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umm...okay. why does the note series have a pen? name one useful purpose of the pen other than drawing doodles.

>who wants a stylus? you have to get em and put em away, and you lose em. yuck. nobody wants a stylus

- steve jobs

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You won't shit up the screen with your cheetos covered fat fingers.

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I haven't eaten cheetos in years.

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In the corporate world - digitally signing a document
In graphics design - more accurate lasso tool, doodling

That's all I can really think of

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>who wants a stylus? you have to get em and put em away, and you lose em. yuck. nobody wants a stylus
>creates apple pencil

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I have a 'white board' widget that i use all of the time with my note 4. Basically I make a to-do list for the month/week/day and enjoy crossing off the list.

I also sometimes use an app that is triggered wen i pull the stylus out. It opens up a note page and I write a reminder or a note then when I put the pen back in it automatically emails me the note that i wrote.

Both of these are pretty damn nifty and worth it. I've had the note 4 since it came out.

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Fucking jpg

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I have a note 5. I didn't get it for the stylus. But I tell you what, you don't know what you're missing if you never had it. I'll never get a phone with out one ever again.

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>>who wants a stylus? you have to get em and put em away, and you lose em. yuck. nobody wants a stylus

> dies

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what do you do with it anon

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Primarily I use it to censor out shit Heads names on facebook. But another anon pointed out the pop out whiteboard that emails you. That shit is uuuuusefuuuulllll. I use it to draw diagrams to explain things to my students. I use it for grocery lists. I use it to doodle when I'm bored on the train, bus, or plane. I use it to press buttons on apps that don't scale properly (kodi). I use it for what ever a pinpoint would be more useful than my sausage fingers. When I'm in classes or meetings and I need to take notes, it emails me the text format of my notes. It is after all the note.

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The other thing I use it is for hand drawing pictures that i text to people

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Keeping notes on this nigger and saving them to PDF is as good as it gets. I haven't used my Moleskine and fountain pen in quite a while. Also: http://lifehac.kr/mM0RhLW

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Its really,really time to wash your hands then senpai

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is that a built in app you used to draw?

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>When I'm in classes or meetings and I need to take notes, it emails me the text format of my note

which app does this? s-note?

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oic. also, what's it like being a mexi fag? where exactly do you live?

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>why does the note series have a pen
>note series
>why does it have a pen

if you dont want a stylus dont get a note are you dense?

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you on a note 4 or 5 sempai?

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S-note translates it then you email it yourself using share sempai.
I'm not mexican. But I do live in mexico. I'm visiting Seattle right now though. Much better than modesto.
5, big mistake. Looking back I wish I got a 4 instead. Although fast charge makes up for the interchangeable batteries, it's still not like having 3 batteries in your bag waiting to go.
>tfw no SD slot

Also s-note allows screen shots on snapchat with out alerting the user.

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And people say apple is gay

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>using snapchat..

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Sounds like people like the note, I ordered a refurb note 4 to use for the summer until my line is up for an upgrade, maybe I'll end up liking it so much that I don't upgrade for a long time

Sadly samsung is getting rid of removable batteries

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What, you don't like girls anon?
It's okay if you dont. Boys use snapchat too :)
You probably will keep it. It's a very good tool. Especially considering gimp is on android now, I all but threw out my Wacom tablet.

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>gimp is on android now

mite be cool, didn't know about this. though I have no experience with it since I just pirate PS

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Ps And gimp are too very different programs. Gimp being the superior of the two thanks to addons.

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Note 4 also has fast charge. Only thing 5 has over the 4 other than faster processor is a brighter screen. That is the only real pro is better readability in broad daylight.

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I wouldn't know, I never leave my cave.

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I know a lot of people buy them solely because they like to use the pen as a pointing device more than their finger.

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few years later the ipad pro comes with a stylus

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>>54951111 here. Not the same anon as
>>54951273, I thought you'd notice by the different handwriting. But yeah, that's the screenshot app.
West Mexico. Second largest city. It's alright as long as you're reasonably wealthy and not in the mob.
Note 3 with a Note 5 rom.
But it probably won't be pre assure sensitivity for the stylus.

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Those 12 year olds on messenger want to know if you scored that dope yet

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I have more than enough heroin To last me quite a while. I'm out of state right now and I left it at home tho. Gotta get my tolerance down. It takes a $30 bag to get me even feeling ok. A whole gram to get high. Not acceptable.

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>unironically quoting Mr Blowjobs as if he's some kind of authority on everything and not just a delusional sandnigger hipster who ripped Wozniak off

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so when your touchscreen digitizer goes out you can operate it with the stylus digitizer until the replacement comes, or is it just me?

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what language is that?
nice quads btw, epic!

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Uh, english? You weren't taught palmer script in elementary school? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palmer_Method

I'm guessing my shit is unreadable due to that dumb "caligraphy" pen effect.

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I'm silently disapproving of your lifestyle choices.

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Squid is a much better program. I can upload the apk if anyone wants it.

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You and me both friendo. But I'm here now and I can't go back. So might as well make use of it.
>mfw I realised I'm taking an airplane out of state.

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Is heroin as good as they say/picture it on movies like Trainspotting? How would you compare it to the best orgasm you've ever had. That's mostly the reason why I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than try heroin. I'm afraid I would never be able to go back.

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Don't do it even once, the effect is permanent you will want it for the rest of your life whether or not you have the willpower to stop.

Even if you manage to quit doing it you will always want it so there is a constant danger of relapse.

Do it enough and your tolerance gets high and you run the risk of overdose and death because of varying purity.

Eventually you will feel so shitty without it that the only reason you are doing it is to prevent flu like withdrawls.

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>name one useful purpose of the pen other than drawing doodles.
name one useful purpose of a smartphone in general. one that you actually use that is, not some theoretical thing that no one ever uses.

I seriously don't do shit with mine other than make calls and navigation.

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He was Syrian. Guess who else is Syrian. That's right. ISIS.

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Just do it, don't be a faggot.

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Every person thinks they can fucking hit it and quit it. It's not possible. Not even once.

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I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 just because S-pen and it has a 768p screen. I regret nothing

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>mfw I realised I'm taking an airplane out of state.

1. Suddenly "catch a bug" a day or so after the plane lands.
2. loltrafficking *sweats bullets*
3. detox

I'm predicting 1.

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Yeah, but Jobs is dead, so come on, who's the REAL winner here?

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Nice handwriting. I'm loathing your superior screen resolution from my Note 3.
No, it's not.
Enjoy it, brother.

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>umm...okay. why does the note series have a pen? name one useful purpose of the pen other than drawing doodles.
>>who wants a stylus? you have to get em and put em away, and you lose em. yuck. nobody wants a stylus
>- steve jobs

Why does the iPad pro have a pen?
Why does iPhone have pressure touch?
Why did your mother give birth to an autistic child?

We'll never know, will we

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Don't ever do it. I tried it. And now I'm addicted.
One time isn't enough to fuck you up for life. It is enough to make you think "that wasn't so bad" and then do it again and get addicted.
Im really quite fine.
Google suboxone. I have a 4 month supply with me for a 12 Day trip.
This. Copy paste is so fuckin Easy with the pen.

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>a fucking toothpick for manlets is the same thing as a proper pen

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That was spoken in the context of the era of phones with small screens, and screens that were pressure sensitive rather than capacitive. They were kind of necessary to operate the phone unless you chose to jab at the screen with your fingernail.

On larger screen phones there is more incentive for people to doodling or use applications that treat the device like a notebook (heyyyy, is that where Samsung got the name from?)

But I imagine even with the S-pen, people for the most part still do use their fingers to to quick, out of pocket actions like reply to texts and make calls. Even browse the web where most of your interaction is just scrolling the screen.

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>applel pencil
>proper pen
o i am laffin

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Giving your iPad a pencil dick. This was the best they could come up with?

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It was really helpful to use it for notes. I was drawing out the floor plan of my house so I could buy new wood laminate. I was drawing it all up as I was measuring it. Had it saved later. It was convenient. I miss my note 3. I want to drop this iphone for the next note.

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I call it the meme stick

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I used to doodle on ms paint all fucking day so having the stylus let's me do it again, I don't use it for writing but I like to draw in places when I'm bored.

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No doubt everything to you looks like a dick.

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Any smartwatch users here? Is there any pen note app that has viewer for watch? Doesn't matter what watch os.

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It's the most accurate stylus I've ever used. I have pretty big hands and it helps to navigate through the phone. Air command is also great as it provides shortcuts to screenwrite, smemos, and my favorite apps. It can also be used to write instead of using a keyboard. It converts your handwriting and it's pretty damn accurate. The best feature is screen off memos. You don't even have to unlock the phone or press any buttons. You just slide out the stylus, scribble a note, and when you put it back in it relocks the phone and saves the note.

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>blue pen
Get the fuck out.

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Also, does anyone else use a custon rom based on touchjizz?

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Nah, I have the AT&T version so I can't even root it. KNOX is shit but I don't really care. I got the phone for $200 and was desperate to get away from the iShit I had before. I've been checking XDA once a week to see how progress on rooting is coming along. My phone doesn't even have MM yet because AT&T is lazy as fuck.

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When you work with faggot-owned and -made apple products, it's hard not to see dicks everywhere.

It's because they put dicks in their products.

Because they're faggots.

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at least you're saving them as .jpg and not uploading 3MB images like the other fag

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B-but muh lossless compression

>> No.54955081

b-but muh bandwidth

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Welcome, summer bro. I see you're getting quickly acquainted to our ways. But exercise some restraint. Don't try too hard.

>> No.54955097

You're trying too hard to blend in, summerfriend.

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Its easier to type if you have dildo fingers

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>west mexico


>> No.54955160

It's set like that by default. At least on mine it is.

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Guadalajara. Yes.

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>name one useful purpose of the pen other than drawing doodles.
Selecting text is fucking wonderful with a pen. It also allows you to do things like select areas for screen capture much easier and more accurately than using fingers.

You can also handwrite with it, which can be faster than typing on a software keyboard.

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Shit, man. That's horrible. Are you on a Note 4? As soon as you can't root it, you're golden. Most custom roms for these phones kills all the cool features and pen support. Cyanogenmod ain't even MM yet. The custom rom I'm using gives you most Note 5 features like the off screen notes but it's still lollipop. It's fast as fuck, too. So I can't complain.

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Note 5 here.

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Oh well. At least you have the cool clicky pen stylus.

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Yeah, it's pretty satisfying.

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