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>hate Apple with passion
>want to make other people hate Apple to

How would I go about doing this?

I thought about spending about $2,000 to do a photoshoot of really ugly people using Apple and Beats products.

Then, a friend told me shooting gay porn with the guys using Apple products then distributing the pictures in extremely homophobic countries like Jamaica might do more damage.

What do you think, /g/?

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Just tell them about factory suicide nets

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Enjoy getting your ass raped with lawsuits.,

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>Then, a friend told me shooting gay porn with the guys using Apple products then distributing the pictures in extremely homophobic countries like Jamaica might do more damage.

Just go to an apple store launch event.

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Just forget about it OP, flies will always flock to dog shit.

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The U.S. fair use laws protect artists from using corporate logos and imagery as a parody or commentary.

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10/100 idea

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This thread is beyond autistic.

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false flags always works best. if you want to make people hate apple just pretend to be an apple fanboy and call everything that isn't apple shit.

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>parody or commentary
A gay porn or use of ugly people in a photoshoot is neither.

Get fucked kiddo.

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>Laduree in the background

That's France.

Men kiss each other on the mouth for no fucking reason all the time there.

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do they french kiss

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>gay porn with the guys using Apple products

Go to an Apple store and ask for tech support.

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When poor people can't deal with others having things

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This is clearly the Real Work that windows users can do and apple cant.

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>nigger with a white women
>white guy with a chink

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I think that only homos use Apple and Beats, so I don't see how they would lose any market share?

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you don't need to make up adolescent bullcrap to prove apple products are shit

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the simple facts make it easy

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>le appel le gay xD
Why don't you just kill yourself nigger?

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>le apel not gay xDDD

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steroids not even once

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>Anti-Apple Propaganda
Prajeet is allergic to Unix

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Fuck of retard.

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I recommend apple products to tech retards. Solved a lot of problems.

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These meme got rekt by some oldfag earlier today. MacOSX is Unix.

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Holy shit being a faggot turned your brains into cum or what?
This is why Mac cucks are made fun of every fucking where

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Pajeet, I know you're upset about incorporating Unix like functionality into Windows, but you have to calm down.

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That isn't gay porn.

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I'm French and no. No we don't kiss "on the mouth" our male friends.

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