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How can I learn to get good with GIMP?

I want to make cool logos, and gifs and edit images and stuff

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>website is down

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I took a basic multimedia class at my community college. I stayed for like a third of the semester to learn photoshop then booked it when they moved on to photography and illustrator and shit. It's all the same shit in gimp and paint.net. Formal instruction got me good real fast. I guess look up a guide online or something.

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Just use krita instead if you want to make logos

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You don't want to make logos with gimp, you gimpy fuck :^) use inkscape instead.
To learn how to edit and make gifs search for mentioned phrases in Google with addition of word gimp at the end.

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Krita is nice. I tested it out and lelkek the custom lines are excellent.

I will be taking advantage of that software.

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^ this is better, and a lot like photoshop

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Seconding not making logos with gimp. Vector based software, such as Illustrator and inkscape, are much better suited for the job. Scaling with no loss to quality. Mmmmm.....

Gimp is good for photo manipulation although I highly prefer photoshop. You, the OP that is, didn't mention anything about wanting to learn digital painting. If you're only interested in logos and editing photos then I'd suggest learning both inkscape and gimp. Look up tutorials and also try out matte painting. Matte painting might be something you'd really enjoy getting into. I only make gifs in photoshop though so I can't tell ya much there. Regardless, lots of tutorials and personal projects are the way to go to getting good. It's an art even if it is just altering pixels on a screen

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pirate photoshop

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You start by using photoshop instead.

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>install gentoo
>emerge =app-emulation/wine-1.9.5
Then run a cracked version of photoshop

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>running professional software on Linux

Topest of keks

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Get these filters:
In action:

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Abandon GIMP, learn ImageMagick instead.

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I colored a Calvin and Hobbes strip with GIMP and I don't know wtf I'm doing but I think it turned out alright. I just tried messing with new layers until finally I made an inverted transparent one where I could overlay the black lines from the original drawing overtop of my paint brush coloring.

is there a better way to do this?

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Paint bucket with tolerance maybe?

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I know some people who do coloring for fun. They use PaintTool SAI.

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Very nice. Thank you. Saved a bunch.

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>no cumshop script

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Just use Photoshop tutorials. And do the same steps in Gimp. That is how i learned

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You should do logos in vectors.
As for editing images and stuff I learned by just trying to use gimp without any help.

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Assuming you're only working with black lines on a white background, you can just set the layer property of your coloring layer to darken only.

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