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How do I git gud with GIMP?

What are /g/-approved resources?

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You don't, you can only pretend to be good with GIMP.

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Is paint.net better than gimp?

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GIMP has more features, but Paint.NET is more user-friendly.

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But what can do more?

If plugins are a factor, who has better plugins?

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>But what can do more?
The guy literally fucking said "has more features".

GIMP is more advanced than Paint.NET, but GIMP has a steeper learning curve.

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Paint.Net is like an improvement on Paint.

GIMP is more closer designed to rivaling Photoshop

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You get gud with gimp by just using it. Try to do coloring requests, if they look bad dont post them. Multiply filter is your friend

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in your face.

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gimp plugin registry

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gimpscripts dot com

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why not use sai like a normal individual?

heck, even ps is better.

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>why not use sai like a normal individual?
>heck, even ps is better.

I use Gnu/Linux.

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>install wine
>install photoshop cs6
>install illustrator cs6
You gud now :^)

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