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Speccy thread?
Speccy thread

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>that cpu temp

Get your shit together senpai

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>103c CPU

not hot enough.

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uum, anon, id get a better cooler for your cpu.......

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You really need to upgrade you ram to 1600mhz

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It is 1600 you fuckwit.

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yh but its better to have 1x 1600 than 722x2. it is more efficient.

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I built this pile 6 months ago for 500 buck. APU NEVER again. The memory is 2300 Corsair DDR3 which if I set the profile to XMP gives me microstutter. It's either that or the CPU gets up to 75c when under load.

Ayyympoor NEVER AGAIN.

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apu's really aren't for gaming. They say they are, because they're better onboard graphics than intel, but it's still a garbage gaming experience.

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Built 12 / 2015

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Well at the time I was too poor to afford an FX chip and that was 80 bucks and I saw 3.8 to 4.2 boost clock because I thought that mhz was the only thing that mattered, because the last time I built a PC was like 10 years ago.

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Come at me.

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Fine but you asked for it.
> Nice setup anon

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i only have the laptop

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OP, You're running at 40hz. Go into intel HD graphics settings and set it to 60, you'll be glad you did.

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You might want to think about more cooling OP

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What the green thing?

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Ultra-nigger tier poorfag running a Dell Optiplex GX280 SFF reporting in

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Every day until new computer

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Whoa there don't mind me just posting my specs

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Cpu at 4.5 ghz. Pretty proud of this, only spent ~350 on all of it

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>Windows XP

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I haven't found a way to put Speccy on it yet, but I have a pretty sweet laptop with the 50mhz 486DX2, 8mb of ram, 200mb hdd, and a 640x480 black and white screen running Windows 95

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Not in a position to post a speccy right now but

>MOBO temps always slightly higher than CPU

Under heavy load it might glance at the 70c mark from the high 60s while the CPU tops out in the mid 60s. But it always jumps up and down erratically, so I don't know if the readings are even accurate.

Should I be investing in more case fans? Or should I even worry? It's an ASUS z170a, if that helps.

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I'd say don't worry but I'm hardly an expert. Doesn't sound like a problem though


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need to repaste it

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Yeah it's been 6 months and it hasn't burned my house down yet, so I'm not too worried. Just struck me as odd since that's fairly unusual.

Once I get a cooling solution better than the EVO 212, that'll probably settle things nicely. The case has fairly poor airflow as well, at least compared to my old Storm Sniper (mesh everywhere and not one or even two but THREE 200mm fans as well as a single 120 included), so tossing an extra fan or two in there just to move more air out it's tiny vents will probably help. Or, at least it'll make me feel better.

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No interest in a 2nd monitor?

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I have dual 2560x1440 screens, though I toggle the second one off occasionally when I'm only doing one thing on the primary display.

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Cool. I run a 1440 with a portrait 1080 on the side because I'm an edgelord

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what do you think?

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I don't think you understand what you're talking about.

I can't tell if this is true mental damage, or just baiting.

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>980 ti

for what purpose

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420m blaze it

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My GPU clock speeds have been idling pretty high lately, need to get on that.

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>Windows 10

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I assume, at least I pray, that he dual boots with Windows... Or this a VM... Please God...

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>6 months ago
>buying trinity which is 4 years old

Go kill yourself dumbass

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"Upgraded" on Friday because my 3570k and/or motherboard was dying(pcie slots not working, general instability). Performance difference is minimal, nothing but buyers remorse.

I'm pretty happy with it though.

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>Sony tv
Interesting combination of items
Anon I disagree with your decisions, have a nice day

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What did you do to deal with the gpu temps? My top card is always noticeably hotter than my bottom one.
Has better cooling too

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Try go for 4.7Ghz, usually you can get there with 1.3v with very little temperature change.

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I love my PC

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Is my PC okay?

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Not until you get dual channel ram.

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The wait for aftermarket 1080s is painful, still stuck with the ATI 5970

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so hot.

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my PC

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Working on it, I've been hardcore studying for exams so no job atm. Finished now though so I'll pick up another stick when I find a job for the summer

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>>54941439 here
and shared kitchen PC for the family

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Nice devil memory

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I'm >>54941370 I bypassed the thermal limit and I've been fine. I can get my Core clock above 1900 which is what the aftermarket ones are set to anyways. I was really disappointed to see the aftermarket GPUs dont have an extra power connector because I would have picked up one instead.

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Most have an extra 6pin or 8pin, the fact that the BIOS is votage locked is the worst thing for OCing. The main reason I'm waiting though is, I don't want any thermal throttling.

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Gimme that RX already.

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I haven't seen one with an extra power pin yet. I haven't looked at the leaked cards yet, do you have info I might end up swapping mine.

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It's clocked to 1866mhz (Dual Data Rate @ 933mhz) but it's reflecting in the BIOS and Gigabyte's System info tool, but not speccy for some reason. Hmmmm.

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ha, memes. do you at least VR?

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>tells another anon to think about cooling whilst owning a 390....

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Still rocking my 2500K, dont see a reason to upgrade yet

but i feel 760 needs to go in a few months, 1070 or RX 480 looking like good options

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A plastic support for the GPU card, I handmade it. The sagging was horrible and the power cables were of little help. Now I can budge the whole system but not the VGA if I try to move it.

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The 6700K is the best gay men CPU on the market right now. The 780 is a placeholder card whilst waiting for the 1070/480 to arrive. The Sony TV is what I use to play Pinball Arcade in bed at night and comfy as fuck.

I like my decisions and would make them again. Enjoy your day.

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speedfan shows the cpu temps way lower

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Come at me b0is

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what to upgrade boys?

im thinking on getting the 480..

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Glorious LGA775 masterrace.

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Low tier laptop from 2013

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>Not glorious A6+ Llano master race

You fucked up anon.

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>failed to notice the old maymay

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Would be much danker if you got a MSI 970 Gaymen 3.5 Meme GPU.

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I don't overclock and I think I've been running it on some power saving mode for the past few months even.

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nVidia runs WAY cooler in terms of temperature than a ATi/AMD Radeon card. So your point is invalid.

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Finished this build a week before GTX 1080 and the new AMD card was announced, feels bad man. Paid 450€ for GTX 980

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de fucc mein boi

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Seriously, I bought a similar AMD APU setup for like $150 CDN (after I sold the HDD that was in it) used off fleabay.

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>he took my b8

Get more triggered faggot,I ain't leavin'.

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Whats wrong with 16GB?

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if i wanted a new monitor what should i get?

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Pls response

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I just got this for $180 CDN off fleabay. Did not even really need it but looked like a decent shitpost machine.

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Update your drivers?

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Rate me.

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Help me, niggas. What should I upgrade to play Dwarf Fortress.

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not finished with this build yet

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I have a $1k bonus check coming my way next week. I usually use my bonus checks to buy a new shiny thing here or there and was seriously considering an X99 setup. Would I benefit from the 5820K or 6800K? Is the latter worth the extra $80 than the former? Can X99 support high clocked ddr4?

I would just go the 6700k/Z170 route but not enough coars. I need for encoding.

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So many shitty computers here, I bet it's because 70% are underage b& or losers without jobs.

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>isn't loser
>gtx 980

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Only gaymers use 16GB and more.

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