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You have 60 minutes to make an excuse for your OS not being this smooth.

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Pro Tip: I can't?

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We OS X users know what's best.
Nerds use Linux since they want to rice.
Windows users are either dumb or asian.

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That's really debatable, but do I want to make a statement? no not really

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I use OS X on my laptop and love it, probably never switch off of the MBP now, but on my desktop I still use Windows.. It's weird, but I dont like OS X with a mouse becuase I get so used to having gestures and multi-touch. Maybe if I really tried to learn the stupid magic mouse I'd feel better about it

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I wish Linux was that smooth

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Game devs actually develop games for Windows

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almost as smooth as windows 10. it would be even smootherer if you werent a weeaboo faggot

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Mac shills now add up win shills.

I get they are buttblasted for all the bullying Microdicks made these months, but /g/ is already full of shills.

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> games

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But I use Windows 10. It's already that smooth, and my computer is useful for something.

(it's videogames)

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>It's already that smooth

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it's that smooth
can you prove it?

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Tbh loads of games are getting linux support you can check all the available titles on steam.

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>wasting system resources on letting normies scroll around their precious pictures

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>KDE-tier animations
More like slow useless bullshit.

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Mine is.

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its alot smoother when im not straining my poor cpu with this bullshit screen recorder

honestly, i miss hypercam 2

thats my excuse, its really nice and smooth normally, but screencastify is garbage


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That site that makes those graphs sucks.

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>Apple is now copying Ubuntu Unity
holy fuckballs I never thought i'd see the day...

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The OS I use is designed to work on more than one kind of hardware.

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and i forgot to show it, but chromeOS also has that expanded window view thing

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GNU/Linux shill detected.

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>loads of games are getting linux support

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I don't think there's a single OS without this feature now

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Sorry bro, but even my Windows 10 machine runs this smooth. I don't get your point, all new OS'es use hardware accelerated desktop composition with at least 60hz.

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but can you prove it irl?

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I do use homOSeX though, it's bretty gud.

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>You have 60 minutes to make an excuse
because the capacitors on my old as motherboard are blown and I'm too lazy to replace them.

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Have you tried GNOME?
>xD nerds lmao
Underage pls go.

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I'd rather processing power be used to crunch numbers rather than coddling my sensibilities.

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You seriously want me to record scrolling and resizing my windows? LOL, sorry dude, don't give a fuck about this shit actually.

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The windows 10 implementation is so shitty. The windows don't even expand in the right place. If you had a left window and a right window, when you expand them, the left window might expand to the right and vice versa making the transition confusing when you have a lot of windows open.

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>Use a $2,500 15" Retina Macbook Pro at work
>Have to use Safari for some work apps
>Open a new tab
>Randomly freezes for a 1.5 seconds
>End up not realizing it and hitting command + T again
>Opens up 3 tabs
>Lags closing it
>This happens at least once a day

This is an i7 machine with 16GB of RAM too, it's pretty pathetic.

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You're holding it wrong or something, this isn't Apple's fault

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Yeah, its smooth, but you have to click to gain window focus.

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Windows 10 isnt smooth at all, even if you have top tier hardware

But hey, at least you can run call of duty :^)

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>You seriously want me to record scrolling and resizing my windows?
uhh yes?

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>the scroll wheel on my mouse is broken so whenever I scroll down it randomly jolts up and then continues downward
It's not my OS :(

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> $2000 15 inch retina
> no lags
> at all
wew lad.

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>using GUI

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This happens on my Linux install. It's annoying as shit.

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so what?

> you can also tap if you want

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Cool story bro

Also my screen has developed a few sharp white dots for no reason too, so that's cool.

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dead pixels, you're so unlucky.

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i use details view like a normal heterosexual...

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I don't like smooth scrolling. It feels like there is no friction. I want to stop quickly and navigating is faster for me when I scroll. If i scroll at all. I try to minimize mouse usage while not being a NEET lynx user.

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autism status: MAXIMUM

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>being in this much denial
I like linux but beyond indie games or PC-only games this isn't remotely true.

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>tfw my $1799 2015 rMBP lags

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Smooth scrolling is laggy scrolling. I don't want to wait for a scrolling animation, I want everything to move to the final position NOW. UI animation is shit.

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Because my OS allocates 99% of its resources to being resourceful instead of being eye candy.

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He's right tho, smooth scrolling is retarded in pretty much every context.

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Probably would run gr8 on Windows or Linux. I think current OS X releases just have shit performance.

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fuck smooth scrolling and fuck clear type
give me back xp

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But I'm using OS X right now

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is that kde ubuntu?

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I have a macbook and a Windows desktop. Both of them are pretty smooth.

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I actually have the $2,500 late 2013 15" rMBP. My grandparents who have more money than sense bought it for me for graduation. I've never had any slowdowns like that, but then again I use Chrome over safari (I don't think safari supports webms yet and I like how Chrome let's me use multiple Google accounts).

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> anything made my Microsoft
> smooth

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Is this another "people make mountains out of molehills and nitpick the flaws in OSes they don't use and ignore the ones in the OS they use" thread?

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Safari really does weird things sometimes, but I use it because muh iOS continuity, it's pretty neat to use several tabs, then take my iPad to take a shit with me and continue the browsing there.

Other than that, I envy you, Chrome is the best browser ever.

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I'm waiting until the 2016 MBP releases, fuck Win10

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>that webm quality
I puked

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I've got a maxed out rMBP 15" late 2013 as well, and safari does that maybe once every couple days when closing the last window. The whole system freezes. Really annoying but I can't be bothered to track it down since I'll probably just get a new one whenever they ship a new 15" (fingers crossed for WWDC).

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I used to have this problem. There was dirt under my scroll wheel. Cleaned it out and all was well

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How quick can you switch desktops, /g/? This is with Alt and going through the 1-4 number keys.

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OS #1 is useful for mass data processing (ie: servers, supercomputers)
OS #2 is useful for running a wide array of proprietary and open source software

OS X isn't good for anything except looking nice and providing a native unix shell for nerds that have nothing to do except use bash as a file manager


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wow super useful!

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Instant switching looks disgusting. At least have some form of indicator, be it an animation or something else.

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exactly this
but Linux runs nice AF on personal computers also. Windows is only needed for specialized applications.

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indicators aren't necessary when you're pressing a specific button to go somewhere specific.
As a result Alt-tab doesn't really apply. I just bind it to next-window on the current desktop.

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No time for that.

>> No.54646089

>indicators aren't necessary when you're pressing a specific button to go somewhere specific.
Neither are graphical mail clients, yet you're using one.

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desktop notifications are too nice, and I don't like keeping tabs open.
Mutt is too much of a pain.

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You can do that with chrome though afaik

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Basically this.

Linux is used on computers that don't need to interface much with regular users. So the most common installations are probably barebones setups, that support servers etc.

Windows is very commonly used on consumers PCs, simply because they support a lot of hardware and commercial software. They also benefited from their previous market dominance from the late 90s, when PCs became a thing.

OS X is probably the prettiest OS, but it's not really the most capable in any way. And it runs on very specific harware. Everytime I log into OS X, I notice how Safari is still behind other browsers in so many ways, but hey, it looks so minimalistic and it loads fast now, but for what purpose.
The whole system seems made to first follow design guidelines and secondly functional guidelines. It's no wonder it's the favourite OS of designers, artists, etc.

So, yeah, OP, it looks smooth, but that's one of the few good things about it.

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My point was that a lot of things aren't "needed" but are nice to have. Oh well.

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Why the fuck would I care about your subjectivity?
Why the fuck am I still replying to a tripfag?

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Yes, I was DEMANDING you do something. Suggestions don't exist. Everything is an attack. I hate you and want you to die.
You're responding to me because like most people on /g/ you feel the need to prove yourself constantly. You're also now attacking me for the same reason. If I had remembered to remove my trip like I usually do outside of desktop threads you wouldn't have much to attack me on, so good job.

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WTF you only ever opened a single window at a time. Who even does that?

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God, I hate her fucking chin so much.

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> her

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UI animation is the skeumorphism of 2014/2015/2016. Admittendly, the OS X stuff looks decent. Every other OS just tacks the shit on for the sake of it, generally creating shitty, laggy, and completely pointless animations.

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fox news tier chart

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I prefer faster scrolling. This shit slows me down.

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Being behind other browsers is probably a good thing. It would be better if all the browsers were equal with safari, actually, or even behind it, because then the web would be less fucking bloated.

But google wants to turn hypertext into remote computing in order to collect more data, and every other software company wants the web to dominate because users can't own, modify, study, pirate, or crack web apps, so, javascript! webgl! webtrc!

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Man, Safari doesn't even implement basic CSS standards properly, like flexbox content alignment. There's nothing bloated about such a basic and very useful feature that would allow content alignment on the page to be controlled much easier than it is now.
I'm talking about standards that all the other browsers, even Internet explorer, managed to implement in their latest versions. Safari didn't, because Apple probably cares less about its desktop than its mobile software.

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Not smooth at all if you have any Retina model mac.

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wem related is retina you deformed autist.

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OP is right, Windows 10 is a nice operating system.

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>Have $2700 maxed out 15" MBP Retina
>It still lags when scrolling and using expose

You have the Finder and one application open OP. Open any more apps than that and it's not "smooth" at all, in fact the animations cause it to look and act more sluggishly than if they were there. The whole system is poorly designed.

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Gnome on Wayland is slicc for me, too bad gnome is fucking shit.

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how is windows-10 NOT smooth?

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Windows 10 animations are quick but not smooth. They don't slow down.

Linux, if you don't have a GPU that just fucking loves it, you're out of luck. KDE animations work half of the time, Gnome 3 stutters like a bitch (you can even see this on their "trailers" for updates), Cinnamon is fine until you touch the fucking workspace switcher and Unity has weird animations thanks to how Compiz is set up on it by default. I am obviously not going to talk about other DEs because they generally require a composite manager like compton to be decent and the only thing that ever achieves is some stupid fading effect.

And of course you have all of these "muh minimlism I don't need no animations that's for faggots" kind of guys that populate these parts.

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It's because it orders them alphabetically

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My OS doesn't need to hide lag behind smooth animations.

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>tfw my 2011 iMac still runs smoothly

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because it installs itself without user permission and that's not smooth at all dude

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>he doesn't use compton for smooth transitions

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t. android

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magic mouse is shit, get the trackpad

>> No.54647775

>You have 60 minutes to make an excuse
if these threads really died after 60 minutes I'd be so happy

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you can install the >VLC plugin to view webms

>> No.54647802

good thing macbooks are the best laptops for dual booting

>> No.54647806

>get the trackpad
he already said he uses a mbp you illiterate nigger

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paying $2.5k for mbp, but but i have smooth scrolling and it looks nice ooh and that screen its like $500 monitor and trackpad now i can shitpost and browse facebook much easier while in bad. Cant run games, cpu sucks, no gpu, outdated shell but but it looks nice!

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Looks retarded as fuck. Almost Gnome tier shitty even.

>> No.54648091

what browser is this?? looks beautiful man

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>Cant run games
i run all of today's steam games, and old games alike with no issues. why do you still believe otherwise?
>cpu sucks
sure, that's why i can't run any games, or run 6 virtual machines at a time
>no gpu
ok, this is starting to get tiresome
>outdated shell
it's just as customisable as any gnu/linux distro, and if you still believe the old meme that it isn't, you're an ignorant cuck
>but but it looks nice!
damn straight.

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Thought he meant he used windows on his desktop because he didn't like OS X with a mouse

>> No.54648202

Its a 4chan UWP app i am developing.

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You have 60 minutes to make an excuse for you being a massive faggot.

>> No.54648800

>smooth scrolling
Jesus Christ, I even disable that trash in my browser.

>> No.54648806

It supports PCI-e passthrough.

>> No.54649456

I can't live with skipping shit for the sake of "speed".

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win+middlemousebutton to create new
win+mwheelup to switch to next
win+mwheeldown to switch to previous
using win 10 + autohotkey

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osx has the best font rendering right /g/?

1. OSX

>> No.54650337

bold and blurry

>> No.54650355

>using safari

>> No.54650382

Smooth scrolling usually makes it harder to read content while scrolling as well. Animation on phones because their shit java shit hasn't rendered yet until 1 second after you tap.

>> No.54650391

>make fun of someone because of vidya
>watches chinese cartoons

Fucking manchildren

>> No.54650411

delete your sleep file every so often

>> No.54650449

>please, /g/, tell me that my overpriced Apple laptop isn't shit and I didn't burned money for crap
>please, please, /g/, tell me that I'm loved
>I thought when I buy something from Apple I would be loved and appear more intelligent and special :(


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Anyone saying the words 'smooth scrolling' has never used a Mac in their life. It's not like the way Opera implemented it in 2007, the scrolling responds exactly as you want it. You can use it like a precise scroll wheel or fling pages around like an iPhone. And it actually works properly everywhere, unlike Microsoft's attempts in Windows

>> No.54650462

1. Linux
2. OSX
3. Windows

1. OSX
2. Linux
3. Windows

I'm still wondering -why- did Microsoft do nothing ever to improve the font rendering. I like to read quite a bit and that's a task I cannot do on Windows. I'd rather just grab my fucking tablet for that and it's just because of the fucking font rendering. Now, I install Ubuntu or Hackintosh, I'm completely comfortable.

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Has to be to fuck you in the ass without you even realizing it.

>> No.54650689

Not COD yes.

>> No.54650718


literally /thread

>> No.54650773

Me and you both. The very definition of a cunt.

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Now set your scaling to 0 and it will look as shit as it would on Linux/Windows.

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I use OS X and Arch with Awesome.
Awesome feels smoother but OS X is full of cute animations :3

>> No.54651364

typical macfag

>> No.54651397

>non-english software

>> No.54651604

why did you have text written in spotlight beforehand?? didn't want to show us how slow it is ??

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