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>no speccy thread
speccy thread

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>speccy thread
>doesn't post speccy
Lightning hit near my house and burned my motherboard, I think I rather be without a computer saving up for an i5 and new mobo instead of just buying a mobo for my i3.

Currently posting from a laptop with:
Intel Atom N550 (1.5ghz, 1mb L2)
1gb DDR3 RAM

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anon, i...

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>speccy thread
>doesn't post speccy


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pfff... get on my level

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>bottleneck thread? post bottlenecks

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how it is bottleneck my friend?

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You could buy a refurb Thinkcentre M82 with a i3-2130. Might need to get a low watt GT 720 video card though.

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AMD? Check.
Lack of water cooling? Check.
Three decrypted HDDs? Check.
Gaming headset? Check.

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dual water cooled xeon e5 2670's, 3.3ghz. 32 logical cores. 40mb cache.

64gb ecc ram, 8 channels, 16 4gb IBM sticks.

lenovo d30 motherboard.

quadro M4000 8gb gpu. also a NVS 300 video card.


win 7 enterprise.

pic related.

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Where am I bottlenecked?

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close up

made the desk an

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>crossfire disabled
What did he mean by this

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>falling for the water cooling meme

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Get a better chair.

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How are the "death robots" going, you goddamn autist

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your gpu.

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>Where am I bottlenecked

top kek

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its a 970m, his mouse cursor is covering it up.

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GPU is correct answer. I don't play games though so it's ok for me!

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oh shit


srsly need to

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being on /g/ is the biggest meme you fell for faggot

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water cooling is ok as long as you don't use colored water for fucks sakes

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specs for the specs throne

memes for the meme king

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/G/ood Evening, lads

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literally everyones computers has practically the same fucking specs on the same fucking screen i'm sick of it.

learn to fucking work wood, and set something the fuck up. kill your parents.

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>legit no videocard speccy
Grats on breaking the shackles. Unless you're just planning on throwing a big videocard in there later.

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>practically the same fucking specs

Fuck off
>6 core 5820k
>17TB HDDs
>750GB SSDs

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waitfag for Polaris, not much of a gamer anymore either

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yeah. wowo. processor. hard drive. fuck off. what is this shit.

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What are you expecting? Everyone else has 4 core i5s or i7s. At least I have something no one else in the thread has posted yet.

You're the one claiming it's all the same specs. Fuck yourself.

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my laptop runs cooler than your desktop

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Having an 8c Xeon is some fun stuff. Just need more ram for it, as 8GB is not exactly enough for my needs.

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>>not e52687w

still nice tho

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i literally have 16GB of DDR3 sitting on my desk because I just built a DDR4 rig.

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How long have you had that setup?

>Patriot Pyro
sounds trustworthy

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Twas a freebie, and the dude who gave it to me A: didnt have a 2687W, and B: was too stingy to give me the 2690v2 (10c, same clocks) he had.

About 20-22 months now. I got the board, CPU, and Ram as a freebie from the previous owner of the hardware. The GTX 660 i got second-hand from a family member when he upgraded to a GTX 960 for his rig. The Patriot Pyro, while being a meh-tier SSD, I got practically brand new in a trade. Except for the 1.4TB drive ($65 pre-floods, tore it out of the external enclosure), the other two spinners were freebies.

And if I had the money I'd think about purchasing that from you, but as I dont, and this is 4chan to boot, I dont see it happening.

Also, CPU-Z so turbo clocks are shown.

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it's not like i'm using it...

but fair enough anon. DDR3 is only going to go up in price now that DDR4 prices have fallen.

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Well, got an OCN account? I wont turn down free ram if thats what you're offering.

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>OCN account
dont know what that is so nope.

If this were any of the tech forums I am on i'd just have you PM me, but seeing as 4chins, sorry man.

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Will you fuck off you autistic woodworking faggot.

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overclock.net, usually shortened to OCN.

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how do you all know me

btw i recently scored an apprenticeship with the carpentry union. made friends with head instructor. in 1.4 years now will be guarenteed 25 dollars an hour plus union benefits, and 4 years later can take my mastery exam.

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Still a no.

it'd be better to pick up some 4GB DIMMs anyway since you already have 4GB DIMMs, mis matched RAM DIMM sizes isn't TOO big a deal, but it can cause stability problems.

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Hello boys

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[H]ardforum? (my acct there has very little use, but its an acct).

And my dimms are 2GB, keep in mind if its x79/x99, its quad channel and thus i need 4 dimms. So to set my ass up with 16GB of ram, i need 4x4GB.

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well i have 2x8GB, so you'd need 32GB to fully use my DIMMs in quad channel.

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Dude, your desk is ugly, just fuck off already

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Does it really *have* to be quad channel tho?

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If you want to take advantage of higher memory bandwidth yeah...

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literally a master carpenter who decided to offer me a slot as a union apprentice thought it was a "thoughtful and soundly executed" design. he was impressed at how light it was. (it weighs 22.5 pounds.). i explained how i studied the construction of aircraft frames when designing it.

you're wrong. it's a beautiful desk, it's only ugly to ikeaites and people with no mechanical intuition at all, if you had any masculine mentality in you, you'd perceive how elegant it is, how it almost wants to fly, how it hangs in midair, how there is no fat to be trimmed, how nothing could be removed from it, like a perfect song.

unlike your fucking life faggot lol

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Yeah... dont see it happening. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

No, it can easily do dual channel (in fact theres an Asrock mITX LGA 2011-3 board that works fine with a 5960x with only something like a 2-3% performance drop), its just that I have 4 memory channels and I'd like to see them all populated. In theory since I have 4 memory channels, I can load 2 with 8GB dimms and load the other 2 with 2GB dimms.

Whether my board wont completely shit itself (its a bottom of the barrel x79 board, only the ECS board is worse) is another matter.

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held on to my filler card too long
cant replace it right now so im just rolling with it until it dies

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and you wear cargo pants

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>Single channel memory

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i wear your mom all over me

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shes dead you sick fuck

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im sorry? I'll get another stick when I can afford one. My intent was always to have 32g but it has to wait for now

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what even is the issue? As is, I can't use my set-up for anything intensive anyway

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just kill urself my man.

there's no point.

you don't even have 32gb ram.

no girl will ever look at you.

sorry bruh.

ramlets kek

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seems /g/ memes are alot like /v/ memes

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>tfw amd meme

>tfw don't want to go over stock voltage

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Well thats the most fucking retarded build i have ever seen
>3 390 housefires
>i7 4790k housefire
>Gaming motherboard

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The fuck is up with that room
>bigass bag of dogfood
>No overhead lights
>most retarded desk layout ive ever seen
>e5 2670
OCAU get the fuck out

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>early 2008
why live? i cant imagine all the spinning balls you must watch anon.

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Speccy has always been retarded showing Crossfire/Sli disabled at times. I think some nVidia configs (older cards) shows as enabled though with older drivers.

>980 2gb card according to Speccy

>> No.54283818

Not to mention, plenty of people have multiGPU setups for compute reasons, not for gaming, so SLI/Crossfire may not be needed.

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that's not dog food, that's anon's dinner

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Seriously you autist you should kill yourself, or at least get a trip so I can filter your posts

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I love it.

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Got a Dell Precision m6800 for a little less than $1200. Loving the thing so far.

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ignore the gpu it doen't work

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You were doing so well.

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I'm still working on the voltage lost my old OC setting it should be somewhere below 1.3V.
Where is that 5820K guy bottlenecked?
>Inb4 970
I'm glad about every non-970 and non-300 series AMD I see in this thread.

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Yeah i didn't do a whole lot of research and the first one i bought from microcenter was doa so i got a 250gb ssd for like 30 more dollars.

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I was going to get an i7 2600k and done with it then my Asrock Z77 mobo died on me. I'm thinking of getting Asus P8Z77-M and an i7 2600k since I'm on a budget and it's freaking hard to find a higher tier Z77 mobo here.

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Gonna upgrade to Zen and Polaris.

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>no speccy thread
>says speccy thread
>posts pic of CPU-Z

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Pretty darn good.

Bit sad I got jewed out of 250GB of storage. Whatever.

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Why? You should have bought the PRO series.

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First time building a PC, didn't have much help beyond Plebbit and one friend. Had a budget of $950 and had to get a new monitor as well. How'd I do?

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Pretty well for your budget. 120gb ssd is a bit questionable.

>> No.54289934

Why do you say that? I'll admit I'm not completely knowledgeable about how well computer work with different shit, but I'd always heard SSD's load shit pretty fast and I like being able to restart within a minute or so.

>> No.54290090

Nah I mean in total. The whole KB Kb shtick. The 850 is pretty fast already, probably the fastest sata ssd on the market. Top 5 at least.

Next storage upgrade is going to be a 2TB ssd but I'll have to wait some 2 years until they go down to ~$180 at least.

>> No.54290111

Guy with an evo 850 here. Boots in less than 10 seconds and shuts down in -literally- two seconds. The other guy meant 128gb is a bit low and I'm inclined to agree. 250 gives you enougg headroom for programs that'll make use of a fast disk, like adobe and some games if you're into that.

>> No.54290144

I really didn't have enough for any higher than 120GB. Even that was a tough choice for me because it meant having very little money afterward and none for any new games.

>> No.54290167

i personally find a 240-250GB to be a bit small still. 480GB+ starts being comfortable where you can install all or almost all of your programs/games on to an SSD.

With 250GB AND the OS on the same drive, I find myself making choices of what is on the SSD, and what is on HDDs.

I now have an M.2 Samsung 950 Pro 250GB, and a 480GB Toshiba SATA SSD for larger games and programs that wont fit on the 950 pro. .

>> No.54290517

They're all the same speed, about 550 MB/s. But the EVOs are TLC shit, which will loose speed after a year. 850s are better than 840s, but look almost everyone experienced this problem, but not me, I bought the overpriced 840 Pro back in 2014 which still gives me the same speed as the 850.

Evo and Pro are 30 € price difference now, I saw a 256 GB Pro for 110 €.

>> No.54290681

That's a good deal actually! But I don't believe they slow down over time, especially if you have overprovisioning enabled. Thing about MLC is that it's basically more reliable on the long run. V-NAND TLC doesn't neessarily degrade over time as far as speed goes. Of course assuming proper care (heat, TRIM, overprovisioning, etc)

>> No.54290831

I paid 130 last year for that other 850 Pro. And they slow down for sure, thats a common problem, but the new Samsungs are better. The Evos usually were around 300-400 MB/s when they started to loose performance, there are low-tier brands where it will slow down below 100 MB/s.

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4690K (@4.5GHz) vs 4790S
Not sure which to put in the rig.

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>5720x1080 masterrace

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File: 53 KB, 606x686, 2016-04-29 12_16_59-Piriform Speccy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's 5760. not 5720.

I personally prefer 5120x1440, only 2 monitors so only 1 bezel, and with these monitors the bezel is pretty tiny.

In other news, just got my new 5TB installed internally.

>> No.54292542

>Still less pixels than native 4K

>> No.54292584

5760*1080 is 6.22M pixels
5120*1440 is 7.37M pixels
3840*2160 is 8.29M pixels

For those curious

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Yes, some people don't know that, I had a discussion about that in a hardware forum lately.
At least it is not Windows 10.

>> No.54292652

>Yes, some people don't know that, I had a discussion about that in a hardware forum lately.
basically, they dont understand pixel density.

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here ya go

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Why are the temperatures so high?

>> No.54294983

he most likely just finished playing a game or something

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we have similar storage setups
What are you doing with yours anon?

>> No.54295132

I store things like music, programs, video games, pictures, videos, anime, movies and so on.

>> No.54295220

Same, ~5.5TB anime, 2TB Movies, 1.5TB TV, ~300GB music, ~700GB of games.

Just got another 5TB, was down to less than 2TB free.

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Delightfully average

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File: 43 KB, 684x530, speccy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is comfy :')

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File: 38 KB, 630x467, speccy 16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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update speccy, nigger

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File: 2.34 MB, 1920x1080, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In game, but yeah.

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>> No.54298085

Broadcasting but nobody's watching, why even?

>> No.54298566

Lolol fucking cancer

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>Before SSD CPU temp: 37 idle
>After SSD CPU temp: 40+ idle

This normal or did I forget a setting or two? Minimum processor state is at 1% and I'm pretty sure my "turbo mode" is off so no OCing at the moment.

>> No.54299755


Show guts please

>> No.54299982


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>> No.54300354

also just noticed that my 2 HDD storage are showing as 746 gb instead of 2.3 tb.

>> No.54300391

I dont trust 3TB HDDs to begin with, after seeing 15% failure rates on the first 3TBs from seagate I decided just to skip em.

Currently rocking 3x4TB and a 5TB.

>> No.54300534
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Good or no? Also, speccy is showing the wrong amount of Vram. It should be 6GB, not 2.

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I wanna push past 4.4 since it's stable af and staying so cool but desu whats the fucking point.

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This is likely the wrong thread to ask, but does anybody know how to get the MATE top menu to stop making bezels like that?

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Fresh build, upgrading from my i5-750.

GPU i'm waiting because 99% of the time I do cpu heavy things.

nvme sure was fucking expensive though.

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File: 1.45 MB, 768x652, spec.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54302443

>Wasting your money on a stupid GAYMAN motherboard
Could've put that money toward a better GPU

>> No.54302554

>tfw your motherboard is dead

>> No.54302572
File: 329 KB, 639x503, sporky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw whisper-quiet 4.8GHz overclock

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Yesterday I was messing with my case fans and my motherboard failed to boot, Had to rip everything out the case and eventually got it to work, don't know how or what was it but damn I'm glad it's working now.

average build feels average.

>> No.54302660

i ordered a new motherboard for my xeon, but it was DoA ;_;

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>not having at least a 980ti

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>upgrade from semi decent AMD rig to fairly powerful skylake build
>one particular game is supposed to work better on intel, yet drops down to single digit frame rates
>everything else is fine
what the hell is going on, /g/?

>> No.54302701

would it perhaps be dark souls?

>> No.54302713

planetside 2

>> No.54302755

Pretty fucking bad, holy shit

>> No.54302801

Why make your CPU work harder than it needs to?

>> No.54302811

Disable power saving features.

>> No.54302829

How hard does a CPU 'need' to work?
Is there an intrinsic value beyond which is considered excessive?

Why buy an unlocked CPU is you're not gonna overclock it?

>> No.54302837
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is this what you mean?

>> No.54302844

>For 1080p
>Not having at least a GP102

>> No.54303040

My 1440 isn't here yet famalan

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Would post a pic of my new build with a 6600k, but every time I boot into Windows, it bluescreens within 5 minutes with the error "whea_uncorrectable_error", so I'm RMAing the CPU, motherboard, and RAM.

>> No.54303699
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Hi /g/uys

>> No.54305632

>RMAing the CPU, motherboard, and RAM.
you're part of the problem anon.

Do some proper trouble shooting before just carte blanche just RMAing everything.

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Phenom is king.

>> No.54306090

I get the same error when my overclock isnt stable on my 2500k...

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