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>buying a laptop and not getting an x220
do people really do this?

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Yea, I got a MacBook Pro.

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I think you're on the wrong subreddit, buddy.

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>starting at $979.00
>no quad core cpu option
>8gb max 1333Mhz DDR3
>only one usb 3.0 port
wew lad

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I'm going blind and really need the 15" screen

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>some people are not poor
>some people don't need a daily circlejerk to not be ashamed of their shitmachines

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Yup. Got a T60, and it's pretty great. Way cheaper, too. $99 for two of them, one of which I can sell to get a fair bit of my money back. :^)

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>not fucking $200 on ebay or craigslist, fleamarket, used computer store, etc
>being this much of an assmatress
wew lad

...That being said, w520 is a much better option for all around performance. That's why I'm w520 + x61t masterrace.

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But I have an x200 on which I installed Libreboot and Trisquel.

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I have a few t60s I got for $10 from my univeristy's surplus store. I also got my x200 there for $35, a few mechanical keyboards for $10 each, along with a lot of other fun and cheap things.

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Get a life OP.

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Yet you browse a closed source imageboard.

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>buying a laptop and not getting a desktop
do people really do this?

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>that IBM badge

Huh. Really should libreboot my spare x200 already.

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I also play nonfree games and run a nonfree OS (Windows 7) in a GPU passthough. I keep my use of nonfree software low, and whenever there is a good replacement I will use it. Installing Libreboot was a fun project, and I like the lack of backdoors (Intel ME).

I got some IBM stickers that I think were made for the x60 on ebay, because IBMs logo looks much nicer than Lenovo's. They were cheap too. If you are looking into installing Libreboot, this is a good guide:


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Yeah, got an XPS 15 Developer Edition for free.

Are you angry?

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Some people don't like to get blind.

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I am not ever getting a used laptop never

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>an x220
Shitposting on /g/ and don't even know basic english

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is this your family?

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>TN panel

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most people aren't cheeto eating virgin fat losers, anon

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Using 'an' before a vowel sound is correct.

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School required that I buy one of their laptops pre-installed with all the necessary software for my courses.

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You're embarrassing yourself, friend.

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>School required that I buy one of their laptops

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Yeah, gave it a shot before but wasn't able to get it done. After I'm done with this quarter's classes I'll give it another shot.

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I see no reason to choose it over my Latitude XT2.

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>calls Apple users stupid
>uses Wintendo because he's too stupid for GNU/Linux
>plays video games over the age of 13

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>TN panel
>3 hours battery life
no thanks

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>an ex two twenty
I fail to see the issue.

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That is correct usage though.

You don't say "an unicorn", do you?

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i got a free latitude e6410

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Damn dad, I can't believe you still run that dinosaur laptop. Proud of you

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If you havent moved on to atleast a 1080 ips in 2016 you are seriously missing out.

Pic related: its a tn panel vs an ips

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Oh shit, my bad. It is kinda embarrassing

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X220 is IPS


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I'm twenty, just bought this last year. I don't see why the laptop's age would matter, I could still dd my 10 year old PowerBook G4 without issue.

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Really want an X220, but the missus won't let me go above £75.

Don't get married kids, fucking seriously, sacrificing your dreams for bullshit. Biggest mistake I made.

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I own a T420, I didn't fuck up too badly did I?

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I miss my PowerBook G4. 1.42 with 1GB of RAM, that shit lasted me until 2013.

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It still has the good keyboard. What OS do you use?

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I got a w530 maxed out and I'm replacing the hdd with a Samsung 850 evo 250gb ssd, is that okay?

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I've got the 12" 1.5GHz model with 1.25GB RAM, best laptop ever. One of these days I'm upgrading the screen and installing RAID0 SSDs

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Why and how?

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just kill her and use the insurance money to buy one

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/g/tards buying obsolete shitpads with rotten tn-panels and 1995 era resolution. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

This is satire right?

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agreed tbhfam

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jesus you let your wife dictate your finances? What kind of fucked up relationship did you get yourself into? I mean I understand not spending money if you don't have it. but 75 Euro bucks is like what, $100 Burgerbucks? Do you have like 7 kids you're paying for?

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I'm wanting a new laptop and been looking at the x220, the battery life is making me not want to buy one. When will the next x2xx generation start being dumped on ebay?

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>What are you going to do with the old laptop.
>Don't you think that could be better spent towards the extension?
>You don't *need* it, do you.

And I just missed out on a £60 one on ebay last week. Was fucking gutted about that.

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I own a T420 with 1600x900 screen and thought it was great. Until I got my hands on a brand new Toshiba Chromebook 2 with 13.3" 1080p IPS screen. Now it is impossible to go back unless out of absolute necessity.

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lmao what a cuck!!

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which one is that on the right

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It's literally trash for anything else than text editing
I have one

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Top kek m8

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>starting at $979

o rly

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>he fell for the ThinkPad meme

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just file a divorce mate and claim you're a trans-gender queer fag "man" who got beaten up by "his" wife

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I'm not cripplingly poor and don't appreciate old cumstains on my laptop, so I bought a fresh X250.

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Windows 10.
Used Ubuntu for awhile. Didn't like it after a few months so I Just went back to windows. Didn't suite me, but I could see why other people like it. You have a lot more control... I just did not need that control from my laptop.

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some people leave their cave

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>He does not have both
Wow famalam, Just get a powerful desktop and a decent laptop.
Unless you don't need it. I like to vidya, but I like to do modding when on the train to work and shit that is not feasible on a smartphone. Not everybody needs both tbf but many people find invaluable use in owning both.

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We don't conduct our computing on an internet imageboard. Open source or closed source has no bearing on anything if we don't use it to conduct our computing.

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gotta agree with >>54823584
its aids for anything but MS Office. I have a T61p (graphic chip didn't die somehow) and its shit battery life and dim screen make it unusable for mobility, it pretty much site on a desk collecting dust at this point. I do love my x230 tho

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I feel sad for you, if your wife doesn't respect you or what you want. Basically what >>54823513

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>using laptops made in the last 20 years

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>buying a laptop and not getting an x220
>there's are reasons for that
>it's too fucking small
>there are better options available that aren't so fucking small
>ThinkPads are nice machines, truly, but they're not all that and the x220 is too fucking small

I could go on but I'm sure you can sense the pattern developing, right? Right?

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Some people want their laptops to be functional.

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my x220 gets really hot and shuts itself off

probably needs thermal paste

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>being too small

nigga must be carrying a 17 incher gaming laptop.

fuck off.

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>Not carrying around the comfy size of 14"
There is some practicality in a decent sized screen senpai~desu.

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>12" laptop
>too small
Anon please, 12" is perfect, 13" is acceptable, anything larger shouldn't exist.

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should i do it?

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Portable does not mean small anon. Just means it is self contained and can be carried around and used without any connections. I don't need a 17" laptop and I don't know anybody who would need them, but some people want them. Just let those people have their fun. Let them enjoyed their wasted money that could have been spent on a much cheaper laptop that could suite their normal fag needs.

>> No.54824405

I spent something near the europoor equivalent one, but you live in america, they go much cheaper there like all other tech.
Pretty sure you can save your money and just buy a second hand one for much cheaper and just refurbish it yourself.

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>Portable does not mean small anon.
You're right, but size is one of the greatest factors of portability.

>> No.54824409

>having portable devices
>not having your clients and pizza come to you
>not having the world revove around you because you're a magnificient neckbeard
wow I am disgusted to be amongst you

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Get a w530

>> No.54824468

That has a IPS panel and 8 hours battery life as base, you can squeeze around 20 with a Ultrabay and a slice battery

>> No.54824495

>just stick a giant tumor on the back and it'll be fine!

>> No.54824502

>looks like something for the nostromo
>probably $4500 when it was new
>that gas plasma display

>> No.54824516

>got an x250 for 300$ A-grade

>> No.54824546

>buying used hardware

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>finding an X201T from corporate reseller
>looks mint, i5, 8gb, bluetooth, touchscreen, IPS
>switch it on
>7 hours battery life - full green - no cycles
>$89 shipped

wow, I'm such an idiot

i should have paid much more so you can feel better about not having missed out

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>Not having a macbook and a memepad
It's like you don't even into heterosexuality, fag.

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Where anon?

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Shitposting aside that is fucking sexy

>> No.54824748

Tn(left) vs ips(right)
There's a reason it was put in that order.

>> No.54824753

I would consider battery life a bigger factor. But, it is all up to personal needs. Some people might demand a form factor while others demand longevity, some people just want a desktop away from home.

>> No.54824811


who the fuck cares -- it works fine for school, and it can digitize visio -- im not using it to play gaymes


ebay - had to rummage around for two weeks

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good shit:
>IPS panel with god tier backlight
>last decent laptop with a decent keyboard
>i5/i7 models have competitive performance with haslel laptops 2-3x the price
>bluetooth, fingerprint, 802.11agn 2.4/5GHz capable card, USB 3.0, trackpoint
>great touchpad
>mid of the line linux support
>9-10hr battery life with 9-cell
>mPCIe slot for ecard eGPUs or mSATA SSD or 3G modem
>passable 720p cam and good quality mic with a "torch"

There are some downsides though, I don't think it's that durable in comparison to the newer laptops, the thermals are garbage (much more enunciated on Windows for some reason, typically stays under 80C without throttling), iGPU is also pretty poor, and fans are pretty loud. Native Linux support for the volume buttons and FN keys are still fucked as well as the Ricoh card reader. If you really care, the speaker is a POS too, and a line splitter is needed for external mic connection. Obviously, it's also heavier than similarly sized laptops, but the majority of the weight is the battery slice.

I fear though that this may be the last generation of good refurbed laptops that will be affordable.

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>i could still did

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>I can't read

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x201 here. Love this wee thing. I would love to Libreboot some day.

>> No.54825013


Just switched from X220 to W530.

I miss the keyboard. I miss the keyboard so much.

>> No.54825299

>not buying a docking station to use with your tp
>full desktop experience AND you don't have to own two machines

inb4 muh gaming intercooled invidamd 1070 furious GPU rig

>> No.54825318

>he can only afford one computer
>he never leaves the house

>> No.54825986

>implying Windows
It does everything that I need from a laptop. Browsing, LibreOffice, DOOM/DOOM II, OpenTTD, VLC, Emacs.
When I upgrade the hard drive, I'll switch from Debian to Gentoo. :^)

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those poor fucking children. This is child abuse.

>> No.54827470

Yeah heaven forbid they use god tier products

>> No.54827500

I got a T430
Don't hate me senpai

>> No.54827612

>quadcore i5
>9 cell battery
>8gb ram
>256gb msata ssd
>512gb ssd
>2tb hard drive in ultrabay
>6cell battery in ultrabay
>1600x900 IPS screen from ebay for $40
>went away camping over the weekend and took it
>didn't charge it once
>used it for 3 days writing
>watched a movie each night

>> No.54827632

>just got an x200 for $40 (no HDD)

>> No.54827663

Mistake was describing as an old laptop and not just saying "oh I bought a new computer" when it shows up.
no reason to put ssd's in raid0

but yeah no reason to buy a laptop when I can do everything I need on the go with the Moto e 2nd gen I got from bestbuy for $10.

>> No.54827678

Thanks anon, I'm attempting this soon. About to pop my x200 open and figure out which clip I need.

>> No.54827687

You'll hang in the streets someday, consumerist pig

>> No.54827708

>no reason to put ssd's in raid0
When each one's restricted to 100MB/s yes there is.

>> No.54827753

Wait a fucking moment.
I always thought the Lenovo logo was too big to be fully covered by an old IBM badge.
Please post an image of the top cover.

>> No.54827811

x200 is an ibm machine

>> No.54827827

Define this word here, my English is failing and I only saw this word being used as a synonym for "modification".

>> No.54827863

Your English is right, he's just using the word wrong

>> No.54827890

I don't think so, a search for X200 images on Google has the new badge.

>> No.54827907

This doesn't mean that the design philosophy was abandoned though.

>> No.54827923

I think what he's asking is what laptop models they are.

>> No.54827927

No, sure, but I'm interested on the badge fitting.

>> No.54827941

You're right. There's still plenty of space to put an ibm sticker over "Thinkpad" though or maybe cover the whole thing with ibm/thinkpad badge since the thinkpad branding looks smaller on his.

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File: 2.50 MB, 2357x2122, 20160530_204656-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The stickers I got fit perfectly. There seem to be at least two variants of the IBM stickers though, because one set I ordered was a little bit small.

>> No.54828049

Happy Hacking!

>> No.54828204

This knockoff top lid doesn't have the holes for the badges. You can perhaps carve the place for the IBM logo and get a perfect look.
Then you can mod a LED strip, filing off the "lenovo" caption and painting it with black ink.

>> No.54828229

Ask the seller details about it before buying one. I didn't buy one. But now I'm tempted to get an X200; just for the "IBM" branding being possible.

>> No.54828245

That looks nice, thanks for showing me. I added it to my watchlist.

>> No.54828520

There will come a time when this currently obsolete junk will become inoperable, obsolete junk.

>> No.54828565

Because ThinkPads are both functionally shit and aesthetically shit. The only good thing about them is the TrackPoint.
- Posted from my ThinkPad which I regret buying every day.

>> No.54828694

The x60 is a beautiful computer. If it had good specs I would be using it today.

>> No.54829268

Why would I want a laptop with an integrated tracking device?

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File: 14 KB, 227x147, 1463716983432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54829410

good laptop to play old strat games and possibly new vegas and csgo while on a ship or sub

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inb4 im a rich fag with a surface 4 and a pc that isnt a complete piece of shit

>> No.54829706

Sounds pretty comfy.

>> No.54829965

Market price is $200 buddy.

>> No.54830056

>16:9ish laptop
kek, no thank you.

>> No.54830064

Is that Jerry?

>> No.54830072 [DELETED] 

Whould would I get a x220 instead of a t420?

>> No.54830092

Why would I get a x220 instead of a t420?

>> No.54830129

IPS rather than one of the shittiest TN panels ever created

>> No.54830151

it doesnt have an optical drive so your parents wont make you give it to your sister to watch her dvd movies on during a road trip

>> No.54830191

But you can replace the optical drive with a hard drive caddy in a t420 for the same effect

>not using an ultrabay drive caddy as a tiny drawer

>> No.54830373

Fair enough.

My sister is 28, so I don't think this would be a problem.

>> No.54830442


>> No.54830739

Curious about the 1600x900 IPS screen part. I was under the impression you could only swap it for a 1366x768 IPS panel?

>> No.54830990

Honestly the best. Only problem with mine is no trackpad

>> No.54831023

I like my x200 because it has no trackpad. For me the trackpad only gets in the way. Also, it is funny when people borrowing my computer stroke the palmrest.

>> No.54831134
File: 488 KB, 2064x1161, 20140716_160423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

same also my x200 has a much better screen than my x220, that's really the only reason I stick with the 200.

>> No.54831148

got mine for $150, even has the swively touch screen memes

>> No.54831220

I tried to do the IPS upgrade, but the seller sent me a similar but electrically different panel, and it almost broke my computer. I have burn marks on my display cable, but it still works perfectly. I will probably do the IPS upgrade if I can get the right screen.

>> No.54831248

What panel did you buy?
This one was ccfl and my original was led so I had to buy a ccfl inverter to make it work.
Also it had a touch screem digitizer on it and I had to cut that off with a razor blade.

>> No.54831268

wat? Yotsuba isn't open-source?

>> No.54831310

Not him but what thinkpad do you have? I wanna upgrade my x201 to an IPS screen but my current one is led. I'm wondering if I'll need to replace the whole lid or if the new screen and inverter will fit in my current one

>> No.54831324

x201 is 16:9 isnt it?
idk if and panels that will swap in

>> No.54831353

I got a CCFL panel, but it was a completely different model number. The listing had the model number of the correct panel, but I should have double checked before installing. It had the same connector and size as the HV121WX4-120.

>> No.54831372

No mine is 16:10. It has the same screen upgrade options as the x200 afaik but idk if I need to replace the whole lid or if I just need a screen and inverter

>> No.54832921

Just buy one for her son then inherit it when he get's a better one.

>> No.54832978


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>quad core
>not burning down in flames

Also there were no i5 quad cores for mobile (FCBGA1023, PPGA988 socket) and I'm certain that x220 processor is soldered in.

Try again.

>> No.54834092

any Australians had any luck with picking up a second hand/refurbished chinkpad? I need one strictly for uni so it won't need to be too demanding, just need to know where to look or what model is the most reliable with lenovo.

>> No.54834142
File: 1.78 MB, 2765x2074, DSCN2669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are university students not getting a X201
It's literally the perfect uni Laptop

>> No.54834291

yes, I bought Tblazeit

>> No.54834339
File: 196 KB, 449x609, x553s.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54834348
File: 1.76 MB, 3024x4032, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


My brother

>> No.54834384
File: 100 KB, 540x540, 1463086534462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Demon Boy Jr

>> No.54834522

>be me
>buy this laptop
>get rid of the guts
>mod the laptop case.
>buy New hardware for modded case

>> No.54834628

>lies on top of lies

>> No.54834695

>Using 'an' before a vowel sound is correct.
Actually, it depends on pronunciation, not spelling.

You'd say
>a UK man
>an UK man

Because UK starts with a "yu" sound.

>> No.54834726
File: 153 KB, 720x960, cucked so hard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54834728

you picked better computer. Butthurt shitnovo poorfag laptops can't compare

>> No.54834739


>> No.54834838

>>vowel sound
>Actually, it depends on pronunciation, not spelling.

What part of sound did you get mixed up with spelling?

>> No.54834841

>size is one of the greatest factors of portability.

Does thin count as size?

>> No.54834857

that's exactly the kind of guy, in the exact situation i imagined he would be in, who wears a TMNT T-shirt.

>> No.54834866

No, depth is the least important. width and height are the important factors.

>> No.54834892


Weight also doesnt count?

>> No.54834929

because im not poor and can afford better laptops?

>> No.54834951

nice bloatware

>> No.54834976

Of course it does. Notice I said one of, not the only.

>> No.54835044

botnet i5 processor

x200 and older are the only libreboot halal approved laptops

>> No.54835257

>this thread is still alive

ebin /g/

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hmm.... i'm married and have two kids. but i also have here two x220 and one x220t on my desk. maybe her chain is a bit to long...

>> No.54836362
File: 74 KB, 485x662, 84b2b6faeee6dc8674ffea9f1d57bc65b93fbb6cccfc919d3f9fac7bbc907899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

was meant for

>> No.54836409

This makes me so uncomfortable

>> No.54836469

T420s reporting.

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Reminds me of this

>> No.54837518

You should've gone X220-T with that sleek and sexy design, wacom digitizer and IPS panel.
a plain X220 is just cheap bruv

>> No.54838240

Own a macbook pro and have to say... The keyboard is trash on the macbook pro compared to several lenovo laptops. Quit lying to yourself anon.

>> No.54838283

>tfw just sold my MacBook Pro and can now buy a ton of ThinkPads.

>> No.54838586

I got X201s instead.

>> No.54838614

What are you going to do with a ton of ThinkPads? You could have just sold a Macbook to save some money but selling it to buy a ton of laptops seems like something one would do who doesn't actually get work done on one.

>> No.54838729

looks like the model is a w540 or w541

>> No.54838760

what lockjscreen is that?

>> No.54838786

>tfw fell for the Surface Pro 3 meme
it's actually quite good, but when I bought it I hadn't been on /g/ in a while so I completely forgot about thinkpads

>> No.54838798

>my use of nonfree software
>my use of nonfree software
>my use of nonfree software
Everything you have done to rid yourself of non-free software has been rendered moot, you are now a enabler

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