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Hey /g/ what was your first computer?

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this baby

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Wrote my first computer programs on that thing...and hated it. But I played a ton of video games on it and later on the 64c

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11" slim Thinkpad running Windows 98 in Portuguese form Portugal. I only spoke English.

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My first computer was some Gateway 2000 machine from 1994. Had a 486, a 2GB HDD, and I think 16MB RAM.

man, I used to want one of those so badly
looking at it now, all I can think of is that it looks like it melted

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>Had a 486, a 2GB HDD, and I think 16MB RAM
Was it a hand me down? I remember getting my first 1GB drive around the time MMX Pentiums came out. The RAM seems a bit much for a 486 as well.

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lol not mine. mine got scraped because i didnt have decent internet access and was software illiterate. a kid gave it to me because i made him laugh so hard he pissed everywhere and gave me the laptop if i promised i wouldnt tell. of course i told everyone. the computer was barely used. what a spoiled little fuck. i even had a external floppy. based as fuck.

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Did you slick the drive and install English localized windoze or did you slowly absorb Portuguese so later in life you could travel to brazil and date 10/10 broads with little effort?

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Yours what? Gateway or Powerbook? Both of these had internal floppies, and I can't imagine why you would make up such a fabrication on an anonymous Chinese cartoon forum.

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10/10 Brazilian babes are poor recompense for having to listen to the bar-none ugliest language on earth.

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They've got em who can speak German too :)

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HP Pavilion 8760C


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could have been 8MB RAM, it's been years since I've had the machine
but the HDD was very definitely 2GB

it was a hand-me-down from my dad
he spent quite a bit on it and he tended to splurge on RAM so I think it might actually have been 16MB (he gave me a laptop from 2001 with 512MB RAM to me in 2004 when he got a machine with 1GB RAM, and the desktop we got in 1999 had 128MB RAM -- not the most, but a fair bit for the time)

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I just used it in Portuguese and learned the basics until I bought my own laptop running Windows XP in English.

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Some Compaq

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powerbook. and im not making anything up. it had a disc drive but not a floppy.

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Pentium 4 3GHz
512 MB RAM

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This baby

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So it was a Powerbook Duo?

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Im only 19, i didnt get this as my own personal runescape machine until 2006

It worked (and still works) pretty good. It can still play OSRS even now.

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Saved my programs on cassette tapes... I'm old.

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My uncle had an old IBM computer with the buckling springs but he used that for work, the first real computer that I owned was a shit P4 desktop, god up to this day I hate that scrapheap.

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Poortugal may be Alberto Barbosa's birthright but that language beats the shit out of Spanish... or west g*rmanic

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first computer I bought with my own money
was pretty good except for the bulging battery issue

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This thing. Family had a 486 before this, but this was the first one I actually owned, until about 2005. It's a budget PC from 1999, but it plays Half-Life and SimCity 3000 flawlessly.

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Comoodore Vic20
first IBM-compatible - Tandy 1000 RL (fuck that was an amazing computer for what it could do!)

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Me too. Made my dad take it back a couple days later for a C-64. A couple months later he bought an Apple 2e and I never touched the Commodore again. My mom sold it at a garage sale a year later. Got a 2gs a few years later and a 486 my freshman year of high school.

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The first computer I owned? Power Mac G4. First I used was a Gateway Pentium III thing. Mmm slot 1.

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Using this now. Solid still.

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lol :)

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I had a 486 with 16MB when I was in school.

A DX2/66 if I recall. It was pretty good, there were still computers being sold with 4 and 8MB at that point.

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Pentium II
dem wuz dat dere dayz

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compaq amd k6-2 450mhz cpu 64mb of ram windows 98

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I have two of those. Apple has fallen off a cliff since then.

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Performa 630CD

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fresh out of the last nostalgia circlejerk, here's another worthless one right
>Hey /g/ tell us only the good parts of the memories around your first computer as you've slowly forgotten anything bad about it over the 15 years you haven't had it after it died
/g/ spends more of its time living in the past than the present

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pleb hardware and software.
an 27" imac would be nifty though if i could ever afford it.

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Also had one of these running Windows 3.1.

>tfw you could quit Windows back to DOS

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They're okay.
I have a 2006 imac, it's pretty decent if you're anal about temps and don't let it cook itself into an early grave.

My first PC that I could call my own was a CTX-EzBook 953E.

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Pentium 4 2.1 GHz
Windows XP

It was my christmas gift in 2004

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Same! But my older brother had a Amiga 500.

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I scraped together $400 over the course of a summer job to buy this piece of shit in 1998. It came with a AMD K6/2 266MHz, Windows 95 OSR2.5, a Cirrus Logic GL5446, and a ESS ISA sound card. I remember it well because it ran FF7 at about 3 FPS. I was pissed. The motherboard died after a particularly hot summer too.

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Shit was beautiful. I miss it.

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Thank's Mr Cosby!

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I can't remember the name of it, but I can tell you the specs.

I got it in early 2006 when I was a wee lad. It had a Sempron 3500+, onboard nVidia graphics, 200GB HDD, and 1GB RAM

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Acorn Electron

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I have one of these pieces of shit laying around, they're so trashy I like them, adorable little shitboxes.

Thinking of sticking ME back on it and using it as a laplink box and so I can bench it against my contemporary multi-socket Xeon/P3 boxes for a good laugh.

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Prebuilt Dell with Windows 95. I can't remember the specs.

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iPhone 5S.

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An AMD K5-100Mhz PC. I think it had either 2MB or 4MB of ram and a 128MB Seagate HDD.

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>merry christmas son
Thanks dad

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Anyone here this old?


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This BadBoy here..
Still have it somewhere..
Along wiuth my vintage PONG console..

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Picture isn't actually mine but same model. Still got it, still love it!

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hmm im not sure all i remeber about it is it had a black keyboard and orange keys

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An Asus eee 701. I was in middle school and wanted my own computer so bad and I saw one on Craigslist that I could afford. I tried so many linux distributions on that thing trying to make it actually usable, I even tried to hackintosh it (but never succeeded).

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>there literally millions of people in the third world for whom a smartphone was their first computer and internet connected device because cell networks are so cheap to roll out compared to wired networks and low end Android smartphones are so cheap compared to computers

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My dad had way older macs
but the first i owned was flower power
and the teal one too

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This, my first "computer" was an iPhone 3GS. Then I got an hp ultrabook (Pavillon dv6). Horrible mistake.

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I had one of those, but I don't consider it as my first computer, although I had a lot of fun with it.

My first computer was pic related. Had a lot of fun, done a lot of shit with it (like having a virus wipe the disk..lol) and played a lot of games.

The only thing was that the monitor sometimes would make a popping sound inside, can't explain very well, it was like something inside the plastic case had a tiny explosion every once in a while. I started having a very difficult relation with that computer from that moment on, I couldn't get away from it, but was always afraid of the next "bang!".

Oh, and I also learned what a ROM drive was, unfortunately.

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Two funny things I remembered after clicking to submit the post:
1 - There was only one on/off switch, the one you can see in the monitor. Never saw another computer like that, and that was probably the reason for the bangs too, the power supply inside the monitor.

2 - When I bought the computer (well, my father bought it), we brought it home, inside the box and assembled it, I was so psyched. After everything in place I pressed the power on button and nothing happened. What a disappointment! What happened? We figured out that the power chord was missing. This was on a friday, I had to wait until fucking monday for my father to get the power chord, being a kid, it wasn't easy.

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>pinball fantasies
i love that game

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I used to play it too, of course! But first I played Pinball Dreams, which was also excellent.

And I started with Tristan, I don't know why I loved these so much, all these pinball games were very repetitive, but at the same time, very engaging.

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Some Compaq all-in-one in about 1996.

>> No.54765668

sometimes i'd start up pinball fantasies just to listen to the sweet intro music, before i got a soundcard, as it was of the few games that could play sampled music on the pc speaker

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Yeah those PS/1s had PSU housed inside monitor.

>> No.54765879

That's for me as well. Came with Windows ME Edition.

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10gb drive win 2k running on this,fully functional even today

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I know, right? Remember MOD files? I had a handful of those and got a kick listening to them, although they were only instrumental. I remember having an Iron Maiden song, but I don't recall the name right now, absolutely killer!

Could that be the reason for the "bangs"?

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first computer I used on a regular basis was some Pentium II from Medion/ALDI, from 1998 or something

my own first computer I built myself, Athlon XP 2600+, 512MB RAM... in 2004 I think. Mom used the old computer until 2008, then I replaced it with a cheap Pentium III, and later finally something with dual core, it still has the old case.

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the pinball fantasies music were all amiga MODs, given that it was ported from the amiga (i played the DOS version)

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I had a NEC computer that was pretty nice.

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first one we had in the house at any rate

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MODs were amiga music files? Wow, talk about learning something new everyday!

>> No.54767021

yea, they were designed for the amiga around the amiga hardware

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This baby, miss it a hell of a lot. ;_;

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Shit, was the apple 2 that small? Britbong asking, never really saw them over here.

>Solid state
When will this meme die?

>> No.54767082

Tandy 1000. 2x 5.25" floppy drives, DOS 2.11, 20 MB Hard Drive

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Older Apple computers were relatively small, but you might be getting tricked because of the other things in the photo, that contrary to the monitor, were always a tad to the large side.

But don't take my word for it: http://www.applefritter.com/?q=node/22888

>> No.54767143

it ran a translated & localized BSD

>> No.54767312

>Shit, was the apple 2 that small? Britbong asking, never really saw them over here.
That was the IIc, a semiportable version.

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First one I had for myself was an Apple IIcx. It had... I think 8 MB of memory and an 80 MB hard drive. And a color screen.

First one I bought with my own money was a dual processor 500 MHz G4 tower with an original Radeon.

I kicked the Mac habit a few years later.

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Some mac can't even remember the name, it didn't even have a harddrive everything was runnen by two floppy-discs

I feel old.

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Is it possible to get some old hardware like a zx spectrum or commadore and putting linux on it?

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could it be this?

i don't think there's too many macs with two floppy drives

>> No.54767751

It was a laptop, in its most generous sence since it weight shitloads. I think it was one of the first

>> No.54767775

I think it was around 1987 or something like that

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well this monster is the first portable macintosh, it came out in late '89 and did have a dual floppy (no hdd) configuration available

>> No.54767834

And a fucking lead acid battery

>> No.54767857

Well at least if your car battery died you could jump start it with your mac

>> No.54767859

hey, at least it had an /active/ matrix lcd display

i had a couple passive matrix lcd laptops and damn were they limiting

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Hmm not that either, I think my mom still got it in the attic, should go over there and find it someday, could be a fun thread for /g/ to boot it and do some silly shit with it

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it's the only thing that fits your description
the models directly after looked like this and all had 1 floppy drive and a hdd

you certain it was a mac?

>> No.54767994

Fun thing is that the one you posted there was our second computer, so I' ve had that one too.

But you're right it might not have been a mac since that one we got later. I really need to check it out. Now I' stuck on it.

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This. Potuguese sounds like a bad bad parody of Spanish and Italian, but not even a funny one.
Just plain annoying, exactly like Portuguese people

>> No.54768562

Sure, just record a live cd into a cassette tape and type load ""

>> No.54768708

I was enjoying this thread, but now you hurt my feelings ;_;

>> No.54768927

your feelings don't matter

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hah same for me

>> No.54770094

Killao a voce, familihada

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This fucking bastard.
The eMachines eTower 366c.
EVERYTHING went wrong with this system, EVERYTHING.
My parents refused to pay to get it fixed too, so i had to learn how to do it myself... It made me the nerd I am today.

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This badboy.

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Same, had it hooked up to an ancient General Electric 14" TV in my room via RF. Magic Carpet, Raid on Bungeling Bay, Beah Head, all those shitty Epyx Olympic games. Fuck, I wish I'd never traded it.

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It survived a house fire and it died to us when it got filled with viruses and I didn't know how to remove them back then

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My first computer to have for myself.

>> No.54771508

a e s t h e t i c as fuck.

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If it wasn't such a spastic internal. I would have put newer hardware into it.

But I got rid of it more than 10 years ago now. So no mITX build in this.

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Laser XT

>> No.54771621

Pentium III 800 Mhz
256Mb of Ram
Shitty ATI 128Mb

Got it when I was in elementary school because I told my parents I need it for my homework.

All I did was play Doom 2, Blood, some old Football management games and jack of to porn picturs on floppy disks.

Just the fucking CPU was 800 bucks if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.54771665

you can run doom 2 and blood on FAR slower machines than that

i ran Q3, UT99, CFS2, SoFII, Freelancer, etc, etc on a PIII-667MHz, 128M ram, intel 810 16M integrated graphics, and 10G hdd
it even ran UT'03/'04 pretty well with a geforce 2 MX 32M pci added

>> No.54771684

Don't remember the name but it was big, beige and had Hover! That's all that is important.

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An IBM Aptiva with an Pentium 2, black. My father later upgraded it to a Pentium 3 for me. Then I got a Pentium 3 Dell Laptop.

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>> No.54771882

I don't remember all the specs, but some of it.

Pentium II 266 MHz
Some Voodoo card with 8 MB

I'm not too sure though, could be that I'm mixing up numbers. That was back in 98 I believe. It ran Windows 98, but it was still very new at that point, all my friends still had Windows 95.

>> No.54772120

Kill you'reself.

>> No.54772599

I'm pretty sure that my GPU was outright shit for that time, because I remember CS 1.6 lagging on that build.

I knew shit about computers then, but I salvaged that build some years ago and the GPU had passive cooling.

>> No.54772682

holy crap i came

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RIP in peace you glorious bastard, wherever you are.

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File: 21 KB, 300x300, satan's laptop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5928 I bought from Walmart. There will always be a place in my heart for that machine, and that place is filled with fiery seething hatred. It's almost like that thing was engineered to piss you off. Fuck it. Fuck it to hell and spit on its grave. Glad it's gone.

>> No.54772900

I'm just now noticing...why have computers gone from beige to black?

>> No.54772913

Because Beige was shit.

>> No.54773026

Beige stains, fades, looks inelegant. You also have pretty much one choice of plastic and finish.

>> No.54774251

How pavilion g6 with some pentium cpu

>> No.54774454

>This baby, miss it a hell of a lot. ;_;
Those keyboards were truly made by the gods.

>> No.54774503

ITT old anons

>> No.54774632

I've long suspected the 4chan hard core to be in their 40s and older.

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File: 66 KB, 610x494, att-unix-pc-right.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my bipolar engineer grandfather gave my luddite dad a AT&T 3B1/7300 (Unix PC) when I was 2 years old. I was the primary user of it.

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My first real computer was the same model as pic related, a Packard Bell vx88. She came fully loaded with an 8088 processor with 8mhz turbo, Phoenix bios, 640mb ram, a 32mb HD, 16 color EGA graphics, and even had the following badass programs pre-installed:

>4dos (fuck yeah)
>Knights of the sky

It also came with a gwbasic manual which led to my several years of hardcore programming, creating a custom menu / organizer / shell and several of my own games. Random access files were so fucking useful.

The Seagate hard drive chirped like a little bird - one that I pushed to the absolute limits.

>> No.54775183


Damn it I meant 640k of ram.

Starting out with Unix you lucky dog.

>> No.54775194

lolz that looks almost like my moms first laptop. windows had so many viruses and she didnt have to os cd so i put ubuntu 9.10 on it.

>> No.54775216

Damn right we are. VIC-20 was my first. C64 shortly after.

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Pic related; the ORIC-1.

>> No.54775288

lorn 2 speel

>> No.54775423


Several years later I got a brand spanking new 486sx 33mhz, also a Packard Bell. I couldn't fucking believe how much faster it was, I mean pick my jaw up off the floor fast. It was irritating at first not being able to read my programs line-by-line when I typed "list" but instead just all flashed by.

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Got it when I was in 9th grade, my brother's old PC
Still hanging in the other room, working pretty well but has a small mobo problem

Still love you, baby! <3

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