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>Apple has today released an update to the 12 inch Retina MacBook line, with new Skylake processors, overall better performance, and a new color: Rose Gold. The new internals have also allowed Apple to grab an extra hour of battery life out of the same sized product. The MacBook refresh keeps the same thin chassis, the same edge-to-edge keyboard and the same single USB-C port design as the original Retina MacBook, released about a year ago. The new Retina MacBook costs the same as before, starting at $1299.

>The new MacBooks include sixth-generation Intel Core M processors, with clock speeds from 1.1 GHz to 1.2 GHz. The new integrated graphics are up to 25% faster than the previous generation. The USB-C port appears identical and does not support Thunderbolt 3 as some rumors had suggested. The MacBook comes in two configurations. For $1299, you can get a Retina MacBook with a 1.1 GHz processor, 8 GB of memory and 256 GB storage. A more expensive $1599 configuration is also available with a faster processor and 512 GB of flash memory.

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>Core M

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7 months late to Skylake Apple. The Air and Pro are still on fucking Broadwell for fucks sake.

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Nobody is buying these for power use.

Even though it's just a minor spec bump no TB3 and the same SHIT camera is disappointing.

Battery life is sick though.

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>Battery life is shit though.
The battery life meter on OSX is very unreliable. Most of the time it would quote 11 hours, but in only 6-7 hours it would be dead.

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Nice utterly useless anecdote

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Right back at you, iShill.

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No one is buying these for power use because thry aren't powerful

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Is that an issue? If a device isn't extremely powerful?

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It is in this case to me, are you fucking stupid? I see you are shilling for no apparent reason

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Then buy a more powerful device, of which there are plenty.

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Holy shit that doesn't stop me from making fun of something

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It sounded more like you were complaining, which would be pointless since there are more powerful devices available.

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That's the whole point, you idiot.
people aren't buying this for power tasks, and Apple it's telling people those are powerful laptops.
That's like criticizing desktops for not being portable. No shit, sherlock.

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This is what I was implying, see the context

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Where the refresh on the pro models at, apple?

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My boyfriend is going to be begging me for this for his birthday.

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If it's any later I'm gonna end myself

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Woah, when I posted "it could be tomorrow" in the other Mac thread I did not expect to be so prescient.

Now for the pro...

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Wait for the 13" Pro. The prices aren't even that different.

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Oh look, a $1300 machine that can only be used for Facebook. How neat.

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What should it be able to be used for?

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Your boyfriend is more likely to take a chair and bash you to death with it if he saw his birthday gift was an overpriced Facebook machine.
You are better off buying him a tablet, a smartphone, and an external HDD/SSD with the leftover money. More gifts, less of a functional waste.

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>an external HDD/SSD

How exciting


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€1300 Facebook machine

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Considering how shit browsers, as well as website coding, are these days; it can't even be used for YouTube without chugging up. It's literally a Facebook only machine, or a book reading one if Calibre or whatever you use doesn't make it blow a fuse.

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>it can't even be used for YouTube without chugging up

This is just false. Sorry mate.

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Wait, are there really people on /g/ who unironically use crApple shit?

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This laptop is basically an external HDD/SSD of inferior quality and quantity, bundled up to a tablet, and some pretty shitty hardware.


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Desktops are just atoms lol

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and how is this better than HP Spectre?

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Better screen
Better trackpad
Better battery life
Better build quality and support
No Windows

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Well yeah. They are the fedoras of technology.
The hardware is outdated, just like the hat.
The hardware is overpriced for its inferior capabilities, which make the fedora a little better in the pricing compartment for a hat.
The only positive aspect of Apple hardware is that it looks "classy and elegant", just like fedoras are worn by people who want to look "classy and elegant".
The laptops aren't even luxury tier in pricing, more like middle class level trying to appear high-class with less money (much like a fedora wearer).

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>They are the fedoras of technology.

Apple is painted as useless normie shit which is the complete opposite of a fedora of technology. Fedora of technology is something like arch linux.

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>Apple is painted as useless normie shit
Normie shit is built robust. It doesn't mask itself in simplistic elegant design.

I hate to say it, but Cooler Master shit is normie shit.
Dell and such prebuilts are normie shit.
Even fucking Razer shit is normie shit.

Apple is just hipster neckbeard shit trying to appear like a richfag, when they barely manage rent.

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I read that as pegging and got so confused.

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There's clearly some huge misunderstanding here. You might wanna browse this website without posting for a little longer.

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Maybe you should go out into the street and ask the next 5 strangers if they've heard of Cooler Master. Then do the same for Apple.

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>>The new MacBooks include sixth-generation Intel Core M processors, with clock speeds from 1.1 GHz to 1.2 GHz.

Which throttles to .8 if you actually use them.

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>Rose Gold
apple innovates again day one buy

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>missunderstanding about hardware whose only purpose is to serve as eyecandy and nothing else just like a fedora

You might want to look at what normal people with jobs that constitute over 80% of the economic sector (small to medium business), or gaymer teens (most of the teenage population) use.
It ain't Apple.

They either get the gaymer shit,
or the most robbust looking yet cheap shit they can find.

You live in a world of delusions if you think Apple appeals to anyone but faggots who actually care how their hardware looks (nobody but an autistic retard does).

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So 80% of the economic sector use Cooler Master?

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>(nobody but an autistic retard does)
found the autistic retard

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>MBP still not refreshed


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I've pretty much outlined the two majority groups that constitute normies, gaymers and blue-collar workers.
If you can't figure out who Cooler Master appeals to, then i have nothing else to say.

There's a fire underneath your butt anon. Better get rid of that.

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assburgers or...?

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>MacBook Air 11inch still no Retina Display


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What's this LONDON bullshit that's recently being posted?

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Guarantee this is the same guy who is equating Apple products to fedoras.

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Pretty much everyone on /g/ equates Apple with fedoras.
Don't blame people for seeing the obvious common association between why both products are being used.
Be less upset anon, and stop vaping, wearing a fedora, and buying Apple products.

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You need to go back to wherever you came from.

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You weren't be far off

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>being this new

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You need to stop being an "enlightened by my own style and intelligence" hipster, and you'll fit in here in /g/ just fine.

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Sorry for not posting on /v/.
I never see that LONDON shit posted on here.

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no zen
no buy

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That's a /fit/ thing you idiot. Takes you 2 seconds to Google it garnered you have the IQ of an average person.

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My wife's son asked me to buy him the rose gold one.

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I have used my friends 12 inch macbook. It can play League, stream HD video, I even saw someone playing WoW on it. I mean what else does a normal human being need??? If it can do those things it can obviously be used for programming too.

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I don't think you have stepped foot in a college lecture hall or your average american home after 2011.

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but he had no anecdote

so you're just an idiot then?

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>My sandy bridge i7m still beats this in benchmarks

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I mean;
No one is saying the Retina Macbook is supposed to be powerful.

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I just want a nice quick ultraportable that's not a Dell without paying the Apple tax

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Macbook Air
You don't need faster or a dedicated GPU on a laptop

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>1945+75-4 12' inch display


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Imagine the battery life when they have Skylake though. Lower temps too, little hard just thinking about it.

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You've clearly never used one. I can have 10 tabs open in safari, several word documents open, a chrome window open and it works just fine. Oh, and it runs WoW at 80 FPS

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I really want to buy one of these, but I'd feel pretty stupid if Apple then went on to announce a retina MBA at WWDC in June. I'm currently using a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro and I hate it. The battery life sucks, the trackpad sucks, tablet mode is useless, and Windows sucks with high density displays. I installed Ubuntu just so I didn't have to deal with shitty window scaling but that doesn't fix the battery or the trackpad.

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>clock speed from 1.1GHz to 1.2GHz

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>clock frequency being relevant in our post-Moore society

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Will HD graphics be enough to drive the screen at decent framerates? Or will it be the 5K iMac fiasco all over again?

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The difference is in the turbo-boost. The 1.1ghz boosts to 2.2ghz, the 1.2ghz boosts to 2.7ghz. I'm interested to see what the actual difference in performance is when benchmarked, I'm hoping the 1.1ghz is sufficient.

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Air and Pro will be dropped completely. Macbook will become ARM-based in next quartal.

>> No.54119774

>boost for half second
>throttle back to 400 Mhz for the rest of the time
Bravo Apple

>> No.54119804

>Air will be dropped
Possible but unlikely

>Pro will be dropped
Not happening

>Macbook will become ARM-based
While I imagine Apple is working on an ARM version of OS X I doubt they'll release an ARM Macbook and a Core M Macbook in the same year. Next year is probably the earliest.

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>Frome the iVerge review

>Apple gave us the 1.2Ghz Intel Core m5 version to test, and though I can notice the difference, it's small enough that it's not an easy or automatic upgrade from the previous MacBook. I ran a few benchmark tests and have been poking around for the last twenty minutes or so — nothing too crazy — and here's the long and short of it. Geekbench 3 pegs the speed improvements on raw processor operations at around 20 percent, but disk-write speeds using Blackmagic saw bigger improvements, as much as 80 or 90 percent faster (reading speeds look like smaller, incremental improvements). Overall, the thing feels about 25 percent faster to me.

>It's not an automatic upgrade over the last macbook
>buying successive generations of laptops EVER

>Overall, the thing feels about 25 percent faster to me.
>What a reliable benchmark

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Pretty sure OSX Works on arm already

>> No.54120923

They won't do that and I can't imagine why they should.

The air is obsolete by now.

The Pro is as thin as the air and has better specs.

There's literally no reason for the air to still exist

>> No.54120954

Your post has no content

Perhaps you forgot it

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Fuck yes. This is just what I wanted.

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Making the best laptop even better now. Too bad I am too lazy to sell my current one and get Skylake swag.

Is probably faster than all the Sandy Bridge ThinkPads poorfags jerk off about; in a much better overall package.

The battery meter assumes that your usage stays the same, which is rarely the case. It still easy lasts 7-8h with medium workload, more if you pay attention to your usage and got low brightness.

I picked my up today at 83% after a week on standby, 6h later it's still at 31% with screen brightness at 50%. Seems pretty gud.

They will probably introduce it with a hardware redesign, so it's not the right time yet.

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>tfw skylake still can't into p-states

>> No.54121166

>Is probably faster than all the Sandy Bridge ThinkPads poorfags jerk off about; in a much better overall package.
It's not, specially if it throttles madly

>> No.54121190

>Is probably faster than all the Sandy Bridge ThinkPads poorfags jerk off about; in a much better overall package.

What is 'not even close' for $1500 applebux, Alex.

>> No.54121213

The problem isn't the Core M. The problem is that despite being a Core M, it still thermal throttles terribly.

>> No.54121243

Well, would be interesting to see some benchmarks. From what I remember Sandy Bridge was about 15-20% faster than Broadwell Core M (and even slower, depending on workload), given that Skylake is 15-20% faster, it should be pretty much identical.

And obviously faster in real use due NVMe SSD.

Throttling doesn't really happen on OSX, 1.1Ghz is minimum, temperatures would only limit the boost clock/time it stays on it.

So? It's not even 1kg, has a great fucking screen and trackpad plus long ass battery life. You'll certainly get more laptop for money with a chinkpad but if you're not a poorfag and want the best truly mobile laptop, Retina Macbook is the way.

>> No.54121260

>You'll certainly get more laptop for money with a chinkpad

quoted for truth
applefags btfo

>> No.54121339

How do you guys tolerate having a single type C port? I can't seem to understand the appeal.

>> No.54121406

You're missing the point, friend. "more laptop for money" matters if your question is "What laptop do I buy after mommy gave me $200?" The question for potential Macbook buyers is rather "What's the best laptop for my needs?"

I only missed it when wanting to connect my screen but since it's HDMI, it already needed an adapter for my previous MBA, so one port doesn't change shit.

Why else would you need it? You can do everything else over wifi.

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actually shilling this hard for a macbook on /g/

>> No.54121466

At least it's not as bad as Dell. They advertised the XPS 13 as getting 15 hours of battery life when it only gets 6 on lowest brightness and idle half the time. Also for OS X, battery life changes a shit load if you're not using safari.

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Stating facts is hardly shilling. I recognised that it's not the best option when somebody is poor in my first post. It's obviously also not the best option if you need a desktop replacement.

>> No.54121526

why do you feel the need to defend an inanimate object produced by one of the largest companies on earth? what drives you to do this?

>> No.54121530

I asked my mom's boyfriend to buy me the rose gold one.

>> No.54121553

>why are you discussing technology on a technology board

>> No.54121572

its a tech board where unironic tards spout off about the virtues of chinkpads so i think literally anything would be fair game at this point

>> No.54121612

the chinkpads are not really mainstream tho as a personal device so it makes sense that there is some cultish community surrounding them

defending an apple product that was literally just released is just mindless consumeristic drivel to the nth degree

>> No.54121653

>cult about an outdated piece of plastic is okay
>discussing improved release of market shaping technology is shilling

>> No.54121661

It's not so much it needs the Type C as much as it needs more of the standard ports laptops tend to have, ie HDMI/DP, SD card, ethernet, in my opinion anyway. I dunno, just when I think of a product marketed as 'Pro' it would have a bigger emphasis on functionality than simplicity.

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Pro has most of these. Retina Macbook isn't even labeled as "Pro"

Besides, come on, SD card and ethernet are close to useless for most people even for "Pro" desktop replacement.

>> No.54121701

>discussing improved release of market shaping technology

kill yourself


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>market shaping technology

>> No.54121765

>1.1 Ghz to 1.2 GHz

Do I at least get a usb port?

>> No.54121773

>market shaping technology



>> No.54121786

>not noticing all the fanless copies flooding the market after MB release
>not noticing how ultrabooks are basically Air or MBP clones
>not knowing that Apple is the only company that has growth in premium laptop sector
You don't have to like Apple stuff but denying facts is pretty silly, friend.

Also while the thinness is pretty cool, the weight is much more impressive.

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>Do I at least get a usb port?

>> No.54121801

you don't need a USB port

>what are core M processors

do you really honestly believe that apple is driving fanless computers and not intel? IT'S THE FUCKING SPECS of the SoC you fucking stupid ass mac cuck

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>this is what literal brainwashed mactards actually believe

>japan has made smaller lighter laptops with 10x the ports for years

>> No.54121824

You're an idiot

>> No.54121843


half of these machines were released before the macbook

apple's design has nothing to do with it. you can't make a fanless laptop without a cpu that supports it

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File: 402 KB, 755x938, NEC LaVie Z-360.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stay BTFO maccuck.

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File: 26 KB, 800x600, dots.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are they still using cellphone sized motherboards with everything directly soldered?

>> No.54121868

Oh, my apologies then. I guess I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have been while reading.

>> No.54121878

>chinks copy someone else's R&D


>while the thinness is pretty cool, the weight is much more impressive

how much are they paying you?

>> No.54121882

press the turbo button and go to zero faster than ever before

>> No.54121904

Intel offers the SoC, Apple the blueprint how to use the SoC right. How many laptops had hires screens before Apple pushed the Retina meme?

>relevant on any market
Also what about important things like screen and battery life? I don't speak waponese.

>low resolution trash

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File: 39 KB, 497x298, apple r&d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mactard mongoloids actually think apple ripping off japanese laptop designs is innovation

>> No.54121918

>chinkpad for $120
>get an i5 with 2.5GHz
>usb ports
>toss in an SSD and more RAM for $50
>better specs than this shit for a sixth of the price

Apple shills are hilarious.

>you don't need a USB port
Then how will I transfer data physically at 6 GB/s?

>> No.54121930

Laptops were 1920x1200 while Appleshit was still 1280x800 white plastic bricks that melted if you stressed them in any way.

>> No.54121934

>Then how will I transfer data physically at 6 GB/s?


W I - F I

>> No.54121944

Maybe that new processor will give it comparable performance with all the Lenovo-bundled malware.

>> No.54121957

This. The specs make it look great, getting two Skylake cores and a GPU in what's supposed to be a 4.5W TDP which was Braswell territory (before Goldmont) - but in reality it's 3.5-7W.

And it has the P-state errata from hell. If you use it heavily, it will die young. They don't know why. Braswell was OK and so was Skylake normal, but this thing is trouble. Microcode is trying to limit this. That's why it throttles so aggressively.

They really, really should have waited for Kaby Lake.

>> No.54121958

Wifi can't transfer data at 6GB/s. Why the fuck would I sit around for 45 minutes to download data from a filehost like dropbox?

It's 2016 for fuck's sake.

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>mactoddler has no argument
>pulls out his dank memes
[email protected]

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File: 3.08 MB, 3840x2176, 08 - uoI5MFj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1.1 GHz
it's time to post smug animu bitches

>> No.54121988

But is it fanless?

>> No.54121989

>I don't know how to uninstall programs

I mean, I guess that's Apple's target audience.

>> No.54121990

Only a minority, that was way more expensive too. Apple brought hires screens to mainstream for an affordable price.

>> No.54122020

>brought hires screens to mainstream for an affordable price.

How does one become so brainwash and deluded?

>> No.54122021

>Apple brought hires screens to mainstream for an affordable price.

>samsung starts mass-manufacturing high ppi displays for all manufacturers around 2012
>anon's selective memory thinks apple invented hi-res dsiplays

>> No.54122042

Just kill yourself you literal brain dead sheep, you are a waste of oxygen for more intelligent lifeforms like mold.

>> No.54122044


Tell me honestly senpai can it run 10bit full hd video without jerking? I don't mean like initially, I mean can it muscle through an entire video without overheating/throttling itself?

>> No.54122047

>Making the best laptop even better now.
This is LITERALLY a fucking marketing slogan. I can hear Tim Cuck saying this at the next keynote.

>> No.54122049

>being this cucked by apple that you think fans are bad

fans are literally magical for computers

they allow them to run faster, longer at the cost of $2 and are barely audible and require nearly no power to operate

getting rid of fans has been a disaster

>> No.54122060

So how many <$1500 laptops had hires screen besides the rMBP in 2012?

>> No.54122061
File: 2.08 MB, 955x533, average mac user.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Apple brought hires screens to mainstream for an affordable price.

>> No.54122086
File: 407 KB, 682x748, applelcoolingdesign.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>le fanless maymay

>> No.54122174

No one used hidpi laptops. Also, no one used 4k monitors until the 5k iMac was released.

>> No.54122208

Rose gold is for homosexuals and women. Why do they have a colour exclusively for homosexuals and women?

>> No.54122209

>buying a MacBook for the performance

>> No.54122214
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>no one used 4k monitors until the 5k iMac was released.

>> No.54122231


>> No.54122235
File: 77 KB, 640x849, Ipaid+not+oc+sorry+if+repost+but+still+true_9405b1_4912620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>buying a MacBook

If you don't give a shit about performance and care only about weight and battery, Macbook is still shit.

>> No.54122276

>15.4 inch
Nice try, blindfag.

Although given how only Apple, Google and MS still make laptops with 16:10 screens, it's a great example how almost the entire market went to shit.

>> No.54122291

There's a picture somewhere that showed the cheapest 4k monitor at the time being the same price as the newly released 5k iMac.

>> No.54122292

So black is exclusively for nigger lovers?

>> No.54122307

Given how only MS still make laptops with 3:2 screens, it's a great example how almost the entire market went to shit.

>> No.54122323

As long as you're not running Nigbuntu, no.

>> No.54122326

>what is a pixel

>> No.54122340

And it was actually worth the money being 100% sRGB unlike the <70% sRGB 5K macshit permanently soldered to a laptop.

>> No.54122351

What the fuck does the current year have to do with the size of laptop displays? Are you one of those autists who think any device that isn't made for them has no reason to exist?

Like this isn't even about Mac vs PC, Thinkpads are still made at the 12" form factor. So what the fuck does it being 2016 have to do with that?

>> No.54122390

there's no reason to buy a 12" laptop when 15" and 17" options exist

oh, you want LESS screen for the money?

>> No.54122405

a shitty shit device with a shit keyboard made for muh cloud.

>> No.54122448

>made for muh cloud
>implying you can't install a full OS
>implying you can't also put in a flush 512GB SD card for your animu

>> No.54122449

>there's no reason to buy a 12" laptop when 15" and 17" options exist

You might as well just say "I'm autistic and can't fathom use scenarios or opinions on feeling and comfort other than my own."

At least then you'd have an excuse for being that retarded.

>> No.54122452

There were no fanless Intel laptops.

>> No.54122453


>> No.54122474

>hi sir
>i'd like to pay more for less
>yes, you heard me right
>pay more for less

>> No.54122480

>being this autistic
It might sound outrageous to you but some people leave their basements ... some even ... wait for it ... t-r-a-v-e-l.

>> No.54122481

The 5ks ran at 60 hz
Wtf are you in about

>> No.54122494


when will this meme end?

>> No.54122511

>he wants another breaking point in his laptop that actively blows dust inside the machine and makes noise

>> No.54122522

>Better screen
>Better trackpad
>Better battery life
>Better build quality and support
All of that is wrong.
>No Windows
Since OSX is useless shit that is not advantage at all, you can put any OS you want on the spectre.

>> No.54122526


Good joke.

>> No.54122527

>my 15" laptop prohibits me from traveling

make sure to bring your hijab to the middle east

>> No.54122528

Normies didn't buy 4k monitors. Not even many of the few gamers with capable machines did.

>> No.54122549

>actively blows dust inside the machine
kill yourself
>makes noise
20dB, so loud!
>another breaking point
>implying that throttling isn't breaking

>> No.54122558

Passive cooling and active cooling are literally the same mechanically. One just has the addition of a fan over top of the metal, and the other doesn't, and the air flow is what accelerates the cooling process.

>> No.54122582

wow, thanks for explaining that to us anon! you've been a huge help! where did you get your degree from that allows you to process complex information like that?

>> No.54122586

>traveling with a huge brick
Why do you even bother with a laptop?

>wanting dust inside of his laptop
>thinks 20dB is max noise
>thinks Macbook throttles
Living with your handicap must be a pain, anon.

>> No.54122590

The screen and battery are kinda true. OSX is subjective.

The whichever OS argument is false. You cant have working OSX on a hackintosh spectre

>> No.54122608

I'm just saying. All forms of cooling are meme worthy, the only legitmately effective one is water cooling.

>> No.54122646

You are fucking stupid

>> No.54122660

Thermal throttling is designed to prevent hardware damage, dumbass.

>> No.54122682
File: 188 KB, 1182x765, 5k iShit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least you tried.

Apple is a meme brand, by a meme company, that produces only meme products, for meme spewing retards who don't understand a fucking thing about technology, but like to think they do.

Why are you even on /g/?

>> No.54122736

>>thinks Macbook doesn't throttle

It's literally crippled to 50% performance out of the box idling and doing nothing.

>> No.54122779

Mspaint over

The contrast ratio for brightness does not equate to color depth. Thr imac is 100%srgb accurate and has an average color output for adobergb.

OSX has a better color output from colorspace conversions than Windows or Linux, and you get a working computer for the price of a monitor.

So, you're arguing nothing. 5k displays are still pricey.

>> No.54122809
File: 94 KB, 520x673, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>le macs r gud meme

>> No.54122877

>I did not expect to be so prescient.
does this phrase even make logical sense?

>> No.54122881

>And obviously faster in real use due NVMe SSD.
Eh. It will load programs faster, sure, but programs already load practically instantly on a SATA II SSD. And that's before we take caching into account.

>So? It's not even 1kg, has a great fucking screen and trackpad plus long ass battery life.
What is "moving the goalposts?" You said it would be faster, and now you are saying that it is slower but that the slowness is not a problem.

Moving on:
Trackpad is a trackpad. Chinkpads come with trackpoints, which beat any trackpad.
Battery life is mediocre compared to other ultraportables. My X220 gets pretty much the same battery life, and I could make it get 20 hours with the slice battery.
Screen is good but overkill. At 12", I don't notice an improvement from 1080p -> 1440p.

>> No.54122896


>> No.54122920

>can't design a laptop that won't overheat itself

>> No.54122936

>serve as eyecandy and nothing else just like a fedora
lol, this is what neckbeards actually believe
a fedora doesn't serve as 'eyecandy', it serves as an indication to everyone else that you are a walking meme

>> No.54122956

>512GB SD card
How's the read speed with those?

>> No.54122959

>working computer
You're joking, right? A display that huge, high-res, and expensive is only worthwhile for professionals. The iMac is vastly too wimpy to be a good workstation. It has a fucking MOBILE GPU and Apple expects people to use it for professional video editing. It's absurd.

And the shit computer also ruins the display. A proper professional display will have a huge amount of calibration features, but the iMac does not because it's a shitty minimalist all-in-one.

>> No.54122994

>trying this hard to argue that Apple isn't normie shit

You're one dumb ass nigga

>> No.54123013

Irrelevant. For most users, read speed is only relevant for launching applications and booting. For playing video, anything made in the past ten years will work just fine.

>> No.54123016

>literally every single laptop/ultraportable maker that uses a metal body has thermal throttling
>even low tier laptops made of plastic overheat and shut off, after 30 seconds of thermal throttling

If you have an ultraportable, it will throttle period

>> No.54123033

>Eh. It will load programs faster, sure, but programs already load practically instantly on a SATA II SSD. And that's before we take caching into account.

I can confirm this.

I have an Intel 750.
And I notice no real-world difference with my old SATA SSD.

The NVMe SSD's they put in laptops show even less difference, because they are limited by heat production.

>> No.54123039

>If you have a macshit, it will throttle period


>> No.54123047

Well yeah, aren't chromebook hard drives miniscule?

>> No.54123064

He's not talking about programming, he's talking about websites having ridiculous bloated javascript running all the time in the background.

>> No.54123070

It's 64GB which is more than enough for any distro with the entire repo installed

>> No.54123092

Most ultraportables throttle, but the Macbook throttles sooner and harder than most machines.

>that uses a metal body
Why are you buying a machine with a metal body?

>> No.54123123

I guess for an ultra-portable laptop.

>> No.54123128

No. They big enough for your OS and applications. Putting your home directory (or at least your media) on an SD card and everything else on the SSD would leave plenty of room and be fast.

>> No.54123134

i would never buy a computer lacking a SD card slot.

SD cards are the greatest form of portable storage. it mounts fucking instantly and writes/reads super quick. it's small and durable. it slides in and clicks in place instead of just hanging off the side of your computer. it can fit in your wallet. if you need more than 32 gigabytes you're probably looking for a external drive anyways.

>> No.54123177

Plus I though all the "artsy" people why are into photography or videography were supposed to like Macs?

>> No.54123184

Uwot m8

The only downside of the m290x is that it's from AMD, and thus cant do GPU/CUDA accel rendering.

It fucking runs fine otherwise. Video encoding isn't a fucking GPU task, and the card runs fine doing photoshop, lightroom, AE/premiere, vectors, and 3D unbiased renders because all of them, save for lightroom dont even use GPU acceleration.

Sluggy performance on a 3d model with millions of polygons doesnt matter when it renders out just fine.

Also, OSX has had colorsync utility, which is perfectly functional and doesnt have any sort of minimalism involved in it, and 3rd party color correction apps for colorimeters since colorimeters have existed, how else are they supposed to get color readings in te first place?

You're arguing with zero valid points.

>> No.54123216

>but programs already load practically instantly on a SATA II SSD
That's simply not correct or you have a weird definition of "practically instantly" since even the fastest NVMe SSDs are still not there.

Opening larger word files would be the best example where I easy notice the difference between SATA III SSD in my old MBA and NVMe in Macbook, which got a pretty slow PCI SSD compared to others because of the CPU.

>What is "moving the goalposts?"
It's called "whole picture." There is hardly a point to a laptop twice the size if it's a bit faster or lasts 4h on battery.

>Chinkpads come with trackpoints, which beat any trackpad.
Meh, a very subjective statement. I wouldn't want to trade the trackpad for the clitmouse.

>Battery life is mediocre compared to other ultraportables.
It's not. Even the Broadwell one lasts about 8h, which is the upper end of ultraportables. Not amazing but not exactly mediocre either. "Good" it is, I'd say. Specially since it lasts longer under heavier load than most. Skylake is 10h according to Apple and they tend to give very conservative estimations, so it's in the "very good" territory.

>My X220 gets pretty much the same battery life, and I could make it get 20 hours with the slice battery.
Sounds unlikely, how much do you get with what kind of use/screen brightness? Also yeah, if you go with the huge battery, you can definitely surpass the MB but carry about 3x as much weight then.

Then again, weight is pretty much a killer argument for it. If you're fine with your X220 weight and prefer the clitmouse, it's pretty much the way to go, but I'd say objectively less weight is better.

>Screen is good but overkill. At 12", I don't notice an improvement from 1080p -> 1440p.
1200p is the real sweet spot yo, 1440p is indeed bit much while 1080p is decent on 12" but not optimal. Also nice colors and viewing angles are nice.

>> No.54123229

>metal body
Theyre usually the only laptops/ultraportables with dedicated GPUs that aren't garbage/can actually withstand a drop or two respectively

>> No.54123255

i make art, but i hate mac. well, no, not hate. i just wouldn't ever buy one. i just get used workstations from lenovo. i hate most artists, who are fags. i hate most art because it tries to express what the artist was feeling, as if i fucking give a shit how some fag feels. real art should be about the execution of precise impressions through highly trained mechanical skills.

i have a z800 and a lenovo D30 for desktops and i have a dell precision for a laptop, which i don't move around, i just use for internet. fuck allowing desktops to connect to the internet. the internet is the cancer killing computers.

>> No.54123277

>writes/reads super quick
Rarely. Tons of laptops connect the card reader over USB 2.0.

Any camera worth it's money has wifi; while SD cards are not too bad as backup, I wouldn't say they are that important.

>> No.54123313


i used to have an acer travelmate that was definitely not using USB, and my workstations definitely aren't using usb. anyways my experience has made me reluctant to use anything else, ever. it's just too convenient and fast.

that travelmate was literally my travel mate, i walked 2500 miles across the USA with a backpack and sleeping bag and tarp and rope and that laptop, sleeping in the woods and ditches by the highway, and i could use FL studio for like, 8 hours on it, and then just charge it up at a library and be on my way.

>> No.54123358

>Video encoding isn't a fucking GPU task
Yes it is. There are many encoders that support GPU acceleration.

Besides, we aren't just discussing encoding. We are discussing editing, playback, rendering, and encoding. GPU acceleration may be used at any point in the process. Premiere, Final Cut, and Vegas all support GPU acceleration.

>3D unbiased renders don't use GPU acceleration
Do you think we're retarded? This isn't MacRumors, friend. You can't make shit up and hope to get away with it.
Unbiased rendering is one of the most parallel tasks there is. GPU acceleration is almost ideally suited to it. Not ALL programs support GPU acceleration, but many do and they all should.

>> No.54123393

You don't make art. You sound like some neckbeard that has no fucking clue about what he's talking about.

>> No.54123439
File: 688 KB, 2500x2500, nikon_1557_d5_dslr_camera_body_1214152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Any camera worth it's money has wifi

Even the new Nikon D5 doesn't have WiFi.
WiFi is slow as fuck and drains the battery.

>> No.54123454


you sound like a fag

wanna talk about your feewings?

>> No.54123459

Who cares. Rose gold meme and apple dickheads eat it up.

>> No.54123509

>word files

>It's called "whole picture." There is hardly a point to a laptop twice the size if it's a bit faster or lasts 4h on battery.
Yeah, yeah. So you said it's FASTER than Thnkpads, and when proven wrong you retreat to talking about the "whole picture."

You were wrong. The Macbook is slower than old Thinkpads. Admit it. We can debate whether or not its slowness is justified, but you must first admit that it is slow.

>Meh, a very subjective statement.
Not subjective at all. It is objectively faster. It is objectively more accurate. It has objectively better ergonomics.

>Then again, weight is pretty much a killer argument for it.
Bullshit. You save a little bit of weight at the expense of EVERYTHING else. Not a worthwhile trade in my book.

>how much do you get with what kind of use/screen brightness?
8 hours at full brightness while playing video. On a machine from 20-fucking-11 that I got for $200.
But yeah, 8 hours is SOOOO fucking impressive.

>> No.54123632

>8 hours
And, as I said before, I can get my X220 up to 20 hours with the slice battery. That is what a modular design gets you. If I need good battery life one day, I can put in slice battery and get 20 hours. But your Macbook has mediocre battery life all the time.

>> No.54123657


not him, but same with the fan

HAVING a fan gives me the option to use
I can use thinkfan to control the speed so I can make it silent (and let the CPU throttle) if I'm in class or turn it up full bore if I'm doing encodes or compiling something

NOT having a fan is NOT a feature

>> No.54123699

It's a meme camera, anon. Try D750.

>So you said it's FASTER than Thnkpads, and when proven wrong
Where? I still haven't seen any benchmarks. Sandy Bridge is a bit faster than Broadwell core M, yes but is it faster than Skylake one?

Just for the argument sake we can say it is of course, not like it changes much about the big picture.

>It is objectively faster. It is objectively more accurate. It has objectively better ergonomics.
Your opinion =/= objective. Although please delight me with the proof that it's objectively better, should be interesting.

>You save a little bit of weight at the expense of EVERYTHING else.
Almost 50% less weight and better screen. What else would be EVERYTHING? Even if we assume that Sandy Bridge is faster.

>8 hours at full brightness while playing video.
Sounds fishy.


According to this it lasts 9h doing basically nothing (with 6cell battery and low ass resolution screen) so to get 8h movie playback, one would need a battery that'd almost doubles the weight.

>> No.54123743

>many do
>Implying you've done any 3d work
The majority of renderers don't use GPU acceleration because it will typically introduce bias errors, resulting in artifacts, smoothing to said artifacts, and a whole slew of other problems that are necessary to an unbiased render to give a physically perfect appearance.

Literally every rendering package intentionally hides away GPU acceleration away, because the images produces often fuck up anything to do with real simulated lighting. Refraction, caustics, shadows, transparency, and masks all fuck up on GPU calculated tasks

>> No.54123753


The 6 year old CPU is 30% faster

>> No.54123903


Seems balanced out by the GPU though.

>> No.54124017



the fuck

are you talking about

what the fuck do you think quadro's are used for?

allow me to refer you to these programs that require a quadro to run.


>> No.54124054

>SHIT camera
It's more than adequate for web chats, nobody is recording movies by holding their Macbook in front of themselves you idiot.

>> No.54124076

All battery meters work by estimating the time remaining based on averages anon. If you aren't doing anything, check your battery meter, it says '11 hours,' then you start gaymen or transcoding and it drops are you really surprised?

>> No.54124084


>> No.54124094

>not having a selfystick for your macbook
>not using your iMac 27" to film your life
Absolute pleb

>> No.54124122

>The 6 year old CPU is 30% faster
Yet it uses a full five times the power.

Do you want a laptop with a 2 hour battery life or a 10 hour battery life?

You're probably an Alienware customer.

>> No.54124156

how the fuck isn't the iphone normie tier what the fuck does it even have to do with hipsters you fucking sick bastard

>> No.54124172

my x220 gets 8 hrs with a 6 cell and 20 hrs with the slice battery so I don't know what the fuck you're talking about

>> No.54124201

>all this 1.1Ghz meming
It's like you think that an 8 core lagdragon is faster too.

>> No.54124220

I was talking about the idiot comparing a 35w TDP cpu with a 5w TDP CPU.

Then you barged in here to shout about your spyware-filled chinkpad for some reason. I guess you like chinese spyware, must be it.

>> No.54124226

I really wonder how M compares to a9x though

>> No.54124271

How comes the reviews say something else?


Another one, where even 9 cell doesn't even manage to get 9h with 40% brightness with fucking wifi off.

I think Geekbench got some numbers, if I recall it right, the CPU performance is stronger but Apple got a better GPU.

A10 is probably where ARM takes over.

>> No.54124288

that 6 year old CPU would also eat through the battery 5x faster too.

Why not post some 100w cpu from and tell us how its faster too ?

>> No.54124294

nice b8 bro

because I use a linux distro and also there are different versions of the 6 cell with vastly different Wh ratings?

>> No.54124324

>higher tdp cpu
>comes with a bigger battery
>comes with hot swappable batteries
>available in all sorts of configurations for when you are at home versus out on the road
>cost of total package is 1/5 of a macbook

I fail to see the problem here

>> No.54124366

>different versions of the 6 cell with vastly different Wh ratings?
Le what? Besides all the reviews had models with criminally bad 1366 x 768 screen, which deserves death penalty for use.

Also times sure changed when Linux gets decent battery life on a laptop, last times I tried, it ate about 2h compared to Winshit.

>> No.54124428

It's a creaky plastic hunk of Chinese shit with a lame screen, lame GPU, and much worse battery life than you portray, that's the problem.

>> No.54124450

>Le what?


One is 44 whr, the other is 67 whr, both are 6-cells

>Besides all the reviews had models with criminally bad 1366 x 768 screen, which deserves death penalty for use

The IPS screen is decent w/ really good viewing angles, and it's a 12" laptop so the res isn't a huge factor to me

>Also times sure changed when Linux gets decent battery life on a laptop, last times I tried, it ate about 2h compared to Winshit.

The 4.0+ kernels are really quite good

>> No.54124476


mine has lasted for 5 years of daily use
it creaks slightly
it in no way affects the usability of the product
the chassis is sturdier than any other laptop I've ever used
it also has a god-tier keyboard

>> No.54124577

>it's a 12" laptop so the res isn't a huge factor to me
Focus on "me", it's objectively quite inferior, and you already lose physical estate because of 16:9 cancer.

>> No.54124633
File: 511 KB, 620x187, toddler OS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>le 16:9 sux maymay

Fuck off iToddler.

>> No.54124679

>What else would be EVERYTHING?
Cost, battery life, performance, connectivity, repairability, upgradability, keyboard, sturdiness, indicator lights, and fans, for a start.

It's shit in every way except weight and screen. Still, the X220 has a good screen and is not at all heavy. Those are not major advantages.

Irrelevant. What matters is the battery life of the machine. The machine as a whole has the same battery life, so the power efficiency of the individual components is irrelevant.

>> No.54124693

>i set it to magnify 50x
>oh no it's large like baby toy

>> No.54124718
File: 49 KB, 394x389, it's so easy, even a macfag can use it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still defending his toddler OS

>> No.54124726

Size and weight and the excellent screen and the much better trackpad and more GPU power are relevant, you can pretend otherwise but it's true.

And the PCI-e flash drive.

>> No.54124753
File: 221 KB, 630x421, 1461005960208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mactards unironically pay $1300 for overheating throttling chinkbook triple apple/ms/nsa botnet OS shit

>> No.54124767
File: 1.39 MB, 640x360, ONEPORT.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54124774
File: 65 KB, 845x529, Screenshot-Power Statistics.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lame screen
It's a good screen. Resolution is not great, but it's fine for 12". The viewing angles and colors are both great.

>lame GPU
And the Macbook's 300 MHz GPU is just blisteringly fast, I'm sure.

>much worse battery life than you portray
Just deny the truth enough times and it will go away!

My machine gets 8 hours battery life even at 100% brightness. Deal with it.

>> No.54124833

>I was talking about the idiot comparing a 35w TDP cpu with a 5w TDP CPU.
Fuck off, Macfag. You made a specific claim: that the TDP of the CPU is relevant. That claim was proven wrong. But once again, you fall back on "but it's better overall!"

The CPU having lower TDP is irrelevant since the battery life is not better. The Macbook sacrifices performance and gains nothing in battery life. Deal with it, Macfag.

P.S. You may notice the "Capacity 79.4%" line. My battery is getting worn out. If I replace it (something a Macfag cannot do), I will get another few hours of battery life.

>> No.54124838

I'm not into underpowered laptops, but one thing we should all admit, this Mac is the best looking laptop ever, no doubts about it.

>> No.54124853

>wanting to use aspect ratio for gaymers on a laptop meant for work
And this is how you spot a pleb.

Only relevant if both devices are identical.

>battery life
On par with 6cell at worst. Specially if going by reviews and not anecdotical evidence.

Faster CPU, slower GPU, much slower SSD. Pretty sure the wifi speed is subpar too.

Will the shitty GPU even drive another screen at 60Hz? Everything else is irrelevant/nice to have at best given the form factor.

You're sure more likely to need it with a fan and the obligatory removal of the DVD drive.

>hey, you can add another slow SSD
Though I guess you can count replaceable battery as a plus.


MB is perfectly stable, no creaking plastic shit.

>indicator lights
Lack of that annoying, useless shit is a pro.

Who doesn't love cleaning their fans!

>X220 has a good screen
Shit like that makes it hard to take you serious, anon. You like your X220, we get it but calling fucking sub 1080 16:9 screen good is insanity.

>And the Macbook's 300 MHz GPU is just blisteringly fast, I'm sure.
It's almost twice as fast, so compared to HD3000, it's crazy fast, yes.

>> No.54124870

nah, dell's edge-to-edge kills it

I don't look at my chassis, I look at the screen/bezel

>> No.54124882

It has an ugly ass lower bezel. Hell, the webcam position makes it even worse than sub 720 shit on the macbook.

Besides, sometimes you close your laptop or look at the base and the Dell one is ugly as fuck.

>> No.54124928

I like the edge to edge concept, pretty sure Apple will copy that, but the MacBook still looks better than the XPS.

>> No.54124972

>Only relevant if both devices are identical.
It's also relevant if the cheaper product is vastly superior, as is the case here.

>On par with 6cell at worst. Specially if going by reviews and not anecdotical evidence.
Meaning that it's inferior, since it's barely as good as the standard X220 battery.

>Faster CPU, slower GPU, much slower SSD. Pretty sure the wifi speed is subpar too.
You're REALLY proud of that 300 MHz GPU, aren't you?

>Everything else is irrelevant/nice to have at best given the form factor.
Being able to use an external monitor and charge at the same time is more than "nice to have." It is absolutely essential. If you're a Macfag, you need to carry around special connectors to do things as simple as making a presentation. The machine is basically worthless for real work.

>You're sure more likely to need it with a fan and the obligatory removal of the DVD drive.
>DVD drive
Why do I even bother? The X220 does not have a DVD drive, Macfag retard.

>> No.54124994

Eh. It's not my style. It's certainly clean, but it's a bit too much gloss and minimalism for my taste.

>> No.54125044

>since it's barely as good as the standard X220 battery
Given how the non standard battery adds even more weight to it ... a weird point to make.

There is either: same battery - worse weight or better batter - much worse weight.

>You're REALLY proud of that 300 MHz GPU, aren't you?
Just ask Intel.

>Being able to use an external monitor and charge at the same time is more than "nice to have."
But anon, you can easy do it with a 25€ adapter. But would the HD3000 even be able to drive an outdated 1080p monitor and the native one fluently? How about 4k?

>The machine is basically worthless for real work.
Comes from somebody who thinks 16:9 screen is acceptable in any year.

>> No.54125088

better cpu far outweighs a better gpu

the gpu in the x220 plays any video just fine
i concede that it sucks for gaming
but so does the macbook, so what's the point
you just want more headroom for your movies or something?

whereas the better cpu is felt in all operations, from web browsing to more intensive stuff like encoding, etc

>> No.54125097

>The X220 does not have a DVD drive
>Optical drive
>9.5mm DVD & CD-RW & DVD-R/RW/RAM drive
>9.5mm DVD-R/RW/RAM & Blu-ray drive
Apparently Lenovos site is lying. Not even surprising how it comes from a company that lies about battery life.

>> No.54125113

I am a macfag who relentlessly defends Apple when possible but, I still don't see the point in the MacBook 12".

The 1 port thing is fucking ridiculous. Couldn't even add more USB-Cs.

>> No.54125116

It's like you never heard of GPU acceleration.

Besides given all the bitching about one port, the only relevant thing you'd connect it with is a screen and a better GPU makes sure it'd be smooth sailing.

>> No.54125120

>But would the HD3000 even be able to drive an outdated 1080p monitor and the native one fluently? How about 4k?

It's not worth arguing with someone that doesn't even understand the specification limitations of VGA and HDMI1.x

>> No.54125139

>It's like you never heard of GPU acceleration.

for what purpose?

are you really encoding movies on your macbook?

Any decent accelerated scientific program will be using CUDA anyways

the gpu acceleration for movie playback is perfectly adequete

>> No.54125140

So basically the oh so awesome ports are mostly useless?

Also specification of the port is irrelevant for 1080p if it lacks the power.

>> No.54125155

For the only thing where the CPU would be suboptimal for, Adobe fucking Photoshop. Not like it's something that Linux fags would know about.

>> No.54125168

>if it lacks the power

it doesn't. mine plays 1080p flawlessly over either port

>> No.54125174
File: 217 KB, 1024x768, IMG_8600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The battery life meter on OSX is very unreliable.

>> No.54125239

>you can easy do it with a 25€ adapter.
That you must carry around with you at all times. You aren't factoring 30 adapters into the weight figures.

>> No.54125243

Guess it can be balanced out by the CPU. I remember 4500M HD being quite sluggish on muh HP laptop but it also had an ULV cpu, so yeah.

>> No.54125269

based microsoft.

>> No.54125270

There is just one that's really relevant HDMI/USB C/USB 3 one and you only need to carry it around if you plan to use the MB with an extra screen. Usually you know if you will do it before going out.

Also it's 25-50gram or so, still a far cry from the 1.3kg of X220 and this is even ignoring the power brick.

>> No.54125278

>It's like you never heard of GPU acceleration.
'Course I have, and it's not nearly as important as CPU performance for normal tasks.

And the Macbook GPU is pretty shit (particularly since it throttles), so it's not like the Macbook has an edge when it comes to graphics anyway.

>> No.54125280

the 4500M is donkey balls, way slower than even the hd3000

i think the 4500m wasn't even on-the-die it was a separate chip altogether

>> No.54125306

As if anyone who buys a Macbook is doing serious work on it. It's a Facebook machine.

Besides, the graphics performance is pretty close. The Macbook does not have a clear advantage, and it has a clear disadvantage because it throttles.

>> No.54125322
File: 585 KB, 2132x1844, wew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Air and Pro are still on fucking broadwell
You forgot to mention the 15 inch pro is still on Haslel

Actually Crystal Well, still haslel era tho

>> No.54125343

You have to buy various adapters and know in advance which ones you will use on a given day, but it Just Werks! Honest!

I value ease of use in a machine. Keeping track of multiple adapters and remembering which I need for which job is not my idea of ease of use.

>> No.54125376

>'Course I have, and it's not nearly as important as CPU performance for normal tasks.
Almost any heavy CPU task has some GPU acceleration option. The rest would be hardly noticeable on either CPU and the SSD would make a bigger difference.

>particularly since it throttles
The memes are strong in this one.

Funny how a facebook machine got a screen ratio optimized for work, eh?

Also almost 50% difference is not what I'd call close by any stretch.

>multiple adapters
I already told you that there is just one useful one IF you want to drive an extra screen, also it let's you use 4K swagger.

>> No.54125388

>I value ease of use in a machine

when will this meme die?

>> No.54125402
File: 13 KB, 236x245, 08087c13f9aa38326cb25bfafd431399.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Almost any heavy CPU task has some GPU acceleration option.

>> No.54125458

>Almost any heavy CPU task has some GPU acceleration option.

>The memes are strong in this one.
Throttling is not a meme, friend. It cripples the performance of every single Apple machine.

Except the Mac Pro, which actually has decent cooling. Shit everything else, but decent cooling.

>Funny how a facebook machine got a screen ratio optimized for work, eh?
Nothing else is optimized for work.

>Also almost 50% difference is not what I'd call close by any stretch.
Benchmarks. Post 'em.

>I already told you that there is just one useful one IF you want to drive an extra screen
You will not know what is on the projector in advance. You ever been in an office? (Of course you haven't been.) Most projectors are still using VGA.

>> No.54125499

>another apple laptop
>the same or worse shitty keyboard

b-but muh trackpad

>> No.54125536

tested the keyboard at an Applel store, it's weird but feels pretty solid, just a matter of getting used to it.

Could have more travel tho.

>> No.54125572
File: 731 KB, 1300x900, 1460913865478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is Windows so based in battery management while OSX is such shit?

>> No.54125638
File: 141 KB, 1024x487, ultranav_keyboard_04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's the point if you can just plug this into the port?

>> No.54125644

PS does. Any decent encoding software does. What other super CPU heavy stuff are you going to do on an ultraportable?

>It cripples the performance of every single Apple machine.
Maybe on Windows or if you play vidya for hours. It needs constant load on CPU AND GPU to throttle, which really depends on your use but generally a very rare scenario. If you're getting an ultraportable to work on 4K video or play vidya, you're doing it wrong.

>Nothing else is optimized for work.
Great screen, OSX with professional software unline Loonix, enough power and battery life to run said software, weights under 1kg so perfect for people who travel a lot. Obviously it also depends on the kind of work you're planning to do but I doubt anybody sane expects desktop performance on a ultraportable.

>Benchmarks. Post 'em.

>Most projectors are still using VGA.
If you're even getting near VGA projectors, the MB is obviously beyond your budget in the first place.

It needs get used to but I really pretty it compared to normal MBP/MBA keyboard, much more click-y and feels very direct.
Though I really hated it after the first 5 min in store.

>> No.54125714

>If you're even getting near VGA projectors, the MB is obviously beyond your budget in the first place.
Business stay in business by being smart with their money and not throwing away equipment that works perfectly fine and still works fine up to 2K resolutions which was perfectly fine for powerpoint presentations 10 years ago, and will still be in 10 years from now.

Not everyone is a mactard like you who has an uncontrollable urge to max our your credit card replacing every applel product every year because applel renders it unsuable with bloated crippleware updates.

>> No.54125811

>he literally works for a company that uses projectors that are older than most /g/ users
Given you mentioned credit cards, I guess you must be a burger too. My condolence.

>> No.54125823
File: 312 KB, 1200x900, ux305-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>For $1299
Jesus Fucking Christ. See pic related? I managed to snag one new for $500. It's probably in the $650-$700 range, but it's still considerably cheaper than the Macbook. It carries basically the same processor, it actually has ports, can run Linux if you want *nix, and it has ports. The only thing the Macbook has going for it is its god tier trackpad. I wouldn't pay more than what my device costs for a fucking trackpad and no ports.

>> No.54125849

Aren't the screen/battery life also shit?

>> No.54125856

You're thinking of the Macbook.

>> No.54125861

The screen is fine. 8 hours of battery life isn't shit, it's just not the best.

>> No.54126065

The M5-6Y54 should be about 30% faster than the M 5Y10 on the ux305, that's considerable if you take into account the fact these machines are relatively weak to begin with.

Not worth the price difference, in my opinion, but still, it's significant.

>> No.54126083

They're both shit either way in terms of performance and won't be used for anything besides office, in which case even a 100% difference wouldn't matter.

>> No.54126256

But that god tier trackpad changes the entire experience massively. At best the Asus trackpad is functional at worst annoying.

That said, $500 for an ultraportable is pretty damn nice if you can live with the compromise and need muh ports.

>> No.54126334

>tfw no black anodized aluminum MacBook Pro that comes factory standard with 2 HDDs

>> No.54126353

Thank God, this isn't 2006 anymore.

>> No.54126409

>change anything

>> No.54126523

I'm picking up a 13in MBP when the refresh happens, first Macbook.

Mostly because of the combination of good battery life and resale value.

In 2 years my $1600 laptop will still sell for like $1100

in 2 years a Windows Laptop would depreciate by about 400%

>> No.54126633

>That claim was proven wrong.
No it wasn't, quit lyin'.

>> No.54126657

>battery life

Pick one.

>> No.54126712

actually there were
You're just delusional

>> No.54126732

If Apple said you don't need it, then you don't need it

>> No.54126744

wow, an x86 ipad with a keyboard
just what I was waiting for

>> No.54126899

the screen on that thing is SHIT
i mean i agree with you that the macbook is a waste of money but the AG coating on the asus ux305 is horrendous

>> No.54126968
File: 11 KB, 236x233, 14c2af8efbbd446efbb3b10cce595b43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54127383

When do you expect a mid 2012 nonretina MBP 15" 2.3 Ghz ivy bridge quad i7, 16GB, 1TB SSHD to not be good enough? 2018, '19? I hardly see any increases in performance these days and now that Moore's law is in effect anymore it looks like computers will last longer than OEMs intend.

I have no problem using it until the mobo breaks or Apple drops OS support (highly unlikely for several years).

>> No.54127400

>until the mobo breaks or Apple drops OS support
They literally drop all support (patches, fixes, security updates, etc) 4 years after release.

Apple is a fucking joke, and it's no wonder no one takes them seriously for enterprise use except hipster startups.

>> No.54127518

What is Apple even doing?
>MacBook (12")
>Macbook Air (11", 13")
>MacBook Pro (13")
>MacBook Pro with Retina Display (13", 15")

How do you fuck up a product range so much?

>> No.54127574

every time

>> No.54127764

Look mom with my giant meme battery that triples the thickness of the laptop I can get more than 5 hours!

Look mom! Look!

Macbooks do a solid 10 hours anon.

>> No.54127774

How's it fucked up?

You have:
>cheap and small
>just small
>expensive and small
>expensive and large

>> No.54127890

Skylake must be a major piece of shit if not even Apple can make them work on a limited hardware selection.

The layoff suddenly makes sense now.

>> No.54127973

I can get my xps13 (WQHD) to run well over 6 hours. With idle and standby I'm good all day long. But you're right, I have 0 chance at hitting 11 or 15 hours.

>I still love that screen though

>> No.54129418
File: 731 KB, 1300x900, 1460913865478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Look mom with my giant meme battery that triples the thickness of the laptop


>> No.54129805

So it gets 23 minutes less battery than the best of the giant creaky heaps of chink shit but because it does it with a physically smaller yet higher cap battery it's worse.

OK tard.

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