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What the fuck is Apple doing?

Is this Intel's fault?

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>buying apple tech that isn't handheld

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Can easily hold MacBooks in your hand mate

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As in, in one hand.

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Umm yes

Have you ever held one? They're light as fuck

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Macs are being phased out in favor of iPads, which are the future of computing. Haven't your seen the recent keynote?

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>>buying apple tech

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yes its intels fault.

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>apple tech

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Again, the Macbook Pro Retina is worth a buy if you have the money.

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>macshit pleb rectum
>meme display
>massive bezels
>ultimate shit tier keyboad
>cancer double botnet OS
>throttles to 800mhz
>2 hour battery doing anything besides facebook updating
>worth buying

well meme'd

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manlet detected

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Best display
Best trackpad
Best specs for the price range
Best support
Best OS

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You post this again?
Last time everyone proved you wrong on everything on that list. Stop with this bait, you're hurting /g/.

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>mactard has no response besides "nu-uh!"
Keep defending your toddler toys. :^)

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>Best display
Literally less than 80% sRBG. Mac displays are utter fucking shit.
>Best trackpad
Diving board cancer, or memeTouch pressure gimmick cancer.
>Best specs for the price range
>Best support
Mactoddler who can't afford in-home warranty service from any other vendor.
Well meme'd
>Best OS

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You realize you can only use the 5k display on OSX right? It drops to 4k on any other operating system. Mac OS X is a toy, and barely has any useful software.

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>and barely has any useful software.

What's it missing?

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You don't buy apple stuff if you're a poorfag who wants the best bang for his bucks to play some shitty games on, you buy them because you want to have a coherent system on all your devices where everything just works without having to fuck around with 3rd party shit just to sync calender entries.

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>only 5k on osx
If you have a mac and dont need a bootcamp partition, then where's the problem?

>barely has any useful software
It has adobe suites. And a lot of other suites and software by companies. If there is some niche tool or program that's windows only then there's probably a mac alternative for it. You either don't know where to look or you didn't do it before.

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>apple shit

Every time I walk by an Apple store, it's always packed with people and every single person there is waiting to get their malfunctioning iShit and CrapBook fixed.

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How do you know that?

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Because if they were there to buy something, they would be looking at the products instead of sitting on the stools or leaning against the wall looking bored.

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Do you think the devices are repaired in store or something while the people wait?

Get real autist.

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>mactoddler pretending you don't have to make an appointment and wait for hours just to get that "premium" apple shit service

Get real shill.

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Sign up for Real World Experience 101

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>best specs for the price

Are you down syndrome?

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You're welcome to link a laptop with better specs than the 13 inch rMBP for the same price or less

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>thinks apple stores ever give you your set appointment on time
There's no need to lie on the internet.

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screenshot or stfu

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>good for anything

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Where the link at family?

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>sub 3k screen

Fuck off with your Facebook toy.

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15" is still haswell, and the dgpu option is known for turbo throttling.
the 13" is glorified 1280x800 and the keyboard feels like shit (even compared to the 15")
oh and both have the 0/10 "force touch" trackpad bullshit

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>You realize you can only use the 5k display on OSX right? It drops to 4k on any other operating system.
That's retarded. Why would they cripple a display in that manner? Why would people accept it?

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Where's the Macbook that isn't utter shit?

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Doesn't work like that fa m.

Until you can do this >>54031035, we out

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You're welcome to post a Macbook that isn't utter shit.

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>need my DSLR sensor cleaned
>rock on up to the nikon service center
>take a ticket, immediately get to talk to staff
>come back an hour and a half later, sensor cleaned and new firmware installed
The real world is an awesome place.

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>buying anything from apple that isn't a rMBP

even that thing isn't exactly a price killer, but literally everything else they make - especially the iPhone - is a fucking joke in terms of price. an iPhone 6+ costs more than twice the price of a OnePlus 2 and there is literally no practical difference other than the battery which is worse on the fucking iPhone.

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>>buying anything from apple

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>iPhone SE
>Joke in terms of price


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>meme display
i presume this is why everybody loves it so much?

>massive bezels
point taken

>ultimate shit tier keyboard
same or better than direct competitors

>cancer double botnet OS
i can't even

nope. gets hot yes, overheats no.

not that i know of

i'm not googling the actual number for you. roughly 2kg. entirely competitive.

>2 hour battery doing anything besides facebook updating
6 hour battery developing, googling, compiling big shit every couple minutes

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Saving this so I can Hi-5 it when I'm feeling down.

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Name one laptop that has a better trackpad than the macbooks

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>6 hour battery developing, googling, compiling big shit every couple minutes

So literally worse than XXXTREME GAYMING laptops with 4X the power?

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>Literally less than 80% sRBG. Mac displays are utter fucking shit.
I miss when Apple cared about their displays instead of buzzwords, back in the day they would use nothing but Trinitron's, and when they phased out CRT's their LCD's where among the best, until Retina happened and 60% sRGB trash bin displays became their norm

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Literally anything from the 90s with a non-click touchpad and real buttons.

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>Mac OS X is a toy and barely has any useful software
[Citation needed]
Mac OS X has everything necessary for developing software, plus MS Office, plus Adobe everything, plus DAWs, plus Matlab. it lacks games and some CAE tools, which can be run through virtualization seemlessly.
fuck off.

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that's your comeback?

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You can run anything through virtualization seamlessly in any major OS
OS X doesn't even have a package manager, aside from the hacky shit that is Brew

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any msi laptop. spending 1450 € in a latop is hilarious either way.

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well yeah, that.
not sure about it yet.

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Any link?

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>6 hour battery with real use
>macfags think this is impressive

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i didn't argue that you couldn't.
brew is fine. beats the living crap out of the shit show that is AUR repos on pacman.

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i never said it was impressive, i quoted that to defeat the argument of "2h doing anything more than facebook"

dear lord, what is it with you assholes.

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So basically a shitty trackpad

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>there's people out there unironically using HFS in their daily drivers
God bless Steve

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I use Logic Pro, the Adobe Suite, MS Office and several other programs literally every day. Steam also has a shitload of games, plus OSX has OpenEmu which takes such a massive shit on other vidya emulators it's not even funny.
Tbh Logic Pro alone is reason enough to use OSX, the tons of other great software are a pleasant bonus.
Feels fucking good man.

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Let me guess, that weighs almost or above 6 pounds and barely squeezes out 4 1/2 hours of battery life.

But it's all worth it because you can do so much epik gaymin on the go.

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>Let me guess, that weighs almost or above 6 pounds and barely squeezes out 4 1/2 hours of battery life.

So better than a memebook.

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>1366 x 768

Jesus Fucking Christ

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>You're welcome to link a laptop with better specs than the 13 inch rMBP for the same price or less

They don't exist because no one buys a 13 incher for anything more than facebook, 13 inch is totally retarded for any kind of work and the resolution is ridiculously high, no one needs that.
You cannot even see pixels at 1920x1080 at that tiny screen size, everything above that is meme spouting.

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I used to have one.

You need to recalibrate your detectors.

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Asus Zenbook UX301LA

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It's also dumb for people to demand 60fps in games. The human eye can't see above 30.

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Kill yourself please.

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>lets resell our design from 3+ years ago

Apple sheep fall for this

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>Still no link
/g/ embarrassing as always.

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No it's the innovation. Apple has patented keyless keyboard past months which probably implies force touch keyboards that can change layout as you wish, so no more stock problem for localized keyboards. Also skymeme brought ddr4 and many power consumption things which will increase battery life. Most importantly, thunderbolt 3 will bring the possibility of attaching external GPUs. New macbook pro retinas will probably have 4k or 5k resolution (of course scaled for hidpi purposes). All ports will probably replaced with thunderbolt 3 ports that has usb-c interface.

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You must be over 18, male, straight, and intelligent to post in /g/
Please leave

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>over 18, male, straight and intelligent
Isn't this redundant?

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yeah sure. Thunderbolt 2 was incredibly succesful, i dont know why i still have those USB things on my pc. Apple is so innovative!

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No requirement for being white? Step it up.

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tb2 had shitty interface but intel this time wants it to expand that's the reason for usb-c interface. They natively support everything possible now.

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Intelligent implied this

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If you actually were over 18 your muscles and hands should've developed to the point you should be able to hold a macbook in one hand.

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>13 inch is totally retarded
>resolution is ridiculously high

>i want a big screen but i want a shitty resolution

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It's mostly done on the phone.

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>not saying the trackpoint
Not even normies will defend your statement.

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The display gets crippled because GPU drivers only going up to 4k on Windows and Linux.

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>be me
>working as tech magician at uni
>4 people at my department have iSuckdicks
>constantly complaining
>battery empty again
>shit OS
>have to convert everything
>lol >1k $$$ for a 11"
>my workmates laptop costs only 900 and is faster
>wheres my adapter
>tfw no free usb port
>what is usb port
>one of them trashed is iHavecancer and bought an overpriced 900$ Dell with cheapest i3 and 80GB HDD
>told him to contact me before purchasing one
>bought it anyways
>another hates his life for buying a 11" Macbook and cries everytime
Tech magician adventures 101..

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>Look mom, I made up this post to shit on stuff I don't like!

>> No.54033373

>i feel bad about buying an iShill
>everything must be made up
It's not made up. It's simply your buyers remorse.

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13 inch is great if you want an actual mobile laptop instead of some shitty desktop replacement

i agree that the retina meme shit is completely unnecessary for it though

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apple will scrap the macbook air and have the new macbook as it's replacement

>> No.54033519

Why is the standard macbook thinner than the 'air'?

>> No.54033523

>What the fuck is Apple doing?

concentrating on ios devices apparently.

> Is this Intel's fault?


supposed to be a new macbook out before end of april.

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>Apple has patented keyless keyboard past months which probably implies force touch keyboards that can change layout as you wish, so no more stock problem for localized keyboards.

they won't be doing this, apparently it's the new macbook/magic keyboard keyboard for all devices.

> New macbook pro retinas will probably have 4k or 5k resolution (of course scaled for hidpi purposes).

they could use the same display again and it would be okay. driving 4k/5k external displays is where it's at.

> All ports will probably replaced with thunderbolt 3 ports that has usb-c interface.

yay, more dongles, but the ability to drive 4k or 5k external displays is great.

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The Razer Blade Stealth takes a giant, ugly, steaming shit onthe 13" rMBP.

Stop asking for comparisons like better laptops don't exist. Apple laptops have been dogshit for a few years now.

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Air is the last of its kind

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its so sad how apple purposely cripples os x
osx is a direct descendant of NeXTSTEP, arguably the best OS in the 80s and 90s; it had the technology we use today
os x is fast while having LOTS of features, more than any DE or windows have, some are even osx exclusive
only problems osx has are really basic and easily fixable, but apple prefers to do nothing and force people to buy 3rd party programs that fix the stuff apple should've done!
only if apple made os x a separate os, added Vulcan and other standarts and actively advertised it, maybe gnu-published it to push foss people to their side, it'd had like 90% marketshare; os x worked better than windows on my non-apple branded computer, and that says a lot

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>I'll surely convince them with my hot opinions!

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Thinkpad clits are better than any touchpad. I have an x200, it has no touchpad.

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>brought my year old Mac to college as a freshmen
>I got it with money from working and because I already had lots of iTunes content. Also I've used Apple products since system VII. Was introduced to Windows with 95 so I could play Lego Loco and other games.
>buddies in ROTC dorm love to prank each other with meatspin and lemon party
>I was one of 3 that had a Mac. Nobody messes with our machines because they couldn't get over the low hurdle of how to right click. Also the three of us actually had passwords required to wake the machine
>continually hear bitching from buddies on how to use Mac OS X (snow leopard at the time) because they needed to print out homework.

Just admit /g/, all of you are technological autists that can't comprehend that people can use operating systems different than you do. It's not that hard to adapt. Yeah and modern macs are memes because of the blind pursuit for thinness and glued components. Fuck that shit. I'll likely build a hackintosh when my mid-12 nonretina MBP isn't supported.

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>I like thing
>Clearly nobody could dislike thing for valid reasons
>Please stop disliking thing for invalid reasons
>Anyone who dislikes thing is retarded!

You sound like a small child whose favourite toy just got killed at play time.

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Isn't that the point? So you don't see pixels?

>> No.54036885

>be /g/
>bitch about problem
>make up mind that is too hard to learn
>spread personal cognitive dissonance to other autists
>/g/ becomes a circlejerk

You do realize that this what women do when they are faced with a new challenge. They bitch until someone solves the problem for them.

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It's called looking after your ecosystem you fucking cuck.

Why do you think Microsoft held out on Virtual Desktops/Workspaces for so long? It wasn't because they were hard to implement or anything, it was because:
>we can get people to program this for us
>we look after our developers as well

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i don't understand you guys

why are you all so emotionally invested in this nonsense

>> No.54038085

>implying whites are smarter than japs

>> No.54038139

are you fucking retarded? third party virtual-desktop apps in windows were shit-tier freeware with no integration.

>> No.54038167

MS integrated virtual desktops as far back as XP or something, they just never enabled it.

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If you're looking for an objective discussion you came to the wrong place.

This is where we call each other poor or fags because some products we don't know nothing abut while using some cool reaction pic.

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nice meme poorfag

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