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>he doesn't host his website on his home connection
>he's afraid of "muh hackers [sic]" despite using the latest nginx available and no insecure php on his website
>he's afraid of "muh ddos" when people don't tend to do random acts of bully which actively prevent them from getting a reaction out of you
Why did you fall for the rented server meme?

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>Why did you fall for the rented server meme?

when i got one for a one-off $5 payment

its shit, but good enough for hosting my crap

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>Why did you fall for the rented server meme?
I don't rent shit, since my alumni account at the university leaves me with free hosting for the rest of my life.

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maybe it's because port 80 is blocked?!

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Fuck off doc

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>his ISP blocks port 80
Time to switch to something better, anon-kun

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I used to have an old laptop in my father's basement that I used as a webserver. One day lightning struck and the network card in it got fucked.

Tell me, OP, does lightning strike the rented servers?

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>he doesn't have a surge protector in 2016
Sorry, I thought I posted this in /g/

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>switch ISPs
What country do you live in?

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>his area has one ISP to choose from
Time to switch to something better, anon-kun

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>he lives with his parents and doesnt pay the electric bill

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Because it's incredibly cheap now?

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>cost of renting server
>don't have physical access to server
>completely reliant on 3rd party host not to keep logs and track visitors
>could be taken down on a bogus DMCA or violation of terms of use without your notice
>probably running on some botnet OS/shared VM

>cost of running server
>less than $x/time if you run an optimised Parabola/Gentoo Linux-libre on decent hardware
>can go physically kick it when it goes down
>minimum 3rd parties involved
>actually own the server
>running on your machine you built yourself just for you

Only people knee deep in the botnet would pay to let someone else's computer do a job your own computer can do yourself.

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this is why...

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>tfw insecure php on my rented server website


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Electricity isn't free and so is hardware.
Most of the time renting is more cost and time efficient, plus you have access to an high speed connection which isn't always possible at your home.

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Post more akarin

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Running a server is forbidden on my current contract

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I have satellite internet. I rofl'ed at the idea of running my own server.

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>implying the ddos is random

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>current year
>living in Flyovre, AK

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What the hell happened here?

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>he thinks /v/^/a/ is a technology board..

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anime kills

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Well I have 0.5 MBit/s and I am hosting multiple services (voicechat + http + sftp)

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Your ISP is a cuck, choose another one, now!

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> Making six figures working from home
> Super low cost of living

Other than the satellite internet it's pretty comfy. :^)

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They are all the same afaik

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Plus if you rent a server for a video game hosting that only needs a handful of gigs to run, why even buy/lease an entire server?

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You're just asking to have a dick rammed into your asshole little faggot.

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good deal pham, been living in a big city all my life.

would move to the middle of nowhere for some dosh and save up.

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>>he doesn't host his website on his home connection
But I do you fucking moran.

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Don't know what you are taking, but selfhosting is cheaper (always). I pay like 10€ for my electricity for the whole year for the server (which is just a little rpi v3 and does the job really well. What are you, a faggot waiting for 1000 users every second?! dream on)

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My internet isn't fast enough, I wouldn't host even my small app on anything less than 20 mbps

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Abuse third parties.

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My ISP doesnt block me hosting shit but on a residential connection the upload bandwith is too small to reliably host anything with even moderate traffic.

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Anime website

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Dude, si t'es en plein Paris t'auras une bien meilleur connexion que ça en 4G

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In what shithole do you live

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It's called the "US".

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>tfw ISP won't let me access my home network from the public domain, for "security purposes"
>tfw want me to pay an extra 40$ for the business plan where they'll unblock any incoming connections like they do right now, and will give me a static IP

Fucking kikes man, why do I have to pay just so that I can host my little static HTML website?

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because they offer better uptime and connection speeds than I can
and it costs $30/year compared to $50+/year just in electricity

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literally what is preventing me from suing my city for not requiring 2 comprabable services in the same locations

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$50 a year is a good price especially considering anything pulling that kind of power should be virtualizing many different machines

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>putting 4 graphics cards in your server computer

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but I have nothing to use all that power
and ISP's block email services unless you pay for a business connection
and I'm not paying $200+/mo for that shit

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dumb makiposter

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>>he doesn't host his website on his home connection
I do

>>he's afraid of "muh hackers [sic]" despite using the latest nginx available and no insecure php on his website
I'm not

>>he's afraid of "muh ddos" when people don't tend to do random acts of bully which actively prevent them from getting a reaction out of you

I'm not

>Why did you fall for the rented server meme?

I didn't.

Why did you post a blank image?

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Post you're website anon-kun.

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>inb4 anon-kun tries to overload otheranon-kun's website by spamming f5

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No, I'm just curious.

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come at me m80's

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a fellow /a/non, I see.

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i can make an educated guess that youre annoying in real life as well.

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>no https
>nonfree flash file format
2/10 at least there's no nonfree javascript.

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>no https
no need
>nonfree flash file format
it's basically just a site to grab stuff from /f/

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I would but an anon mentioned that id probably get vanned.
I planned on hosting an image/file host for anons to use, but he said someone would probably upload illegal data and I would get arrested

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>no need for privacy
Your funny, anon-kun.

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>Using your own hardware when you could use githubs for free with CDN thrown in.

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>on what is basically a shitposting website filled with swf's

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I thought a similar thing for https://nonfree.pizza but people still asked for it, and letsencrypt is free and relatively simple to set up.

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I don't fuck with it unless I want to add stuff to it. If I feel like it at some point I'll add it

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I could spin up a digital ocean server with a public IP that I have full access to for like $5 a month. You're trying to hard man.

I get root and has crazy good uptime. I can SSH I can anything.

Obviously if you host illegal shit you'll eventually get caught and probably quicker renting.

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My friend and i used to torrent from his house, but after his dumbass sister got two strikes, we decided it was a good idea to move our torrent server to a hosted place.

Its fuckin fast now too.

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I'm not hosting my personal website on the same connection that I serve loli and cp from.

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Yeah and it's fucking shit. Just because you are doing it doesn't mean it's any good you fucking retard. STOP being a poorfag and buy a server for $5

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>oy vey, goyim, don't self host! everyone knows you need the top tier gamer-class internet to serve static basic HTML pages to a handful of visitors! why don't you let me handle all your data- I mean, burden of running a website?

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no you dumb nigger. The Jews don't want your 5 fucking dolleroos. Besides no one wants to see your fucking static HTML sites dedicated to how often you lick your shit skinned Mother's asshole.

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>the jews would turn down $5 for turning on a VM

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You do realize Hitler killed all the Jews during WW2. How stupid are you?

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He said "university."

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You have the wrong board pal.

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anime website

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Have a (((you)))

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I live in America, and nmapping from home is a fucking idiotic endeavor when your ISP cares about abuse reports.

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ah yes, the same country that forbade IBM from providing free software because someone wanted to sell worse software and couldn't compete

>home servers are anti-business goyim why would we allow that do you hate capitalism?

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>Why did you fall for the rented server meme?
Because 1Gb/s upload vs 2Mb/s

Besides, I get to contribute to BOINC using four modern Xeon cores versus the two PowerPC G5 cores, two Core2 Duo cores, and four Atom cores I have at home and use the connection as a VPN

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At least OP has good taste. He could have been a dumb akariposter.

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I love Akari!

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my home connection a shit tho, senpai

also servers are cool

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which one? annual or permanent?

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Actually, I'm pretty sure renting a server is cheaper than what I'd pay in electricity costs to run the thing in my basement.

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Not to mention you could get one with an SSD for that price. I had one running a webserver, R Studio and used it for learning backend dev.

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please stop

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яёй a щит

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Not an argument

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I'm paying $20 a month for a cheap dedicated server, just to dick around with and host some shit. Just did the math, and running something similar in my basement would be $200 + $30 per month minimum, if I don't go all out with hard drives and RAM.

It's pretty fun just to have a server somewhere for playing with new technologies and shit.

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>want to host a email server/pomf clone for personal use
>ISP doesn't provide a static IP and has rules against servers
>rented servers don't have jack shit for space unless you're willing to pay out of the ass, and aren't as secure

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Fuck off back to tumblr if you get triggered anime lolis so easily

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cloudatcost - permanent

they run 90% off voucher things on occasion and its $30 base or something

they're not very good allagedly, but at that price...

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4chan is an anime website you filthy summerfags

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You probably have to find something more focused on storage. Most servers seem to scale hardware with storage, so it might not fit your use case.

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> ISP doesn't provide a static IP

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