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Does anyone else here miss Steve? It was actually fun seeing the design changes he'd bring each year. Watching Apple today is just sad.

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I miss him.

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I'm almost sure he wasn't responsible for the major design choices, though. He was the marketer and perhaps a well respected advisor, but it was his employees that likely figured that stuff out.

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I miss how we used to all get pissed off at how much bullshit he would say at his keynotes. He would take some technology that had been around for years and pretend Apple just invented it

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No the dudes a fucking moron.

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I'm not glad he's dead, but I'm glad he's gone

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I miss Jobs the same way I miss GWB or Saddam; I hate them and think they are horrible people, but damn, do I miss them now that they're gone.

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I miss the excitement of having a polarizing figure at the helm of tech.

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Yes. iPhone 6 was a mistake. We have to go back.



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Steve Jobs was a visionary.
I miss him.

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I've always wondered about this picture. Why is he wearing a dress?

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jobs was the original idiot boss

>doesn't know anything

>doesn't know how to do anything

>demands everything

>bitches like a babby when he doesn't get it

>fires good people because they actually have to live in reality

I'm glad he got himself killed trying to cure his cancer with voodoo, a perfect end for his stupid life

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it's the new iGown

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my uncle works at apple, steve wasn't that involved with the company's direction itself in terms of products and design, he would say "do this and make it work and then vanish.

He had a heavy hand in cutting business deals and other big business shit. People laud his as some kind of engineer or even a product designer, but was neither.

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Yes he was a lyrical genius

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So Steve was more of a glorified manager then?

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>"design changes"
>Apple will move away from the 3.55mm jack because it's not stylish enough, guys XDD
>2023: introducing the new revolutionary technology; mixing elegance with efficacy, the iJack - a fully functional wire-to-wire, end-to-end receiver for streaming the latest music, listening to the most recent news, and keeping up with everything apple

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I miss hating on him.
Also, I may not have liked him but the way he went was pretty sad.

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He deserved it imo.
Karma can be a cruel mistress.

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>top kek

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>[Linux] Anomynous
>linux fan
>hating on apple
How stereotypical.
Do you also have a gnu+linux laptop and pray to the Stallman every night?

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I'm not religious but I sometimes wonder if karma is actually real because there are so many cases of bad people getting "poetic justice".

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Yes, he would come in, say he wanted the new iphone to have .5inch bigger screen, newer colors and that's it, be gone. Some poor ass engineer worked day night to make it happen, he comes in checks the product and then fires him, some other engineer takes up the old engineers work, puts in some flashy colors. Steve sells it to zombies, (he was a good salesmans tho, could sell fridge to Eskimos) steve takes all credit, becomes god. Cut's deal, sucks Gates balls for 150mil.

And the rest as you know is history.

Oh... Steve invented the Macbook

Oh.... Steve reinvented Music

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Steve invented the computer
He invented the MAC address
And he invented the air we breathe

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Alexander Graham Bell actually was able to see into the future and was insipired and copied the iphone to create the first phone

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I'm not glad he's dead, but I'm glad he's gone.

Also glad Apple is slowly regressing to pre-Steve Apple and will go down in flames soon.

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I don't understand how Wozniak did all the grunt work and left apple. Was jobs that much of a faggot to help then bail from his faggotry?

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Apple actually used their Time Machine product to go back in the past and sue Mr.Bell for copying the iphone circa 1876

They were then able to invest money into themselves before they were a company thus leading to their huge success today

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As a high ranking memebearer of the Church of icuckoldery I can verify these statements as facts

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Woz was autistic, he couldn't handle the stress

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is tim cook actually dead?

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That's good though. Far more efficient than letting the skill of employees weigh down the design of the the product you need to sell.

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>Do I miss a guy I never met and don't give a shit about
Hmm, let me think about this one and get back to you...

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Nah, Apple may be slowing down but they arent going anywhere.

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>Eating twigs, sticks, and flowers
>Not using modern medicine
No, can't i say i miss him at all.

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that's real edgy

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Karma is actually something you don't want, according to greek mythology

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I'm not really into Buddhism and shit like that but from what I have observed in life so far, most people simply get what they deserve. It's as easy as that.

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Or rather most people get what they deserve as far as you know. People that do bad things well don't get caught and generally don't experience negative repercussions, but you just don't know about it.

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Daily reminder that, after all, Jobs lived 20 years with pancreatic cancer that has a life expectancy of 3-6 months

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Toward the end he was barely involved, I mean, he let the fucking two-tone shitbox BezelBook Pro out on to the floor for fuck sake.

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for what
running a successful business?

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Sure buddy, those children in poor countries that starve to death deserve it all.

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Yeah, actually

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For hurting freetards' feels, just look at his trip

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