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What is the thinnest and lightest 12" laptop with over 8 hours of battery life and an amazing screen?
Does such a thing even exist???

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Wait. I know this one

Its the Yoga 900S?


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12inch Retina Macbook? The new ones are actually pretty good if you really care about portability. Other than that there are some really nice Chromebooks that may work depending on what you want it for.

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XPS 13

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>XPS 13
Heavier than the MacBook 2016

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surface pro 4

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Why does it need to be thin and light? Do you have muscular dystrophy? Do you have a fetish for laptops in manila envelopes?

Most storage and transport cases are designed to bulge, but not expand in the other two dimensions, and most adult men and women can effortlessly carry 10 pounds for miles without tiring or feeling unbalanced. Once a laptop is 3/4" thick, thinness provides nothing but diminishing returns and even significant disadvantages as ports vanish, RAM is soldered, and the computer is difficult to service in general. Take your average "ultrabook", now imagine how much battery life you could have if it were just a little thicker to accommodate more battery, and maybe an extra USB port. It's depressing, isn't it? Computers that suffer for fashion.

The most single most important aspect affecting portability is diagonal size.

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>XPS 13 is too heavy for me
What are you, a fucking manlet?

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>What is the thinnest and lightest 12" laptop
>Does such a thing even exist
By definition yes

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>The new ones are actually pretty good
Holy shit the paid apple shills are real.
No sane person would get a $1299 macbook over this.

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>1080p in the Year of the Lord 2016
>user rating 3.5/5

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by 100 gram? Just poop before you go out.

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The Dell also has a laughable screen resolution of 1080p and worse battery life than the new MacBook

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>Baiting THIS hard
Needing more than 1080p on a 13" screen is utterly retarded, only fags would care about that.
Even the one with WAY better screen is still $537 less.
Also, your user rating is meaningless, any sheep who paid more for less will put a "good" review just because their post purchase rationalization.

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Now watch how the sheeple post any strawman like he was a little girl.

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MacBook or HP Spectre

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there are a few options:
dell xps 13
lenovo yoga 900s
asus zenbook
hp spectre 360
microsoft surface pro 4
macbook if you want to fit in

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Now for an impossible constraint
Decent linux compatability

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how much does the i5 version cost?

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memepad meme220

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>asus zenbook

Please be bait

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>slightly cheaper
>crap trackpad
Great deal!

Also it's slower than 2015 Macbook which is just $1000

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>core meme

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Macshitters need not apply.

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holy shit that font sucks

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>4gb RAM

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>2.6 lbs
>ever being criticized as too heavy

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Chromebook pixel 2

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What is relativity? The bar is set higher now, as always happens since technology progresses and shit. 2KG laptops were considered fucking light too at a point and just 5 years ago $500 for a phone was considered expensive as fuck.

What is storage capacity?

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>Are you a manlet?

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>carrying a XPS like a manlet
>not a iMac 27" with batteries in your backpack
Stay weak and poor, child.

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>What is storage capacity?
looked it up, 64G on the only currently available model

dunno how hard installing an actually usable OS is though, it's usually hard on newer machines

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If I recall it right, it's downright impossible on the new one and you're stuck with slow ass SD cards.

The first Pixel had M2 slot I think.

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really? doesn't look like it.

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>tfw you recognie the image
the true power of marketing

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>his memebook costs $1300+ and is still over 2lbs

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If you need more than 64gb on a laptop you're doing it wrong

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Apple marketing is something anyone can appreciate



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>being treated like a gullible tech illiterate retard is something sheep can appreciate


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All i'm saying is they are well produced marketing videos.


But go ahead, get mad because there is a Apple logo on it and call others retards.

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Razer Blade Stealth. Thin, light, IGZO 4k 12.X" display touch screen, fuck it even has a metal unibody, rgb backlit keyboard, glass track pad, USB 3.1 type C Thunderbolt 3. Only shitty thing about it is it's i7 is a dual hyperthreaded instead of a true quad. Lacks a discrete GPU but at its size few care, plus it can use TB3 external desktop gpus. Normally I hate Razer but even on Linux I've used their Blade series and they seem to be well built and speced.

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WAY too many LEDs. show me a mod to make them white and I'll take it.

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All i'm saying is they are poorly produced marketing videos.

But go ahead, get mad because you like commercials for tech products that patronize the market they're trying to capture.

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>putting a quad core i7 and dedicated GPU on a ultrabook

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>All i'm saying is they are poorly produced marketing videos.
But that's wrong

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Anyone know of any laptops that are decent for gaming and can be found cheap used? The game I want to play will run on a Pentium d with no dedicated GPU at absolute min settings. Looking to spend 200 or less

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>commercials that don't tell me anything about the product convinces me that the product is good


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They may not be informative or effective ads, but they're obviously well produced.

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>200 or less

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>trying to tell apple how to do marketing


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>trying to justify being gullible


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Check out the msi gs40 senpai. New mobiletechreview. Apparently it's pretty great

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X1 Yoga/Carbon
desu I've never seen these things personally, too niche to exist even in Dubai

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>I am smarter than you because I hate everything that has an apple logo

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>I am smarter than you because I love everything that has an apple logo

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Who said that?

I didnt. I just said its a well produced video but you got triggered because Apple started calling people retards.

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Who said that?

I didnt. I just said its a poorly produced video but you got triggered because OMGHEDONTLIEKAPEL and started projecting hard.

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Yes you did, here >>54177688

And its not poorly produced, its pretty good.

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Inb4 Macs just werk

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That's just plain as day fact. They're selling an image and trying to make an impression of quality to sucker people into thinking it's good without providing any real specs or features. PROTIP: even the biggest apple fanboys hated that useless watch crap.

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>they're selling an image and trying to make an impression of quality to sucker people into thinking it's good without providing any real specs or features

I dont care m8. Doesn't change the fact that they are well produced ads

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>ads are well produced when i learn nothing about the product and feel cucked by it


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>thinks he knows how to do ads better than apple

You should work for Microsoft or something

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oh wait I checked
the keyboard is modifiable and you can just put a sticker over the logo

that's fine then

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>he thinks how many people are tricked by ads determines how well it's produced


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on the other hand

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So you don't know what a well produced video/ad is? Is that the concept you're struggling with?

Its not just about how much information you're giving. But apple does that too, here is a couple




They are very informative and well produced as well.

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Which is still hundreds less, meaning you could get the Asus with an i5 for the same, if not less, and be a great deal more powerful.

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That's exactly what determines a good ad. Are you joking?

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ASUS X205TA is really light, but doesn't have the best screen. It's still better than most. Best part is it's cheap as fuck.

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Low quality b8.

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>checks amazon
>it's on amazon
It doesn't even 1080p though...

>> No.54178988

models go from FHD to WQHD I believe, it's also a good display unlike most Lelnovo

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all these new buzzwords are getting to me

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Man... the new macbook is actually not entirely shit
>if you benchmark the CPU against a several years old macbook air it's the same
>old macbook airs had core 2 duo or gen 2 i3/i5

slap an actually usable port on the thing and I'd seriously think about it

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shit, make that the 2015 air
still watching

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Okay so design your perfect laptop

>old thinkpad keyboard, x200 series style, clitmouse necessary
>USB C thunderbolt 3
>8GB ram
>more than one normal USB
>Mac trackpad
>Core M(which apparently isn't shit) with a fan because muh low voltage
>10hr battery

literally a gaming desktop replacement

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i think this image is only a thumbnail because indias net speed is too slow.

>> No.54180165

>Core M
>gaming desktop replacement
you're gonna be bottlenecked hard if it isn't at least an i5-i7 (preferably quad, dual is pushing it)

>> No.54180462

>the new Razerblade stealth laptop

it's actually really nice. don't hate them

>> No.54180478

Latitude 7250

>> No.54180487

Latitude 7240 or 7250

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the keyboard is shit, the trackpad feels like shit, and the battery life is barely at 8 hours
you're better off dealing with the slightly higher weight of the 13" retina and get an actual glorified 1280x800 screen instead of some scaled shit

>> No.54181764

>core m

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Best budget lappy up to 15" in size with better GPU than Intel HD 4000 shit I had in my i5

>> No.54182014

>better GPU than Intel HD
Why tho?

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That's what I got now I'd like something a little better. Already put an ssd in it so I'll keep the ssd out of it.

>> No.54182053

VAIO Pro 13

Get the external clip battery and you'll get as much battery life as you want

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Can't you just get a x220?

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I have a Yoga 900. It lasts about 8h and the screen is p nice.

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It has 12.1 and 12.5 in brothers, and I'm sure that's just the base model.

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