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Why do PC manufacturers always end up copying the worst aspects of Apple's products?
>ONE port (usb type c/thunderbolt)
>priced similarly to the Macbook (although it's impossible to truly compare because you can't equip them exactly the same, the Zenbook has a faster processor and can have more ram at a slightly better price, but the Macbook has a higher resolution screen and better battery life, so it mostly comes down to which you prefer more. Given that the point of these is to be as portable as possible and not be workhorses, imo the macbook has the advantage because of battery life and a better screen, but it's still a shitty value and I don't know why anyone would buy either)
>awful keyboard

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You're asking a >>>/biz/ question.

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Because it's easier to just copy Apple than come up with their own designs.

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meh. it's still tech.
this board is 99% consumerism anyway.

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I'm sorry. This is worse than the million "AMD/Nvidia is finished and bankrupt" GPU wars threads going on right now. I forgot /g/ has such high standards.

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Because people only buy facebook machines these days, and rich people buy expensive facebook machines.

We see the gains from this competition in the 'actually useful' tier laptop market though. I can go buy a thinkpad right now with 15 hours of battery life foe chrissakes.

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Because love them or hate them Apple have a philosophy on what they want to make, they have (had) a vision of what they want to achieve.

Other companies are literally trying to canvas ideas from the masses to extract shekels. Their product is basically the car Homer Simpson comes up with. Thinkpad used to have a philosophy and it's fanbase still responds strongly to it.

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I think that philosophy is starting to die a bit at Apple. The iPhone SE is totally there because the shareholders wanted a lower end phone to recapture some market share from Android.

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and that was a first. It doesn't have to make a trend.

That said, I do really hope someone else brings up a new paradigm, or at least a competing one. I need muh good keyboard and battery life and that's literally it. Considering how many people just browse facebook I would think that there would be people that agree with me.

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Yea it's obvious but it still triggers people that Apple is not the same after Jobs died. This kind of response to market pressure seems very Cook & co. They haven't completely lost the plot but it's not the same

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>0.8mm keyboard travel
>good for professional typing
I'm sorry what

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Marketing speak obviously.

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CNET said two of the models they tried had problems registering keystrokes. Maybe it was just pre-production problems, but it could be a problem with the retail units as well.

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woudn't they send all reviewers the first line off the factory line?

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It was at Computex, they were probably display units.

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What's the point of buying this turd if you can buy a laptop with top-tier i7 cpu, 32 gb ram and gtx 980m for the same price? Makes no sense...

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People value thinness over computing power.

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>not alienware or a gigabyte with unlocked GPU and CPU overclocking capabilities and better build quality.

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Alienware still has the best battery life out of all gaming laptops with 9-13 hours of web browsing use. You got to have down syndrome if you get any other gaming laptop.

>inb4 desktop only poorfags

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Asus. Anything else is shit.

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Enjoy your 2 hour battery life and worse build quality.

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>worse build quality

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Dell Precision equivalent build vs. an Asus piece of shit with the thinnest Aluminum panels and quickly failing power supplies and failing cooling systems.

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could you guys not be consumerist shills for six seconds and comment on industry trends like the rest(5%) of us?


Do you think that the reports of all of apple's keyboards all going the way of the butterfly, macbook pro included, be another nail in the coffin of apple's industry standard status? As far as I can think the ultrathin market at large did it first, but it wouldn't be the first time apple didn't do something first. This may be the first time that they've adopted a hardware feature from elsewhere, however.

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>Dell Precision equivalent build
>laptop for gaymers

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>asus shill resorts to memeing after all arguments are countered
Goodbye, you won't be paid for this thread Pajeet.

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>Cut out all the functional ports
>Include dongle adapter

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>This may be the first time that they've adopted a hardware feature from elsewhere, however.
Um... you do realize the whole Apple shtick since their inception was to adopt hardware features from elsewhere?

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The included dongle is shit, it only has one full sized USB port. You need to get the premium adapter if you actually want to plug anything in.

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Success breads jealousy, being success at multiple fronts is hard, especially in consumerware. Only apple focuses completly on consumerware, lelnovo more or less and the others just to keep reputation up. Apple and its desing brings good income, other copy it for recognition, only ~5% will look at specs and compare.
Same with car industry, every car pooks the same. The management doesn't like to risk, better play save. If it fails blaim the trends.

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you mean competition for money.
That's what businesses do. don't the companies don't.
If something sells, the market will try to make a substitute. simple as that. don't try and construe it as being some kind of mental meekness.

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>don't the companies don't.
fuck, I'm drunk.
I'm damn sure I typed
>don't bring morals into it unnecessarily. the companies don't.
at some point during revising the post.

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Not really. People were still buying the 5S despite the newer models so it made sense for Apple to update.

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The outcome is the same.

I would try to make a similar thing but better, like adding two more ports. Isn't that what fuels the competition ? Being better ?
The replica is a chinese thing, can't innovate copy it but sell cheaper.

As said, the management doesn't like risks. Margins aren't that high, better play save. This and heavy burocraty killed progress, thats why big companies are funding start ups, to bring in some progress.

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>I would try to make a similar thing but better,
literally what they do, just with internals instead of aesthetics.

They aren't playing it safe, they're entering a new market. Apple has their own product that sells independently of other laptops. Why wouldn't they try to compete? This is what I mean when I said don't bring in morals/psychology when simple logic will do.

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>new market
Which ? Reading OP it says same one port only, same price. With that desing added its consumer market, professional/mobile workstation would look different.
This one is about asthetics.

>simple logic
I fail at kany things.

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Problem is that once Apple products lose their air of being high-class elitist products, they will lose a lot of their market, since, let's face it, many people buy them because of the respect they think it brings them.

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>Which ?
the "Apple aesthetic" market. Just like how it's happened with the ipad and iphone, with the only difference being that the whole laptop market as a whol isn't perfectly dedicated to apple's way. It's silly to complain that they're being insipid when the whole market is based around the design standards.
>With that desing added its consumer market, professional/mobile workstation would look different.
no comprende. i got desing is design, but I still don't know what you mean.

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that will only start being a problem when WWDC comes around and they're completely unoriginal, giving apple fanboys a big hateboner.

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I meant that its close to being an apple clone, workstation have a different set of ex. ports.

>apple aestehtics market
Their trying to enter it with aesthetics only ? The apple market has a set of aesthetics, os, progs and hardware. Aesthetics alone is an overlap between apple and the rest.
There are people going for aesthetics only, byt tgats a small part.

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man, fix your fucking proofreading skills. I'm drunk and still a better typist than you, holy shit.

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But anyway.
They're duplicating everything they can, and design is all they can duplicate. Windows has marked differences over OS X, and some people like one or the other better. That's what the clones are looking at.
>Aesthetics alone is an overlap between apple and the rest.
still don't comprende.

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Sorry. Dumb phone poster here, too lazy for proofreading and dictionary (for a few mistakes). Also returned from nightshift.

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We came to the same conclussion, there're cloning desing only. They can't fully challenge apple with aesthetics alone, they have to copy the whole system of which aesthetics is a part.
OP pointed out the worst aspects, i thought they were going for the masses/general consumer market.

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general consumers are wanting cheap lately. chromebooks are doing better. apple is the higher tier of the same market, more or less.
that market is not exactly a luxury good market, but it's damn close. the higher priced stuff is bought quite a bit.

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