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>Perhaps then that’s why the next-generation of Firefox browser will have a Chromium core under the hood.

And you thought forced add-on signing was as low as they could go

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>firecucks will only get a modified Chromium from here on out

Holy shit Mozilla is pathetic

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I think Mozilla just became the perfect example of how SJWs ruin tech companies. A browser company no longer has the talent to make browsers.

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0 results

Shit article.
Posted from proprietary Chrome.

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̀social responsibility is more important than developing a product, you shitlord

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Right, so am I sticking with an outdated version of Mozilla or is there a non-shit, non-botnet browser out there?

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well, whats the point then?
>opera -> chrome skin
>vivladi ->chrome skin
>firefox ->chrome skin

safari it sthen..

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Well shit.

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>how SJWs ruin tech companies

You mean it illustrates how idiotic right wing dumbfucks ruin companies by not being discreet about their hatred for gays.

Their CEO was the idiot for donating to anti-gay causes while being in charge. He could have done it secretly then he would still be in charge.

Major developers of addons wanted him to go, not Mozilla staff. These same addon developers are developing for Chrome so if you hate SJW, stop using Chrome too.

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well it was good while it lasted.

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>everyone is giving up and switching to the google botnet because "why bother writing our own browser free of botnet code"

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>Their CEO was the idiot for donating to anti-gay causes while being in charge. He could have done it secretly then he would still be in charge.

wait, you can get fired from your own company for speaking out your mind. free speech baby, free speech

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I'm disappointed that they'd go for Google shit over WebKit. WebKit has proven to be more FOSS friendly and environment agnostic (Blink is permanently fused with Chromium, whereas webkit has no front end and can be paired freely with whatever UI toolkit you like), and unlike Google Webkit's developers actually give a shit about battery life.

If the Mozilla Foundation was working on Webkit in addition to its current contributors it's likely that it'd outstrip Blink/Chromium in no time at all.

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all good things must come to an end

such is the circle of life

death is unavoidable

don't cry because it's over, be happy because it happened.

and then embrace enlightenment with chromium

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Why the fuck is firefox doing this

Whoever said to ignore marketshare because it doesn't matter was right, he just didn't know it. Marketshare doesn't matter, Chrome has marketshare because it's advertised on Google.com and bundled with shitware installers, not because it's a good product. Stop trying to fucking emulate chrome and just make a good product.

How is this so hard to understand? How the fuck can these people work in an industry and fuck it up so much? Why the fuck did nobody start a proper fork back around australis?

Why does everything have to be so shit? Why is everyone so incompetent? Why would god or even random chance create a world so horrible?

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>Their CEO was the idiot for donating to anti-gay causes while being in charge
He didn't. The donation was several years prior to him being named CEO.

>He could have done it secretly then he would still be in charge.
He did it with his own money, on his own time, under his own name, and in no way associated his donation with Mozilla.

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He resigned.

>b-but he was forced out.
If he wasn't a pussy he could have held on and fought.

His vision of the browser's future was similarly chromified anyway.

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They already had chromium based browser. The ios one.

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Nope, the Firefox on iOS is based on the iOS bundled version of WebKit, the same one that Safari on iOS uses in fact. The same is true for ALL iOS browsers because no other web engines are permitted due to the massive security vectors they represent (especially Gecko which doesn't even sandbox itself).

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how hard is it to make a chromium skin like vivaldi? lets make a /g browser if its not that time consuming.

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Brave will save us guys

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Did none of you read the article, it says it will still use Gecko.

>[it] will take the Electron API that Tofino has been using and will “wrap it around” the Firefox back-end system, known as Gecko.

I get the feeling the writer doesn't understand what constitutes a web browser (understandably, considering the web is a shit-show).

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>lets make a /g browser
I'll start on the logo.

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Maybe call it >>>technolo/g/y

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I just changed to Chromium last week and it's still so sad to see FF go. I'm really gonna miss Tree Style Tabs. Also, the font rendering on the facebook messenger windows in Chromium looks like ass. Welp, at least I have correctly displayed text on all wordpress pages and on Google Drive now. I have already embraced the botnet.

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>SJWs ruin tech companies

Mozilla was ruined by being sponsored by Google, not by SJWs.
When it was sponsored by Google, while the aforementioned was developing Chrome, along with the sponsorship came an influx of Google philosophy.
Once a contradicting philosophy contaminates and corrupts your development team, the only two ways to deal with it is to purge it or adopt it.
They wouldn't purge it because, google sponsorship.
So they turned into Chrome.

>It's Over - Mozilla is Finished
So long as lazy loading works as it should on Fireshit, it will still be preferable to Chrome.
The fact that the devs on Chrome said it is too bothersome to implement lazy loading, and then when they implemented it and it still doesn't work for shit,
says enough.
Even the fucking addons that enable lazy loading of tabs don't fucking function in terms of the session managers on Chrome.
The moment you load over 100 tabs in 1 window session, Chrome shits itself and so does the computer.

Meanwhile on Firefox, even with 500 tabs in one session, the tabs all load as an inactive cache waiting for you to click on the tab to load the content. The computer and the browser is fine.

Fuck Chrome, and fuck Mozilla for trying to be Chrome.
They might as well remove lazy loading, the only good thing left on Mozilla, to finally make everyone move onto the Mozilla adaptations that aren't trying to be Chrome but follow the original philosophy of Mozilla.

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Get fucked firecucks

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So it's going to use a version of Electron that's been twisted to work with Gecko. That's even worse.

So instead of XULRunner -> Gecko you've got Node.js -> Chromium-Gecko Adapter Layer -> XULRunner -> Gecko.

What a fucking clusterfuck.

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honestly, I'm just using firecucks developer editon, because its dark and I have some sense of privacy whilst using it.

whish chromium had dark skin and wouldnt take so much space up with toolbar and tabs.

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>click /g/ help
>popup provides link to >>>/g/sqt

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>facebook messenger
>Google Drive

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>separate search bar

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i dont give a fuck, I use it just to brows 4chin since safari doesnt support webms

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I have that because the "smart" address bar will give you a 404 if you copy-paste in a class + method name

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How do you fuck up this bad?

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>safari doesnt support webms
bravo crapple

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The sad thing is they can use chromium but people will still leave.

Its the people controlling FF these past years that have driven stupid shit like womens and gay rights rather than fixing technical issues like full sandboxed multi processing and add ons.

Using chromium ill drive everyone to Chrome because why use a shitty knock off making bad choices when you can have the real deal?

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So, what browser should I use then that still respects my freedoms and has a small memory footprint?

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So it's going to be a duopoly between Chrome and Edge

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So does this mean Servo is dead and e10s is being declared a failure? Well at least now I know I was right to replace Firefox with Brave.

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They're working on it. Primary reason for holding off is that WebKit needs to perform well on mobile devices, and VP9 isn't hardware accelerated on most devices out there now (read: battery hog, turns laptops, phones, and tablets into space heaters).

Once VP9 HW decode is widespread, they'll implement webm support. Until then, only H.264 is supported.

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Freedom of speech has nothing to do with being shamed by your peers.

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What about Seamonkey? DA use it?

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> I have already embraced the botnet

I am fully aware of my shortcomings, senpai.

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who is being shamed??? the homosexuals are being shamed because he donated to pro family organisation?

wtf are you talking about you tool?

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...what? The man was shamed into resigning. Regardless of your position on the morality of it, I was only stating that his resignation has nothing to do with freedom of speech as he was not legally forced to step down.

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>500 tabs
Have you even considered using bookmarks?

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There will always be the thousand forks of pre-chromium Firefox

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thats even worse. He should have never stepped down. If I was in his place, I would have made national scandal about this and would probably sue Mozillla.

but again, I cannot use Firefox with good conscience now. I d rather join the botnent.

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>bookmarking novel chapters
>bookmarking images
>bookmaring individual videos
Are you mentally retarded?

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I've used it until Firefox become a great and customizable browser and Seamonkey (also made by Mozilla) development stalled. I can't tell Seamonkey's current status, but it was a great browser and a proud Netscape successor.
(Now I'm on Palemoon ;_;)

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you guys lets all go browsing with midori!

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Download them for later? Why the fuck do you need 500 of those open at once in a web browser?

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Not that guy but there's a lot of stuff that sit in that weird spot of, "I want to not forget about this and look at it/do something with it" and "it's not important enough to clutter up my bookmarks and mandate annoying bookmark cleanup time later". Thus 500 open tabs.

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So what can I use that syncs to an android browser and has add ons to block ads and js?

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i browse the web by pulling html files and reading them

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I get that too but not to the point of having 500 tabs. More like 20 or 30 at worst

>> No.54006044

>switching to a an engine made for a text editor from the engine of another browser

It is over for reals though. This will probably take off with them, and when it does they'll be dropping Gecko in a year or two. Doesn't matter when, it WILL happen sooner eventually.

>> No.54006047

>what is servo
are you retarded op?

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Make a bookmark folder for ebooks, subfolder for each book, subfolders for chapters.
Download images into dedicated folder, delete folder if you want to clean up.
You could make a playlist of the videos.
500 tabs seems excessive.
Also you know you can search your bookmarks, right?

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also article is bullshit

firefox on purpose never adopted webkit shit, just for the purpose of not adopting it.

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> not pulling them from a dummy computer on an internet connection that is not running under your name, then emailing them to yourself

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So glad I switched to IE11.

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Listen, you are a dumb fuck so i will explain this to you in a simple manner:
This isn't a topic of what way i capture content into one neat package to re-load next time i want to look back on it.
This is a topic on Chrome lacking a fucking feature that Mozilla has, which breaks Chrome and the computer whereas the same doesn't break anything on Firefox.

Why do i have a 100 chapters of a novel opened?
Because there is no epub or PDF of it, there is no rar of it, it is all on webpages every individual chapter. And i open it like that in case Internet goes out or the website shuts down, so i am not left hanging and can still read shit.

>have to click through each thing instead of simply loading all of it in a session at once, except Firefox won't break it for me
>having to make folders and dick around for fucking images that i can simply pick off of on the fucking site and just click next

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What is wrong with it? There is literally no difference between bookmark and a tab besides the memory issue thing. Bookmarks are literally inactive tabs. Bookmarking is only bad when you need to persist session of some sorts but I doubt you need that for images or novel chapters. Additionally you can stop with name calling, we are not 5 year olds, calling somebody an idiot will not make you right.

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you start the logo yet? I'll give it a shot

>> No.54006098

For me it's a side effect of having too many interests and projects I want to work on and (seemingly) not enough time to do it all. Seriously, I want to do everything from creating several sites to writing a WoW private server core from scratch to writing a window manager to pushing out big updates for the stuff I already have on the app store to getting into electrical engineering. Some of these are even in progress to various points, but I have a full time job so nothing gets the attention it deserves.

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Tfw some firefag is crying as he reads this somewhere

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that's why you save them locally into neatly indexed folders, and have only one tab open at any given time.

>> No.54006111

Too much manual management involved. If I bookmark something it's because that bookmark isn't going anywhere for at least another 3-5 years.

>> No.54006121

>images that i can simply pick off of on the fucking site and just click next
Then why you keep them in tabs? You make no sense.

>> No.54006123

>>have to click through each thing
That's 3 clicks. I doubt you need to open a new chapter often enough that it makes a difference. Also aren't there links in ebooks to link chapters?
>>having to make folders
Folder, singular. Literally 2 clicks and some writing. You spent more time writing that sentence than it would take you to make one.

Get organized you filthy slob. Post a picture of your room RIGHT NOW.

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>that's why you spend 100 years doing something, which you will have to manually delete, instead of spending no time at all with a session manager which automates everything and has an option to auto delete sessions
You are not the brightest apple in the family, are you?

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i'd only do that if i was browsing youporn or something. them descriptions

>> No.54006140

i'm not the one opening multiple tabs at any given time

>> No.54006142

> I need to optimize the process of wasting my time on the internet
Do you not realize how silly that is?

Who cares if you watch porn?

>> No.54006144

Its worse to stick with outdated version than share a bit of information...

>> No.54006162

All alternative browsers are Chrome and i hate chrome

>> No.54006170

>Do you not realize how silly that is?
No, it's just a huge pain in the ass. Bookmark management is a massive massive massive drag. I'd rather spend all day doing house chores or organizing my music library than managing bookmarks.

This is why I use my browser in a way that requires minimal bookmark management.

>> No.54006178

Not true. You have midori, qupzilla and otter for starters. They are not chrome

>> No.54006181


Retard pls

>> No.54006184


I was explaining the case when:

>not pulling them from a dummy computer on an internet connection that is not running under your name, then emailing them to yourself

>> No.54006186

Did someone actually read the article or you guy are just commenting based on the title?

Vivaldi is not a Chrome skin. Is a fucking web app running ON TOP of Chromium.
Yes, it's that bad.

>> No.54006198

They're also not really native on anything but Linux. It'd be nice to have non-chromium options that use native Windows and OS X UI toolkits on their respective platforms instead of crappy old GTK or Qt.

>> No.54006207

chrome has superior developer tools though, no other browser can compete.

you can edit sass, js and css directly in your browser and it can get saved to your project files automatically (as .sass/.less).

no other browser can do that as far I know

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I am opening multiple times at any given time on Fireshit, and those times don't brick a browser unlike Chrome.
Unless you have the pic related equivalent on Chrome with bookmarks that you can show me, where each session also has a nice overview of all links, you can suck a dick.
Because i'd rather load tabs like this and then close them with a single button on the keyboard which automatically skips to the next tab in the list, than dick around with bookmark solutions.

>> No.54006218

I doubt trying to find a specific thing buried in your endless sea of tabs is easier than clicking like 3 times to make a bookmark and finding it again by typing a few letters in the address bar and hitting enter.

I know. But why would you do that process explicitly for watching porn?

>> No.54006245

it was a joke, just like the first comment about reading through html text

>> No.54006246

>I doubt trying to find a specific thing buried in your endless sea of tabs is easier than clicking like 3 times to make a bookmark and finding it again by typing a few letters in the address bar and hitting enter.
That's not the part I dislike. The part I dislike is having to go through and delete the fuckers later so I don't have an endless sea of irrelevant bookmarks.

While every browser has made adding bookmarks cake, none have made cleanup a pleasant task.

>> No.54006258

I'll take my chances.

>> No.54006266

Well that's true but mac and wangblows have safari and edge. They are not chrome too. And before you say that those browsers are not free, let me remind you that when you use nonfree system your software choices are of little relevance. Respective system creators potentially know all your browsing habits without the need for you to use their browser.

>> No.54006268

>finding it again by typing a few letters in the address bar and hitting enter.

You know that you search your open tabs as well when you do that right?

>> No.54006275

>Mozilla was ruined by being sponsored by Google, not by SJWs.



>> No.54006293

And? We are actually trying to prove you don't need 500 open tabs, not to prove that bookmark are in any way superior to a tab.

>> No.54006302

Well when you use your company as a backdrop for your personal stance ,one questions.

>> No.54006304

Stallman literally, unironically does that though.

That's why you make folders, dummy. Delete the folder with however many bookmarks and done. It can be the same as having a dozen sessions with hundreds of tabs, and it can be much, much better.

I don't, but that's because I'm a sensible person and use only as many tabs as will fit in one row in the tab bar, and use several windows if I have things that are unrelated to each other.
Window 1 is 4chan, 6 threads are open
Window 2 is Youtube and general shit. Only one Youtube tab, because like a responsible person I add videos I want to watch to the fucking watchlist.
Window 3 is research for the uni assignment whose Libreoffice Writer window is also open.
Bonus points for using different workspaces for browsing (windows 1+2) and for work (window 3 + Libreoffice).

>> No.54006329

he's doen it before he became CEO with his own money.

fucking faggots.. I wasnot a homophobe, but I am becomming one. Specially when I see those freaking SJW and liberals forcing their agenda.

>> No.54006330

How come there isn't a decent fork for FF?

Fuck, I just want a Firefox that is maintained to keep up with the changes in technology, not them adding and removing features nobody asked for because they are retarded.

>> No.54006335

HURRRRRRRR it's easier to manage windows then workspaces. I now have 500 windows open! If I used workspaces I would never find what I need.

>> No.54006347

>And? We are actually trying to prove you don't need 500 open tabs

>we are trying to prove that something which just happens when you browse a lot in one fell swoop, does not need to happen

>we are trying to prove that a more sophisticated history tab which automatically categorizes your search history into active tabs for that session, and then enables the ability to open it all in the future with a single click;
>is done better by manually managing a bookmark folder where you have to manually input all links, and then additionally manually click all links, and then have to delete it (except you can't bring back what you deleted in case you need it because it isn't saved as a session)

You are either trolling, or an idiot. Whatever you are, you are good at hiding it.

>> No.54006349

I'm not letting go of Tree Style Tabs. If firefox deprecates XUL and it is never ported to new chrome API shit I would jump off to pale moon without a thought

>> No.54006361

You'll send all your browser history to google and NSA

>> No.54006384

Are Mozilla retarded?

Anyone who wants Chrome already uses Chrome. They are trying to recoup their lost market space by being Chrome even though those people will never switch over to Firefox because they don't give a fuck about browsers in the first place, meanwhile, they completely shit in the face of their old users to attain the goal they will never reach.

I see no reason this could go wrong.

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File: 32 KB, 600x446, BywCES9IMAAY9b8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Greetings fellow Scrivener fag..

>> No.54006412

>have to use Chrome for browser-experiments because Gecko can't be used independently and Servo is a trainwreck

>> No.54006420

Who still Opera 12 masterrace here?

>> No.54006445

I was always more of a firefox person but I respected that browser. Damn shame they never released the source after abandoning it.

>> No.54006447

>Brave will save us guys
Also electron based. People should just start contributing to fucking Servo.

What's the minimum amount of knowledge required to do that anyway?

>> No.54006496

JS based browsers and text editors are literally hitler. Why are they doing this? Those heaps of shit can't even open 50MB sql file. I'm not against js applications, I understand their appeal for things that need very little system interaction but for fuck sakes, don't use them to make browsers. You literally need to open a browser to open a browser. Fuck.

>> No.54006497

Why can't I post from quick reply if I use Midori?

>> No.54006526

He did do it in secret. It was those faggots that, instead of working, used their time to dig up donor records.

>> No.54006544

>Why the fuck did nobody start a proper fork back around australis?


>> No.54006551

>"bullying hurts. Stop bullying flamboyant faggots"
>"Let's bully our boss into resigning and harass him for his beliefs"

>> No.54006569

I just figured I'll use Chromium because why use shitty knockoffs. Haven't touched Firefox ever since the Eich incident.

I plan to switch to Brave soon though.

>> No.54006574


Even it's author says it's shit.

>> No.54006581

Guess one or more Firefux spin-offs will have to pick up the slack big time. Just depends on which one goes the furthest.

>> No.54006588

Right, that's why their market share is plummeting and Mozilla is a joke among any remotely tech-literate people.

>B-but social bullshit is better than profit and productivity

Kill yourself.

>> No.54006612

I read on HN or Slashdot don't remember but it explained due to how Mozilla is structured, all the upper management get a shitload of money regardless of market share and basically it fucks up Firefox's development

>> No.54006614

>lazy loading
So that how its called

>> No.54006627

wait wot happened? I switched to Firefox like when ie6 came out.

My default browser a shit now?

>> No.54006640

>his beliefs
I think you mean his actions, famalam.

>> No.54006658

Use Palemoon daily and non ironically. Where did he say it was shit?

>> No.54006747

not now but potentially in like version 50-55

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File: 117 KB, 352x259, 1306789308910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A Session Manager is like a history tab, which saves all the tabs you had opened before closing a window (or by manually saving the session, or by having an option to have the browser save sessions every set amount of time) into 1 container that lists all the tab headers and addresses. It saves it all at once automatically. In the session manager, you can check or uncheck which tabs and windows to unpack from that session.
Once you load up a session, you can just scroll through the tabs in the browser's tab bar, with all the tabs showing their site icons and title, and quickly find whatever you need (while Chrome lacks that function and just keeps decreasing the size of tabs in a retarded manner). Or you could use a tab-tree addon (the only good one on Chrome requires you to pay to unlock all its functions, the fuck is this shit?).

Why the hell would you use a slower way to do this shit with bookmarks, where you can't even "undelete" shit, and which requires opening and closing a tab window which takes more space than bookmarks?

>> No.54006810

>and which requires opening and closing a tab window which takes more space than a horizontal tab bar with scrolling?

>> No.54006837

All of this can be achieved with bookmarks, bookmark folders and history.

>> No.54006839

Are you aware of SeaMonkey and Pale Moon?

>> No.54006881

>all of this can be achieved by segmenting it into 3 areas and doubling the amount of time required to do it, removing automatization, without a unified clear outline in one management window
Yeah it can. If you are insane and autistic.

>> No.54006899
File: 2 KB, 252x119, bmarkwindowmac.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not very slickly or effortlessly though. Bookmark organization features haven't seen a substantial improvement since Netscape 3, which is pathetic.

>> No.54006923

>sjw detected
Back to >>reddit faggot

>> No.54006957

You are saying this as if above example will work with 500 tabs that the autist from before had opened. Tabs and bookmarks have their own places in daily browser use, what I am saying from the beginning is that 500 open tabs are to many open tabs.

>> No.54007076

500 open tabs are too many open tabs for you.
I could make the same argument that 32GB of RAM is too much for a random anon, and they might actually be an editor who does use up that much RAM and more.
Your statement is as incoherent as it is subjective.

Even for 40 tabs, even for 20 tabs, it is good if it keeps it packaged in a neatly organized history list, all in one window, automatically without having the user waste their time manually configuring and doing retarded shit like you are suggesting.
Bookmarks are for main sites, for webpages with lists, and for individual content under the condition that the specific content is all you need to memorize.
Tabs are Bookmarks, except they are also expendable and can be deleted with the ability to undo a hundred times, or simply pick the session and re-load it with all the deleted tabs in the original order irrespective of where you deleted them from.

The only thing i can infer from your posting is that you are trying hard to justify a lack of a seriously relevant feature in Chrome, which it can't even properly implement, by arguing besides the point. Your alternative suggestion is a functional regression.

>> No.54007398

Not him, but if you have 500 tabs open, I think you're the one who needs help here

>> No.54007424

Chrome fucks up even on 90 tabs. 500 could have been figurative, and by the looks of the original post they are a valid point that you can have a retarded amount of tabs open in the tab field, and the browser won't feel a thing.

>> No.54007455

Hahaha... Firefox fags.. We told you.. we told you countless of times, we even told you countless of times more.

All we got was your hate and we still told you.... Now you begin to realize the truth and see how much sell-outs Mozilla Google whores really are.

Oh, have i already said, WE ALREADY TOLD YOU!

>> No.54007474

What's a browser than will still support extensions/add-ons, isn't a resource hog like chrome, and isn't a botnet? I loved pale moon but I heard it's on its deathbed

>> No.54007536

Every browser is a botnet. Because almost every browser will be Blink based soon. So, chose the less evil Botnet.

>> No.54007750

>you guys lets all go browsing with midori!
Let's fucking not. Was great in the early days but now is a steaming pile of slow shit.

>> No.54007774

I'm not worried. If they destroy Mozilla some geniuses will make another thing.

>> No.54007867

I thought Edge was literally on Github at this point though.

Only downside is I'm pretty sure there's still no extensions like uBlock.

>> No.54007874
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>> No.54007896

Pale Moon

>> No.54007921

I know that feel. the about:tabs addon tells me I'm at 2335 tabs on this profile
TST + sessionstore is definitely preferable to sorting out bookmarks manually. I try sometimes, but it's just so clunky and timeconsuming compared to this

new palemoon tycho branch is based on Firefox ESR38. from my viewpoint the future for palemoon is brighter than ever, since I still have a few profiles on ESR38 that I haven't migrated to PM yet (due to missing JS features, unsupported addons, etc)

>> No.54008022

Why fuck is everybody using Chromium? Don't they realize that Google will Embrace, Extend, Extinguish?

Google Chrome monopoly is worse then Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

>> No.54008048

Firefox got worse and worse with the SJW bullshit...

Even tho at this point, at this exact point in time April 2016 it still is the best option - can you guys suggest the best option after mozilla that shows signs of accelerated progress?

I mean many years ago I stick with Mozilla because they showed real progress... with times changing I will give the same credibility to an new browser.

>> No.54008065

The current release schedule already list up to version 59, so it'll more likely happen at 60+.

>> No.54008071

At least God was on their side - now it's 100% absent.

>> No.54008092

Head of Mozilla is some bitch with a degree in East Asian Studies.

New CEO is some faggot with an Advertising Degree

New CTO is some no name faggot from Nokia.

Meanwhile, both Eich and Andreas Gal left in the same year.

>> No.54008233

Sigh. Every version number increase since 3 has been a downgrade. The only reason I use fireshit nowadays is because it's the only browser that let's me manage and have 200+ tabs open at the same time and don't require 128GB RAM to do it. But recently mozilla has implemented some retarded refreshing/reloading feature that does nothing really except making the browser unusable with more than 20 tabs open after a few hours use.

>> No.54008312
File: 58 KB, 391x296, 1458215658245.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is shit. Everything is shit. I've tried Pale Moon, K-Meleon, Midori, Qupzilla, it's all shit.
Let me know when I can do basic shit with it, like being able to see the entire URL I'm on.

>> No.54008388

>If he wasn't a pussy he could have held on and fought.
No he couldn't, there's a board that makes that sort of decisions. Besides he cared for Firefox, and knew that him staying would hinder Firefox and Mozilla, so he took the decision that was best for Mozilla, and not for him.

When exactly did he use his position at Mozilla in any way related to his beliefs? He donated the money several years before he became CEO.

>while being in charge.
Except that's wrong by about 7 years, faggot.
>He could have done it secretly then he would still be in charge.
Which he did.

>> No.54008429

Reporting. It's pretty sweet. The built-in IRC and email clients are really convenient, and memory usage stays low, at least as far as modern browsers are concerned. I've never seen it go over 500MB.

Seamonkey got an update last month. Not sure if it really changed anything or just updated the Firefox base, but at least someone's trying and it still looks respectable.

>> No.54008500

>ever good

I remember that time I installed Midori, tried to enable the built-in adblocker, and watched the browser proceed to crash. Then every time I tried to open it after that, it would crash on startup. This was on Ubuntu, Fedora, Windows, even fucking rock-solid stable Debian.

Midori is a shit browser that's unstable and effectively non-functional.

>> No.54008623

>Let me know when I can do basic shit with it, like being able to see the entire URL I'm on.
Chrome only does that on mobile but chrome mobile sucks ass anyways so there is no reason to use it.

>> No.54008762

i'll stick to my old waterfox, thank you

>> No.54008853

Quality journalism.

>> No.54008993


>> No.54009123


>> No.54009173

Blink is already a thing. You can rip out what powers the botnet without falling into the botnet.

>> No.54009334

xxxterm or now called xombrero
en.wikipedia dot org/wiki/Xombrero

>> No.54009364

3.6 was master race. I cant even comprehend how 60-70 tabs used ~200 mb ram and it was so agile. Also half of the extentions I use now is because some idiot broke something or removed feature. Back then i used on diffrent download manager, adblock, tab mix and dictionary. Now half of the shit - classic theme restorer, addon for bottom bar addon for god knows what is because the remove useful shit. Also who genius think there is something more space efficient than square tabs. Chrome is cancer. Google is cancer.

>> No.54009421

what really hurts me is that new ff looks so fucking simmilar to chrome
fuck that google design, it should burn in hell along with people who made it

>> No.54009439

>there's a board that makes that sort of decisions
and we'll never know what decision they'd have took because he resigned.

so "SJWs forced him out" is false. there was no force, he went out without a fight.

>> No.54009533

if you told me in 2014, that in 2015 i would be using IE11 i would not have believed you.

I am not excited about the internet in the future. in fact, i need to find a new place to hang out. people are even logging/posting irc chats these days.

you really have to hunker down if you want to have fun any more.

>> No.54009536

You should try Brave, who is quite good but still under development.

>> No.54009562

;-; anon plz

Have you never seen sacasm before?

>> No.54009624
File: 27 KB, 625x626, 796.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.54009631

>targeting web ads through analysis of users' anonymized browsing history
well this seems entirely unaccepta-
>and also give 15% to the browser users
i wonder if there's some way i could game this so i get paid for having the browser open and viewing random sites, while using another browser to actually look at shit.

>> No.54009805

Firefox will stay to Gecko and that isn't gonna change in the near future. And this engine makes Firefox what it is. Read the fucking article first.

>> No.54009905
File: 46 KB, 300x233, Riot_Games_logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another example.

>> No.54010226

This is true, but it really depends on how deep you're willing to go into the code. Most browsers probably just a slap a skin over it and call it a day.

>> No.54010243
File: 964 KB, 397x658, Just die.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon plz ...

>> No.54010610

>Mozilla was ruined by being sponsored by Google
But Mozilla is sponsored by Yahoo now.

>> No.54010684

>a news article that contains a word is published
>/g/ panics, <thing relating to word> is dead!!!!!!!

repeat for all topics for all time

i wish i could pretend to hold out hope that people like you don't hold these opinions seriously but i've given up on that

as the world gets more socially progressive its like opponents of progress feel the need to amp up how retarded they are to balance things out :(

>> No.54010734

Who cares. Today Firefox is canceling your input on the url bar if you insert "kat.cr", fucking liars of Mozilla defend freedom and encryption on their twitter channel. Guess what, that channel is filtered. 0 responses.

>> No.54010982

Pretty sure Yahoo is both too out of touch with the modern internet and going down the shitter as quick as if not quicker than Mozilla. They don't have the luxury to do concerted efforts. Google's sponsorship of Mozilla as the default search engine was really what corrupted them as I see it. I'm also curious why Mozilla can't hire Moonchild or some of the Seamonkey Council as consultants. Both have shown much dedication and are perhaps even more Mozilla than Mozilla.

>> No.54011572

it's not like you can't easily skip this shit

>> No.54011577

you know this happens to all sorts of websites and is usually cleared up within days?

not everything is a conspiracy

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