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So, I've always used Macs and iPhones. But my recent iPhone upgrade came with a free Android tablet: a Gpad F 8.0

I'm not used to Android, so using it seems awkward to me. But what practical use can I make of it that my iPhone 6s plus won't already do better? I'd hate for the tablet to go to waste.

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netflix and chill

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>owning iShit
>owning macshit

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Okay. Given that I have an alternative right here, show me how it is better.

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theres rooted adblock if you can root it
download nova launcher
dolphin browser
the flash apk
you can watch mostly all streaming porn sites now with it
install LMT pie and fuck around with pie controls
get a 200gb mirco sd card and slam all the porn or chinese cartoons on it you want

thats about all I can think of atm
install CM12.1 or 13 if you can

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79.00 fucking bucks 200GB

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>download nova launcher

ricer pls go

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Download "DraStic" Nintendo DS emulator.

Hey presto you now have an NDS and access to every single DS game ever made. I hear Animal Crossing is surprisingly enjoyable.

Your iPhone can't do that.

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