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I just unearthed my old PS2 but all my games were tragic flood victims. I still have a network adapter but my IDE hard drives are dead and I can't find any being sold anymore.

What do?

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Just emulate them you dip.

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Who cares you're not going to play those games again.

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Get a SATA adapter.
Buy a new IDE HDD.

PS2 emulation is horrible.

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>PS2 emulation is horrible
It varies from game to game and computer to computer.

Check ebay. Microcenter also still sells IDE drives (they're usually refurbished).

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A IDE HDD is $20 on amazon, 250GB.

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Your childhood is dead, son. You can't defib it back to life. It's gone...man... ;~;
You'll never enjoy all those PS2 games like you used to.

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just get freemcboot + OPL and run games off the network
running off usb is also a last ditch effort, but cutscenes get choppy as shit and load times are horrendous because usb 1.1

also how does a flood ruin a plastic disc in a case?

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there are almost 4000 titles for ps2, there's a good chance there are some games that you haven't played AND are good

like sly cooper series for me, shit was cash

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Shit. I just the other day tossed a few 20-40 gig IDE drives I had in a box as I have only one computer still using them and it got upgraded with a notably larger capacity one years ago.
Sorry OP, if you had posted this a few days ago I'd have offered to send them your way.

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Along these lines, get an IDE to CF adaptor and an old 16gb card off eBay. Shouldn't run you more than 20-ish dollars all up.

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you can stream games from an smb share using the network adapter, or find an ide hdd on ebay, or get an unofficial sata network adapter (haven't tried these myself, though)

i'd personally opt for finding an ide hdd, dem load times

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>PS2 emulation is horrible.
Are you posting from 2009?

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that's an idea, though an ide>sd adapter with a larger sd card would be more sensible, CF cards tend to be more expensive, and you will need some space for ps2 games (you'd only fit a handful on a 16G card, they're around 2-4G on average)

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he probably meant ps2 emulation accuracy

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>emulate dbz tenkaichi 3
>grass refuses to render on the ground correctly

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I got sata adapter from china and it works.

You can also change your ide adapter to sata search on the net for it

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ps2 emulation is amazing on PC

you can even use better xbox controllers and change the internal resolution of games. yes, the actual rendered resolution can be changed, not just changing a scaled resolution.

this means you dont need a shitty old CRT TV to play those overated mediocre boring games you used to love when you were a teenage idiot.
because they will actually look good on a real computer monitor or HDTV

emulation is so good on the PS2, its probably the only emulated platform which totally makes the original console worthless

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>not emulating superior wii version

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>only emulated platform which totally makes the original console worthless

Well, if you had to build a $2000 computer to emulate the games, then I guess that's one way to look at it.

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More like $800. All you need is a strong CPU and a medium-low end GPU.

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2.5" drive and a sata-ide adapter.

If you want to pirate shit that is. I don't think there are any games that require the HDD and aren't online (thus dead).

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the only game i can think of that i believe needs the hdd is ff11, though there's a windows version of that anyway

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