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you can't call yourself a programmer if you don't write directly in CPU specific microcode

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yes you can

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>you cant call yourself a programmer until you manually flip bits on the hard drive one by one

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>not programming in pure binary
fucking pleb

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programmers manage the chinese and indian monkeys who write directly in CPU specific microcode

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>you can't call yourself a programmer until you can send electricity directly to the correct switches as fast as computers can
fix'd OP

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Then why didn't you even post microcode? Don't you know what microcode is?

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>post asssembly
>call it microcode

Spotted the fucking idiot

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.. its just asm idiot
also you posted a picture of what looks like disassembly in some pleb tier ide

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can't post without a picture

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That's not microcode you dumbass. This is microcode.

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yeah I'm sure that was it

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Okay for real though all joking aside, there's no reason why programmers shouldn't learn at least one asm instruction set. Even if it's something basic like 6502 or 8086. There are only things to gain from being able to think more in terms of how a cpu does what it does, therefore allowing you to write high level code in a way that's more efficient, faster, and altogether objectively better. Pajeet shills will still try and discredit this, but the truth, however shrouded, is still there.

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mildly annoyed kek

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i build a simple ALU with some RAM, ROM, program memory and a clock in Minecraft. does that count?

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LLLOOOOOLLLLL!!!!1111!!!!!1 X^D

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jokes on you. i like brainfuck

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REAL programmers use primordial soup and manipulate it in such a way that it will eventually evolve into a butterfly that will flap its wings at JUST the right time.

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>posted assembly, even worse uglier version

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real programmers use atom, javascript and node


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dipshits in this thread don't realize microcode is just a type of assembly language. even the syntax is 99% the same, but instead of assembling to a binary, it assembles to a binary config file that needs to be flashed to a dev chip.

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Shitposts aside, where do I actually learn to do this kind of stuff on for example a raspberry pi?

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debugging already installed tools with your choice of debugger. googling. by the way, thats x86 and pis are arm, and so the dissassembly you see will be different because of different registers, a different instruction set, and is biendian so data and memory take: bffffea4 can be that or a4feffbf

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underrated post

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spending that amount of time on something will only get you fired.

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>not designing an application-specific cpu for an fpga every single project
>literally pleb-tier

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you can't call yourself a programmer if you don't write directly in gears

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