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Why the fuck is KitKat so much better ?

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tasty as tits son

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It isn't.

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im still on it
i dont think im gonna upgrade until my galaxy s3 breaks

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because everything else was different for the sake of being different
there was no real fucking purpose to it

like windows 10

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It isn't in the slightest except the motivation bar. Quit being such a rebellious piece of shit. I bet you have Windows XP installed you piece of crap.

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for some reason later android intentionally removed alot of drivers for devices in favor of "universal" drivers that fail more often

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Probably the only version of android that actually performs slower than the one after

get your fucking facts right

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>just got Marshmallow update on my LG V10 a day or two ago

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i went directly from 2.3.7 to 5.0.1 (now on 6.0.1)
previous phone was barely fast enough for 2.3.7, current phone i got after 5 came out, and i installed 5.0.1 immediately. i prefer to use the latest versions of things unless i have a good reason not to

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I just got Marshmallow on my Note 5. It fucking rocks. Much better than Lollipop, which was shit.

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>falling for the kikedroid meme

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because it's the latest version available on your shitty phone from 2012

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Underrated post

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Has anyone updated to that new 221.201.2.en.US update on the Verizon 1st gen moto g?
Don't know if I should update bros

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>tfw still on ICS and not planning to move

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Just wait until you try Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nutella.

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Lollipop sucks. Material design turned out to be complete snake oil that was less functional than holo. It doesn't even have it's look going for it anymore.

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Reminder that ice cream sandwich was the best version of Android

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Battery life, stability, and feels very responsive compared to lollipop and marshmallow.

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Thread is about KK though

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I stated why kit Kat is so much better.

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Design is what defines the user experiencie.

KK had a comfy design. Material design ruined it.

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it's fast. Actually fucking fast, which is abnormal for anything but Android fucking Eclar

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I hate the new recent apps stacked look compared to the uniform rectanges kitkat and below had.

Am I weird for thinking left looks better than right?

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Yes, it's safe, why aren't you using stock 6.0 ported from the xt1033?

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I think the old version was more functional but the new version is prettier. The new version could have been more functional if more of the titles so that you didn't have to scroll through.

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Yes, you are weird.

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The shitty Qualcomm shit wasn't ready for material design.

All it has is SHA1 hardware on board to cheat on benchmarks.

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Gingerbread is master race.

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loli pop! here, i think its the best imo

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>ice cream sandwich
it's like the Windows Vista of Android
>only performs well on high-end devices

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does that make honeycomb the 2000?

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nope, it's more like a Vista beta

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gimme a break

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>wasn't ready to render flat, single-color rectangles
u wot m8

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it's 2016. new runtime was needed, shit was running under a fucking virtual machine (dalvik)
IMO 6.0 is stable enough to be compared with kk, and new features are nice

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Dark UI.

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It's not. You're just typical /g/ luddite

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custom ROMs with KitKat running ART are pretty nice for old phones.

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>He's still vulnerable to stagefright

Jesus christ how do you kitkat fags live

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You are weird, the right is easier to use

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The one on the right has more visible titles than the old one though

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/gd/ fag here:
I can't stand material design,
and i don't really see any improvemet at all on android 5/6.
They could've just called them 4.5 and 4.6

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Marshmallow's new permission system is significantly better than the old system

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Still on KitKat because it gives me 6h SOT on my G3. Updates have always ruined my phones for me in one way or another.

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>That feel when any picture, video or media file can compromise your unpatched phone

You should consider updating

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Lightweight and better transitions

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tell me at least one person who's been actually affected by stagefright, with a source

yea I know the vulnerability is there, but I haven't heard of anyone who actually got affected by it

so, what's the point then?

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I'm mainly waiting for android n so I can finally run two windows at once without needing to exit every single time I want to switch to another window, Fucking finally, took them long enough to add such a basic functionality.

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>give your soul away to Google
>muh security

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yea I don't see why everything has to have bigger so it doesn't fit on the screen anymore.
I guess if they make the screen bigger, that would be solved, but the phones are big enough already

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> cares about being exploited
> uses android anyway

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>cares about security
>uses any kind of technology that can connect to the internet

Your privacy was compromised the moment you installed your router.

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Would you even know if your phone was compromised unless they did something obvious?

>I don't need to worry about hackers because google already has my personal info!

Guess the pentagon should just unplug all their computers and hand out every secret they have because there's a router in their office!

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Please post your email login and password, if google already has it, it must be fine for you to give it to me too right?

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Okay but what services will you provide me in return? Plus, post an EULA.

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>using mms
>using sms
>on a smartphone

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It's not just MMS and SMS mate, the exploit works with ANY media

Even just looking at a picture on 4chan can compromise your phone

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sms is free nowadays, dumbfuck

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>kitkat is still the most comfy version of Android

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>I'm too poor

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Aren't they on Lollipop or something yet?

I remember the 4.2 Android was best on my Z2. I regret 'upgrading'.

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Someone's stuck on Kitkaaaaaat.
Get a nexus device next time fucktard

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It's Verizon so I assume I can't do that

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>Yes, it's safe, why aren't you using stock 6.0 ported from the xt1033?
How can I do this?
I'm on a prepaid Verizon 1st gen moto g, thought these things were locked to shit

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I upgraded from Kitkat to Lolipop on my old Nexus 7 and I don't like the material design, everything is blinding white bright.

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I plan to upgrade my Nexus 4 from Lollipop 5.1.1 to KitKat 4.4.4. I just need a weekend free, probably the next weekend.

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KitKat a shit

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dalvik was pretty fast by it's EOL, it was faster than ART by quite a bit for quite some time
Most custom ROM's have backported most security fixes, up to the latest security patch level
Manufacturers at least patched Stagefright for most high end devices, and most decent carriers released them

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I'd probably say its the wafer biscuit inside, I like to eat around it so I can have it on its own.

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