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What does 4chan's server room look like? Is there any pictures of it?

Does anyone know what kind of hardware it is using?

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4chan runs off of VPS now.

It's all in the clouds.

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apparently shitloads of mac mini's

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Used to be fucking mac minis.

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If I wanted to create an image board like site, what kind of specs and bandwidth would I need?

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virtually nothing, since no one will use it.

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the funny thing is that this doesn't surprise me in the slightest

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Depends if it catches on. From 4chanstats, around 2800TB of data flow through the servers each month with 22.2 million unique visitors.

Not like you need to worry about that though.

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mac minis

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It just werks.

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4chan's servers are in a datacenter in downtown LA, and judging by the news page it's been there since 2008. There's a virtual tour of it on Google maps

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What is cloudflare?

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I mean yes, but it also isn't owned by moot anymore so I think we can safely assume that it has moved from moots basement like in >>53962848
I mean unless an hiro moot is just renting out moots basement that is.

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I have another photo somewhere, im trying to find it

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got it

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>USB flash drive
>it's about as fast

I miss moot

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when did 4chan stop having old fashioned quotes?

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Crazy. I know the building this is in. Use to have some of our equipment in same data center but moved down the street.

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OT but what was your experience with Quadranet like? I'm considering colocating a 1U with them

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Well you'd want to start out with a lower-tier VPS or dedi and move up as needed. Or you can "use teh cloud" that scales with your resource usage.

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absolutely depends on the amount of traffic you get. I image you could get some really low-spec shit by using static site generation

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Dell R610's?

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Is that a foundry bigiron switch?

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It didn't back then, that's from a browser extension. It has them now though.

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When moot made the functionality from an extension natively available.
IIRC he simply took one over.

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We used Wilcon/IX2 from the same building. I'm not sure about quadranet but probably fine. Lots of colo options in the buildings around that area so be sure to shop around and compare. Even within the same building. It's very cool how wired up that area is.

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