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Why does Firefox lag
On a fucking i5 3320m 16gb ram and a 256SSD ?

What the fucking fuck ?!!

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But it doesn't.

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Because it's shit thanks to SWJ army.
Use Chromium instead.

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Stop watcing flash videos

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I got tired of chrome hogging all my shit and freezing when I speed up youtube videos so I went to firefox. That lasted 30 minutes the shit is slow and was killed by the faggots who decided to virtue signal their way out of any decent employees. Fuck firefox

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Because Firefox is extremely overkill & clunky in all means.

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Fucking this but I can't stop watching porn

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You know what I just realized?
That's not my fucking problem

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People still use Firefox?

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It's probably your profile. Firefox stores a lot of shit in a few databases in your profile folder and the older your profile gets the more shit is stored there. It might also be related to the session manager which saves a backup of all your open tabs every few seconds-minutes-hours(depending on what you set it to).

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found your problem

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I see the anti firefox army is up and running

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power saving mode?

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