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No Speccy thread?

Show off your gear!

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How many memes have I fallen for?

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stay pleb

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dont really feel like using paint right now

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Summer temps

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Does that CPU fan do well? I was considering using the stock one on my build to save a few bucks but I'm always afraid they're shit.

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Well its a non-k skew so i dont need an aftermarket cooler yes it cools surprisingly well
i could do a cpu stress test and post the temps for you

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That would be awesome anon. Is it pretty loud though?

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Not at all but i usually have my AC on so i wouldn't notice anyways

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Upgrading to either a 1070 or 480 soon.

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OP here
480 is pretty cheap, yeah
But preferably I'd buy myself the 1070.

pro tip: don't upgrade yet. wait about 3 months before upgrading.
So either AMD or NVIDIA can fix any driver related issues

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I dont think i have a proper CPU stress test ( I used CPU-Z) but i hope this helps at 90% CPU usage i stay around 58 and my temps wouldnt get any higher

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>desktop computers

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Gaming laptops are expensive as shit
id rather have a more powerful 600$ PC than a less powerful 900$ laptop

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Been playing for a few hours and the game's still on

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Not too shabby. I think I will go stock then. I'm in the basement so it's cold enough down here to not go overboard on cooling. Thank you.

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How did I do?

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What needs upgrades

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no problem i'm glad i helped you in your decision

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>2x 1080
>SLI disabled
>4GB VRAM each?

why thou?


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Speccy being shit, it has been inaccurate forever.
>SLI disabled.
Limited performance in Doom which uses Vulkan, weird.
Because DX12/Vulkan + 2160P

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What CPU should i replace it with?

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Pentium 4
: ^ )

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A good budget quad-core in my opinion would be the x4 860k or the six-core FX-6300 of course you would need the corresponding motherboards

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I'm sure you need to replace motherboard if yuu want the newest shit, that can't support LGA1511 can't it?

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Should have got a Z170 board so that you could overclock that 6500 (as long as you don't update the UEFI past a certain date anyway).

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Holy fuck go and buy a goddamn SSD, Samsung 850evos are like 80 euros at cheapest and even a 1TB SSD from Samsung is cheap

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Laugh at me.

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What if i no longer need to budget? The best CPU money can buy right now?
That sounds like a lot of effort i dont have.
Will be soon, i just got back from overseas so my rig is a little outdated i havent kept up on the current top hardware so i have a lot of money to spend and no clue what to spend it on.

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get back to /v/, gaymur manchild

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>What if i no longer need to budget?
Then update your motherboard and get the newest processor

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Well no budget-wise i recommend an i7-6700k
newest consumer grade i7

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Is that the most powerful computer in Russia?

>The best CPU money can buy right now?

A 6950X if you have $1750 to spend on a CPU and don't mind burning alive in the ensuing housefire.

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you still could use a powerful desktop even if you dont game ie rendering videos n shit

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Lol no, I just don't play anything except CS and Serious Sam.

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>all these 60hz monitors

What are you, poor? Kek

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Because LG hasn't come out with 120hz 4k 65" Oled yet

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That's most likely my next upgrade

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Will look into it thanks
Its only 140W and i can afford it :^)
Does CS even launch on that thing? Or is it like a powerpoint presentation?
Thanks for reminding me of one more thing i need to add to my list

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Whats wrong with being poor?

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It werks for me :^)
But will probably upgrade to a GTX 1070

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CS:GO runs well on medium settings, same for SS.

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Everyone's specs are always a lot colder than mine.

Did I fuck up?

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Did you apply thermal paste

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Yeah of course. Everything is still a good 20 degrees hotter than a lot of other people though.

Also it's usually things like the motherboard and gpu, which thermal paste will do fuck all for.

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Thermal paste does a lot for gpu.
And you shouldn't really care about mobo temps unless they are worryingly high.

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It's only when playing games for quite a while that it gets worryingly hot, or compiling stuff over and over.

This is resting temperatures though. Seems a lot higher than it should be, unless I'm being paranoid.

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yeah thats weirldy high

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Guess I fucked up, oh well. Maybe a house fire will be fun.

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>CPU at 83 ºC
>motherboard at 99 ºC

W-what do I do? I'm not even running anything besides a few tabs.

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Your case might collect heat, bad airflow or some such since your GPU is also at 49 and your drives are all quite hot.

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1. Do a touch test to check that they actually are that hot
if they are
Remove any dust, adjust airflow (fans, or with laptops those plastic pieces that direct airflow and their angle).

if problem persists? idk lol

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Clean out the dust. I did that as well the other day and now ii tuns 15 degrees cooler.
Cable management is also important.

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Posting Speccy pic.
Pro tip: making a thread called "system specifications thread" would be less ambiguous

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>Its only 140W

At stock, which is just 3GHz. Good luck taking it over 4GHz.

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Welcome to /g/, this must be your first time here.

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At least it keeps my drink warm

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Hello there! It seems that you've recently migrated from reddit, I'd suggest trying to blend in a bit more. Don't be afraid to contribute to the thread.

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>Using Windows
Enjoy you're are botnet.

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Were it not for the easy to find tools to block that shit, you might have a point there

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Well, Wangblows has always been more or less a botnet. So it should say really

>1998 onwards
>Using Windows
Enjoy your botnet

Also I really hope when you take this moral high ground with botnet argument that you don't use Android Phones or Apple's phones OR any hardware made after, what is it, 2003 or 2004?

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