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Should I go back to Windows 7 or stay with the botnet?

I would make the move onto Linux but I would be missing a lot of shit.

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backup your shit, install linux, install windows 7 on VM

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Would that be good? I have taught about that before.

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What would you be missing, out of curiosity?

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>implying windows 7 isn't botnet

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All the software that I need, and the occasional game.

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Obviously it is. But it is less intrusive than Win10

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holy fuck is that image from anything other than VAPORAWAVE?


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I checked in google image search, it said no.

god damned vaporwave pepe

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This is totally redundant and a pain in the ass to set up.
Just get a hdd and install linux. Use linux for web browsing. MS and NSA will get a bunch of useless telemetry about your vidya. You can even turn off the botnet stuff and firewall off the telemetry domains.

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You can even do whole disk encryption on the linux drive if you're paranoid about windows snooping through your shit.

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I am not as worried about the botnet, I just think that Windows 7 would be better.

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How does that make me a retard?

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