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speccy thread

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2500K masterrace

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Laptops are truly a joy to use in summer, boiling my blood trough my wrists.

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is this bad

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Shit those temps scare me.
Buy a usb laptop cooler then.

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AMD apu's are notorious for not reading the correct temp in speccy

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>Asus laptops

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My new ThinkPad P50

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Sad specs, no money to build a pc right now.

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It's not a bad laptop performance-wise, just gets hot during hot weather.

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No problem in my basement bedroom

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What? It's a Speccy.

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Come at me b0is

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are these temps normal?

the 980 likes to idle at 60 without a custom fan curve.

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Noctua is not a meme

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Shitty specs except the storage.

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Specs aren't that good but pretty alright for me.
also what the fuck cpu

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You folks without ssd's amaze me.

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144hz master race

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>Master race

Pick one

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Finished this 2 weeks ago, should have waited for next gen cards but I was ignorant of them at the time.

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Your graphics card should be able to handle that peasant resolution fine

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Peanus Weenus

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>tfw fell for the Skymeme meme
>tfw fell for the 16 GiB RAM meme
>tfw fell for the SSD meme

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Tfw feel for the being alive meme

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New laptop

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my craptop in charge of not being on fire while doing basic shit

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Always thought about going for 4.8Ghz or 4.9Ghz but can't be bothered.

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1080p 144hz or 1440p 60hz?

I'm thinking about getting a 1070 but I would have to upgrade the monitor to make any real use out of it

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Did u overclox uraudio

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Explain your gpu

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I bought 4 months ago and my most intense game right now is counter strike and occasionally Total Warhammer.

The 960 is just a holdover for a next gen card probably by the end of summer (not buying a shitty founders edition)

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>tfw need a graphics card that will fit in my tiny ass computer

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Budget: asus r7 240
Habmoneis: msi 750ti

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Assuming this isn't a b8 picture, that cpu would bottleneck pretty much any modern gpu

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not bait, just poor

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Gotta Have them Cores

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rip poor anon :*(

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I think I am upgrading to a 6800k and a 1080. Would it be worth?

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Damn, that hitachi is dangerously cold. Fucking 14C?

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RAMlet detected.

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Every day until new computer

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you'll gain performance sure, but not $1000 more worth of performance

then again, I'm sure price doesn't matter if you're even considering it

if I were you, get 1080 first then 6800k. more of a benefit that way

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i dont even care anymore

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memer coming through

>290 flashed to 390, 1150 Core, 1500 Memory
>2500k @ 4.4GHz

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Is your monitor possessed or something?

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You need 16 GB RAM to be a true memer.

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/g/ 1070 or 480?

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Why is there no version of Speccy for Linux?

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Not feeling like creating a thread, how bad did I fuck up /g/?

Have a 120 GB SSD laying around and roommates forced me to get a OD, we don't have Ethernet, getting win 10 from kinguin and dualbooting ubuntu

>Inb4 gaymen peripherals

A friend bought them

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>not overclocking audio

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Forgot pic

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who /icecold/ here?

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I failed, didn't I?

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CPU and GPU colder than chipset? How?

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Am I okay? Would I benefit from upgrading to an i7-6700k with 16gb of ram?

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bretty gud/10

and make your own choices senpai

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Just put this build together last night. Replacing a 7 year old q9400 build that was on its last legs with only 4 gigs of ram (the other 4 died a few months ago).

Feels good, man.

Waiting to see what's the deal with the 480x before upgrading the vidya.

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amd cant in2 sensors

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who /dualssd/ here?

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nvidia rules

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What the fuck is wrong with your CPU temps?!?!

>nevermind, it's an AMD

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Dude,... how about you turn on your GPU fans?

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Why would I RAID SSDs when a PCI SSD is faster?

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it's turned on mate
there's just not a lot of space for air to come out

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Why did you buy this in the first place?

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came with the workstation
exchanged two core 2 duo optiplexes for this, it's crunching all the time now.

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mobile edition

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>3x msi 390
how did you even fit them inside?

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my desktop.

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all these i7's for gaming


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>for gaming
that's your assumption, this is /g/, I know for a fact some of these builds are for rendering, encoding, number crunching, etc.

Though it is summer as fuck so I am sure a good number are for gaymen and they're just idiots wasting money.

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i5 stutters like a mug at anything bigger than 2560x1440 in newer games.

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>rendering, encoding, number crunching
No most, if not all ITT is for gaymen with their gaymen GPUs.

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Well I know for a fact my own 5820k posted earlier in the thread isn't for gaming primarily

I have ~18TB of HDDs and a GTX 960 GPU. Obviously not a gaming rig.

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>Not point out Windows 10

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If you render shit or unpack shit constantly then sure

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My PSU fan spins really slow and I can smell that burning plastic scent

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>2500k is proven time and time again to be all you need for today's games if you have a decent GPU
>still going strong FIVE YEARS LATER
>somehow, by some next level mental gymnastics...people...still buy i7


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Nice, are you architect or engineer?
And I'm still using a 4 year old dell precision desktop.

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What do you need that RAM for?

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Rocking two 780ti's atm, what a mistake that was. Should I hold off on buying a 1080 and wait for the ti if there is one, or just say fuck it and buy the 1080?

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>what a mistake that was.
Fucking amen brother. SLI is a meme, and a bad one at that. Don't do it anons.

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poorfag edition, waiting for rx 480

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