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I spilled a pissbottle I left on top of my desktop and now unplugging cables from the graphics card causes a system reboot.

What should I do, /g/? Is it the GPU or the Motherboard or what??

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>I spilled a pissbottle

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>What should I do, /g/?
kill yourself

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Am I being memed on right now?

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was the system on when the pissbottle spilled?

if so everything is fucked.

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Don't unplug the cables then?
Who the fuck unplugs gpu cables in normal use?

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Post pics faggot

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It was on at the time. It also took a few hours to turn back on after crashing immediately.

I can't plug into the TV for animetime anymore without being stuck in a reboot loop ;_;

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>no anime
I think you know the answer, anon.

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>having a piss bottle
Can you not fit through your bathroom door anymore anon?

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Buy a 5 litter ethanol bottle (or whatever metric you 'mericans use) and grab a container large enough for all your components and drown then in alchool for a day or 2 to displace the pee.
Then remove them from the ethanol solution.
Look for any corrosion or blasted caps.
And if none of the above power it back on after drying one single day.

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better than spilling a poopsock

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Living like an animal. You're worse than my cat, who actually does his stuff where it belongs.

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>people actually have pissbottles

seriously, I don't understand THAT level of laziness.

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Go ask your wife's son for advice, dipshit.

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Yeah they do, I do because why would I waste time and effort getting out of my chair, walking up a stairs down a hallway to piss and walk all the way back wasting more time when I could just do it right here where I sit, it's not about laziness it's about convenience and good management of time. I won't deny it's abit of a filthy thing in the eyes of normies but for me it's just a day-to-day thing so what ever.

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You worst then the poosinloojeet.

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older generations had bed pans.
nothing lazy about it.

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Don't you have any self respect or dignity? To not at least live within your own filth? It's disgusting no matter how convenient.

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>good management of time
>posts on 4chan

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are 2 minutes of your time really that valuable? nigga what do you do that 2 minutes is that valuable? and walking 40 feet really takes that much out of you? are you 400+ lbs or something? do you have some debilitating disease? and yes, it's beyond nasty, and this is coming from someone who has about 20 or so empty soda cans piled around him.

I realize I'm probably getting baited hard but seriously

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A bed pan a piss bottle does not make.

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yeah, for people in nursing homes who are incapable of doing it themselves

this disgusting sack of shit is more than likely too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom/

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a piss bottle is just a different type of bed pan though.

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I have a feeling you could use the exercise though.

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Look, I sorta get it. Its 100% objectively more efficient, and you're an anonymous person posting on an anonymous Mongolian basket weaving tradepost. But the principle is self respect, and why yours is so low that you cant even get up to piss in a toilet. And how you let a pissbottle anywhere near your PC without at least putting the top of the lid on.

You need to consider suicide.

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I piss in bottles mostly because my dick sprays piss all over the bathroom but why didn't you cap the bottle?

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You can't poop on a bottle .

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What the fuck happened to /g/? Did /v/ finally take over?

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Normalfags from facebook/reddit happened.

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Reddit happened.

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I think it's more like "/r9k/ really is that disgusting, even to the rest of 4chan"

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no people here actually have jobs and lead a normal life

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Kill yourself

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>he doesn't have 10k in his bank account

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Piss bottles are normie tier. You haven't reached the top of the laziness pyramid till you've done shit jugs.

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This, I used to have lots of piss bottles but I'm a pretty regular guy

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just know that whatever happens, you deserve it and that this is a learning experience.

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Sure thing, kid.

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>If you don't piss in bottles, you like video gayms!

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That's impressive.
Now kill yourself >>53951786

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/g/ was talking about pissbottles before /r9k/ even existed, newfag.

That's recent. CS/CE/EE people used to be social autists, even if they had a nice job.

/v/ is full of teenagers whose first site was probably reddit. /a/ too.

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I can deal with the piss bottles but the daiper is fucking disgusting.

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We still have competent hygiene habits, youngin.

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How can you speak for all of /g/?
The fact is many people on here have proven they piss in bottles and they've been doing so for at least the last 10 years.

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