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There's been a lot of AMD shilling going on recently, but let's face it:

>8g 480x 250$
>390x tier performance with lower tdp
>Titan X performance, beats an crossfire 480 setup

AMD once again jumped the bullet and once again came out short. NVIDIA is actually offering more bang for the buck.

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AMD showed a crossfire 480 beats a 1080 so fuck off kike

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Someone is ignoring the fact that at any given time, there were no less than 6 threads AT THE SAME TIME. When the 1080 came out.

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implying it will cost $379

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But the 1080 is a much better than the whole polaris lineup. AMD is pandering to poorfags with subpar equipment.

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The 480 isn't meant to compete with the 1080 you retard.

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>>8g 480x 250$
>>390x tier performance with lower tdp
Fury Tier performance

Nowhere can you find it for this price, also Nvidia is having some kind of production problems.
>>Titan X performance, beats an crossfire 480 setup
480 Crossfire has already been shown to beat a 1080 at half the utilization and with better graphics.

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>being this delusional

The nvidia cards will probably cost more than 400$ for a unit with decent cooling.

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>I will just use some bait in the OP and this surely will get me (You)s as well as a shill thread starting

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here comes the nvidia shillers!

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I am rooting for AMD but this type of gung-ho enthusiasm is beneath any reasonable consumer.

One has to look at the overall track record: only just recently AMD has been somewhat catching up with NVIDIA thanks to the 390 which is a slightly better option than the 970, but it came too late.

If the 480 is to match the Fury, than Fury, a roughly 450$ card, becomes totally obsolete, just months after its release.

I think Polaris will be quite decent and cheap but nothing beyond that.

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One thing you have to realize, along with everyone else, is this card is the new hotness for the MID RANGE lineup. There is no reason to really compare this range of cards to Nvida's current TOP RANGE cards. The reason everyone's excited is the fact that these new Polaris cards, absolutely murder the last gen AMD mid-range cards. The fact that when in certain circumstances, a crossfired mid-range card, can trade blows with a current Nvidia top range card, is impressive. I'm not going to spew meme's and racist idioms at anyone, but the fact that they (AMD), have this kind of power at that level, means they (hopefully) have a new monster waiting for the high end. When Nvidia releases the equivalent to the Polaris range, then, people can shit fling over those two cards.

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Nvidia has actually something more powerful than a 1080 coming out? Haven't heard of it.

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Every year since the 780, I believe, Nvidia has always released a TI version. Plus, the hideously overpriced, (In my opinion) Titan range. So, it is safe to assume the same this year.

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GP102 I think

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The Titan X is the most horrendously overpriced product in recent years.

It's literally been rendered irrelevant with the release of 1070. A fucking 400$ gpu beating a 1000$ gpu.

Are there any people who got cucked and bought a titan?

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1060 will own the 480

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>responding to Nvidia shills

Please don't do this.

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They showed a graph.

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Did you even do any research before buying?

Every Titan (in FP32 performance) gets violated by a much cheaper card.

The opposite is true for FP64 performance.

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Its going to be 500€ in my country anyway, I'm replacing my 770 with the rx 480

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do you think I could crossfire 2x480 on a MSI gaming 3 mobo?

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>titan x

lel no

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>ADX 295x2
Literally the greatest oven in PC history. Housefire™

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The original titan was always a FP64 champ. Titan X is complete trash though.

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Hard truths time for AMD fags?
Post more Phoronix lol.

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Seriously, who would be retarded enough to buy a Titan X, when you can get a brand new Titan?

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>beats an crossfire 480 setup

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>related to FP64 in any shape or form

I don't think you understand what we are discussing here.

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>holy fuck /g/ is on suicide watch!!!'

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2x480 = 300w + microstutter

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>he thinks the Titan X wasn't purely a gaming card.

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Well it sure as fuck isn't any good at anything else.

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in my country, 1 shop already have 1070 listed at 560euro.
>380$ meme

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>in one AMD shill game that no-one will buy


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>thinking his cuckyuro is worth anything

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Isn't AMD usually a shit ton more expensive even still in your irrelevant countries?

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Hate this type of shilling.
Introducing a new 2016 product! Same performance as that product you couldn't afford last generation!

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>couldnt afford
have more impact if you said "overpriced" instead

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>TFW I have a Fury X
Feels good mang
i7 4790k + Fury X

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I can't see any difference?

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What's the point of blowing all of your money on a GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 when 99% of you are playing at 1080p 60fps? These cards are built for 144hz or 1440p and are just a big waste for anything less than that.

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You nvidiots and amdrones can all go fucking kill yourselves. If I see one more god damn thread about some fuck being on suicide watch, I'm going to track you down with a VB script and kill you, gorilla warfare style.

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I need the VRAM. My anime conversion mod for GTAV takes shitloads.

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>fury x
>custom loop

Doing it right. Still a shame they didn't use the same design the pro duo does for its clc - that is effectively two full cover blocks which gives that delicious vrm cooling.


That is the whole point.

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If all you fucking brand whores are on suicide watch why aren't any of you dying?

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My death is imminent.

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The suicide watch is working, faggot

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Wait. Fury X is beating 1080 at 1080p? That's fucked up. DX11 Fury X only beat the 980Ti in 1440p/4k. I can't believe Nvidia is that shit.

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Tell you what, it makes a huge fucking difference to the temps.
My CPU used to idle at 28c, max temp of 70c under normal benchmarks, though I'd seen it run up to 97c on IBT and AIDA64 (though only for about 1 microsecond at a time).
The Fury X would idle 22-24c and go up to 65c on Ashes of the Singularity, though most other games would struggle to hit 60c.

Now the CPU idles at 30-32c (so a very slight increase) but the maximum temperature I've seen from it is 44c and as for the Fury X, even Ashes can't make it go above 39c.
39c. That's down from 65 on the old, stock cooler.
That's a fucking 26c decrease.

Granted, I've not fully confirmed this, it was only one game I played and I didn't play for a full two hours, but given that the cooling option has gone from one (thick) 120mm rad to 720mm of (thin) radiator space, in a proper loop, it makes some sense.
Still, that's immense if it holds up like it.

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Its a massive cpu bottleneck - total war (even with the benefits of DX12) is ultimately cpu bound.


Ashes absolutely murders my custom air cooled 290x - expecially when overclocked. I'm talking a good 20c increase across the board (heh) when running DX12. When vega and zen drop i'm planning to do a total system rebuild and have a custom loop (and I also plan to stick the mobo in the loop for vrm cooling as i'm an overclocker).

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Anon it's been almost a year.

I got my Fury X in October of 2015.

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if youre actually interested in keeping prices low and competitive then give the nvidia shilling a break
cus at 85% gpu marketshare, when amd inevitably dies you will see nvidia charge wacom-like prices for their cards due to monopoly

also i was under the impression 480 was 200 dollars and 2 of them could beat a 1080 cus that's what they literally presented the gpu as
dunno where op his getting his prices from

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Yeah, I've heard that Ashes on DX12 mode is an absolute killer for heat. That's why I adore it as a benchmarker.
Some people would complain that if its not typical of the average game, you shouldn't use it to benchmark - but at the end of the day, it IS a game and it IS being treated as such by the devs.
Its games like Ashes that SHOULD be used to benchmark how well a card overclocks or handles thermal throttling because you'd quickly push cards like the GTX1080 to its limit and see it for the throttling shit it is before five minutes is even up.
By pressing cards against a tough requirement as a baseline, you only allow yourself breathing room for the lighter tasks which aren't as demanding and make sure that if it comes up against something hard, it can handle it.

So yeah, like I say, that's part of why I love Ashes. It's a great way to know if your OC is stable. You're completely right about that.
As for the custom loop thing; I totally recommend it. Though after dealing with the hassle of removing the Fury X cooler, I'd definitely recommend looking for an air cooled card to put the block on.
It's not that the cooler was the worst thing ever to remove, but I had a bad screw in one spot and had to get rough. At least with air cooled cards you wouldn't also have that dangling, heavy weight making it awkward to work with.

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>talking about compute performance
>brings unigine heaven benchmarks
Fuck off back to >>>/v/

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Actually, it HAS been a year. I got my Fury X on release day; June 24th.
I mean, sure, its still half a month off, but for chump change, it may as well have been a year ago now.

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~550€ in Europe. Anyone who spends that much on a single GPU will probably go straight to the 1080, or have a 980 Ti already. Poorfags will probably wait for the RX 480 or 1060.

>> No.54912807

More like 200, with the option of 300w

>> No.54912824


>Yeah, I've heard that Ashes on DX12 mode is an absolute killer for heat.

Well it tortures GCN in particular due to its leveraging of async compute - all that idle hardware is now suddenly demanding power and the heat that comes with that. On said custom cooled 290x I rarely see vrm hit 80c - on ashes I saw it soar to over 100c (overclocked).

In fact the card I would love to see some thermals for is the msi 390x - that card must have a 400w bios to handle the insane voltage it uses at stock and good lord I dread to think what ashes does to it.

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Check out my hot clocks on my Founders edition card, that temp on the right is after 5 hours of Witcher 3 and dan speed at 65%.

Granted way to loud for every day use but neat non the less. Waiting on my waterblocks

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Hahahaha oh god, I've seen people mention that before. Yeah, I'd love to see that too. Would be fucking hilarious to see.

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There's nothing quite like only really hearing the pump and that being it.

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I can see 7 fans in that picture alone

>> No.54912906


>hearing pump
>In a define R4/R5

You sure you aren't using an industrial unit?

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All it takes is tuning them, anon.
Yes, there's seven fans, that's all the fans there are. No fan at the bottom, not push/pull.
At least its not... well...

The windowed variant allows for a fair bit more noise than the non window one, since it obviously hasn't got the big sound padding. Also, all the vents are open. So there's that as well.
It's not loud at all though. Hell, it could be me mistaking the fans for the pump.
I'm about to tune it and find out.

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>polaris: medium end
>vega: high end
>pascal: high end

Wew lad

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You got a D5 pump my man, turn that shit down all the way. In my setup here (before I pulled the 290x out for the 1080), the pump is at zero on the dial and the fans at 700 RPM. the 4770k and 290x never get above 50 and they are both overclocked.

Loudest thing in my case is the 5400RPM hard drive but that will change when my EK water block gets here. I also got a SIlent Star hard drive waterblock that is made to silence out hard drives.

Shits gonna be cash

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>brings up heaven while compute performance is being discussed

Kill yourself

>> No.54913019

Very nice. Very nice indeed.
Yeah, I will be doing just that. Just gotta remember how to work speedfan.

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Here is what it looked like before the 1080 came in and fucked up my shit. It will look a little diffrent when the block gets here as i'm moving the pump to the PSU side of the case using bulkhead fittings

>> No.54913027


>The windowed variant allows for a fair bit more noise than the non window one

>on a case designed for sound dampening

That said the be quiet! base 900 pro looks all kinds of tasty.

>> No.54913041

Define S is about watercooling more than noise proofing.

>> No.54913044

>medium end

>> No.54913052

You got the PWM version of the D5? I always go for the manual version with the dial on the bottom. Pump speed has such a little effect on temps i'd rather just set it to as low as it goes and be done with it. I only crank it up when bleeding air out

>> No.54913069


That looks too big to be the define S based upon number of pcie slots on the case. That and the two 360mm rads.

>> No.54913081

>nvidiot ran out of arguments

>> No.54913105

No, its the Define S. I assure you.
Look at the right hand side.
Yeah. I figured it'd be easier to do it via software.

>> No.54913118

I disagree, speed fan is not great to work with and it doesn't even support every chipset.

>> No.54913142

I'm selling my 980ti to buy a 480

>> No.54913167

GTX 1070
>~46 fps (AoS)

RX480 8GB
>34fps (AoS)

GTX1070 is somewhere between 30-40% faster while being 65% more expensive.

If Nvidia would lower the price to be somewhere near the 300 mark, the 480 would have no chance. Otherwise the 480 will pretty much be the biggest bang for the buck and I would rather get a 480. Especially since it's already fast enough for everything in 1440p ultra.

>> No.54913196

480 is so appealing from a price perspective.
Too bad AMD has no drivers or any features worth a damn. No Shadowplay or Ansel.

>> No.54913230

For fucks sakes, fuck off you fucking shill faggot.
>No shadowplay
Raptr. Even works for both brands.
Shitty gimmick even worse than PhysX.

>> No.54913252

Lel no PhysX either? What does AMD even have? Still waiting for any features huh Patel.

>> No.54913267

the feature is rendering 3D graphics

>> No.54913283


You do realise you can use physx on your cpu right?

>> No.54913293

To be faire OBS when set to use Intels codec is better than both Shadowplay and Raptr

>> No.54913307


>> No.54913350

[Citation Needed]

>> No.54913368

What in the world is taxing about watching the Adventures of Sonic? Why is that thrown around as a benchmark?


>> No.54913401


Why pay over $300 for a video card when I can buy an xbox one or PS4 that has video games optimized for those platforms and will run better. A PC costs way too much money for gaming when a $300 system does it better.

>> No.54913421

AMD has a 32GB version of the FirePro W9100, you know?

That's gotta be the most powerful card on the planet in terms of graphics RAM.
32GB GDDR5. Imagine crossfiring 4 of those, or even 2-3. Hell, even a single one is insane.

I can't really believe that NVidia will be able to compete with something like that. Their closest equivalent, the Tesla K80 is the same price ($5K), and it only offers 24GB.

And the Tesla doesn't have output, I don't even think.
The W9100 32GB model has 6 mini-DP for excellent display walls, and built-in EyeFinity.

I mean, I'm not shilling, but with specs like that, I can't figure why I'd ever consider NVidia for when I do a mega-build. NVidia also turns double-highs into dual-GPU cards, meaning there's only a benefit of SLI-ing 2 of them, whereas you can Crossfire 4 W9100s if you wanted.

>> No.54913433

>soft tubing

>> No.54913435

>A graph of 1 Game beating out 1080
>No benchmarks out

Wew AMD shills

>> No.54913447

Not to mention that I can use a PS4 on my 55 inch TV and have literally zero input lag whereas PCs are laggy af desu senpai. Tiny PC monitors make the whole experience seem like a kids toy.

>> No.54913474


Yes, you're exactly right.

>> No.54913511

>titan x performance

>beats AN crossfire

this HAS to be a fucking bait

kill yourself

>> No.54913551

June 29th is 480's release date, it's been a year.

>> No.54913569

>he doesn't have a projector
>also uses vsync then complains of input lag

>> No.54913597

Wait so if I turn off vsync when I have my PC hooked up to my TV there won't be any input lag? Oh wait no you're a fucking IDIOT KYS DESU SENPAI

>> No.54913598

I have a 55" 4K TV and sadly there's so much lag in upscaling the signal that it's impossible to play any FPS multiplayer. POS tv. Will upgrade to 4K PS4.

>> No.54913698


The W9100 is an absolute beast at what it is designed for but lets be realistic here - you don't just slap that into a system and let it roll, it needs serious consideration for airflow to tame its power draw (and subsequent TDP).

>I can't figure why I'd ever consider NVidia for when I do a mega-build

For the firepro specifically Nvidia has a truly staggering software advantage with CUDA being very, very well supported (and some software being CUDSA only for gpu acceleration) which is what keeps Nvidia on top.

That said opengl/cl is gaining serious traction and with the sort of horsepower we are likely to see from the next firepro cards (especially if they have dense HBM2 modules - think 64gb vram+ with over 1tb/s bandwidth) its going to be hard to ignore AMD with in the face of the software advantage Nvidia has.

>> No.54913747

xbox one already does 4k


>> No.54913830


>> No.54913870


It's a fact that consoles are better for gaming. It's economical and the games are optimized for those systems. You need to spend over $1000 on a pc to get close to the same quality.

>> No.54913911

I also have a 55" (LG) 4Ktv. I tried gaming on my last tv with my Dell XPS 17 mirroring to the tv and noticed lag as well on the tv.

Maybe televisions in general aren't as fast as they need to be because of recreational use I dunno?

>> No.54913946


>potato hardware
>wonders why games run like shit

>> No.54913964


I know right, only an idiot would not spend $2000+ on a gaming pc to run on 4k instead of $350 for a console.

>> No.54913967

I said the tv lagged.

Crysis 2 ran fine on the laptop.

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>> No.54914203


It's probably automatically setting itself to 30hz via Windows. Go into your display settings in control panel, resolution, click the TV, go to advanced settings, click monitor, and see if it gives you options to choose 60hz.

Also stop being a tripfag.

>> No.54914472

No one is actually going to crossfire two 480xs right? Given AMDs history with frametimes when using crossfire, it feels like that would be a really poor idea

>b-b-but DX12
can't see there being a huge DX12 uptake from devs, you are basically looking at games starting their development now that will be realesed in 18 months. The only DX12 games for a while will be EA titles and PC exclusives

>> No.54914500
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>> No.54914547

the butthurt in that comment.

>> No.54914583


Thing is, if it wasn't for the background you could easily think it was posted on /g/.

>> No.54914835

>AMD is a cancer for gaming
>For providing latest software support with their hardware and for giving cheap budget GPUs to everybody

Oh my.

>> No.54914865

When the fuck can we buy the third party 1080s???

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Stupidity can't be cured, but it can be fixed.

>> No.54914896

If they haven't launched yet, they'll most likely launch on the 10th with the 1070, and then be out of stock for a month

>> No.54914905
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>> No.54914920

DX12 patch wehn

>> No.54914940



Hopefully actually soon and not Ark soon.

>> No.54915031

>gorilla warfare
>implying niggers are capable of war

>> No.54915138

6700k at 4.6ghz and r9 290 gets me 55 fps ultra 1080p, pretty hard to believe 380 is doing that in dx12.

>> No.54915403


You better believe it - a good implementation of DX12 frees up lots of cpu cycles.

>> No.54915910

>Retards make up benchmarks based on a benchmarks outside of a paper launch.
>Retards make bullshit specula based on small amount of info given regarding performance per watt based on a shitty presentation.
>Retards make up bullshit about microstutter based on old architecture.
>Retards cannot into patience and actual benchmarks.

Just fucking wait a couple of weeks you bunch of incoherent shit stains.

>> No.54916162

>video games optimized for those platforms and will run better

This console optimization is a meme. Console software has less overhead, and less resource used then PC hardware would on the same hardware. Console optimization doesn't allow 350 dollar toasterboxes to match high pc gpus benchmarks.

For instance PS3/8800 GT were both priced around 599, but PS3 could never play games like Tomb Raider at 1080p like 8800gt could. Optimization can't hide a performance gap if both hardware run the same software.

>> No.54916199

>449$ for nvidias stock cooler which is absolute minimum
>believing you can buy it for cheaper and not burn your house

>> No.54916243


>> No.54916294

It can use nvidia hardware encoder too.

>> No.54916345

>CPUs are actually becoming a bottleneck again
what a time to be alive. Looks like the decade of the 2500k might be coming to a close.

>> No.54916420

Total War is horribly optimized tho

>> No.54916496

>There's been a lot of AMD shilling going on recently
Theres been alot of Nvidia shilling recently too.

>Its illegal to shill a product that costs less than mine.

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>jumped the bullet


>> No.54916708

yea but an rx 480 has great price/perf so I'm going with that instead of the 1070, which I recognize to be the superior card.

>> No.54916752

>great price per/perf
>you can bet the 8GB card is going to be $280-$300
>Spend $70 extra dollars for nearly twice the performance

>> No.54916837

wait the ~$200 rx 480 AMD has been gloating about has been confirmed to be a 4GB version?

>> No.54916898

try $229 to $249

and lmao if you think any decent 1070s are going to be $379

>> No.54916930

I'm behind the times. Is the 480 confirmed to be exactly $200, or is it only in that "general range"?

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>>390x tier performance with lower tdp

FURY performance.

>> No.54917102

>he fell for the 60fps @ 4k meme


>> No.54917117


>> No.54917142

>any decent 1070s are going to be $379
I don't think you understand how market forces work. If AMD is making it so it's cheaper to buy 2 480s, vendors aren't going to be selling it for more than the RRP.

>> No.54917503

fuck off, what they've done is amazing compared to attila.

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>> No.54918062

I'm pretty sure the 8gb was confirmed to be $230

>> No.54918064

That slide was from the Nvidia livestream numbnuts

>> No.54918108

>was confirmed
Source pls. AMD has long been known to jew people out of money for RAM.

>> No.54918174


This is where I got it from. (note, the guy posting the price is listed as an editor, so it seems legit)

Pretty sure he was memeing, you lemon.
I, too, doubt you'll find a $370 1070 anytime within the next 6 months

>> No.54918198


This, also, seems to confirm the $230 price point

>> No.54918225

>I, too, doubt you'll find a $370 1070 anytime within the next 6 months
MSI has a 1080 for the $599 price point already

Whether you can find anywhere that will have them in stock is another issue

>> No.54918650

>retailer jewing only occurs for nvidia
I can't wait for the AMD cards to be missing for 6 months while selling at $280 for the base version.

>> No.54919040


8gb 480 only costs $230, still less than half the cost of a 1070 and like 85% of the performance

>> No.54919277

>Only costs $230
Nah retailer jewing and AMD's awesome supply chain will push that up to $300

>> No.54919327


>> No.54919450


Polaris is a mainstream card and is a relatively small chip with extremely high yields, it won't have a problem stocking shelves

>> No.54919617

>extremely high yields
Lol no.

>> No.54919684


Small chips big yields anon, that's how it works

>> No.54919704

I don't know if /g/ became the proving grounds for shilling in the last 5 years or if it is a natural gathering spot for all of the flaming retards of all nationalities on the web, but I simply can't stand anything at all here anymore.

I check it almost everyday only out of habit but the single topic I enjoyed reading during the last 6 months and which made me feel like a part of being this community was one that I started myself and had a good going before the idiots came into derailing the whole thing.

OP you should really kill yourself either if you are being paid or if are just a nvidia sperglord.

You lot ruined this board. Amdrone should follow suit and off themselves. We are here to read comparisons and discuss among oursleves, unbiased readers, what should be the best hardware at each price point. Going all the way to simple e-peen bragging rights dpwn to value/perf sweet spots.

There's no merit in this daily banter you all put up. Even that, it's not daily, it's by time zones. If you check this chan 3 to 5 times a day you'll find another rehash of these moronic threads.

fuck you all.

>> No.54919718

14nm is a pretty big deal, anon. It produces less heat, uses less power and takes less space.

>> No.54919735

So, I have a 280X. Would a 480 be a good upgrade? The price point vs performance seems right for me.

>> No.54919762

Eh, sort of.
Smaller nodes means more chips per wafer, but it also means less of the chips are functional. Well depending on the process tech's success rate.
So the cost of each chip is a balance between those two.

>> No.54920278
File: 70 KB, 640x480, nothing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tesselation has nothing to do with hair.

Who told you that it did?

You're showing nothing because nothing exists.

>> No.54920307

Yes that's the process node not the yield

>> No.54920355

>caring about dx11 while all the big AAA games of 2016 is on dx12
>never state the fact that is only 8 to 9% faster than a fury x
>using games from 3 years ago as a benchmark
>still trying to make a case against a card that costs 200 bucks less almost
>typical nvidiot

>> No.54920389

There's been a lot of AMD shilling going on recently, but let's face it:

>8g 480x special edition 350$
>290x tier performance with lower tdp
>329$ (wait for a discount)
>Titan X performance, beats a crossfire 480 setup

AMD once again jumped the bullet and once again came out short. NVIDIA is actually offering more performance for a lower price.

>> No.54920794

Nvidia HairWorks is tessellated hair you mong.

>> No.54920848
File: 256 KB, 315x404, 1453955457220.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54920913

I keep flip-flopping on the 1070 vs 480. I don't have a card at the moment (not really, have my gtx 480 I can throw in) so I'm waiting until at least the end of June before I buy one.

The problem gets complicated because I have a freesync monitor. So far playing without vsync is pretty great and gsync is fucking expensive. I got my 1440p freesync monitor for $400.

So what would you do in my situation? Go with the 480, maybe upgrading to Vega when that comes out and keep the freesync monitor.

Or go with the 1070, sell my freesync monitor and buy a gsync one.

Or go with the 1070 and keep my freesync monitor.

>> No.54920942

It makes me sad to see you push nvidia shit.

I'm probably buying a 480x to replace my 6990s until Zen / Next gen AMD when I will do a new build.

>> No.54921113

There is a lot ot of Nvidia shilling going on right now

>> No.54921172

>8g 480x special edition 350$
>290x tier performance with lower tdp
[citation needed]

I'm going to have to filter you now.

>> No.54921263

He always pushed Nvidia shit.

>> No.54921934

The 480 reg already performs at Fury levels, what makes you think 480X will be that low?

Also even 390 was only $100 more than 380. If that trend continues, 490 will debut between $300 and $330.

If performance scales, accordingly, it has a good shot to outperform 1070, too.

>wait for a discount
Kek, they'll have to get them in Stock first, homie.

>> No.54921959


That is because the used card market has effectively been murdered by the polaris announcement.

>> No.54922031

And AMD bros, don't be disappointed if/when 490x comes up just short, or (preferably) barely ahead, of 1080

Looking at how cards traditionally scale on this arch, the 490X will likely sit a just a slight touch above/below it. However, considering previous gen pricing, this makes sense.

Fury successors (Vega) will be the ones that surpass 1080, completely, and likely compete closely with 1080 ti.

>> No.54922072


Vega would be a monster even if you simply scaled the fury x (i.e use the space provided by the smaller node to add more cores to reach the die size of the fury x) - let alone any of the improvements GCN4 brings.

>> No.54922089

8gb* 480* 229$*
fury* tier performance with lower TDP

wasn't it so hard now was it?

>> No.54922097

>beats an crossfire 480 setup

It doesn't you fucking cunt

>> No.54922152

i7 593k at 3.5ghz with an RX 480 pushed 34.2fps in 1080p AoTS bench shown at Computex.
i7 4790k at 4.7ghz with an R9 290 pushes out 34fps in the same bench and equal settings.
Massive difference in CPU scaling and Polaris still comes out ahead. The card is faster than the R9 290X. Its faster than the tweaked R9 390 which is AMD's base line for entry level VR.

I eagerly wait for the day that some Indonesian ISIS fuck offs you to end your tech illiterate shilling

Hes never right about anything. Ever.

>> No.54922159
File: 11 KB, 197x197, 1454967220281.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The shilling and blatant lying these past few days has been fucking stupidly high. Why are Nvidia shills so desperate?

>> No.54922173


>Hes never right about anything. Ever.

I dunno man, Falcon is pretty good at being a faggot.

>> No.54922184
File: 35 KB, 800x600, Itsapunfucko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Have a meme

>> No.54922234

You can't because you're looking at a static image.

>> No.54922239

>an crossfire
>an c

I only came here because of the typo
keep up the epic shill wars you idiots

>> No.54922266

Doing God's work, anon.

>> No.54922279

Only niggers and poorfags buy AMD.

But let's be objective:
So far AMD has been blowing smokescreens. The polaris doesn't appear so phenomenal. These are nothing more than cheap, mid-range options which will probably be slightly better than the 390.

Since the 290x, AMD has yet to come out with something better at this price range.

>> No.54922331

>fury level performance
>not 480X
>not 490
>not 490X
>$200 US dollars

"If your scurred, say your scurred"®

>> No.54922346
File: 296 KB, 599x697, erika3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be cheapfag
>buy rx480
>save money for hbm2 release in a year or 2 instead of throwing money on current gen high end

>> No.54922400

Will the 480 honestly be close in power to the 980ti? I'm so close to finishing my first build in years and I'm stuck on picking a GPU. My whole i5 build with a 1080 is only $1200, I almost want to bite the bullet.

>> No.54922436

are you playing in 4k or 1440p?

1440p 480x in great enough
for 4k, just wait next year or get the 980ti as long as you reduce some settings.

>> No.54922505

answer: yes

buy with aftermarket coolers or else ur in for a shit ride.

>> No.54922507

For 1080p, the 480 should be perfect for 60gps at max settings.

The 1080 is completely unreasonable for 1080p (almost ironically)

>> No.54922545

Fps, sorry

>> No.54922977

Don't have one besides looking at video from Shadow Play and OBS. OBS looks slightly better and has zero impact on performance (as long as you write the files to a different disk

>> No.54923585


When you equate your success to the success of a private company, your wife's son might not respect you for spending $100+ just for the Nvidia brand name

>> No.54924038

so you didnt even watch your video

>> No.54924105

I still don't understand why, in every single one of these threads, people are shitting themselves over the fact that a single GTX 1080 outperforms a single RX 480.


>> No.54924121


Thats assuming there isn't some hax going on.


>> No.54924124

Sorry but from all the stats that have been released so far, AMD has by far the best bang for buck graphics card coming out.

>> No.54924166

I'm only half-understanding that because I'm retarded. I'm assuming FP16 is Floating Point 16 (even if I don't know what that is). What I'm getting from the gist of it is that AMD might be pulling some sneaky shenanigans when it came to the AotS test, to make their 480 seem better, is that it?

Say it ain't so, I was looking forward to trying an AMD card.

>> No.54924169

480 is actually only $200, it's even better price performance than that.

AMD is going to totally dominate the budget market with this card.

>> No.54924216


Its the other way around - Nvidia might be rendering at lower precision to get a higher framerate at the possible expense of image quality.

>> No.54924544

So what exactly is FP16/32/64? I've never been clear on exactly what that is.

So it's possible that the 1080 is actually doing worse than the numbers nVidia are putting up are showing?

>> No.54924933



All we need to care about is the bigger the number (i.e FP64) = harder for the gpu to calculate (and is thus, slower than smaller values).

>So it's possible that the 1080 is actually doing worse than the numbers nVidia are putting up are showing?

Yes and no - the 1080 is merely rendering what it is told to, it is the software (in this case, Nvidia's driver) thats telling the gpu to cheat.

>> No.54925052

So it's possible that once things are sorted and it's evened out that either side could go up or down?

I guess there's still nothing to do except wait until about a week after June 29 and see what all the nerds in their various benchmarking setups reveal.

I'm still interested in the 480, though, despite what everyone says. It'll be a HUGE step up from my GTX 760, and even if it doesn't match the nVidia's counter-card, odds are it'll still be a fuckton cheaper. I don't plan on Crossfiring anything, but since I plan to play on pleb-tier [email protected], I don't think I need much more than one anyway.

>> No.54925221
File: 24 KB, 495x495, pepe_fu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>paying more money for no reason at all
pick one

>> No.54925249

best curd evah!


oh wait sorry no my bad

>> No.54925308

>beats an crossfire 480 setup
Meanwhile in real life:
>1070 is $699
>uses over 300W
>RX 480 is $230 at 8GB
>crossfired, beats a 1070 with a low 51% utilization rate, would beat it by a ridiculous margin with better drivers
>uses 96W per card

And that's only AMD's low-tier offering. Go be butthurt elsewhere.

>> No.54925331

that 51% util was only for the low batch and only on the cpu side..
they clarified that for the average batch they had 92% and 1080p had 98%

>> No.54927080
File: 2.29 MB, 1000x967, 1459739999020 (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You need some Moronix Test Suite to benchmark your Brain Performance

>> No.54928255

Everyone knows this though. Even my amd shill friends have admitted than the 1070 is the most bang for the buck.

Also rumor has it that the 8gb 480 will be £250-280 for aftermarket cards compared to £320 for the 1070. The 1070 is clearly the better value, in this country anyway.

>> No.54928383
File: 141 KB, 439x290, 1455687281173.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Even my amd shill friends have admitted than the 1070 is the most bang for the buck.

>> No.54928628

A custom cooled 1080 costs £680 instead of the "MSRP" of $599. This is about 70% higher than the "MSRP".

The "MSRP" of the 1070 is $379 so it should cost about £440.

>> No.54928684

What's this price equivalency? Where do you guys get that $379 means £440?

I'm really concerned being yuropoor and all.

>> No.54928726

Europe has huge taxes to get the money to feed and house the refugees who flee from wars that America caused.

>> No.54928775

Oh fuck off I'm not in the mood for mudslime topics

I just want my 8gb 480 to be 250€.

>> No.54928798

>Comparing the Classified edition price with the MSRP.

Do you have brain damage or just baiting?

Classified edition uses top bin parts, and is the highest clocked out of the box card from EVGA.

It's like comparing a Porsche 911 with a Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

>> No.54928881

American prices do not include tax. Yes we pay a little over the odds in the UK but the prices aren't as bad as you're making out.

For instance, the founders edition is $699, That's £481.69, if you add VAT that's £578.03. So as not to compete with the GTX 980 Ti they've added about £40 to the price.

The 1070 will be about £399 for the founders edition and £350 for the OEM versions.

>> No.54928924

AMD has always had the same demographic.

If you want good performance but you're on a tight budget, you buy AMD.

They have never been a competitor in the high end market on either CPUs or GPUs. They're a mid-low end company who makes budget products for budget builds.

>> No.54929100


7990 was better than 680

290 was better than 770 and titan and 290x was better than 780 and titan

In all of 3xx vs 9xx series, AMD had better performance andbetter price until 980ti

AMD has always been the ''best GPUs until the ultra expensive, ultra useless'' top end market that only made up %1-2 of the market. It is just that their marketing sucks and they just doesn't seem to sell their better products against their overpriced, underperforming counterpart

>> No.54929145
File: 29 KB, 412x430, 1464725974448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>290 better than Titan


>> No.54929239

If it is both SLI and Crossfire then maybe. It has to support 2 x 8 lane PCIe. Check your manual.

>> No.54929283

It's got 16x on one rail and 8x on the other rail. Manual says it's crossfire compatible, but not sli compatible.

>> No.54929306

>basing specula on past architecture
just wait and see faggot

>> No.54929333
File: 43 KB, 450x450, 1402065566623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>290 was better than 770 and titan and 290x was better than 780 and titan

>> No.54929479

More memory is usually for multiple monitors and higher resolutions. More memory is not usually aimed at games specifically unless you are running at higher resolutions (4K). 2 x 4Gb RX480's could quite feasibly beat a 1080 in AoS @ 1080. AMD's presentation did not show the resolution. But I am guessing 1920x1080 which would mean 2 x 4GB cards not 2 x 8GB cards so yes. $400 would be the cost. Everyone (well every Nvidiot that is) is assuming it needs to be the 8GB cards.

>> No.54929524

You need to verify it is 8 x 8 though. It might default to 8 x 4 or worse 4 x 4 for all you know. What model is it I may be able to find out.

>> No.54929533

Literally citation needed and why you shouldn't trust logicalincrenents

>> No.54929586


The founders edition price is already confirmed to be £399. This means the msrp will be £320-350.

>> No.54929643


MSI z97 gaming 3. Whenever I looked I saw 8x on the second rail, but I may be overlooking something.

>> No.54929693

Original Titan was trash, only useful for compute, Titan Z was even worse, Titan X was acceptable but still trade blows with the 290X, it wasn't until the customs 980Ti that Nvidia definitively beat the 290X

>> No.54929728


If I remember correctly, the original titan was a 780gtx.

This thing as of today still blows the living shit out of a 290x.

>> No.54929740

>MSI z97 gaming 3
• 1 x PCIe 3.0 x16 slot (PCI_E2, supports x16 speed)
• 1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 slot (PCI_E4, supports x4 speed)*
• 2 x PCIe 2.0 x1 slots
• 3 x PCI slots

You're fucked.

>> No.54929770


Fucking MSI niggers!
Still, I plan on switching to ZEN if it turns out gud so no biggie.

>> No.54929779

As opposed to mine a z87 GD 65 Gaming

• 3 x PCIe 3.0 x16 slots (support x16, x8/x8, x8/x4/x4 modes)
• 4 x PCIe 2.0 x1 slots

>> No.54929854
File: 39 KB, 500x1050, perfrel_3840_2160.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Its better than a 780ti which is faster than the original gangster titan (and arguably the titan black).

>> No.54929859

>The 480 is not even out yet
Just fucking wait and see what the reviews and benchmarks say faggot.

>> No.54929903

>he wasnt sent a rx490 to review

Ahaha oh boy

>> No.54929926
File: 13 KB, 505x607, 1438964444677.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>one cherry-picked test
Seriously, just stop embarrassing yourself

>> No.54929927

no one cares about tdp

>> No.54929992





It takes until 1080p for the 780ti to gain a 1% lead over the 290 - at higher resolutions the 290 is faster.

>> No.54930025


>It takes until 1080p for the 780ti to gain a 1% lead over the 290 - at higher resolutions the 290 is faster.
>at higher resultions it's faster
>unplayable 25+ 290 framerate compared to unplayable 20+ Titan framerate

Are you a nigger or a shill? These cards are designed for 1080p gaming and THAT'S IT, you fucktard.

The 290 is always behind in those tests and those are the one that matter, not fucking 4k benchmarks where single gpu's get barely crack the 30fps ceiling.

>> No.54930155


>These cards are designed for 1080p gaming and THAT'S IT, you fucktard.

Thats not how both AMD and Nvidia marketed them.

Plus having 8xmsaa on at 4k and wondering why your gpu runs like shit is a wonderful practice of reviewers.

>> No.54930159


Enjoy your 28fps

>> No.54930186


8GB 480 $229 confirmed by AMD actually

>> No.54930300

Man, I'm so fucking tempted. I just wonder if a 4460 will be no proper match for that. I just want decent 1080p gayming.

>> No.54930353

For single a 1080p monitor the $199 4GB version is enough. Plenty of oomph for every game out there on ultra settings.

>> No.54930381


Benchmarks show it at 980/fury level, "journalists" keep saying it will probably perform like a 390, either way it will be either be perfect for 1080p60fps

>> No.54930409

So what brand would be best for getting an 1070 this early on? ASUS has always treated me well but I've never bought a new GPU so early after release. ASUS cards tend to sag a bit, though never enough to really cause concern. I can always use a nylon strap to support it anyway.

Just wondering, mostly, if trying to land an EVGA was worth the extra money, or if some other brand was preferred.

>> No.54930439

These are just underage millenians shitposting. When they say "are you a poorfaggot" then they actually mean "are your parents poor?".
No you dont. Go get a job or do anything more useful.
Sure it will. Go to sleep

Also the 200 burger price range is the normie price range, anything above is obese fat gamer tier. And these founders edition cards just scream "buy overpriced stock shit from us or we go bankrupt because amd will fuck us up".
I mean, look how hard nvidia marketing tries to make their shit inefficient cards look more appealing.

>> No.54930468

A lot of people have been waiting years to double or more their performance for the same price they bought their current GPU.

$500 290X owners dont give a shit about a $200 card. If anything what this tells them is AMDs next $500 card should be at least 70% better than what they have now.

>> No.54930484


> look how hard nvidia marketing tries to make their shit inefficient cards look more appealing.

Can't overclock for shit either.


>> No.54930545


If you must let yourself be jewed by Nvidia, then EVGA is the brand to go with, they have the best customer service and don't hesitate to replace your GPU if there's a problem

>> No.54930551

Good point. I actually am waiting to build my first build using a 960 but hearing about the 480x I'm psyched.

>> No.54930568

why are people calling it the 480x?

rx 480x sounds retarded, that's some nvidia tier stupidity

>> No.54930622

Because they are retards. There will be no 480x

Most likely it will be called an RX485 if anything. But the next model will be the RX490 before Vega.

>> No.54930710

You idiots need to stop worrying about PCIe lanes. It is not a bottleneck. It won't be a bottleneck for the foreseeable future. This has been tested, time and again. The difference is MAYBE 5% in extreme cases. I suggest you google it.

>> No.54930811
File: 24 KB, 500x490, fury x pcie scaling 4k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54930836

None of my poorfag friends (which is most of steam) wont spend $350 for a GPU,it's not even an option on their table no matter how much performance it will have.

>> No.54930856
File: 415 KB, 496x349, 1454634012630.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So my r9 390 is a r9 480 now?

>> No.54930892
File: 166 KB, 1382x774, Polaris5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No as the hardware layout is different.

>> No.54930952

performance wise

>> No.54930982
File: 44 KB, 500x661, Nivida lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I was an AMD cuck for years and years. I was one of the trolls always posting woodscrews and housefires in Nvidia threads.

But once I bought a 760, I just couldn't go back to AMD.

Maybe it was just a bad time for AMD in general, but the performance boost for the price was just too much, and for the first time in forever the drivers didn't take an entire year from launch to stop being dog shit.

If the 1070 weren't so close to release, I might consider giving AMD a second chance, but it's hard to justify it. I just have to make sure not to update my drivers after getting a solid set, so Nvidia can't jew me with their enforced obsolescence.

>> No.54930999

The issue with waiting is the supply issue. 1070 prices will be fucked for a while and if aftermarket options don't come until late June then I'll likely just grab one, if I can get one at retail pricing, and either use, resell or return the 1070 depending on what the 480 benchmarks say.

At this point I think I will keep my freesync monitor. Got a good deal on it at gsync monitors have fucked pricing so I wouldn't get one even if I was committed nvidia owner. I'd still just get a cheaper freesync monitor and live with vsync.

>> No.54931023

>not to update my drivers
why don't you just keep the driver installer instead?

>> No.54931035

Thank you, saving this to show future idiots that they'd lose a mere 12% by running their shit over x4 PCIe 1.1, equivalent of one lane of PCIe 3.0

>> No.54931075

>I just have to make sure not to update my drivers after getting a solid set, so Nvidia can't jew me with their enforced obsolescence.
Welp, then you're not getting DX12, ever. That's exclusive to windows 10 and that forces you to run the latest drivers, which has caused normies unmeasurable pain when a windows forced update gave them an NVidia driver that fried their laptop screens.

Enjoy windows 7 and/or gahnoo loonix.

>> No.54931138


Huh. Well, whatever. I already caved in and moved on to Windows 10. It's pretty much inevitable at this point anyway.

This is the first I heard of DX12 refusing to work with anything but the newest drivers though. Guess I should be paying more attention.

>> No.54931149


>none of my friends won't

>> No.54931196
File: 35 KB, 637x480, 1464844967869.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They showed a graph.
So did Nvidia

1080 beats a titan X in VR ONLY
because of new hardware VR optimization that AMD also have.

But a price of rx480 is 199$ off the shelf and 1070 is 379 WITHOUT A COOLER means you add up 100-150$ for a real working device or get founders which throttles itself for 500$

>> No.54931248

Nvidia sells PCB for that price to vendors, ASUS slaps it's cooler on it and also add their profit to the price.

1070 will be no less than 450-500$

>> No.54931258

>This is the first I heard of DX12 refusing to work with anything but the newest drivers though
It's not that DX12 refuses to work with anything but the newest drivers, it's that windows 10 will automatically install the newest drivers for you. Try to install the old ones and Bill Gates will personally come out of retirement to call you and say "lol nope!"

Joking aside though, the auto update will update your drivers and unless you're running a version where you can turn this off, you don't have much of a choice.

>> No.54931264

The 1070 has a cooler it's just a really shitty one

>> No.54931320

Founders edition for 449$
which is more than double the price of rx480 and way not the double walue.

379 is a price of a barebone PCB.
Same with 1080 that went up to 900$ with aftermarket coolers.

Meanwhile AMD can get you an entire new rocking rig for 900$ that will handle modern day games at high or maybe even ultra.

Think about it.
A rig for price of one component.
AMD are making the PC great again, i will pay them for that even if they lose a little fps in comprassion to rabid jews.

>> No.54931368

Wait how trustworthy is Logical Increments?

>> No.54931397

it is run by a jew that ripped off the /g/ guide and made a website to jew commissions on everything you buy using his links.

i wouldn't use it.

>> No.54931453

Not at all

>> No.54931518

>that ripped off the /g/ guide
lolwut? The /g/ guide was always called the faclon guide, after the tripfriend who maintains it with MINOR input from us anons.
More trustworthy than /g/ as a whole. I'm a blatant AMD fanboy and I agree with most of the guide most of the time. I disagree with falcons scepticism towards the 480 this time but hopefully time will validate my opinion, there's no need to make a stink.

>> No.54932163

>trying to deny 290>>>770 and 290x><span class="deadlink">>>780[/spoiler]
jesus christ

seeing as a 7950=770 more or less, it's ridiculous to think a 770 is anywhere near a 290

>> No.54932330

>Huh. Well, whatever. I already caved in and moved on to Windows 10.


This is the kind of attitude that leads to that horrendous shitflood that engulfs us from all sides -- shillcompanies shekeling the shit out of stupid goyums who simply say "windows 10 is inevitable, gotta get it, m-m-muh dx12 c-c-ompatibility"

Don't you see you are getting cucked? So far most games run well on win7/win8, dx11 still has a lot of potential left. There is no reason to ever move to win10.

Do not allow them to cuck you

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