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speccy thread?
speccy thread.

post your shit, familia

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2 gigs ram? u noob my phone has that much ram

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white grownup males dont need more, unless youre a gayming virgin

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w/ no respekt

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>white grownup males dont need more, unless youre a gayming virgin
Just idling in windows I can use ~8GB of RAM. Just because your OS can run with 2GB doesn't mean it wants to, it's just using your HDD/SSD for caching far more often.

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get the fuck out of here pajeet

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not really satan, Ive disabled pagefile to limit emmc nand writes :^)

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Windows 10 is a fucking meme. It is unstable af, and it is generally a piece of shit.

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Responded to myself >_<

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fucking retard

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You mad Pajeet? Plese don't shoot me up I won't steal your code.

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Stop sucking Microsoft's cock

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Post wallpaper plox

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fucking retard

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>1080 coming tomorrow

Can't wait to update this pic

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Will be getting a RX 480 very soon to replace my good ol' R9 270.

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Have a new Crucial mSata in the post. Will soon have a free SSD.
Plan on keep the 1TB harddrive and dual booting linux distros from 2.5 SSD and booting windows from mSata.

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>tfw your system+office+programs takes only 6GB of storage space
step up cucks

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too fucking hot

I hate this time of year

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great job anon, how can i do it?

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>he upgraded to 10

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downgraded, more like, but you 8shit is not any better, parjeet

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Why would I not use 8 on a tablet
Also why do you call random people shills

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why the fuck are you shilling windows 10 this hard?

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I did not cal you a shill.

When did I shill for winblows 10?

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>I did not cal you a shill

>saying 8 is as bad as 10

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compactos, disable hiberfile and pagefile, shrink winsxs, purge unused builtin apps, cleanup softwaredistribution dir, etc.

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>saying 8 is as bad as 10
They are equally shit overall. Same parjeets worked on them.

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Built on December 2014

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You call people who use w7/8 pajeet

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How much did you pay for that back then?

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No, I call you a parjeet, parjeet.

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i5 at 4.4GHz. I've been pretty satisfied tho the M-ATX mobo is too tightly packed and it can't stand anymore components.

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how would you compare XFX vs Sapphire?

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1200+150€ for the monitor

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