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>put laptop components in a """""desktop""""" computer
>sell it for around $1500

how do they get away with this?

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Well, their laptops are around $1200

Really the only problem I have with Apple is their price: OSX seems just as good as Ubuntu from an outside perspective (I've never used OSX)

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Put an ATX or mATX inside of a chassis from apple or other AIO computer, then come back and tell me how that worked out for you

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Unix hardware has always been expensive.
Do you remember Sun?

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it's the screen you niggers
find an equal or better screen at that price

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I didn't know a 27 inch 5120x2880 screen is considered a "laptop component".

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Other computer manufacturers do the same. Apple also happens to exclusively have great screens for that type of monitor desktop. On top of that is the Apple fan boy tax.

Also, when the first 5k iMac came out, there was no competition at all for their price. The cheapest 4k monitor had cost the same and didn't include an actual computer.

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Also, they "get away" with this because Apple is a business. Apple is in business to make money. Don't want to spend $1500 on an Apple computer...don't fucking buy it.

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It's powered by laptop class components. That means the CPU and graphics are the same components that would normally be put in a laptop.

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PC all-in-ones are also comparatively overpriced.

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>put expensive components in a computer
>sell for more
how do they get away with this

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Not anymore. You can run FreeBSD on a superannuated C2D that costs under $200, /tpg/ does it all the time.

stop using how much you spent as a badge of pride

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>Unix hardware

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>OpenSores on the desktop
Na, Unix comes with hardware, always has always will.

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Who the fuck cares about the CPU and graphics? Do you run benchmarks and play games all day?

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OP is the sort of person who cares.

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my late 2013 27in imac has a i5-4570. that's not a laptop processor, thats a desktop part.

my 16gb of ram is ddr3 1600. same ol' ddr3 1600 sitting in most peoples desktops.

ssd + desktop 3.5in 1tb hard drive.

the only thing laptop is the shitty 755m video card but apple hasn't care about graphics since 2010?

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If you're going to troll, you should at least know enough to not be made a fool in under a second.


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That's dead. Went back to closed source after Oracle acquired Sun.

>buut illumos
Not Unix.

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I can keep going if you want. I work with Solaris every day, I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about.

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take your no-true-Scotsman shit and fuck off

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No, let him keep digging his hole deeper. I think his backpedaling is hilarious.

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Thats not OpenSolaris you dipshit.

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>Latest release 2009.06 / June 1, 2009; 6 years ago


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Correct, it is Solaris, a System V Release 4 UNIX operating system free for download and installation cost free for both the SPARC and x86 processor architectures.

You can take any hardware you want these days and put a true UNIX operating system on it, none of the *BSD nonsense.

I don't think you understand why people use UNIX.

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This, the 5k ones in my office have 6700k and 32gb of ram in them for video editing.Bit overkill and I hate that they lack any decent network capability or expansion options. But the 295m inside it is a tonga chip slightly underclocked, it's not a slouch by any means.

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but isn't the 5K variant 2500? Also 5K on a 27" screen is retarded

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So your options are:
Slowlaris on x86 (desktop sparc is dead)
MacOS on X86

Most people will choose MacOS.

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dont they charge $600 for 32GBs of RAM?

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>>54206024 here.
Yes it's pretty retarded. It's such a pain to use with the shity magic mice as well. So far it's only plus point is being able to edit FHD and have FHD rushes side by side with boat loads of screen real estate. Then again you arguably don't need native res for editing.

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Why not get a normal mouse?

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>I don't think you understand why people use UNIX.

I don't think you know when a project is dead.

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/g/ I challenge you to make a PC with similar specs PLUS the 5k display, a mouse & keyboard for under $1500.

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have you seen the screen on that thing? not a macfag but when i saw the 27 inch imac in the store i got BTFO. great shit.

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I think only the 21" uses laptop components ... besides, who gives a fuck. They should be perfectly adequate for all the task most people would do on these, while allowing an AIO design.

>what is editing 4K movies and having space for all UI elements

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I have one, its fantastic.

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The 5K IPS screen is the biggest cost in making an iMac.

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>2% aRGB
>2-bit color

Fuck off with your toddler toy.

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the iMac screen is 8bit crap.

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"Look, mom, I just made a shitpost on 4chan!"

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>look mom i'm shilling a toddler toy as "pro" equipment!

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But it has 100% DCI-P3 standard.

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Because a 5K display by itself costs $1000-$1600.
And since when was an I7-6700K a laptop CPU?

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Because Apple has made a very successful brand. Also their desktops are good for everything except gaming. If it had a competent GPU in the thing, I guarantee you more of you non-neet fucks would buy one. I probably would because I appreciate the build/screen quality.

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And I forgot resale value. Have fun buying $2000 worth of shit from newegg and literally selling it for 1/4 of its worth 6 months down the road. The resale market for PC components sucks shit.

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>Who the fuck cares about the CPU and graphics?
>But it has a fancy screen so it's okay! :)
What the fuck anon are you retarded or just a macfag? The CPU and graphics are way more important than the screen, especially considering most people use macs for video editing anyway.

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>build/screen quality.

well meme'd

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>The CPU and graphics are way more important than the screen
The most resource intense thing most people are youtube videos and maybe photoshop. The lowest CPU you can get is still a desktop i5. And why do you need a full sized GPU for a computer that won't be playing games?

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The CPU and GPU of the iMac are perfectly fine for video editing though. Besides, a good screen is obligatory for it, while finishing your work 2 minutes faster is a "nice have"

Given the better software on OSX, it'd probably finish before a much faster Winshit PC either way.


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Autismo level 9000 if you think Apple products don't have high build quality. The problem is what's packed inside of them.

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>Apple products
>build quality

>if i meme it enough it might come true!

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>He thinks IMacs are overpriced, when 5k Imac undercutted Dell 5K Montiors.

Also 5k IMacs are cheaper then HPs z1 AIO workstations or MSI's AIO Gaming rigs.

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>comparing iMeme toys to true 5K professional Dell monitors

>b-bu-but cheaper
Fuck off poorfag.

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With hoards of retards ready to buy anything as long as it has slapped rotten apple. If they start to sell shit in form of apple, it will be sold lika hot cakes.

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because the kind of people who are vocally against this kind of thing are autismals

the normies don't care, they see it as an investment to get a slim pc even if it sucks. hell they'll defend the suckage as a feature

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They both use the same LM270QQ1 panel.
At least the 2014 models did, but now the 5k iMacs are 10-bit.

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They are pretty similar and perfectly fine for most people. The 1% who make big budget movies, spend much, much, MUCH more on monitors and hardware. Stuff that doesn't have any bearing for discussion of relatively cheap hardware like iMacs or Dells.

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There's no excuse for buying an expensive all-in-one desktop, it's not limited to Apple.

A good screen will last a decade. The actual computer components will get outdated in ~2 years, and you'll be left with 27" aluminium mirror.

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OS X is the most insecure operating system. Don't bother with it.

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>Unix Hardware

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>Unix hardware

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Why do you need a 5k monitor for watching youtube? If you're doing something that warrants a 5k monitor it probably warrants higher specs as well

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If you do nothing but edit text and images, little gimmicks like a better screen can make it worth it.

The free market values and evolves based on personal taste. There is no high council of nerds deciding what is worth what and whether or not more of it should be made, only hordes of tech illiterates (windows/OSX) and a few very high paying professionals (real UNIX, VMS)

Difference being that sun machines were useful for actual computing, while OS X is worthless even for playing video games - compared to fucking linux, of all shit.

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Difference being that a mac is a generic intel PC that's basically designed to run windows, and UNIX machines are normally more exotic.

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How exactly anon?

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Thats hasnt been true since the 1999.

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Not a macfag but what is real unix?

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>21" 4K IPS screen for $1500

fuck you OP

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UNIX machine: Swappable ECC RAM, next generation I/O buses, SMP, high-end processing units
Mac: Generic intel hardware, may include lasst-gen advances, maybe even a mid-range xeon
UNIX machine: performance oriented
Mac: experience oriented

A certified UNIX that has stayed true to its niche as a reliable and high performance computing platform for the higher echelons of computer users - those who compute things that actually affect the world and rely on their computers to do that well. Machines are often licensed out to customers. You wouldn't use anything else for high demand data like a stock exchange unless you bought top programmers and sysadmins to run a custom linux system for you.

OS X is a toy meant for the everyman, or windows-flavored UNIX. You wouldn't even trust it to run a mail server under moderate load, or rely on it for heavy-duty local use like rendering or simulations.

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>ECC ram
Found to be unnecessary on workstations, but were used in Mac Pros

> next generation I/O buses,
Oh you mean like PCI bus found in sun Ultra's?

>A certified UNIX

>high performance computing platform for the higher echelons of computer users

wow, what a tryhard with blowhard ideas. You make hipster macfags look good.

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>Mac is real unix guys
>install wine with macports
>installs the whole ganoo/ganome userland because retarded linux programmers
>uninstall, follow dependencies
>removes autoconf, automake, m4....
>install wine with homebrew, statically linked yay
>rapes /usr/local, turns it into a giant security hole
>a browser exploit writes a fake sudo into it and it's at the front of $PATH so i don't have to use OS X's outdated vim
>sudo vim....
>is actually rm -rf ~.
>install wine with pkgsrc
>takes two weeks to figure out pkgsrc
>builds entire GNU and GNOME dependency base from source
>try to remove
>this is going to take a while
>realize i have a neckbeard now

>install windows
>don't need wine
>bash on windows works 100% better than bash on OS X
>everything just works

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>install wine
I stopped reading there.

>> No.54211546

>Real Unix
>liking Bash

I still hate that Apple made that GNUshit the default.

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Shitty b8 friend

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Not even intel cares about benchmark performance anymore.

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>advertise osx as secure
>create specialised malware for it because customers will think they are untouchable

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They both use the same panel, only difference is that Dell uses plastic instead of aluminium.

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So why hasn't anyone done this yet?

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Because he's talking out of his ass and has nothing to back it up

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Normies. They like simplicity, and an all in one running OSX is about as simple as it gets. It also looks pretty.

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you guys realize there's been an explosion of osx ransomware recently right

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They actually dont use mobile cpus.

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Its desktop chips

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Quads of truth.

Apple has great marketing:
grandmas and normal users use the intuitive GUI
it's always had the hearts media producers
while old crusty Solaris admins/developers use the Unix shell

Microsoft found this out 15 years after the fact with this microsoft <3 ubuntu bullshit.

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because there are not nearly enough people using it to make the effort worthwhile. osx is time and time again shown to be extremely vulnerable

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