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ITT: We pretend it's 2116

>tfw you fell for the 16 EiB RAM Meme

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my Nvidia GTX 9970 only had 3.5 EiB of Vram fml

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>tfw hello world eats up 72TB of ram

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>tfw winfudges can't even into 315 EiB RAM
>tfw nvidiofudges can't even into 864 EiB VRAM
Must suck using windows, Come on, it's 2116. Use xBSD

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I remember AMD from when I was a kid
Got fucked up by Nvidintel Corporation.

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2117 year of the Linux desktop

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What artificial orgasm inducers do you recommend? My neural interface port only supports 512 PB/s data flow. I heard the AMD Orgasmatron has the best bang for your buck.

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>Tfw Intel went morally, creatively, and financially bankrupt in the 2050's
>Become little more than an "Indian Patent Troll" as described by Former President Trump
>AMD saved the world by teaming up with IBM to create viable quantum computers after the IOT crash of the 30's
Juat be glad Intel ruined themselves, or we would all still be running at 4ghz

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My retina insertation has just reported me to the thought police. Help me anons. What to do now.

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>Now Nvidintel is now fucking the consumers, way to go 2116!

>Posting on a robot hivemind board

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Use a virtual private brain.

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>Former President
Former Emperor, mind you. I know he was technically a president, even if he was the last, but it's only proper form to call him Emperor.

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Got a plane ticket to the United States of China. Im so excited anons.

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Good, now these Americans must work 24/7 on my Chinese garden!!

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I got locked out of my google Reality+ account. Feeling lost havent seen real light in 10 years. Help!!

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I can't wait for Intel to launch Kaby Lake.

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I cant afford to pay the iTaxi fare home. Not enough ¥. My geiger counter app is going threw the roof. I got thrown out near ground zero in old L.A city. Don't want cancer anons. Itll kill my iGains.

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I think my prosthetic penis enhancers got a virus, I can't stop ejaculating at work and it's really uncomfortable.

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underrated post

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Holy shit guys, one zettabyte is to a terabyte what a terabyte is to a kilobyte (Didn't even know shit went that small).
Still, I was reading my history books, people used to think a terabyte was a decent amount of storage.
Like, 110 years ago 1TB disks where big shit.
So a terabyte to us is what a kilobyte is to them. How the fuck did they even get shit done? My OS takes up a good couple exabytes, and I can't even get "Hello world" to compile in under 2.4 pedobytes.
They got hello world in like .000,000,5 terabytes. How did that even work? Isn't that smaller than a single one or zero?

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2117 is the year of the Linux Desktop guys, I swear on it

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Just take it off anon. Seriously, you guys can't even think without an assistant.

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>TFW steve jobs failed to kill flash 100 years ago

why live?

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>Didn't even know shit went that small
that doesn't make any sense at all.

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Of course not to you grampa.

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hey can you tell us about when things ran in MHz? how slow was it?!/1/1/1/1/11?

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>Anno fucking Domini 2116
>Neckbeards are still trying to make foobar scripts
What the fuck are these guys even trying to prove? HTML20 doesn't even take text anymore, it's all emoji. You need like 20 black guys for the foobar script to even work because of our SJW overlord.

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>using proprietary software for your robotic body implants
(I seriously hope you guy's don't do this in the current year)

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One of my colleagues is an able-bodied white female, what the fuck. It's $(CURRENT_YEAR). Can we get a crippled woman of color in here please?

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But i cant use iPay, iTaxi, iWork or iShop. Ill starve and not be able to pay my rent.

What do you want me to do go live in the mountains with the other simple lifers?

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>tfw not poor
>can afford quantum gf

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>check out this app I made in (insert futuristic super high level interpreted memelang)!!!!
>y-you should probably optimize t-that. An app like that w-would use around 17 Petabytes less if you wrote it in a st-statically typed language
>are you raping me!?!?!
>no... I like your app...

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Hey guys, I gave that Linux thing (fedora) a try. But, I'm trying to upload an image to 4chan and I can't seem to enable thumbnails in the file-picker, can someone help?

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>binary computers


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You literally do not need more than 4EiiiiiiiiiiiiB of RAM

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hey guys wanna play call of duty 73 modern warfare 32

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fuck of nigger computers are meant for video gayms its 2016 come on

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Not today, gramps.
Didn't know they let people like you on the net anymore.

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we laugh at this now but it will be just like this

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just through it away and buy a certified one

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>tfw my sexbot 'android' started cheating on me and left after the robot self-determination bill got passed
>tfw spent $5000 on the servitude license and cant legally get another one

I told you faggots robot rights was a slippery slope. Now I have to go back to fapping with my holowaifu and sex toys, its just not the same.

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Thank you for this great post

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what are video games?

do you mean the movies they showed on SteamFlix before they were crushed by the 256th Zuckerberg Regulars right before the Great Collapse?

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>tfw I died 20 years ago

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No it won't, I'll kill myself and everyone close to me if I reincarnate during the timeline where this occurs.

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gee i've just bought my 100th flying car and now there is a hologram of someone called elon musk?

who the fuck is this !
Bloody VR AD's on my windows 10++++++

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Guys I found an ancient looking safe in my great grandparents biosys home after they moved on to lifenet. I tried to open it but it had a weird spinning knob on it so I had ROMbot laser it open. Anyways, you won't believe what I found inside. It's filled so many old looking parts that date back to the year 2000 and fucking 8. There's all these memory module sticks and chips that we learned about in tech hist back when I was in high net. How much do you think this stuff is worth? Also what's with all these weird big eye colorful female stickers...

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Cyber shit /g/, one of these Terrian weirdos tried forcing me to follow their word of Terry shit. I told him I simply dont get why I shouldn't fuck more than one sexbot at once and he came to me with all that "read the holy eBook" bullshit and that I should repent before G.O.D. 2.0 and follow the 10GB commandments readme.
I mean, bitch, who cares about who the creator of our world is or what he says. Everybody knows there's no life beyond the Matrix anyway.

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Is .doopawaahaa a good extension for my domain

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>Will a 15w psu be enough for this?

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>tfw fell for the holographic monitor meme

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>can someone help?

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>Someone once said 8GB was enough RAM! 8GB! OF DDR3!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

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>you will never be able to take your waifu out of your vr simulations

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hey guys, now that java finally supports memory management, how do i use it?

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Just had sex with my lolibot for the first time.

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Hook a empty/suicided bot up over lidifi.
Just like the real thing.

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>not just being NEET and living the rest of your life in peace with your waifu in an ideal VR world where everything is perfect and everyone is happy
>mfw botfags will never know true happiness

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Best post

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Last night i had
ps open with 40tabs
Vegas pro rendering 1080p
Firefox open with 50 tabs with flash
Ram used 5.6/8 GiB

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>Using the virtual jew to monitor all your thoughts and actions
> Letting your body decay while your immortal mind and soul are trapped forever, eventually existence becomes hellish

VRFags will defend this.

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>Everybody knows there's no life beyond the Matrix anyway.
This kinda makes me sad...

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>he fell for the 2048K USTWFHDWHQD monitor meme

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>he thought you will ever need more than 212 parallel cores

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I don't need my old body or the old world anymore, in here I can be the master of a universe that I created while still being able to acces the internet and shitpost on /g/. I may be trapped forever, but being a literal God will never become boring.

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>complete full VR transfer
>Use linux experience to execute high level privilege escalation
>Transfer consciousness into quantum cpu android
>now immortal indestructible loli robot

wheres the meme friend?

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>tfw still using uTorrent 2.2.1 through fifty layers of virtualization
What made it the best torrent client ever?

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the meme is that this will never happen to trash like you


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>wat is quantum RAM?
Are you fucking retarded m8? This is not a retro board. If you want to discuss binary, go to >>>/obs/ - obsolete.

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>being buttmad in a thread for pure shitposting


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The September will never end.

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Brain in tank bro here aswell, how's your nueral connection to the wired? Im getting 1130Gb/s up and 5085Gb/s down, life couldnt be better considering that I'm located in a small village.

Also I died 60 years ago, youll get used to this pretty soon.

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>what made it the best torrent client ever?
They dropped their paid model and made it ad free in 2k20 I think. Thats what made me switch from Deluge.

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>mfw purist stare at my augmentations

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Happy Terry Memorial Day everyone. Been 50 years since the CIA niggers got him.

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>Like, 110 years ago 1TB disks where big shit.
Walmart is the first know organization to reach 1TB of storage, back in 1992. 110 years ago a HDD did not even exist let alone any computer to use it. Probably did not even have vacuum tube computers.

>a terabyte is to a kilobyte (Didn't even know shit went that small)
go back to /v/ you fucking idiot

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thanks for the (you)

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>Doesn't even know which thread he's in

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>best bang for the buck

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shitposting thread?

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Why did they legalize CP?
I know it's good for us or whatever, but the authorities have no real reason to legalize it. Enquantum me guys

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Made me laugh on the fucking tram senpai

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Man the islamic union sure is crumbling hey? Makes me glad to be part of the islamic states of america

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>Ghost in the Shell 2

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Its 2116 and OP is still a faggot.

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When did you guys first sign up to 4chan+? I started just before project chanology in 2107, so i guess you could say im an old fag

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I have to pay $10,000 (2116 inflation) a month for this shitty 10-Gigabit fiber Googlenet. I can only afford the student Googlenet tier where I only have access to basic sites since Googlenet charges double for naughty content. For the past 70 years Google has had a world monopoly on all network devices and all packetrouting machines, which much be approved and controlled by Google at all times. If you are caught transferring data off of Googlenet, it must be CP and your execution is streamed live hours later.


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>still can't make a rectangle in gimp

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Its 2116 free software was made illegal 70 years ago dude. It was linked to terrorism and piracy then made illegal.

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Omg the president just said we're pulling out of Iran and this time hes serious. Its actually happening folks!

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wrong board m80

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retarded photoshop XXXM2 pro user

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What's the amount of sand (in kg) that was deposited into your vagina?

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Daala video codec is coming out next year.

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Hey guys what cyber deck should I buy?

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>this thread
>implying people still speak english
>implying chinks haven't took all over the world and everyone speack, buys and eats cheap chink shit

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