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What laptop do you have and what do you use it for? I'm looking to buy one soon.

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Lenovo Y50-70
For everything.

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Lenovo ideapad 305 - it was sexy, I currently use it for everything that isn't programming. It's Win10 dual-booting ubuntu

Some macbook - work laptop, El Capitan OS. I currently use it for everything related to programming

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Dell XPS 15Z

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Dell Precision M6600 - ESXi
Dell Precision M4800 - Main system
Dell Latitude E7250 - Work laptop
Macbook Pro 13" 2011 - shitpost here

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Also I use a Dell Latitude and HP EliteBook for work but I would only recommend the HP.

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aw shit, it's a rMBP, 15-inch. I know nothing about macs, but I was wondering why it was so sexy

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Im thinking about getting this one, how good is it for college computer science work?

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Dell Inspiron 3420

I use it for everything, porn, work, education, recreation, and porn again, the usual

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Surface Pro 4
Web browsing
School work
Light photo/video editing

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Dell Chromebook 13

I use it for development, currently I have ubuntu running on it.

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X250, work stuff.

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I don't have a laptop because all I do is browse and type up documents.

Use a Pixel C. Waiting for the next iteration of the Surface Book.

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That shit has build quality

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Why would I buy a laptop if I already have a tablet?

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T420, work, note taking, shit posting, photo editing

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Sony Vaio S13
for everything

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I have this Dell XPS 17 and want to get a Surface pro 4. Just that this laptop is kinda big and want to get something more dedicated for drawing/artwork.

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Yoga pro 2 dual booting Deepin and Win 8.0

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Dell 7559

I wanted a laptop that didnt cost much, could play games and atleast a 1080p screen.

Checked all the boxes outside of being 14 inches

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God tier laptop, I won't be in the market for a new one for at least another couple years. Mainly use it for browsing the web and programming, some light gaming here and there

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Dell chromebook 11.

Love it. Really solid build quality and silent fanless, great keyboard but shitty trackpad and screen. But I dock it and use a big 4:3 dell monitor and keyboard/mouse 90% of the time

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>Asus ux303
Use it mainly for Web browsing, little bit of programming and uni shit - CAD work, heavy excel, matlab and maple, plus watching lectures

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ThinkPad T420; primary, desktop replacement, used for media, games and some work. Has Nvidia card.

ThinkPad x1 hybrid; secondary pc and is the one that leaves the house. Same duties as t420 but used outside.

Hp Mini 110; emergency use and testing.

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Holy shit read the sticky you fucking mongoloids

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ThinkPad T420. I mainly use it for bedbrowsing and take it with me to work. Desktop for everything else.


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This is more of a /g/ thread than 90% of the stuff shitting up the board right now

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So anyone got a suggestion for a decent tablet ? 300-500$

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>decent tablet
Yeah, a laptop

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My old Toshiba satellite got bricked so I'm planning on buying a Dell inspiron 15 (7559) I'll probably upgrade the RAM to 16gb and add an ssd. I'll mostly be using it for structural analysis software, Matlab and vidya. Hope I'm not buying the wrong tool for the job. What do you think?

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What is the cheapest laptop I can get with a 1080p IPS display?

Note: Acer Chromebook 14 is out since I can't seem to purchase it in my country.

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Alienware 17 r3
Sits in my bed for 4chan shitposting before I go to bed.

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I fucking love my Asus Nexus. Am currently using it on the shitter to type this comment

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I dont know but it runs windows 10 and is fairly powerful
Just for wanking

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There's nothing wrong with the t420 or the x1 hybrid. In fact, the x1 hybrid is one of my best purchases at 800 cad in 2012 and can still get 16 hours of usage in Android mode. That's with only the 3 cell battery, have yet to buy the battery slice.

The t420 is my next best purchase since I got my for 400 in 2012.

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I would buy an alienware laptop but I'm not brave enough to be seen in public with such an ugly piece of hardware

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Yeah even with the LEDs off you could pretty much tell it is what it is.

That said it literally never leaves my bed so it was a good purchase. Couldn't really find anything much better than it for the price and my local Best Buy had it in stock.

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All new Lenovo X1 Yoga
>Business stuff of course
>I run several business's
>I'm very rich

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(The Windows 7 model - I'm given to understand another iteration of it has 8 instead)

Purchased so I could finally play...well, any games. The laptop I had before it could handle basically nothing, and this one can play new shit even - though I might need to turn the graphics down a bit for it to be smooth. And then it does all my other computer stuff as well.

I would've gone for a desktop for gaming and kept the laptop for other shit, but I go over to people's houses frequently on my days off and need something portable.

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I write ebooks

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Thinkpad T420, for being a faggot on the go, I guess. It's also covered in stickers but that's acceptable as I live on a liberal arts campus and everybody here is a fag.

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x201 - for programming at college
Lenovo z40 - main computer, it sits on my desk connected to a 24" monitor
Eee PC - trying to figure out what I'm gonna do with it
Broken y510p - no one can fix this shit

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programming, uni work and various other shit

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Toshiba chromebux 2. 1080p ips, running linux.
8/10 for 8 hour battery life on ubuntu.

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ASUS G750. It's the 2014 model w/860M, i7 and 8 GB. It's outdated by current standards but it werks fine for me. It still runs games like Elite: Dangerous on max with no problem. Has god-like cooling for a laptop. Downside is it's a fucking brick so it's not very portable but that's fine for me. Amazon still sells them for damn near full price I bought mine for so it must still be pretty decent.

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Lenovo w530

It just werks

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I wanna get a 2 in 1 but I'm so lost as to what I should get. I want it for school this upcoming fall. I want the tablet feature pretty bad too. I kinda like the surface book. Opinions?

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probably going to get a surface pro 4 soon, any opinions on it?

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Sager NP8677

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Why are you asking about a tablet in a laptop thread?

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Because it is a 2 in 1, it's just as much a laptop as it is a tablet

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I have the original surface pro 128 gb had it sense launch and too cheap to upgrade. I like it. Wish it had more usb ports. The 4 looks nice but I don't want to spent that much on a tablet again because am poor fag, ill wait till the 6 comes out and buy the 4 then :P

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No, it's a tablet with a keyboard accessory. Laptops have keyboards attached to them.

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yeah i've got a friend who let me use his and its just what i want. glad people like it long term

nice troll xd

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Asus x205ta. Great computer for daily tasks. Extremely cheap and reliant. 12 hour battery time and weights just one kilogram. My only problem is it's small keyboard, but makes up for the fact that the laptop is small af.

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hp envy 17t = windows 8.1, research
asus f555l = windows 10, business
old hp something = side projects

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My two current main laptops are my ThinkPad W500 and EliteBook 8440p

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HP Elitebook 8560W
Use: work, uni, shitposting

Definitely recommended of you want a sturdy workhorse. Guess you could do some light gaming if you wanted. Never bothered to try. Not recommended if you want something light and easily portable (weighs ~3.3kg and is not exactly small). Note however that my model is ~5years old. No reason to upgrade.

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Ideapad Y700 for everything.
>tfw I'm a poorfag without a home
>tfw renting so I don't have a home to pursue hobbies

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I'm planning to get the T430. Any of you have experiences with it?

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Firstly, Art/drawing mostly
Secondly, computer to do general computing on the go

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Dell Inspiron 15 5000

I mostly use it for work, shitpost, and gamez.

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Does the flimsy screen annoy you?

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ThinkPad W541. It's my daily driver now, so I use it for everything from web browsing to my engineering work to hobbies (programming, video editing).

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Hp g6-2238tx:
i7 3632qm (4c8t)(2.2ghz base, 3.1ghz turbo) 8gb ram, 750gb 5400rpm hdd(soon 256gb ssd), hd 7670m 1gbddr3. Used for browsing/ backup note taking and light games.
Hp dv6:
i5 460m (2c/4t) 2.53-2.8ghz, 8gb ram, 50gb 5400 rpm hdd, intel hd graphics. Used as a mess around machine for windows 10, light browsing etc.
Hp compaq (first laptop):
2ghz celeron (1c1t), 2gb ram, 120gb hdd, windows xp (used to be used for browsing etc. Sits in cupboard as emergency computer)
Surface pro 3:
i5 4xxx series 0.75 ghz min,1.9ghz base, ~2.8 ghz turbo but throttles quickly, 8gb ram, 256gb ssd, 2160x1440 panel. Used for primary note taking at uni and browsing/watching netflix/youtube.
Acer aspire 5520g:
Was a great laptop when it worked
2.2 ghz amd turion, 4gb ram, 250gb hdd, nvidia 8600m gs (troubled chipset that nvidia knew of, lots of cases of gpu frying/needing to be reconnected to motherboard) still in cupboard, unsure if gpu is totally dead or simply detached.

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MacBook air 13" 2015.
Mostly for programming.

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Looks comfy

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so comfy and cute

if not for the shitty screen it would be on the top 10 list

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monstrous and savage

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i was gonna the ask the same question as the other anon -- does the lack of the screen lock make things irritating

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Thinkpad E540
/g/ says edge series are shite

Works well for me and comfy as hell
Used for programming, retro games,
Dual booted ubuntu/W7

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Lenovo Thinkpad E560
Use it for programming, some games, university stuff.
Good battery life and performance.

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If it's used for shiposting and doesn't leave your bed why do you need those specs?

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It's very comfy. The vagina clit isn't so bad after a few hours.

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HP Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook
Use it for everything.

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Just bought a x260 and its coming this morning. Got it because I like my old thinkpads but massive battery life is something I can use. Supposed to be 10+ hours off a single 6 cell battery will report back when I know for sure.

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Well done
Dear Diary, today I learned that resolution schnooks can identify numbers

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I use an old HP 635 that I opened up and upgraded. Now it has an AMD Phenom II quad-core cpu @2.2 ghz instead of the previous dual-core @1.8ghz, a solid state drive, and 4gb RAM. Could still add up to 8gb of RAM but it's not really a concern of mine.

I use it to code primarily. For some reason I prefer coding on a laptop than on a full keyboard. All my gayming and files are on my desktop.

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Also put ElementaryOS on it for another breath of life (and it's pretty imo), and installed PowerTOP and other battery saving tools to make the old battery last ~3 hours from full charge (assuming moderate use).

The only reason I would care to upgrade is the weight, otherwise this is all anyone really needs if they're not gaming.

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I've been looking at latitudes, what is wrong with it?

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I just got a new W540 quad core. It was a distributor refurb but it appears it was never out of the box. It was priced ~$750 but I traded some engineering hours for it. It's sufficient for what I use it for which is managing VMware and prototyping VMs. I also do some light browsing. My desktop tops out at 24gigs of mem while my laptop has 32. My desktop is a 980x monster so there's not much it doesn't do fast if I need it done fast. Everything else is done on the laptop.

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had a old dell studio 1749 that was my very first laptop and it died in my arms today


Using a shit inspiron 3541 but its a fucking turd

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ThinkPad X220 with an i7-2640M and 16GB RAM.

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Actually not as flimsy as you'd think. I can pick the entire thing by just the display and rotate and shake it without it turning.
I honestly thought it have to change the way I used a laptop, but if you don't intentionally rotate it, it feels like any other hinge, really.
Nah, it'd be nice if there was one, but it's pretty much like any other laptop without it

As seen here, holding it with one hand, partially rotated without it continuing to move though it's weight should cause it to continue to rotate.
What I'm trying to say is, the hinge is really stiff in all directions, but not impossible to accidentally rotate. Just not as easy as you'd think.

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Just ordered the ThinkPad P50 (with the Intel Xeon E3-1505M v5) probably never fully utilize the computer but it's perfect !

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17.3" Vortex Series Laptop, 4GHz i7, 64GB RAM, 2 x GeForce GTX 980 (8GB), SoundBlaster X-Fi MB, Logitech HD 1080p Webcam C930e, Gigabit LAN & Killer Wireless-AC + Bluetooth 4.1, 960GB HyperX Savage SSD, Windows XP

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>Not wanting to shitpost at 1000fps

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l460P yeah I also want that one.

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I own this. This is my dorm and uni machine as well. I love it.

Asus k501ux (european version?)


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I currently use a Acer Chromebook 11.
I use it for web surfing and work stuff.

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Probably something decent, Quadcore CPU, last gen GPU, SSD and a IPS display. Saw some models on a pc store nearby around 500$~ or so.

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Laptops are kinda deprecated, unless you're a student and you need the mobility. Otherwise, they're kinda useless.

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Don't buy a gaming laptop for college you cuck.

Buy a ThinkPad, spend the rest of your cash hanging out with friends.

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I personally would opt for the i5, they don't have the best running Temps.

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I'm not trolling you moron, the SP4 is a tablet.

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2012 rMbp I got for 250$.
Shitposting, light swift and Python, music

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recommend a laptop for around £500 /g/
Needs a decent screen and keyboard because it will be for work, trackpad and battery life would be a plus

no thinkpad memes though

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For big boy stuff.

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I bought a x1 yoga meme.

Great little laptop, way overpriced even for a IBM friend.

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I like to post in comfort. Why would I buy a shitty computer?

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About to do this laptop build for Programing, Schoolwork and VMs

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>Ubuntu's font rendering

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i got 1200 in europe money whats the best specs i could get out of that? i gotta render a ton of videos and run 3d programs and i wanna be able to run the occasional cheeky video game

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Enjoy your 15" 720p screen, shitty keyboard, trackpad and 2 hour battery life

>> No.54708561

>Needing more than 720p on a laptop
>Implying you're even going to use the trackpad

>> No.54708599

A 720p workspace is unusable. My laptop has a 4k screen (scaled down to 1440p work area) and even this feels like I need more room.

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Looks like i have one of the oldest HP's here but that okay

rocking a NX7400 with custom CPU
I just browse the web , play movies, play flash games and use it as a DOSBOX and retro gaming for all my old DOS games

I mainly use it at night
Best 200NZD i ever spent.

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How good are Toshiba sattelites?

>> No.54709928


Horrible. I had one and it was the worst laptop I've ever *used* much less owned.

>> No.54709942

Like the build just sucked or what?

>> No.54710089


Horribly engineered. Shit is just shoved inside with no mind to how it ends up. So, for example, it the weight was heavily biased toward the rear.

Flexy everything. The case flexed, the keyboard flexed, etc.

Shitty finish. The keyboard had some godawful semi-gloss that looks nice at BestBuy, but feels shitty and loads up with fingerprints and smudges.

Constant crashes. For no particular reason, it would just bluescreen. I was able to reduce the frequency by changing some USB setting in the BIOS (disabling "Enable Legacy USB" perhaps? Don't remember). Reporting this to Toshiba resulted in an "oh wow, interesting" non-response.

Shitty sound. They did some promo licensing bullshit deal with Altec Lansing (not even an actually respectable audio company) for the speakers. Well, they sounded like shit. They were just generic drop-in speakers. Compare that to, for example, a Macbook Pro, which will have a very carefully engineered chamber to maximize performance. A Lenovo T420, on the other hand, has simple drop-in speakers, but at least they don't try to market themselves as something they're not.

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I had a Toshiba satellite. What annoyed the fuck out of me is that it got extremely hot while playing videogames and the fan air blows out of right side right on to my hand.
It took a million years to turn on and it eventually bricked itself and burned out the hard drive after about 2-3 years of service. Other than that it was alright

>> No.54710169

Im thinking of getting a mid tier y700, but ive heard cooling is shit on it. How bad is it?

>> No.54710232

Oh yes, it also did blue screen a lot, the sound often decided to not come out of my headphones but my speakers (very awkward when my laptop suddenly starts blasting Whitehouse in the middle of class), it would turn itself on in the middle of the night, and freeze a lot.
Come to think of it I did not like my Toshiba satellite at all. Toshiba satellite can suck my dick, I'm glad it's dead

>> No.54710292

I'm really hoping that the thinkpad retro is good. I'm also really hoping it comes out before my X220 becomes too much of a hassle with the battery to use.

>> No.54710309

Had a C655D with an i3, fucker overheated even with fresh paste. Repeated automatic shut downs triggered by the overheating killed the harddrive. Keyboard was shit. Quite liked the hinge however, was pretty smooth

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Skype, 4chan, Star Realms, chinese cartoons

>> No.54711223

I've got Samsung NP300V5A, casual gaming

>> No.54713301

its just a mockup faggot

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Am I the only person who fucking hates clickpads? Separate mouse buttons are an absolute necessity and I hate how rare they're becoming.

>> No.54713514

yep, arena and blood 1 , Duke nukem 3D and decent.
a heap of others as well :)

kids these days have no idea how many fun games there are for DOSBOX.

>> No.54713736

I have a battlestation and several crappy test laptops, but the laptop I recently acquired is a very gently used (original battery had 4 cycles on it) ThinkPad x220. Upgraded with SSD and 16 gigs RAM.

I needed something that could run big boy desktop apps, be really portable, and have a huge battery while I'm on trains and planes and far away from home.

Dual-booting Windows and Loonix, for image editing, graphic design, and general shitposting.

>> No.54713746

Are macbook pro/air best all round laptop for student?

I travel a lot between work and school and home on a train (railway not metro) and looking for alternatives. Is there anything that would beat it?

>> No.54713776

We have them at my workplace. They're surprisingly sturdy and can survive a few falls.

>> No.54713782

dell inspiron 5547 running arch

i want to kill myself

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File: 217 KB, 1448x1200, csm_dellxps12_b8d4763b21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can pick up a refurb XPS 12 with Haswell off ebay for about $300. Light, great battery life (15H max, 9 hours wifi surfing) great screen (1080p, 350 nits), good keyboard.

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File: 1.57 MB, 2560x2199, Lubuntu_on_x60s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54716162

Aftermarket batteries are cheap and in my experience work fine, if wear is your problem.

>> No.54716166

god tier pc shit tier headphones tho senpai

>> No.54716175

I have the i7 and it runs fine - it gets a little warm when playing games but as long as you don't bury it in a quilt while you do so you're ok.

>> No.54717903

I'm an Aussie looking to buy a laptop for reading manga and fanfiction, viewing images and watching the occasional clip online, but I am only able to spend $600 dollars on it, what should I buy and where from?

Also what should I get to protect it from malware and viruses.

>> No.54718009

This. I use it for everything (have a dock for it).

Additionally I use a X60 when I am not at home and don't want to lift all the weight of the W530.

>> No.54718033

Lenovo G510 its pretty thick, but very powerful, and I can play muh gemz too.
Dualboot ubuntu and win10
Mostly using it on a cooler connected to monitor, and external keyboard and mouse
feels like a desktop m8

>> No.54718043

then you straight up aren't utilising it correctly, no way you will need that many windows open at once

>> No.54718050

acer v573g

wanna switch the hdd (1tb) for a 2tb and replace the tiny ssd (8gb) for a 128, maybe add another 8gb ram, good idea/bad idea?

>> No.54718085

Thinkpad T60 or X60 with LibreBoot and Debian/Gentoo. This is pretty comfy.

>> No.54718108

macbook pro 15"

video and photo editing as well as compositing.

>> No.54718221

What is a Thinkpad, and where can I find one?

Also, what are Debian and Gentoo all I find after looking them up is something about Linux which is not something I am familiar with.

>> No.54718404

>What is a Thinkpad
/g/, wikpedia
>and where can I find one?

>Linux which is not something I am familiar with.
Install Gentoo already.

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Samsung X430

Six years going stronk, only had to replace the keyboard once because I spilled a drink over it.

I guess I'll just wait until some relative gets a new laptop and gives me the old one (they always do) to "upgrade".

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File: 2.00 MB, 3456x2304, 1440633831712.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For school

>> No.54718763

Asus A555L.

-Surfing the web
-Watching movies/series

I also have an old e-Machine from like 2007, as a backup.

>> No.54718979

>xps 13
Main and single computer I have

>> No.54719016

HP dv5 2035dx for everything.

>> No.54719104

Think Pad X220:
>i7 2 Gen.
>128GB SSD

Work stuff:
>writing documentations
>and more

>> No.54719188

x201 with W10/eOS

use it exclusively for on-site work, accessing routers/switches etc.

It's small enough to carry everywhere, battery is good and it looks professional.

>> No.54719213

forgot to say it's fedora inside with some virtualboxes win7/winXP/other linux os

dito networking

>> No.54719222

Latitude E6400. Windows 7 (Working on getting dat RAM usage down- got it to 600 MB idle).

>inb4 underpowered
For word processing and other basic school tasks, absolutely not. It can run Aero smooth as butter, and that's about the most demanding thing I'll be asking of it.

>inb4 wangblows
Baby duck syndrome. I have a Debian dualboot but no reason to use it. Probably gonna be deleting that partition sooner or later.

>> No.54719273

Search ebay or whatever for "8800P" or "7500P"

300-500$ laptops, all bells whistles 19-35 watts of heat on lap, plays games on medium or whatever pretty nicely.

>> No.54719398

Make some you fucking neet

>> No.54720379
File: 114 KB, 1286x891, dell_e6420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dell Latitude E6420, and I use it basically for everything because it's rock solid and gets the job done.

And with the CompleteCare warranty if I needed service Dell would send someone to my home to fix it. Or I could just destroy it right now by throwing it off my 3rd floor balcony and watching cars drive over it shattering it into a million fucking pieces, call Dell, say "I dropped it, I need another one..." and within 72 hours I'll have a new one at my door, no questions asked.

Why bother with any other company or products?

>> No.54720860

straight from lenovo, you mean? or the cheapass ones?

>> No.54721045


>> No.54721249

Dell insperon 5558 for work, mostly remoting into servers.

Sony Vaio VGN-P530H for typing short stories that no-one will ever read

Desktop, for everything else.

>> No.54721453

Yeah I was always hyped about these toys since childhood.
HP Probook 6475b
Finally bought a used one for 200€, last june.
It had quite good specifications for my taste:
Processor: AMD 2,7GHz
Hard drive: 500GB
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7520G
but it freezes every now and then and I don't know why (sometimes within a minute and sometimes within 4 hours, it's unpredictable).
I brought it back to the seller which he was supposed to repair it. He "repaired" and tested it 4 times now, but it still keeps freezing. He even said he swapped the ram and hard drive after repairing it.
Also gave it to my friend but he had no luck either, we just formated the beast a few times.
I've written down the errors but they're long gone since I gave them to those guys along with the laptop.
Now it's just sitting ducks, harvesting dust - I don't use it anymore, except sometimes for skype while playing on main PC or doing other minor things, all I can do is just feel sorry for this machine because it can't work to it's expectations.
Now that I doubt that I can repair it, I've been thinking of selling the parts so I don't stand out as another asshole who sold a malfunctioning toy to another unlucky man.

>> No.54721924

What would be the cheapest laptop on which I could play league of legends at medium -low settings?

>> No.54721974

Thinkpad T400 upgraded to 8GB

I use it for casual gayming (star wars battlefront 1 and minecraft). Also light web browsing and some iOS projects I'm working on.

>> No.54722045

I have one of those. It's a cheap plastic piece of shit. The battery is incredible though and it charges fast.

>> No.54722182

for playing nekopara and shitposting while I am not at my desk

>> No.54722199
File: 26 KB, 522x522, 810a94M0uoL._SX522_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series, 7559 . Pretty solid for the price, screen is not great but it does the job

>> No.54722210

None atm, planning to buy a Dell Latitude E7470 soon

>> No.54722301

damn near anything. >>>/g/tpg would be the cheapest, more than likely.

>> No.54722355
File: 256 KB, 789x693, IMG_0405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MacBook. Super thin fast and efficient. Fanless design with a great keyboard that doesn't require much travel and is actually incredibly fluid to type with. Everything else is actually a meme if you don't need the horsepower and a fan and all that jazz

>Posted from my comfy recliner

>> No.54722404

>Dell insperon 5558
It's real cheap but is it good?

>> No.54722460

>with a great keyboard

fucking kill yourself shill

>> No.54722537
File: 692 KB, 1366x768, kogami.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone recc me a good high spec laptop between £700- £900.

>> No.54722730

Lol this thing can type so fast, most of the people online saying the keyboard sucks are the paid shills making it seem like other keyboards aren't in fact obselete.

>> No.54722808

My nigga. I want to open it up and clean out the dust but im afraid ill fuck something up.

>> No.54723053

works for what I do, needed a cheap laptop to remote around, almost nothing is really run right from the laptop. there's also a couple things that concerned me at first that I later learned were by design such as the power button having a light pipe with no LED because it's a cheap system in a re-used case.

>> No.54723253

HP DV7, Arch Linux, light browsing.
would not recommend any consumer grade hp laptops, only business or enterprise grade, those kick ass.

that being said on a 9 cell battery i get 14 hours of good use.

i actually use a knock off wireless apple keyboard, its pretty dank.
it took some getting used to but my apple keyboard is tits.

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