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do people here actually use linux or is it just a meme?

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It's just a meme.

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Meme only
I use W8.1

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I use Gentoo exclusively on my laptop and desktop. My gf uses Windows 10 on her laptop and it's always very frustrating whenever I have to fix it, Windows has really gone down the shitter recently

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>I use Gentoo

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>uses Gentoo

At least use a good DE

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I use it for my work machine. As in coding. I still have a windows desktop.

Vim in the command line is nice. And overall linux puts your closer to the metal and more in control.

I used vim and compile without taking my hands off the keyboard. I can ssh right from the same windows or setup a user account on my machine with a command that sets permissions and let someone ssh into my machine for pair programming.

Overall windows really can compare for any kind of coding.

Dont know about Macs never seen anyone with one who did terminal work.

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>Overall windows really can't compare for any kind of coding.

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>I used vim and compile without taking my hands off the keyboard. I can ssh right from the same windows or setup a user account on my machine with a command that sets permissions and let someone ssh into my machine for pair programming.

In English, please?

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Windows 10.

Used Xubuntu on my laptop for quite some time, but went back to Windows fairly recently due to the lack of software support and the fact that a significant amount of things just work on Windows.

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Yes, they use linux. Pic related.

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No, no one here actually programs

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Debian and Ubuntu Server for servers, Mint for personal laptop and workstation and work.
I still keep Win7 that came with my laptop around. Used it to pirate Stellaris before buying it and playing it on Mint.

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Vim, a text editor that can have a gui but does not have to. You can just create a file with the touch command and start editing it immediately in the terminal all text.

Since I am in the teriminal I can get out of vim or back in with a few key presses. So if I want to do something else I can be out of vim in a second. SSH lets me log into other machines or other machines log into me. Pair programming is where one programmer is doing the job and another comes along behind. Editing to fix the mistakes. This allows the first to move very quickly without backtracking constantly to repair anything. Old method is to have one guy looking over the other guys shoulder but with linux and vim another person can be logged into my computer also editing the file.

Also Vim can be modded to hell and back. There are addons that let you do these things without even leaving vim.

Overall I dont know how programmers work in anything but linux. Even webdevs and scripters.

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I don't use a DE, they are completely useless

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doesn't the ISS use linux?

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Ubuntu on my laptop and desktop. Desktop dual boots with Windows 7.

Although I haven't really used my T420 in forever since getting my Chromebook, so there's that.

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Probably. Linux is in alot of things especially stripped versions in embedded devices. Things that you dont really think about as computers but have a chip inside.

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It's a meme. 4chan is made up of men age 16-36. These men play video games.

They will not give up their vidya just to protect their porn a little better.

Everybody goes through a linux phase or three. But they always run back to Windows.

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android phones are technically on linux

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After 2 years of dual booting I could never go back to just windows.

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>he posts from an android phone to an apache server "Who uses Linux?"

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I used Linux for 17 years. I did small betrayal with Mac OS X and Windows XP, but now I'm loyal.

Long live Linux.

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Kill la fucking kill yourself you fucking retard homo shit and lurk more.

If you don't know what vim or ssh is, you're too young to be on an 18+ site, and every other term was plain fucking English

Designated shitting board is >>>/b/ that way

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No one wants windows 10, Pajeet.

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>posting shig man

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I use ubuntu :)
No windows at all
But everyone with an android phone uses linux
And everyone with an Iphone uses Unix

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>PC is slow as fuck
>perform reinstall on it
>ram and cpu usage through rough
>cant do shit
>cant even go to image folder without slowing down like fuck
>decide to install linux on old PC
>blast debian into the motherfucker
>prepare and configure it for use
>mfw it works fucking fast
>mfw minimal RAM use
My pc with an i3 and 4gbs of ram now has better performance than my main laptop with an i7 and 8gigs of ram running windows10.

>mfw as I realized Windows is the real meme
there is literally 0 reason not to switch to GNU/Linux

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whos that semen demon

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I use ubuntu 14.04 (going to update to 16 soon) as my main OS.
I do have a Win10 on dual boot but i barely use it anymore.

I don't play much games nowadays but the few I am interested are made by Paradox and their games are available for all platforms

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>an i7 and 8gigs of ram running windows10
You discovered the truth anon. WIndows is a laming OS.

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I switched from Win10 a week ago and installed Antergos.

My last attempt to switch was at least 6 years ago, but I was not employed as a programmer back then and still studying media-related shit. So this time, I'm fairly confident it's permanent.

As much as I like 10's UI, KDE leaves little to be desired and the few things that I'm really missing are far outweighed by the flexibility I get elsewhere.

Dev stuff is really much more natural. But the most important thing is that I finally got rid of that godawful updater.

If I had to name one single thing that drove me away from Windows, it's the updater of Win10, which would constantly install random crap drivers that break my shit.

Now I guess I'm not entirely safe from the occasional error using Arch, but at least pacman won't install some random driver for my hardware, overwriting the one I specifically chose for good reasons.

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Are you on linux on your desktop now?

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Yeah I do

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4chan's servers run OSX

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Been using linux as my host machine before coming to /g/, newfriend

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No, I've never used that shitnux on the desktop. It was bad in the 90's and hasn't progressed.
Solaris -> OS X masterrace.

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>linux for porn


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>>54604146here. Funny how I ran back to windows only to realise it's a piece of shit. Now I contain windows in a VM.

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>But they always run back to Windows.
I had a Windows 7 install for all of five or six months.Never used Windows before or after.Linux and (pre-iPhone era) OS X were always so much better.

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Experience w/ UNIX & GNU/Linux is a very usefull skill. I don't think NEETS would understand that though.

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>Self contradicting one liner
You must be a comedy genius

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>do people here actually use linux or is it just a meme?
I use Linux at work. At home I just use my company-issued Macbook Pro.

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You're not even remotely clever

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True but I admire your comedy skills

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I have a recent trash picked Mac Pro tower, dual CPU slots. Maxed it out and I run Mint on it, with Windows 7 in a virtual machine for mah games that don't run on Linux. I am mostly a console peasant anyway.

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Actually, I apologize. I thought you were calling me a NEET

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Linux is kind of shitty really. None of the things that made Linux so popular have anything to do with it being a good kernel or a moderately well-made operating system.
>It's (mostly) POSIX compliant
So it's basically a cheap unix clone
>It's GPL V2
That's nice for freetards and is the reason for its success, but something being GPL has no bearing on whether it is a good piece of software
>It came at the right moment, before HURD and while BSD was still in legal battles
Has literally no bearing on whether it is good software
>It has (relatively) good driver and device support
Only because it's popular, this is circular

Face it, Linux users are just using the shitty unix clone that happened to be at the right place at the right time to become popular. Even if 'the year of the linux desktop' came, it wouldn't matter to them, because linux users would hate linux as much as they hate windows or OS X right now. If you don't believe me, look at IBM. Everyone hated IBM back in the 80s and early 90s, but now that IBM is no longer ubiquitous, you'll see faggots stroking their thinkpads and IBM PC keyboards (Terrible standard by the way, and the reason we still have useless keys such as scroll lock and pause/break on modern keyboards), longing back to the days when the big blue ruled the market. Linux users are literally the hipsters of the computing words, who will never be satisfied with anything if more than 1% of the population uses it. That's the reason there is one windows, one OS X and five billion linux distros.

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>the reason there is one windows, one OS X and five billion linux distros.

Because the former are companies trying to sell a product or sell you to advertisers

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>1% of the population
It's easy to pirate paid softwares for desktops

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It's also because the Windows and OS X platforms are more focused than the Linux communities which are always forking things from other things which are forked from other things...which too are forked.

That is my biggest beef with Linux, it's so unfocused. The fact that there is a multitude of desktop environments is a pain in the ass enough. Linux needs focus.

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>Bawww!! I hate having options!!!!

>> No.54606048

>I get to choose between a shit sandwich or a turdburger

>> No.54606056

I hate shitty options, that's for sure

>So why are you using Windows then?

Because it sucks less, moran.

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Big words coming form poo OS users

>> No.54606148

>oh look a tired meme showing my xenophobia

I'm running UNIX shit-for-brains.

>> No.54606160

>My life is so empty that I pass my timetweaking a useless timesink OS to feel important


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Yeah but Android actually works and people use it.

>> No.54606186

>using gladly the rootkit formely know as X.org

>> No.54606192

they really do?

no wonder why this shit is full of faggots

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I use it for pretty much everything.

Even at work I do most of my productive things on a Linux VM.

>> No.54606244

And random downage

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I use Ubuntu, and that shit is way more cumbersome than Windows

Only have a chromebook tho, so the alternative is much worse

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I'm a guy that uses a laptop just to browse facebook, do some college stuff and uses youtube and spotify.
It has an i3 4th gen processor and 4gb of ram. I bought a ssd recently.
When I started using it, the OS was a W7 and then I got a 8.1 and then upgraded to Windows 10. It always had a lot of bloat. It always had some minor problems that made me unhappy when using the machine, from time to time the machine somewhat started clogging and dragging itself to do simple stuff.
Then I installed Mint on it and god, FOR ME it's a whole new experience. It never felt like it was a slow or overloaded machine ever again. It's running smoothly and I like how I can twerk a lot of stuff on it.
Using a computer feels like fun again and I'm really not looking forward using windows ever again.
I think the meme was always the Windows and you guys just got stuck with it because it was the OS you started using when you first got your hands into a computer. Besides the whole marketing stuff that messes people's heads.
Linux is a more complete experience, even for me, a regular guy. I can't imagine how you, the programming and tech geniuses, can still use windows.

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> I can't imagine how you, the programming and tech geniuses, can still use windows.

And this is where I realized that this post was bait.

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Is that poo language for something?

>> No.54606458

Did people here drive cars or is that just a meme.

If you have heard of linux on here then OMG, people use linux.

>Asking retarding questions which common sense, general assumption, and general IQ levels, can all be the answer to this.

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your newfaggotry is showing.

>> No.54606471

Kill you're self

>> No.54606484

I don't think it's bait
Every opinion on /g/ that is different from yours is "bait"
For fucking sake stop it

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Le oldfag is mad XDDDD

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>I think the meme was always the Windows and you guys just got stuck with it because it was the OS you started using when you first got your hands into a computer.
It's called baby duck syndrome.

>> No.54606506

>programming and tech geniuses
>on /g/

Explain you're self

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I've used several OS' Started with Amiga OS, went to Mac for a small bit, and used windows XP for years till I got interested in Linux. Used it till I went to college when I had to have windows to run software for a class (didn't have a powerful enough machine for virtualization. Pentium 4s were not very good at that.

>> No.54606574

What shit degree did you get that forced you to use Windows?

>> No.54606608

Is this weak ass bait what passes as acceptable shitposting on /g/?

>> No.54606611

>Pentium 4s

You lucky bastard. I had (I kid you not) a Thinkpad with a Pentium MMX in it, woefully underpowered in the P4 era. It was good enough for learning C, basic browsing (early youtube worked at 2-5 fps), and listening to music. Good memories, my first laptop.

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People on /g/ PAYS to shitpost. Why would anyone spend a dime on an OS if all you do is masturbate to furry porn, traps and watch anime?

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Pentium 4 in 2007-2008 sucked when everyone was using Core 2 processors.

Teaching. I had to use specific software for certain exercises. I asked for a linux version and the person looked at me like I had three heads.

>> No.54606705

>Pentium 4 in 2007-2008

I can assure you that a Pentium MMX sucked more in 2005-2006.

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My girlfriend has you and I beat.

She was using up till last year a G3 iMac running Tiger for design work.

>> No.54606818

>She was using up till last year a G3 iMac running Tiger for design work.

Ah, what a coincidence. I'm planning to buy an old mac form that era, just to run some useful old programs that have no modern equivalent.

>> No.54606848

They aren't bad for that. I am using her old iMac to run OS 9 which I have found to be a decent replacement for a Win9x machine for that era of PC games since most games came with the Mac version on the same disc.

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I actually used Gentoo as my desktop, and for servers, for a few years.

These days I use Windows because Steam games, and a MacBook because of its god-tier keyboard. And because its technically Unix/BSD, it has a decent command-line, so I can do shell scripting and other stuff.

I also still use Linux (and FreeBSD) a lot, but I only use them for servers now, where I do maintenance or developent by SSH-ing from Windows or my MacBook, and getting jiggy with the likes of tmux and vim.

The distro I use these days is Fedora. No real reason to choose it. Just wanted something that had a binary package manager and decent stability. Occasionally Debian too.

Linux looks like it's been getting preeeetty good on the desktop in recent years, but meh, I'm happy with Mac OS on the desktop. It's a good OS and has never really failed me. Maybe I'll use Linux on the desktop down the line, but not until I can actually play games on it.

>> No.54607235

Have you looked up "play on linux?" it works pretty well for me.

>> No.54607246

Dual booting, but I never use windows. It's just there.

>> No.54607322

Meh, PlayOnLinux is just a wine wrapper or something.

wine is great and all, but I'm done messing around with it for games. Sometimes things don't work at all, or have weird issues, and overall I just can't depend on it when I want to play what I want to play.

Believe me, friend. I have been an ultra neckbeard and used to enjoy the shit out of troubleshooting and figuring-out how stuff worked. Nowadays, I don't give a shit, and I am happy with Windows becase because I can play games on it, and can SSH from it when I need to get shit done.

>> No.54607374


Wine works better with older software than newer ones due to complexity anyway.

>> No.54607986

To answer your question 100 percent honestly I used to use Windows 7 for a long time, went to Windows 10, didn't like the bullshit spying "features" that it came with and I couldn't stand the dumb search feature that was cripplingly worse than 7's search and it was using 30 percent of CPU alone, I was looking for alternatives, I considered a hackintosh but saw it as too childish, /g/ told me about GNU so I looked at the customization features on it, I loved it, installed Debian minimal and installed openbox and I honestly don't think I can go back, it doesn't even use up half of 1 percent of my CPU and I made my desktop look super "edgy" so I guess I like it a lot, can't switch back because of MS's dogshit Win 7 download thing on their site, I'm fucking not downloading 8 or getting 10 again and I don't wanna go back to the horrible days of NTFS, fucking fragmentation errors up the wazoo, so yes I unironically use GNU and can't switch back even if I wanted to

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No, it runs on Apple machines that were gifted to moot but the softwae is BSD.

>> No.54610622

I run linux on my home server with plex, media share (works like a NAS), website and RSS Auto torrenters like couchpotato and sickrage.

I'd like to say that I use linux for anything else, but I don't.

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It's a meme. I fell for the meme a few years ago but I've since wisened up.

>> No.54610722

My problem with windows is that it is so fucking slow.

When I mean slow I mean shit like adding a user, something which takes 1 to 2 seconds in linux, literally takes 5-10m+ in windows when you're bootng up because "gotta get that desktop environment ready for you ;)" and retarded shit like that. Sure it is understandable that windows has to copy some files and stuff, but that shouldn't fucking take 10 minutes.

>> No.54611022

OP, you dumb faggot.

People use Linux in business all the time. It runs most webservers. Android is base don it. Nearly all academic and scientific super computer clusters run some form of linux.

Are you this much of a fucking nub or are you a paid shill for some evil American company?

>> No.54611047

I think he meant on the desktop since not a lot of /g/ users have supercomputers. Think about it.

the answer is no.

>> No.54611066

>evil american companies hate free labor.

>> No.54611133

No,we play with it and keep it distant so windows doesn't think we are cheating...

I really want to install ubuntu 16.04 or mint 18 but there so much I don't know and can go wrong,maybe I just lack the confidence,I'v taken apart consoles and computers plenty of times but software stresses me the fuck out.

>> No.54611151


Then why didn't he say "as a desktop"? Why would I assume that is what he meant when it's most used as a server OS?

Stupid asshole.

>> No.54611165

good assumption on the supercomputer part m8

>> No.54611166

Stop saying kek you unoriginal clone hand fucker.

Yeah, I see a couple American companies there. So what?

>> No.54611176

You're trolling now. No one is that dumb.

>> No.54611184

Last time I checked most people weren't running servers as their computer. Have you ever had a job in IT?

>> No.54611206

LMAO wth is wrong with you

>> No.54611213

Oh? where do you keep your supercomputer?

>> No.54611231

Much like Linux.

>> No.54611363

So what?
Those companies are getting free labor. Of course they love Linux.

>> No.54611607

>do people here actually use linux or is it just a meme?
Of course, currently playing Civ 5 (natively) on Slackware current, with KDE 5.

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>is on /g/
>knows nothing about technology

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I use Linux all the time (Fedora). Except when I want to play games: I have to get back to shitty Windows :/

I hope Steam machines will develop Linux games...

>> No.54611733

I have a win desktop and a linux old laptop working as server

>> No.54611744


Apple is BSD, faggot.

>> No.54611835


not anon without idea of how to use a computer but this board is about technology and that implies that part of us doesn't have any idea of how to code shit


>And overall linux puts your closer to the metal and more in control.

you are not closer to the hw, but you have more tools to move around and work with your OS, is the same with cmd in windows

>> No.54611843

Nobody on /g/ uses Linux. That's not to say that there aren't any people using Linux, they just don't visit /g/.
It's all Windows users shitposting, Windows users pretending to be Linux users shitposting and Windows users pretending to be Apple users shitposting. There may also be some Windows users pretending to be Linux users pretending to be Windows users shitposting. Try to wrap your head around that one. It's shitpostception.
I for example have not spent the last weekend playing Stellaris on Linux up untill late night. That would be impossible, as I don't have Linux installed. I just stayed up all night thinking of the best way to spread the "Linux has no gaems" meme further and I cried myself to sleep.

>> No.54611880


>> No.54611907

Debian, apparently.
Yes. Under system.

>> No.54612057

I use it regularly.

-SMB shares for home network running on linux
-Software development
-VPS web hosting running linux.

/g/ sure is full of trolls and noobs.

>> No.54612070

-odNMMMMMMMMNNmhy+-` [email protected]
`omMMMMMMMMMMMMNmdmmmmddhhy/` Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.6.0-rc7
omMMMMMMMMMMMNhhyyyohmdddhhhdo` Uptime: 31m
.ydMMMMMMMMMMdhs++so/smdddhhhhdm+` Packages: 786
oyhdmNMMMMMMMNdyooydmddddhhhhyhNd. Shell: zsh 5.2
:oyhhdNNMMMMMMMNNNmmdddhhhhhyymMh Resolution: 5120x1440
.:+sydNMMMMMNNNmmmdddhhhhhhmMmy DE: Not Present
/mMMMMMMNNNmmmdddhhhhhmMNhs: WM: herbstluftwm
`oNMMMMMMMNNNmmmddddhhdmMNhs+` WM Theme: Not Found
`sNMMMMMMMMNNNmmmdddddmNMmhs/. GTK3 Theme: Adwaita
/NMMMMMMMMNNNNmmmdddmNMNdso:` Icon Theme: Not Found
+MMMMMMMNNNNNmmmmdmNMNdso/- Font: Not Found
MNNNNNNNmmmmmNNMmhs+/-` CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz
/hMMNNNNNNNNMNdhs++/-` RAM: 848MB / 7921MB

>> No.54612084

Using Linux got me into IT with no degree or any sort of knowledge other than that gained from casual gaming as a kid when I was 22.

>> No.54612244

Windows VM with GPU passthrough?
Need two GPUs and a compatible CPU, though. And obviously, there will be some slowdown, but I heard the speed is about 90% of the native one. I guess giving a GPU directly to VM gets rid of most of the latency issues.
It may be a costly configuration if you don't have the required hardware, and it's still technically using Windows for games, though (it's just that you're using it only for games).

>> No.54612282


>> No.54612339

Using Gentoo right now, switched about a year ago, my first Linux desktop.
Loving the experience, quite honestly. Also learned a ton of stuff about OS and compiling and stuff, which is useful since I'm a CS undergrad.
Overall, if there's one reason I won't return to Windows, it's just how fast everything feels now comparatively. If I could pick another one, it's probably the customisation capabilities and the capability to use light and fast software for everything.
I love when the system feels responsive.

>> No.54612362

closer to 95%, some cases up to 98%.

>> No.54612370
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>comparing any shell to the windows cmd

>> No.54612388

This fucking question is a meme

>> No.54612438

Really? And here I was sceptical even about 90% figure.
It's a shame that I don't have matching CPU. Otherwise I would jump on the opportunity in the heartbeat.
Well, I guess it makes sense. Most of the latency obviously comes either from latency on CPU or latency on GPU.
Pretty much the entire point of all these VM extensions is to reduce the latency of CPU by passing most of the calls through directly. It only makes sense that if you make VM contact GPU directly, then latency on GPU is non-existent, so the only thing VM has to do is emulate non-essential hardware and keep the system in memory. Which takes up resources but shouldn't cause much of a slowdown.
I guess I should have expected such results.

>> No.54612479


It's not about "more tools" it's about better tools.

And cmd in Windows is bloody worthless even compared to Powershell which itself does not compare to a real shell to be honest.

>> No.54612543

Güzel meme

>> No.54612592

I use Linux for every day computing tasks and Windows for gaming. Probably gonna quit the latter soon though, as most games made after 2008 or so suck balls.

>> No.54612719

I only use Windows when i play videogames cuz Linux sucks at videogames. Btw I use Xubuntu

>> No.54612744

Its only a meme because Loonix and Wangblows make decent low-level drivers for Emacs :^)

>> No.54612798

I use ubuntu
its better for the sysadmin stuff I do

i still have windows for design work

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genuine Libreboot + Trisquel GNU/Linux user here.

windows 10 made me.

>> No.54612888

linux is good but i mainly use windows for my childish video gaming, music making and video editing

>> No.54612971

I dual boot. windows 10 sucks... still using that next to arch (wich SUCKS... using AwesomeWM)

fucking hate it all... back in the old days...

MEMES... ill go straight back to 8080 assembly fellows (troll...)

>> No.54612999

God damnit why do I always open threads with cute anime OP pics even though I don't give two shits about the question or have anything to contribute

>> No.54613080
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I don't fuck around when it comes to UNIX & GNU/Linux

>> No.54613085

I believe my first experimentation with Linux was around 2009-2010. It was very interesting to see the other side of the OS world and I used it once in a while as it was an interesting concept, though I was playing games back then at a much higher pace which made me mainly stay on Windows 7.

Once I started at university I became interested i OS X as a operating system after playing around with some friends' Macs. I changed to OS X Snow Leopard around 2011 through hackintoshing (which was somewhat harder back then compared to today) and used OS X just about every day until around 2015. I played with Linux during these years, but it was never something I considered as a main OS due to the lack of certain proprietary software.

In early 2015 OS X' bullshit drivers made me want to tear my hair out, plus some other shitty decisions Apple decided to do with OS X. I switched to Debian Testing and I'm very certain I will not switch away from this in a long ass time. I still use OS X on my laptop since it has a far better experience there than Linux, but on my desktop? Fuck no.

So yes, some people do use Linux. I'm more productive in this kind of environment and while OS X does give some benefits (Photoshop without wrapping it in wine), I will not switch back to Windows 10, nor OS X after experience this switch for real.

>> No.54614328

Tell me more about /g/, friend.

I was never here in /g/'s early years, back before it become nothing but /v/'s tech support, desktop, headphone, and rainmeter threads.

Today and yesterday are also my first time here in years.

How have things changed? And how bad should I feel that I missed out, completely, on all of 4chan's golden days?

>> No.54614419


I like PowerShell a lot, but for different reasons than the more traditional Unix/Linux shell.

A couple features that come to mind are being able to transparently and quickly issue commands and sessions to remote machines, and the object-oriented | pipeline. Godamn, the pipeline is fucking magic, and it sometimes it makes me jealous my shell on Linux is text-based and I have to cut/awk/grep like a plebian to work with data.

Overall, I'd rather use something like bash or fish, but PowerShell has some features that make me jealous. And PowerShell was a shell designed right from the very start, by grizzled ancients at Microsoft who were formerly Unix dudes, and who understood that feature-crap is ass.

>> No.54614469
File: 261 KB, 570x602, kumar vs linux.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a meme OS, bro.

>> No.54614491

Those window decorations say otherwise.

>> No.54614604

All day everyday, the idea of using another OS makes me feel queasy.

>> No.54614638

Xubuntu user here, can confirm it actually is a meme. Xubuntu is claimed to be one of the most popular and easy to use yet it is full of bugs that have found to have never been fixed when searching for problems dating back to 2012. 4 fucking years old some of the bugs are and if this is how it is for a simple out of the box distro then imagine how bad it must be for the others. Linux, not even once

Lucky for me though, it's almost summer time which means I don't have to give a shit about something as insignificant computers anymore. Technology is dead. Windows is a botnet, Linux is a meme alternative and OSX is for overpriced shiny crap. Great time for technology.

>> No.54614695
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>Technology is dead
No, you're just too stupid for GNU/Linux.
Either pay for a Mac or get cucked with Windows, pleb.

>> No.54615342

gtfo you're one of the reasons 4chins is shit

>> No.54615375

Your grammar would say otherwise. Please elaborate on why you think I'm one of the reasons ``4chins'' is shit, if you are capable.

>> No.54615425

I've used Linux for about 16 years now.
Exclusively for about 10.

>> No.54615572

What do you do for a living Anon, just out of curiosity? And what are your computing needs at home?

I did migrate over to Linux dedicatedly for like 3 or 4 years at one point, and then I went back to Windows cuz Valve decided to try having massive sales. And now I have a huge library of Steam games I'm tethered to, in addition to having dropped console gaming entirely.

I kinda wish I was one of those "I don't play games" people, or the type of person who only plays a tiny handful of them.

(Or maybe the answer is, who gives a shit and I should juse use whatever meets my needs.)

>> No.54615590

>(Or maybe the answer is, who gives a shit and I should juse use whatever meets my needs.)
Yes. However sooner or later you will be bored with games, I guarantee it.

>What do you do for a living Anon, just out of curiosity? And what are your computing needs at home?
Software developer and I use Linux at home too

>> No.54615686

I fucked you mom you piece of shit. I fucked your family you faggot. I destroyed our life you fucking whore aso

>> No.54615797

Who here doesn't use Linux?

>> No.54615820

Linux on my laptop and servers, Windows 10 on my gaymen desktop.

>tfw you fell for the OS meme

>> No.54615845

>(Or maybe the answer is, who gives a shit and I should juse use whatever meets my needs.)
Yep, you figured it out. Congratulations !
Just use the right tool for the job, anon.

>> No.54616039


Yep, I have been that way for years. I'm a recovering Gentooholic, and have had my share of neckbearding and diving in deep, and now I really just don't care about what I use anymore, and have shed my need to "use Linux" for the sake of Linux. I use whatever works because I value my time.

Though, I wonder what the average amount of time is for people to reach the conclusion of just using the right tools, or if it's usually spurned by a busy life or work-needs.

>> No.54616046

between wine and steams increasing support for Linux games I'm finding less and less desire to go back to windows. The only windows machine I have is a old P4 with xp on it that I use Linux live USB creator on from time to time. Other than that I've been Linux exclusive for 2 years.

>> No.54616189

>bored of games

I can kind of feel you there.

Now, I don't mean to make this into a video-game discussion because this *is* /g/ and not /v/, but I think it's relevant because for a lot of people, vidya games are a big part of what platforms they choose to use.

Anyway, I still play games a lot, but more and more of them feel like a waste of time, or a power fantasy for children, which rewards me for being a good boy. And sometimes I get filled with this unease... Not the "I *really* should do this thing, but I can't stop playing" kind of unease, but an unease based on the fact that I know that the joy I get from hard work and being productive is equal to or better to the fun I get from games.

Or maybe it's already happening, because fewer and fewer games feel like they're interesting enough to warrant my time, and are usually just a repetitive grind that tries to use tricks to hide the fact you're doing the sae thing over and over again.

I don't see myself dropping games any time soon, but maybe I just haven't run into that catalyst yet.

What was your experience with dropping games, Anon? (With the implicit assumption you used to play them a lot and then stopped.)

>> No.54616463

I use it because everything I do is faster on Linux for some reason.

Starting, shutting down, restarting. LibreOffice launches lightyears faster than MS Office. All my programs open instantaneously.

I turn my computer on, and I can be on Chrome in less than a minute.

Hell, even installing the OS is faster. For Arch, just mount the partitions, then pactrap, do a few other things, and you can have a functional desktop in 15 minutes. The whole "Arch is only for l337 haxorz" (or Linux in general) thing is a meme.

>> No.54616541

it's fun to play with but i don't have the time anymore so os x it is

>> No.54616578

Pretty much this.

Windows is adequate if you just want to NEET it up at home all day everyday and play videogames for the rest of your life, and that's fine.

But when you actually have to rely on your computer for work, Windows is just a downright hassle to work with. Everything is so much slower on Windows.

Visual Studio is the only thing Windows has going for it, when it comes to work-related tools.

>> No.54616600


Agreed there. Although I use tmux/vim religiously, I still think MSVS is an amazing tool when I have to do dev work on Windows. Always a pleasure to use.

>> No.54616633

Try it, decide what will you run and GTFO.

>> No.54616913

You don't need the touch command. Just vim filenane

>> No.54616982

I use vim and tmux religiously (just under 40 plugins installed in vim), but mostly on OS X.

I find that as a personal workstation, Mac OS works best, since I get the best of both: a shiny, usable UI that doesn't break, and the command-line.

>> No.54617126
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I use gentoo.

>> No.54617176

What's the 文 in the background? I know 文 is Aya's name, so I'm guessing it's some kind of property of her's.

I also just realized I'm in /g/ and not /jp/.

Hmm. I will salvage my post by asking how OpenRC is doing on Gentoo, because OpenRC always gave me problems when shutting down back when I used Gentoo. Did it across multiple boxes.

>> No.54617240

Hue, I don't speak moonrunes

OpenRC has kind of "just werked" for me, but about the most complicated thing I do with it is add something to default runlevel once a month. Gentoo's version of OpenRC comes with a default use flag with a bunch of network scripts I don't really like though.

>> No.54617270

Oh man, and whatevr happened to the Gentoo fork of udev? Wasn't it called eudev or something like that?

>> No.54617272
File: 143 KB, 936x665, import.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54617322

mhm, https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Eudev

I'm using it.

>> No.54617348

That only shows cloudflare.

>> No.54617367

I use both Arch and Windows, both for professional and personal reasons.
UNIX environments have their advantages as regards development, way more than Windows does, but on the other hand Windows has a lot of software that are really useful which don’t exist on GNU/Linux.
To be a bit more precise: when I’m working on web dev or cross-platform dev, I prefer using Arch. However, if I’m working on Windows-specific dev or on audio dev, I have no choice but using Windows. I could use OSX or FreeBSD instead of GNU/Linux, however I don’t like these OSes and I don’t want to waste money on Apple hardware I would use only for dev that can be done under Arch (however I might have to move to OSX in the future).
And why Arch? Because of the AUR that contains packages I need that are only available in this package manager, otherwise I’d have to install and update them manually. Otherwise, I would be using whatever distro which can get the job done.
As regards the personal activities, I still use Arch for coding projects, but this time not related to my job, and Windows for software that is not available on GNU/Linux, such as the audio creation software I use, and muh gaymes.

In short:
GNU/Linux is good, but not for everything, as well as Windows is. Using both solves almost everything.

>> No.54617681

why the hell would anybody use osx servers for an image board or any website?

>> No.54617783

Kali Linux.

>> No.54619257

>or if it's usually spurned by a busy life or work-needs.
I think you hit the nail on the head there. When you've got shit to do, the last thing you want is to fix the tools you need in order to do said shit, and you just want to make your own life easier.

I've been there too, and soon after I started to have shit to do, I came to the conclusion that I don't want to constantly fix the tools that should work for me. I don't want to mess around trying to get some Windows application to run properly on WINE, and I don't want to program in a Windows environment because frankly how most things work on Windows pisses me off. Python is all dumb on Windows, and the folder structure and dependencies are much simpler on Linux.

So on my desktop, that I use for photo/video editing, gaymen, and other such applications, I use Windows. On my laptop that I use mainly for programming and other things that Linux is good at, I use Linux. On my servers I use Linux because it makes my life so much easier than Windows Server thanks to the simpler folder structure and permissions, it's much easier to set up and migrate things if needed.

In short, my tools should work for me, not the other way around.

>> No.54619309

>every motherfucking day

>> No.54619555

Boku no IQDB

>> No.54619734

Could you do a screenshot with updated photoshop? Also could you do one with 3DS MAX?

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