given how naive you are, and i'm willing to ignore that at this point i'm doing all the work for you. given the conversation so far, my expectation is that you'll dismiss anything i give you as one of the nebulously defined "bad papers" with some post hoc justification (e.g. citation count under N in Y years, or not later referenced by person_X whom you respect, or something).

if you feel like following up with something concrete, or you see a title in that screenshot you want to see, feel free to check in. i think it's clear from this thread that i've made every reasonable effort to accommodate your bizarre and idiosyncratic needs.

>> No.55003433

Oh shit, mate.
Did I show myself in a bad light and now you are weary of posting to me and are trying to also insult my intelligence?

Sounds like a cop out of someone who has no evidence to back up his fucking claims.

>> No.55003436

>By being in the course
well, get into stanford. asking me to help you have the same phenomenological experience is so far beyond the pale that it might be fucking crazy.

>> No.55003449

>do you have any other fucking idea how to access quality of something without testing it?

>> No.55003455


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>heavy and sluggish

>> No.55004491


>yfw all of your messages are backed up to the icloud, which is subject to a common subpoena

>> No.55004628

WhatsApp uses the Signal protocol

>> No.55004644



>> No.55004710

Lol good one

>> No.55004788

Continue to live in your delusional bubble then

>> No.55005081

It does, but it probably also sends your private key to Facebook, the NSA and whoever pays that greedy kike zuckerberg.

>> No.55005094

No true /g/ent uses android with google apps.

>> No.55005678


So tired of having to install Telegram talk to poorfags.

>> No.55005682

The real question is, why would anyone with a brain want to communicate with an iDiot?

>> No.55005840

Not the guy you replied to but it took me fucking forever to get used to the idea of texting and only in the last two or three years or something have I finally gotten used to the idea of using SMS somewhat regularly. And currently I'd much prefer that over having to use shitty apps just to send messages.

What I prefer to send messages through, more than anything else, is the web. (Or phone calls.) That's the way I've always done it, and I don't see why I should change now.

>> No.55005873

when will we be able to just use debian on our phone? all it needs is sms & phone capabilities

>> No.55005910

what's so great about this iMessage and can you not message people who are "on it" without being "on it" yourself? i thought it was a literal text messaging app that sends your messages through data instead of SMS, if it can.

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File: 294 KB, 1212x652, Nexus-6P-bend.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>high quality

>> No.55006090

when is the desktop version getting support to send images to google hangouts?

>> No.55006121

Didn't the Moto G only become big on this board because it had the letter G in it?

>> No.55006235

You're right, but what I don't understand is why people mostly won't use open protocols that hobbyist programmers can port to any platform with networking they wish, (without fear of takedown,) but instead insist on staying on networks that you can only access if you download the proprietary app the creators of the service developed for the mobile platforms they chose to develop for. It's fucking annoying to me.

>> No.55006257

>this handheld device can be bent with force therefore it is a bad product

>> No.55007350


>> No.55007653

No thanks, hangouts does it much better.

>> No.55007673

what colour are their text bubbles going to be? still green?

>> No.55007752

>the default SMS app for every Android doesn't have MMS over wifi
>Imessage does

I love Android but holy shit I need this

>> No.55007766

>they didn't unlock the phones
>they just pulled the information off of the locked phones and handed it to the government


>> No.55007831

SoC? What is that.

>> No.55008009

It's fake retard.

>> No.55008175

Total comprehension fail.
Your special school is embarrassed.

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