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I think I need to upgrade...I do a lot of work in 3D animation and rendering. Mostly use 3ds max with Vray. But the ammount of time it takes to render an animation with Vray is just fucking mind blowing.

What would be my best upgrade /g/?
I'd spend about $1300 max

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You could get dual Xeon e5 2670's they're $70 each, and a lot of youtubers who render videos made computers featuring them,

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$601.90 what

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Nvm just checked Ebay...I do want to use this machine for gaming as well though.

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As the owner of a single E5-2690, I can tell you now that it makes for an OK gaming chip. Not the best due to the lower than normal clock speed, but with all cores at 3.3ghz it works well enough.

They're also more expensive than a 2670, so you'll have to make a choice.

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> he traces rays

what did you expect for your $60k a year fucking around with virtual play-doh job

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I'm currently just in the learning phase, I've used 3ds max for a couple years on and off. But now I'm getting serious about it. Might have to switch to maya but thats okay.

It seems like I'd be stupid not to go for a dual xeon setup. I could get all the parts for about the same as just getting a new i7... Any downsides anyone can think of?

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get a FirePro card for rendering

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You will need a new PSU if your current one does not support 2x CPU 8-pins, as each Xeon requires one. Both Xeons will require a full set of ram (4 sticks minimum) for maximum performance. Both chips will require good cooling (135W TDP), so heatsinks will need to be bought.

If you choose to get one of the SSI-EEB boards, you will require a case that physically supports it.

A dual Xeon system even if you did get the $70 chips will ultimately not be cheap.

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My best guess, would be around $800ish.

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Sounds about right, but it really depends on what board you get. Some 2P LGA 2011 boards can be really expensive.

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